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We're Doomed! Shocking Facts About Women and Politics!

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We Need Your Support: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate With great power comes great responsibility. Armed with black pill facts strong enough to trigger an entire horde of red-haired feminists, Stefan Molyneux explores horrifying civilization ending data points about the gender differences in political knowledge. Your support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate Get more from Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio including books, podcasts and other info at: http://www.freedomainradio.com Amazon Affiliate Links US: http://www.fdrurl.com/Amazon Canada: http://www.fdrurl.com/AmazonCanada UK: http://www.fdrurl.com/AmazonUK https://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2013/jul/11/women-know-less-politics-than-men-worldwide
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Stefan Molyneux (10 months ago)
Your support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate
nasachusetts (1 month ago)
+Mary Quin You are stuck on you and not women in general accounted by data and numbers. Trust me men do not hate women. We've just had it with the inequality rhetoric.
DuckyBrady (1 month ago)
When I talk about your facts ,I’m always Crucified.....
Odin Son (2 months ago)
My mother is a 142 iq, so I guess that is relatively rare then?
K B (3 months ago)
you should ask them, maybe you will get an answer
Susan McGlasson (2 days ago)
The Voice....so true...
K Fritz (3 days ago)
To tread where no man dares - Stefan Molynaux - risking life and limb by speaking the truth....
that guy (4 days ago)
I don't think the solution is based on sex, but on your level of responsibility in the system. If you don't pay taxes, you don't get a vote, because you have not invested in the system. There should be a minimum tax burden as a % of what you earn in order to cast a vote. And own land and pay property taxes for state government.
Top Pay Position (5 days ago)
I once dated the last woman, it was autumn 1978
Top Pay Position (5 days ago)
I always thought the father should have been jailed for manslaughter of the son. AND holding the wife under water as a floatation device.
Charles Merchant (5 days ago)
If you are not required to register to serve the country, you should not get the right to vote...
Karissa Email (5 days ago)
Have you forgotten that England decisions have been made by a "woman" the Queen?
Fastnail (9 days ago)
Women should be banned from.politics because they run on feelz and emotions not mens logic reasoning. Look at the state of western nations now. The decline is squarely on womens feet and their male mangina white knight cucks wanting womens votes.
Inge Kvam (9 days ago)
Women should be kept out of politics and positions of power. Female bosses are toxic psychopaths.
Robert Wagner (9 days ago)
I try to talk to my mother about politics. She is unwilling to listen. she says that she's not going to agree with me and I'm not going to be with her and so she'd rather not argue. I try to persuade her that we could exchange points of views without arguing however she's not willing to listen. Perhaps there's good Merit for removing the right to vote from women. Or perhaps there should be some Metacritic test that proves that people have political knowledge before allowing the privilege of voting.
Fred Neecher (9 days ago)
NOTE: when Stefan says 'socialism' he means 'state control'. Just thought I'd mention that.
Dale Kirkendall (11 days ago)
I have observed that as a country slides down into socialism they have more women in their government,
Bluntly Blondie (11 days ago)
I couldn’t be more proud that none of this relates to me. I listen to many sides of the spectrum, mostly alternative sources, and I am much more informed than some of my male peers. I recently started to work from home starting my own YouTube channel on politics and for the past four years anything that I am doing, I am listening to the news in the background or reading political books. Maybe it’s my love of history or my fascination with predictions of the future, perhaps it is my obsession with the fact that we are living in a time right now that looks like it’s the beginning of dystopia but one thing for certain, politics is a huge part of my life. Because of this I am no longer hey carefree, brain-dead liberal but a right-leaning libertarian and I consider myself a men’s rights activist.
Casey (15 days ago)
Bigger government ? The new Alt Right wing not down sizing government its digging us deeper. Loves to up the Military spending? What do I know I just an uniformed women that knows nothing ..😂
Casey (15 days ago)
Paul W (15 days ago)
Half the women vote for the most handsome politician.  Never should have been given the vote.  Heck, they kill their own babies today....
Kurt Amesbury (15 days ago)
Not Wisconsin. Wyoming.
