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Mybliss.co.uk at the world premiere for One Direction: This Is Us!

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The whole world was watching as One Direction sauntered along the red carpet of their new movie, One Direction: This Is Us, and Mybliss.co.uk was there with our camera ready to shove in their faces and get all the goss...
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Text Comments (27)
schristina96 (5 years ago)
what did harry say all fast in the end im confused
mroom asiry (5 years ago)
ive been saying craic the wrong way all my life o
emily martinez (5 years ago)
His laugh 3 c':
Chloe Hinchliffe (5 years ago)
Awwwwwww niall looks soooo happy and excited- love him soo proud
literallylina (5 years ago)
you can see how happy niall was and aww bby
Abigail Faith (5 years ago)
nialldirt.tumblr.com :)
Mariah Lisi (5 years ago)
Niall was so excited
Menna Alaa (5 years ago)
teenagepotatoo.tumblr.com :D What's yours ?
Menna Alaa (5 years ago)
teenagepotatoo.tumblr.com :D What's yours ?
Harleen D (5 years ago)
what time in the video??
Abigail Faith (5 years ago)
lol what's your tumblr url?
Niamh (5 years ago)
Laughing at the fact that no one knew how to pronounce craic
Erin Corrigan (5 years ago)
Hey interviewer, did you notice Zayn is still standing there? Just thought I'd let ya know.
Stacey Alicia (5 years ago)
Came here from tumblr
Menna Alaa (5 years ago)
I thought ''craic'' was pronounce liek ''drake '' for example but it's actually ''crack '' well....y job here is done
Menna Alaa (5 years ago)
oh my god , me too O.O
lee (5 years ago)
niall is so adorable how truly genuinely excited and in love he is with the fans and everything happening in his life
Abigail Faith (5 years ago)
I came here from tumblr to learn how to pronounce the word craic.
kelli (5 years ago)
after years and years of confusion, we finally know how to pronounce craic. although i will still pronounce it crayick
TheWanted489 (5 years ago)
"Its going to be a great craic" No sorry Harry that doesn't make sense
leiderverpasst (5 years ago)
the sound is not the best, i almost couldn't hear what they said
JazmynInc94 (5 years ago)
so craic is pronounced crack.
Jennifer N (5 years ago)
"its gonna be a great craic" that doesn't even make sense hahahah drop the "a" and its finee
246chic246 (5 years ago)
Say craic again
Zaynab Haydar (5 years ago)
niall is sex. basically.
melosophical (5 years ago)
"It's gonna be a great craic" i bet he planned that in his mind to say at that moment and look how proud he is omg
nialler girl (5 years ago)
First comment......Hi mum

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