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ASAP Science’s Can Math Prove god’s Existence? Debunked (Argument From Improbability Refuted)

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This is ASAP Science’s “Can Math Prove god’s Existence” – Debunked. To support me on Patreon (thank you): https://www.patreon.com/rationalityrules To support me through PayPal (thank you): https://www.paypal.me/RationalityRules To follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rationalityrules And, to tweet with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RationalityRule -- References: 1. ASAP Science’s “Can Math Prove god’s Existience”: https://youtu.be/-jxdIt2_WI0 -- As always, thank you kindly for the view, and I hope that this video helps you understand and articulate the fallacies and errors in ASAP Science’s “Can Math Prove god’s Existence” (and of course Arguments from Improbability in general). Stay rational my fellow apes.
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Vela S (8 hours ago)
It’s absolutely incredible how so many people make supposedly “logical,” claims that don’t even pass a cursory criticism by anyone who has read a 50 page book on logical fallacies. I find myself amazed specifically by how often an argument that claims to be logical assumes a conclusion in the premise, especially since many of them come from ostensibly reasonably intelligent people.
Michael Sayad (16 hours ago)
This argument that all possibilities are equally improbable is so bad, I don't understand how atheists can believe such garbage. Yes, all possibilities are equally probable, but this is not only true of human existence but of every situation in life. Imagine how absurd your intuition of reality would be if you were consistent in this thought process? E.g. Imagine if instead of aliens creating the pyramids or the Egyptians building them, I gave the theory that they formed themselves? Probability is not the only consideration, you have to also look at meaningful patterns. The probability that the Universe would be would be fine-tuned for life is absurdly small. Also, you're either lying about the strength of the theory of Evolution, especially by natural selection, or you're ignorant of the fact that even top scientists are trying to move away from gradualism and natural selection as the only driving force. Also, look into the Cambrian Explosion. Note: My views are that there is very good evidence for the theory of Evolution but there are also very big holes in the theory. Natural selection also doesn't even attempt to account for abiogenesis so this criticism of their view that the improbability of life is very low is debunked by evolution by natural selection is intellectually dishonest.
Mamma Ferret (1 day ago)
Bill Bill Bill Bill!
Aqil Ahmad (2 days ago)
Fallacy, Logic, Uncertainty some people utter these words like they already know themselves
Aqil Ahmad (2 days ago)
What a simple man, disbelieving God because he doesn't know God. Don't have to act smart, just admit that you don't believe in God out of your own made up mindfuck .Pre ordained failure
Paul Burns (2 days ago)
I was hoping that Rationality Rules would attempt to grapple with the fair question of "Does not science presuppose/infer a supernatural, eternal and perfect mind?" The philosophy of the scientific method is based on some faith based premises (e.g that the universe is orderly structured and that scientific findings produce rational inferences. Such premises are themselves articles of unscientific faith. Hence after considering the evidence, philosophical underpinnings and proofs (I have so far observed), I consider that I would open myself up to being rightfully condemned as an arrogant fool - if I were to have faith in science while at the same time denying the existence of God.
Paul Burns (15 hours ago)
+oscargordon you suppose wrong. Sorry if you got the wrong idea I was trying to cover up my thoughts. There's nothing unreasonable with my theory - that science presupposes a supernatural creator. I never claimed that theory proved God. Indeed the scientific endeavor 1st got its leg on the ladder with support of catholic universities.
oscargordon (1 day ago)
Would you care to elaborate on your statement "Does not science presuppose/infer a supernatural, eternal and perfect mind?" How does science do that, and I suppose what you are trying to cover up saying is “Does not science prove god” the fraternal twin to the video’s “Does not math prove god?” Last time I checked, surveys show that the more you know and understand the world around you, the less likely you are to believe in gods, which is the opposite of what you are inferring. How about getting straight to the point and explain how you think science shows that there is another realm where sentient beings with eternal perfect minds exist? To address your other point, yes a premise of science is that the Universe is rational and understandable. So far, that premise has held true. This would not be true if there were other realms outside our Universe there were beings regularly messing and interfering with ours in ways that disagree with well tested aspects of our current understanding.