The Impaler (17 days ago)
A vagina is the most effective weapon of mass destruction known to man. It has ruined, killed or caused to be killed more humans and caused more property loss and damage than anything else that ever existed, and it doesn't even have to be connected to a brain. It can also vote, drive, and like the Borg, can reproduce itself. The Terminator, Alien and tornadoes put together aren't shit compared to that thing.
Marsha Evelyn (17 days ago)
I would gladly give up my right to vote if the 19th amendment was repealed. In fact I would go further and say all electronic political ads should be banned because people do not make contemplative decisions when they receive their information from 15-30 second sound or visual clips from biased sources. Voting never was considered by the founders to be a right for all American citizens and it is certainly not a right of illegal aliens.
Rey Dicuori (19 days ago)
MAGA 🇱🇷 #JobsNotMobs Vote. GOP 👍 PATRIOTS. On November 6 the battle for the soul of America is on. A vote for the Republican ticket is A VOTE FOR AMERICA. We Must Stop these Violent NPCs Lefties Corruptocrats. #WalkAway #DemoratsFakeBombsFalseFlag #CNNFakeNews The Enemy Of The American People #FeminismIsCancer #MGTOW LATINOS FOR TRUMP 2020.
Chuck Haney (19 days ago)
"Women are far less informed than men." - And the Democratic Party is the party of women.
Portuguese MGTOW (20 days ago)
Take women's rights away
Simon Lu. (21 days ago)
The whole point of this video -women are easy to manipulate, therefore not very helpful in election is so retarded once you leave your "safe space" in which this ideology may add up. Only people with a high IQ should be allowed to vote, regardless their gender. But that would cause unimaginable riots in the USA, because 70% of the population would be excluded, therefore you just have to cope with your current settings, i fear. :/
annie C (21 days ago)
have you convinced yourself yet? what a sexist asshat you are
Jeff T (21 days ago)
Sweden's current government is feminist. I'll leave my point there.
A.M. Fortas (22 days ago)
It is not that women vote or that they 'know less' than men about current affairs. it is much more that many men and well as women are as thick as two short planks, moronic, bigotted and selfish. Far too many of both sexes are completely ignorant and have no business being permitted to vote.
NiaNook (22 days ago)
Back in the days when women didn't vote, it was also unusual to go through adulthood unmarried. I always imagined the husband would vote for the household, just as people pay their taxes combined for the household, and very often (not always) the husband and wife share a lot of opinions in common, so perhaps his vote could be considered THEIR vote. Women and their stronger empathy/emotions aren't a BAD thing, but when it comes to politics, it does lead many into pitfalls (like showing off "kids in cages" to sway them to vote democrat because "THINK OF THE CHILDREN") Ironically, in my household, I'm the one more mindful of politics, and my husband would probably be a lot more liberal had I not been talking to him so much about it...lol Personally, I'm drawn to the idea of having to own property to vote. I'd still lose my ability to vote, either way, but the country would be left in the hands of people much more responsible and directly effected by the outcome.
David Hill (24 days ago)
It's funny that women know so little about current affairs generally while at the same time being actively involved in the local gossip circle more than men. I believe it and I've seen it, but I do find it interesting.
assassinate evil (25 days ago)
Men r emotional voters. They vote to keep others out
Fankas2000 (25 days ago)
Women know less about politics and yet they are more likely to vote...
Alamo1836 (25 days ago)
Women only think in terms of their vaginas.
Lily Ann (25 days ago)
So take the lead like a man and teach your daughters. Stop abandoning your families. Stop being wimps wringing your hands and not taking responsibility. Women are your greatest allies when they are protected by you.
skykiss12 (26 days ago)
Facts are stubborn Things!
Princess HorseFeathers (26 days ago)
As a woman, I agree. I think all people should have to pass logic exams , or take a logic course to vote. That was how our system was designed.
Pooru Haitto (26 days ago)
Lol you are good end of the world women jokes ><
Pooru Haitto (26 days ago)
7:29 I like that u say here. There is definitely something right about you, it explains why i can listen to you talk about almost anything yet Im not doing it because of what you have to say.
