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Roy Slaper sews a pair of jeans
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Batmang n Robbing (30 days ago)
How much u sell a pair of jeans roy
J.D Truths (4 months ago)
I Think Roy is probably BatShit Crazy, but Damm Talented Too! Fabulous Jeans, I want that Mad Genius to Make Me a Pair Too... : ) J...
R G (5 months ago)
Great vid. Need to learn how to focus this camera though.
Robbie Binns (6 months ago)
If anyone would be so kind, what is the twin needle sewing machine at 4:32?
Robbie Binns (5 months ago)
Thank you very much! You're the greatest!
Gray Mitchell (6 months ago)
singer 300w
Douglas Malthus (1 year ago)
Hi, could you tell me the make and model of the sewing machine that comes in 4:38? I saw a good one similar to this one advertised on a website and it seems to be in excellent condition! Thank you.
roan hielkema (7 months ago)
That's a Pfaff 145. The x45 series include several variants, including free arms etc. They're good machines but usually a bit overpriced and some parts are hard to find. Juki, Consew, and other Japanese makers build variants of these as well and usually just as nice. All these are essentially based on, if not downright copies of, the Singer 111, which is an excellent choice as well. Just make sure the machine is over 30 years old in order to avoid Chinese junk.
whorebucks (6 years ago)
he looks like a denim making elf.
kendy4 (6 years ago)
What is the attachment used in the machine at 2:51 ?
Christopher Nejman (6 years ago)
MADE IN USA!! You are the best Roy!
JMac1868 (6 years ago)
Awesome! I've got a similar one man factory and bringing in a little help soon. Things are selling. Love to see other artisan manufacturers out there. Very, very cool!
Michael (7 years ago)
I would sit and watch this guy work for 8 hours...im so jealous to see this man doing what he loves and making america a better place by showing the rest of the world we are still good at something
benko (7 years ago)
@kenkai check productbyprocess website
sabineshemp (7 years ago)
cool, thank you for making this video. Of course, now I am jealous of all your "toys"
Sacha Strebe (8 years ago)
When he's doing the flat felled seat seam you can see where he's unpicked and started again. I dont blame him though that machine is a bitch to master. Kudos Roy for your massive passion, enthusiasm and one man effort. I truly admire your style.
nunyadambusiness (8 years ago)
you can always tell when someone knows what they are doing. they make it look so easy.
Guillaume Bougard (8 years ago)
Totally cool guy, excellent craftmanship. He makes it look easy, which of course cannot be so easy. He's got a new customer for sure.
Justin (8 years ago)
Thanks for bringing quality handmade denim back to the US.
kenkai (8 years ago)
I wish there was more videos like this to see the art in making quality goods
sircambam (8 years ago)
quality handmade us goods.

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