Commander SG (2 days ago)
God is real
Edward Trickett (3 days ago)
That's it ASAP Science just lost a subscriber *rants incoherently because he's so pissed by how DUMB they could be
Onix and Toby (4 days ago)
MFFU'S are real. PTB's are taking over the world. RT is still in space. FSM is God. A puddle just gained consciousness.
Asap science is science but with half the science lol. Every now and then they fart out a dumb video like this.
boredom2go (9 days ago)
The elegance of physics, chemistry, and biology does not prove the existence a creator being. It's profound circumstantial evidence of the existence of a creator being but not a proof. The actual proof involves both math and logic. This universe was created by natural forces and is capable of generating sentient life with an increasing technological trajectory (humans). Eventually humans will have the technology to create universes of their own. For those universes humans will be the creator beings. In a perpetual cycle of creation and evolution, the chance that humans are the first in the series is mathematically zero. It would be like guessing a number between one and infinity and being right.
sham (11 days ago)
He commits the base rate fallacy or the prosecuters fallacy. He needs to learn baye's theorem.
garet claborn (12 days ago)
Eeeh, this really demonstrates a lack of understanding of both logic and what math is. These probabilities are not arbitrary, it was not theists but secular, peer-reviewed science which confirmed the need for the anthropic principle to answer the fine-tuning problem. All of your videos rejecting the fine-tuning problem do nothing to debunk the massive collection of scientific and mathematical publications on this subject. In fact, Godel's ontological proof of God has since been formalized and computationally proven. If you don't invoke the anthropic principle from the scientific community, then it's already well known that intelligent design is almost infinitely more likely than a randomly emerging ordered universe with our physical laws. If you do invoke it, then Godel's proof applies to Boltzmann entities and you're back at square one
Gengonglike Arbukle (13 days ago)
ASAP science is a video biased to feminism and I will never watch them again.
Super Otter (13 days ago)
You said we haven't seen things being created from nothing but we actually have or rather observed. Very little idk anymore particles do pop up on random together with there counter site which makes them disappear again. So to observe them we made a space that would only fit on of the particles so it wouldn't disappear immediately. And we succeeded. I use we to refer to the human race I definitely didn't partake in this experiment
Jeffrey Fry (14 days ago)
Question: If humans did NOT exist, would there be a need for a god?
Cacabagaou Cacabagaou (14 days ago)
I really like the dice image
OHM-968692 (15 days ago)
The way evolution works goes beyond just creating humans. For example the whole solar system isn't just random, it follows certain laws of physics. And those laws of physics pushed it to become the way it is. You can keep zooming out like this until you reach the fundamental building blocks of the universe. Also by that logic gods could technically be created by "evolution" just like humans were. In that sense humans are already gods - we are gods for the things we create, like robots and machines. I don't see why theoretically, a priori, there couldn't be a being that creates other beings... they just wouldn't be above "evolution" and certain randomness. You get what I'm saying? I think this is what the ASAP video might be trying to say, except they present it badly and use numbers and maths based on what exactly? [insert Bill Nye clip]
OHM-968692 (15 days ago)
You saying that evolution isn't random is kind of wrong. Chance and randomness definitely played a role in us coming to existence... however there is a step by step unconscious process that lead to this point. Kind of like a domino effect, where if conditions are right then one thing can lead to another another and so on... it does not mean that each of those steps is independently random and it also doesn't mean that each of those steps requires a conscious creator or whatever. There's chance, but the whole thing functions like a machine. Imagine a computer being created and from then on it runs just fine... except the way that computer got created is also the way that computer functions. In fact I see everything like this, including our consciousness. It's really not that hard once you figure out all the building blocks and everything. The only question is h̶o̶w̶ ̶d̶i̶d̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶b̶e̶g̶i̶n̶ why is there something rather than nothing.