Devbo Slice (26 days ago)
I can't listen to anyone that does not shave their balls. Lol
Vie Vie (26 days ago)
Has this dude's wife left him yet?
L. Ron Gardner (26 days ago)
630 down votes from soy boys and their dominatrix girlfriends.
Red Grey (26 days ago)
Intro nitpick... It was Wyoming.
The Huntress (26 days ago)
This is why i spend more time in the mountains. After living in both conservative and liberal towns, i can honestly say that i see misinformation on both sides of the fence. Both sides have their ignorance's and prejudices.
The Huntress (26 days ago)
That is because women generally have more responsibility and less free time than men. Especially when children are born. That is a really good and valid excuse, because it's true. Unfortunately, it still dis-empowers us whether it's a perfectly true or not. Did you ever notice that the best excuses often have a lot of truth to them. That's why they work so well at dis-empowering people. Until one day you meet a person who has an even better excuse than you do,to fail, and they still find a way to overcome odds. No doubt gender discrimination still exists on a wide level, but I meet so many weak women who don't want to become self sufficient themselves. I would say that the blame rests on both party's honestly. But it is always easier to see how other people contribute to the problem, and a whole lot harder to see which part of it we ourselves are not taking responsibility for. I guess most humans are just neurotic by nature.
Bruce Ruttan (26 days ago)
I don't understand the point of this essay. Women aren't going to believe it and men aren't taking back their vote!
John Glenn (26 days ago)
Simple question. Think of all your travels on public transport. Visiting friends. University. So: have you ever seen a woman read a history book?
Anthony Smith (27 days ago)
Wyoming is the equality state, suffrage started there
ThundrStruck1 (27 days ago)
HA! You think you are informed on "politics"? Politics is what the ruling class program your mind to perceive and to think is relevant. You think men are less susceptible to the mainstream media programming of us all? I think you swallowed the blue pill.
Tanweer Beckett (28 days ago)
Life before universal suffrage must have been rosy, safe and comfortable hey. Isn't it that most major conflicts, intra and internationally, was caused by men. BTW im a man before anyone accuses me of being an irrational female. Look at the middle east where most of the nations allow very few to no womens rights, paradise? The Western heads of state that decided to wage war on those countries were and are men- or technology and medicine has been secretly advanced for a while now since these me are probably women in disguise. People like you accuse women of being too emotional and therefore cant be trusted to make big decisions, especially things that affect national security. But.... don't men do things to stroke their egos. I mean we see time and time again in the annals of history where war and genocide was waged just to stroke some blokes ego. The pointless conflict in the Middle East which caused the migrant crisis, WWI, WWII, Civil War, Bombing of Japan, Burning of women , and some men, in the dumbass Salem witch trials, Nazi Germany and the holocaust, Stalin, war of the roses and nearly every single invasion and massacre in human history... I wonder what all of these have in common? Probably women disguised as men. The problem isn't the gender or race of the elctorate but rather the education of the electorate coupled with kind of electee that is running. Another huge problem people allowing their ideologies and religions to dictate what they do in office. I always find it funny that people who want universal suffrage revoked are the ones against middle eastern countries yet your mindset is extremely similiar. The fact that people actually believe that equal rights and opportunity = marxist and culturally suicidal just proves how successful the west has been in propaganda.
Juan-Carlos Buisman (28 days ago)
Women Don'T Like PoLiTiX? ISn"T ThaT RACIST?! XD
NINJ4ST34K987 (28 days ago)
Women aren't emotionally equipped to handle responsibility and authority while maintaining liberty and agency, change my mind
Nichole Cervin (29 days ago)
I'm a female property owner and a tax payer. I tend to vote conservative/libertarian. Then again I do not believe the pay gap is real.
GenderDork (1 month ago)
We could solve the voting question, without sexism, if we limit the vote to tax payers. Would also be nice to see more transparency and fraud prevention in the voting process. How many of us can even verify our vote has been counted?
Fred Neecher (9 days ago)
Everyone in the UK is a registered tax payer, including people on benefits. It's just that the threshold is 11,500 pounds a year, so if you receive less than that you don't actually pay anything. Would it be fair if you were paid less than 11,500 in your job and therefore couldn't vote?
David Boyd (1 month ago)
Women are generally socialists and run on emotion and they believe that being a woman you need special treatment and not have to do the hard yards
No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1 (1 month ago)
So many willing to take away the vote.... I would say stop being enablers. Men have created rods no offence, how many of you know of fathers who have reared their daughters up to be wilful dependent, pretty princesses.... We as a people need to say no, and stop pandering to silly female reactionaries. We as men are only having to wake up after 100 years and a) grow a spine, b) stop being so nice and trying to fit into a world that never stopped being dangerous, c) take charge again! men recognise danger, we have willfully stopped being society's canary in the mine, time to perform our roles bestagain, and not forget this point in time so as not to repeat it.
iamchillydogg (1 month ago)
Government doesn't have to be coercive. It's really quite simple. The problem is the government initiating force. The solution is to prohibit it from doing so. Once that's done it doesn't really matter who you vote for.
make table (1 month ago)
The quote about news papers you sighted is attributed to Mark Twain.
ukkr (1 month ago)
Women DON'T want to be equal to men as they claim. In fact, in order to be equal in that way, there has to be an END to WBE subsidies, an END to university preference, an END to "women first", an END to chivalry, an END to double standards, and we need to bring back the OLD standards for EVERYONE, etc... ALSO, ALL(Don't get me wrong, ALL means ALL, WOMEN AND MEN) would have to be RETESTED, CERTIFIED, RECONSIDERED, ETC... based on NEW tests. Voting standards would have to be hardened so that people would have to have a kind of CLASS(As in education) to vote. We at least USED to have a semblance of this in highschool. It was called CIVICS! Leftists LOVE to infect such things, and the following is probably just another way that they try to get MORE support for infecting it on the pretense of trying to HELP, BUT..... http://neatoday.org/2017/03/16/civics-education-public-schools/ The idea USED to be to understand how some things work, how the government was set up, scope of the government, parties, etc..... For example, we have what many call a there ring circus. 1. Executive(head diplomats, advise on potential legislation, veto it, pass it quicker, handle emergencies, and possibly break ties in the senate)(Scope is federal, ALL CITIZENS) 2. Legislative(sponsor, write, pass bills)(Scope is by district in the house, and state in the senate, RESPECTIVE CITIZENS) 3. Judicial(settle disputes and possibly determine if things are constitutional)(Scope is federal, but selected by the above two branches) Even on what I wrote above many try to stretch it claiming the executive can make laws, and the judicial has more of a say on what it can hear, or a criminal or resident can vote, etc.... One person running for the senate spoke of how she could then write and sign into law. The truth is the senate can only suggest. The HOUSE is supposed to write bills, and the president signs into law. The senate merely goes over and makes suggestions about what to change, and may suggest a bill. If the senate agrees 100% with a bill, they are the ones that give it to the president to sign. AND, frankly, given what has happened and all, maybe we should get rid of makeup for women, etc.... I may PINE for it later, but women have had an advantage for a VERY long time, and the rest won't get rid of that. Maybe police officers(who WILL end up being nearly 100% MALE), should account for what people get mere warnings, and WHY. If the women even show a 5% excess in benefits, they should do what they can to drive it down. OH, and women in the military should be forced to go to the front line any time the men are. I have NO problem with people voting, but I want the voting to make sense, And it is ILLEGAL to bribe one in power and technically, if bernie offers students free college, he is accepting a bribe! After all, he is merely stealing from the current generation to promise the future generation free education at a college of their choice if they vote for him. THEY are voting for him so they get that college admission. Is it REALLY that different from them saying they will vote for him if he gives them that college admission? And should we TRUST a person that offers such a bribe? Conservatives are different, because permission to do something for the COUNTRY or even a region, that will help ALL is not only decent, what they are there for, and something that REDUCES costs, it is actually allowed for in the constitution. And it doesn't incentivise people to come here for freebies. The constitution says the US can give allocations of their surplus to the states apportioned to population(Outside of voting, THIS was the reason for the census and 3/5 compromise.), for their needs, and can build the infrastructure between states and subsidize that. It also can provide for the GENERAL WELFARE, which would include some R&D, things like research and standardization of the internet, military, etc.... That is GENERAL welfare, and not what people in the US think of today when we think welfare. Back then, the welfare we think about today was provided by friends, neighbors, churches, and charities. Let's face it, if the government didn't do what I just said tey are supposed to, there would be NO reason for government. The left could simply give to charities if they wanted to be charitable. Interesting fact! CONSERVATIVES tend to give more to charities! Leftists seem to like amdendments, rules, and charities ONLY when it benefits THEM! THAT is why they generally want HIGHER TAXES!