A Voice (16 days ago)
God exists because everything exists, we have something instead of nothing. We have everything God is definitely there.
oscargordon (1 day ago)
I think what you are trying to invoke is the Argument From First Cause. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmological_argument It was first proposed by the early Greeks and realized to be a bad argument from the start. It has been re-popularized by Christian theologian William Lane Craig under the new title Kalam Cosmological Argument. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalām_cosmological_argument To paraphrase his argument: 1. There are two kinds of things. Those that require a cause and those that don’t. 2. Let’s call everything that requires a cause the Universe and everything in it. 3. Let’s call everything that doesn’t require a cause God. 4. Therefore I have just defined God into existence. It was a stupid argument during Greek times and it is still a stupid argument today. It is simply a “Begging the question” fallacy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begging_the_question
Macla Le Bref (17 days ago)
The dice metaphor is interesting. If I let my nephew playing with six dices while I’m not watching him, and he yells at me « Look I made a series of 6 with the dices » and I see the six dices on the six face, I would say that he consciously put them in this order. And I would be right. A probability theoretically possible in mathematic can be impossible in reality. A probability smaller than 1/10^100 is impossible. We can not be here by chance, the probability is impossible. But it does not automatically mean that there’s a designer. For example, if multiverses exist, then there could be an infinite number of it. And infinity means that everything is possible.
犬走椛 (17 days ago)
Turn the argument around. If humans have to roll all 6s on 5 6sided dice to exist, then it naturally has to be that case, or there would be no humans to observe that in the first place. Or imagine if pyramids can originate on Moon. Now you are in the "no pyramids" "no aliens" bracket.
Bernhard Wang (17 days ago)
Math is easy on this topic. Say our local universe is one out of an infinite number, then the probability of it having us in it is 100%, same as if you had infinite monkeys on typewriters, sooner or later they would write out a complete work of Shakespear. Or another option, the universe resets on each big bang and this is one of infinite resets, also 100% chance of us coming about eventually.
Ismet Erdogan (18 days ago)
Fuck you
dookdawg214 (18 days ago)
As I type this comment, I'm staring at a ball of dust in the corner of my office. The odds of every atom coming together in the precise order needed to form this ball of dust is statistically close to impossible. I don't know how to quantify it, but it has to be one chance out of billions of billions of billions. And yet, there it is -- sitting in the corner of my office, a ball of dust!
Tristan Pierre.- Louis (18 days ago)
Can evolution and natural selection determine the appearance of life itself?
Tristan Pierre.- Louis (17 days ago)
+movax20h if Impossible, so nothing but we can't say evolution created humanity because it only delays the problem we go from : how did humans appear? To how did life appear? And this question is still unanswered and likely unanswerable. So I don't think we can say that evolution resolves the question of how humanity appears and to me, althow I agree It's a mistake not to have mentioned it, I think it would be a mistake too to say : humans appeared because [only] evolution
movax20h (18 days ago)
We do not know. It is neighter ruled as impossible or determined possible. Even if not possible , so what?
movax20h (18 days ago)
The entire field of theology and debating 'god existence' is flawed. I found not a single self consistent definition of a god. And the weak ones that are consistent are either untestable (the existence or not, whatever that means, impacts nothing) or unsatisfactory and absolutely nothing like any of the religious gods in the world. It is like asking if numbers exists. It is just a matter of definition of the word exist and semantic.
dal64110 (19 days ago)
about the rolling 66666 i do not cure about all the rest of the video. but if your siting at a poker table and a person get three royal flush you would not think well that guess a lucky guy yes if the cards are shuffle right and the game is fine no cheating then yes but sometimes in a random set of data there is something the can prove that it is not random or something is changing it like cheat in the card game yes it is could guess be the way the cards fall but the you saying the system that are controlling the data are random sometimes it not the case.
Cat Guy (19 days ago)
There is a god and he is watching over you right now
Starrett (21 days ago)
life is not a product of evolution it’s the other way around
Roger Roger (21 days ago)
I love your videos because they teach and, even though I have a hard time following them sometimes ( because of my lack of smarts), I didn't make it through all of this one because you had enough hits on their battleship to sink their explanation about half way through.  :)     Keep up the great work.
Matt Albino (22 days ago)
I bet this guys fun at parties
IM Wercs (23 days ago)
Actually millenia
Ay. an (23 days ago)
Just to be clear, that isn't a begging the question fallacy at all. Their conclusion was that 'it is unlikely that no god exists' and their premise was 'if humans exist, it is unlikely that there is no god'. Which isn't the same statement technically, and it needs to be precisely the same statement(regardless of its framing) for it to be circular logic. That was a perfectly valid argument. Other than that, good vid
Jett Tall (23 days ago)
This is amazing your point abt their use of probability was the best!
Glitchy Glitch (23 days ago)
Yet, they're still gay.
Rowan smith (24 days ago)
A better question is why TF would you even want to argue good is real 😂 it's a very old book clearly written by people who had no fucking clue and translated and changed over the course of history, and Christianity seems to be based on very old religion, based on older religion so you're basically in a copy religion
joel jo (24 days ago)
The probability of the planet to have the perfect environment to have life is 1 in 4 billion billion ....You probably don't even know what you are debunking dude...ill suggest you better stop misleading others...🙂✌
The Tru Kween (25 days ago)
There is plenty of evidence showing that something could come from nothing.
Yusril Atfan (26 days ago)
I hate what are you talking about. Sending the URL to ASAPScience... DONE!
Yusril Atfan (26 days ago)
4:57 It's a actually 1/(4 billion billion) so it's soooooooo small.
Aiden Asprakis (26 days ago)
Asap is not only talking about humans but about the chance of life which we still haven't discovered in any other planets. It makes sense that we're the only planet with life because of a greater being that chose this planet randomly. Btw I dont believe in god and I hope someone can debunk this
David Ramirez (26 days ago)
Ok but there is no god
Angry Pathan Man (26 days ago)
Lol bro you don't know what the fuck you're talking about a disappointing video to please the idiot atheists
Narayan Poklen (26 days ago)
Jack Donegan (26 days ago)
It’s not science anymore...
barho0om (26 days ago)
But if we are in a simulation than who created the people that created the simulation??
movax20h (18 days ago)
+just your local neighborhood commie could totally be. Simulation hypothesis is interesting idea to check out if you do not know about it already. It is convincing, but flawed, because it does serious assumptions, that can't be verified.
You fool! It's simulations all the way up!
Josiah M. (27 days ago)
you proved jesus existence, just look at your hair
It's Dark (27 days ago)
Why do you look like corn bread and why do I feel as though I need to lick your face?
Tomimated (28 days ago)
Question has been pondered for centuries MILLENIA ACTUALLY!!! DEBUNKED!!!!!!!
Homo Quantum Sapiens (28 days ago)
You made it into my Channel rejection list
Homo Quantum Sapiens (28 days ago)
Gosh what pedantic waste of whining
Okay.... I think they just wanted more people to watch their videos
WaffleAbuser (1 month ago)
Even if they found numbers to justify it, the reasoning isn't valid. Even if we suppose that "if god doesn't exist, humans existing is unlikely" is a true statement, it doesn't imply "if humans exist, god existing is likely". And even if it did, "god existing is likely" does not imply "god existing is true".
Handhelder (1 month ago)
May i intersect by claiming that the idea of adaptation and selection doesn't contradict ideas of the bible, since it is about the development of life, not it's origin?
Rauli Lindgren (1 month ago)
For me if you say luck or evolution. Your just looking att it from different side of same coin.
Johnny McKelvey (1 month ago)
oh man. I just discovered this guy...I love him
Spencer Oldham (1 month ago)
Evolution didn't create life initially. Which is what he clearly meant.
Chillerz (1 month ago)
If you say there is no God this is whats called a Universal Negative Proposition. Its universal because it encompasses everything, its negative because it says no. You arent saying there's no God in X. Youre saying theres no God everywhere in the whole universe, which would also assume you have searched the whole universe and proved theres no God, which requires a Godly trait, omniscience, which means you're God. Atheists are equally metaphysical in an autistic ironic way. Cheers
Salty iguana44 (1 month ago)
Your voice sounds soothing
Thatguyoverther (1 month ago)
Could someone explain to me the difference between humans coming about by chance and evelotion and explain to me why they are not the same thing? Is evelotion by natural selection dictated by some concoius force?
DopeMaster (1 month ago)
Why not assume the universe is eternal. Now. Popping out of nowhere couldn't be an option then now would it? People want there to be a start, but what if that's impossible to begin with? I wanna hear more options, just saying people are ignoring this possibility.
Romuald Garcia (1 month ago)
*Puts 2 numbers side by side* See? We did statistics
james real last name (1 month ago)
This is bullshit even with evolution our existence is extremely unlikely and probably more so than a creator, looking at everything that happens before. The last point is definitely right though.
movax20h (18 days ago)
Citation needed. I mean serious citation. Not some made up numbers and theories.