R O M C H O M P A (1 month ago)
every ballot should require the passing of an IQ test to fill out
Zack Seven (1 month ago)
My recommendation would be to implement some kind of IQ test to vote and also for procreation as there are nowadays way too many poorly educated, ill-informed people who don't take their voting right and responsibilities seriously enough or parenting responsibilities to be allowed to have children.
Patz13 (1 month ago)
Stephen Molyneux is a househusband supported by his career wife and he discounts women! Go figure!
It's your momma (1 month ago)
Why is it that non tax payers can vote???
Michelle Burton (1 month ago)
They dont teach how the economy works in school anymore. And that was done on purpose.
Tammy S Tam (1 month ago)
Just to give you some hope. I'm 57, female, and never voted for the left. I seek out information on global topics more than anyone I know in my personal circle. Am I emotional yes, tender hearted yes, but I can also see reality, most of the time 😚
Dade Murphy (1 month ago)
Women will completely destroy entire nations and then blame men. Then they'll tell men to fix it after it's too late. Sorry ladies, Rome is lost... enjoy being raped to death.
Iggy (1 month ago)
I dont know how I feel about the whole IQ being responsible for bad judgement. There is something that is called common sense. Even below average people can see danger coming. Like those liberal white folks in the US, I would guess most are well educated but lack common sense/rational-critical thinking.
Lorena Smith (1 month ago)
Misogyny 101
Stefan Molyneux (1 month ago)
Not an argument
Margaret Walker (1 month ago)
God knows all this, Stefan: but, He put man in charge of his own family, and men over history have not done their part. As result, check out Isaiah 13:12, in context: (MAN came FIRST, then the woman. Who would YOU blame in such a case?) 11 And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible. 12 I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir. 13 Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the Lord of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger. 14 And it shall be as the chased roe, and as a sheep that no man taketh up: they shall every man turn to his own people, and flee every one into his own land. 15 Every one that is found shall be thrust through; and every one that is joined unto them shall fall by the sword. 16 Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished. Even in Eden, Adam was RIGHT THERE WITH EVE, was given ALL the needed info, and yet ate the fruit WITH her, and she was told secondhand info from Adam, so though she was in the sin FIRST, Adam could have come to her rescue when the serpent appeared, but he didn't. Then he turned and blamed the woman God had given him to help him. She in turn blamed the serpent. Blame, blame, blame: it's all man's carnal nature, at enmity with the Law of God, that Adam should have learned then, taught. But he didn't so we have a MESS on the face of the earth, until Christ returns to RULE with a rod of iron and makes man obey the Law of the land: God's Law.
phil gibbs (1 month ago)
wahmens hormones and feelings and emotions, the end of western civilization.