Racon Vid (1 month ago)
The numbers are not needed at all
Racon Vid (1 month ago)
4:46 one one things evolution simulators have tort me is that there are many solutions to the same problem (I.e. environment). Also I’m sure abiogenesis has a low probability to happen. But the universe is a big place.
Obviously (1 month ago)
All y'all in the comments don't believe in God cause you haven't seen struggle at all. Just sipping coffee in your parents house watching this video.
Nicodemus (9 days ago)
Obviously what does this comment even mean? I think it is actually quite the opposite
Ash Z!k4 (18 days ago)
You don't believe in Santa Claus because you never got a Christmas present >:c
Fat Guy (21 days ago)
Obviously Coffee is for drug addicts.
Tri (1 month ago)
Obviously I don’t drink coffee
brundain1 (1 month ago)
You know... for a channel about science, they have been using a surprisingly small amount of it recently
Robert Deloch (1 month ago)
Idk how a point smaller than an ant blowing up into an entire universe is natural or believable either js
Robert Deloch (1 month ago)
mijubo (1 month ago)
I like the Statistic table they did. Seems legit just that their numbers don't add up to 100%. So about a 3/4 chance of nothing they described in the video happening. But yeah numbers don't matter I guess. In fact they don't even use math to do anything in the video.
Pigoath (1 month ago)
I can't believe that for some people it's easier to believe that everything was created from nothing; What a sad and tragic belief. I'd ratter believe that a being beyond human comprehension and not tied to our limitations created everything.
Pi is the best (1 month ago)
It’s foolish to assign odds to anything we know nothing about. We have no idea what a god is, what it’s properties are, or what it would be, so acting like it’s physically possible. Humans are so arrogant, we shouldn’t attempt to slap numbers on anything we know nothing about, as they are 100% assumption and 0% fact. Beliefs are different, but actual odds should be forbidden. (Obviously not actually forbidden, but you get the idea.)
JADE SODA (1 month ago)
“The existence of god has been debated for centuries” “actually millennia” clicked off right there
Death Ball (1 month ago)
I don’t think they were trying to prove god’s existence, they were just giving us an understanding of the debate
Gus (1 month ago)
Is this guy Christian
Aiden Smith (1 month ago)
I'd say that what got us here was a mixture of dumb luck and a series of path-of-least-resistence occurances. The dumb luck was Earth having just the right conditions (as in the dumb luck was that any old planet couldve had life, just a bunch of dumb luck if the right circumstances came about for it to happen, and we hit the jackpot) and the path of least resistence is evolution and the sort.
Davison Gifford (1 month ago)
So I have a question🤔 how does natural selection get fish whom all had no legs end up growing legs? And then lost gills which means they bred with things without gills🤔 natural selection in the context of the God complex doesn’t add up when you consider the Cambrian explosion which Macro-Evolution has no theory for
movax20h (18 days ago)
Evolutionary biology books on academic level are the best place to seek the answer. There are no lazy ways unfortunately.
Ragnar Loki Ragnarsson (23 days ago)
well you could watch aron'ra systematic classification of life he can be kinda deuchy but it's a great series if you genually want to know about evolution atleast then you can attack the strongest argument but not some strawmen
MrTJHookah (1 month ago)
Yo I just remembered I needed to get some care insurance.
Person (1 month ago)
Doesn't change the fact that you can't prove what happens after life.
Jacob :D (1 month ago)
I love your videos, but the hair... uuuuuggggghhhh. Sorry.
Maverickator X3 (1 month ago)
God: creates humans Humans: creates other religions God: am I a joke to you?
Seetor (1 month ago)
"rewind needs more SCIEEEENCCCEEEH". God, I disliked these guys the very first second I saw them in the 2018 rewind
Kat Alyosha (1 month ago)
Main problem is major people cannot distinguish between method & technic. Oh God must be crazy, people are studying up technic not method
Miles Latham (1 month ago)
well if god WAS real then why is there cancer and MILLIONS of other diseases on this planet? if god is "all good" then why would he have done this?
Carter MIlne (1 month ago)
to quote an old bald lady death is what gives life meaning to know your days are numbered your time is short
Elizabeth Marco (1 month ago)
Haha it’s called evolution, kids even know that
Jackalopes have 1/4 billion billion of existing if there's no god since there's a lot of requirements for it. Now, god maybe wouldn't be creating a jackalope, but he could, so it's 1/4 million. But jackalopes don't exist, therefore it's far more likely that there's no god. Does that proof counts?
박승현 (1 month ago)
ASAP Science has become a Sjw channel rather than science channel
DopeMaster (1 month ago)
Maybe someone is Marina Joycing them?
Hoy Lim (1 month ago)
Honestly, don't give a shit about who or what asap science is, neither do I give a crap about who you are. What it seems to me here is that you just took a reasonably theoretical and informative video and then nitpicked it to the point of cutting the video every time he said something which he would later justify. Honestly, this video is a disgrace to logic and the art of skilled debate. If you were to do this in a live debate face to face, you wouldn't look smart but just plain rude and idiotic. I have no ill will against either sides however, I just had to get this through.
Marconius (1 month ago)
Humans existing in a God-created world is more likely... is a completely empty statement with no basis in fact or statistics or logic; it might FEEL that way to them, but y'know, they're fucking Christians.
Marconius (1 month ago)
Bullshit and agenda- pushing like this is why I don't follows ASAP anymore. They keep doing this shit.
just a random guy (1 month ago)
If god exists why didnt he ban atheists from the servers yet?? (This is a joke please dont decapitate me..)
Handhelder (2 days ago)
+The Gay Atheist because everyone can turn around and start believing. He is also happy to see humans live and thrive. He enjoys seeing humans. Or to use them to show others a valuable lesson. He isn't cruel, because he makes them. He would be cruel, if they never had the possibility to turn around and start believing, and still punish them. Another possibility would be that there are possible futures and he tries to direct us into one, where we believe in him, but he doesn't negate our free will, so we choose against him out of our free will. Even with him knowing, you still chose from your own free will to deny him. That's at least what i think
The Gay Atheist (2 days ago)
+Handhelder he already knows if we're going to heaven or hell, so why doesn't he just create the people who will go to heaven and have the rest of us just never existed. Personally, never existed would be much better than eternal torture or any other form of punishment. I'm a masochist, and even I think Hell is too cruel.
The Gay Atheist (2 days ago)
Handhelder (19 days ago)
+Would Have the world, yes God, no
Levi Patu Williams (20 days ago)
He gives free will to do anything you want to.
Content Deleted18382 (1 month ago)
In my opinion, god does not exist, a random invisible guy, who watches us all the time just exists. I only think religion exists so we can keep the people from murdering each other and so we don’t have to fear death.
Francesco Massaro (1 month ago)
You're 100% right. All moral beliefs are artificial and serve the purpose of keeping the masses from murdering, stealing etc... Not only that, but all religions are based upon fear and hate, indoctrinating people with the idea that some things must be hated and if you disagree you'll go to hell or something.
ashfaque azad (1 month ago)
Black and white fallacy is quite excellently dealt with by Richard Dawkins in God Delusion.
David MacPherson (1 month ago)
I’m confused. I don’t think ASAP was trying to prove God exists. They were merely saying what people believe. I feel this whole video was slightly unnecessary, waste of time. None of the ASAP video made me think they actually believed it themselves (even if they did, they made no attempt to say so). Just think you misinterpreted their video.
KingArthur (1 month ago)
there are many other channels that are miles better than ASAP at explaining things to people who wouldn't fully understand about science. ASAP in general feels like they watered down to appeal to normal people that they forgot their whole idea of their channel.
Heinz Guderian (1 month ago)
There is a 1/4 billion billion chance that their video is reasonable and logical.
TheSamsOutdoors. (1 month ago)
out of pure interest, could you refute Deism? I would be very interested in that video.
Paolo Deidda (1 month ago)
the probability of 5 dice landing on 6 is 1 to 7776, why 1 to 7775? P.s. 6^5 = 7776
henry page (1 month ago)
Tbh the asap video makes no sense most of them don't it's so annoying. I believe in a God but nothing that the video said 😂

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