Jessica Opal (1 month ago)
Clickbait, these facts were not even close to shocking. If I meet a couple I end up friends with the man and hating the woman. Why? Because I have a high IQ, which means I'm not able to have a conversation with them, at all. They look dizzy af and they always want to talk about clothes. I'm 37 and had this old "friend" I reconnected with for a month or so. She always said "wait until you see my new _____, you're going to *die.* I thought why, does it have hep C blood on it? She always had new clothes that would kill me... One time she said a hoody from VS was $50 dollars. I asked why she paid that much for a jacket, (she often didn't have toilet paper). She said "because I deserve it". This particular bitch abandoned her young children about 5 years ago. She nor her felon boyfriend work but receive state aid. Obviously I stopped talking to her again. Also, she was sleeping with her bfs *brother* and he had a feeling and beat her ass about it. She cried to people, saying "he's crazy, he says I'm sleeping with his brother". She *was* and told me about it. She was also having sex with a married drug dealer and a legless old man. Here's the kicker... she thought *eye* a widow who hasn't had sex since her Husband died three years ago, should eat/drink off of her and use the same lip gloss as her. I wanted her to try a grape leaf once. She only took a bite and put it back. I moved it away from mine and finished. She looked and asked why I didn't want to finish the whored up one she ate off of 😐 She got distracted before I could answer. That whore picked up the lip gloss in my cup holder once and popped it on. When I left her apt, (honestly very clean apt), I tossed that crap out of the window. Then she calls crying one day... she has *herpes.* Well who could have guessed!! 😏 *This* is feminism. Women are effing *morons* and don't deserve equal treatment *unless they're equal.* Especially in official capacity such as police, Military, etc. Unless you're a bull dyke with a mustache go make a damn sandwich and let men do man work. No one wants to die because you want to *feel* equal.
Jessica Opal (1 month ago)
Women either have *no clue* what's going on, *or* they fell hook line and sinker for the ✡ agenda. And *research?!* They've never heard of it.
No Snowflakes Allowed (1 month ago)
I've always said that women are more likely to be Democrats because room emotional and men are more likely to be Republicans because they're more logical.. granted I am a Republican this is due to having a son and wanting him to have all that I have had as I grew up... Freedom. And I have noticed more of my female friends becoming Republicans due to this new wave of feminism it's really waking them up
Bob Geddes (1 month ago)
According to Nick Rockefeller of the Rockefeller Foundation, who funded the Feminist Movement, it was to increase the number of taxpayers and get to the minds of the children sooner.
j k (1 month ago)
When men fight, injury or death is possible so men evolved to be diplomatic. When women fight it's just funny or hot if they are attractive.
j k (1 month ago)
White women drive better than Asians of all genders.
Chris Dubois (1 month ago)
Stefan is right, and by the way I’m a vegan.
astrogirluran (1 month ago)
Learn women about politics, if claim be as smart. Don't just Facebook and watch soaps. Learn about different parties and values stand for. Magazines need to improve a lot, less celebrity stuff, more unbiased news.
David Zysk (1 month ago)
Socialism is good actually.
Handpickedpartz (1 month ago)
Women by nature cannot handle power and do not make most decisions using facts, logic, reason etc. They now have the power and we are seeing the results. Again, by nature they are socialists and believe in all kinds of nonsense that goes against nature. Only when their right to vote is taken away, and cuck males are eliminated will this even have a remote possibility for correction. This is not new and has happened to all empires in the past. Only after society collapses and blood is spilled can this be rebuilt using natural order which always prevails. Comes down to accountability, they are not held accountable which is men's fault.................All goes back to the golden "P" which actually does not exist!
harleyblue999 (1 month ago)
UK news politics not much else bar soaps with political agenda,how many countries operate scripts to be written by the state, well at least 30% content or is this practice unique to the UK and Korea north or south.
Fred Hammel (1 month ago)
The big problem with women driving an owning a car. Which started in 1972, the year women left the home and their children. The price of a vehicle skyrocketed and so did home. Before the Civil Rights Bill of 1964, the family (husband, wife, and children) were considered 0ne economic unit, after the bill was passed every person became an economic unit. When women started owning a vehicle, she had to go into DEBT, Debt = bondage. The divorce rate skyrocketed because women no longer needed a man or husband. I hear people complain about all the regulations coming from the DEEP STATE, these regulations were needed to give women jobs, pushing paper in an office. Antonio Gramsci , an Italian communist said in 1921, to take over America, first take over the courts, then remove the father from the home. The democrats have been pushing this agendia for 80 years.
sourabh dhingra (1 month ago)
Crux of the video is women care less than men so women ruin things. Women are not responsible as men. Period.
ben o'neill (1 month ago)
I battle with this almost daily with my missus. I try to tell her about the SJW crap and PC bs that is filtering into our country (Australia) but she won't acknowledge any of it. In fact she has said I am mental for talking about things that to her, are not happening. I told her it's like we are in a car, headed for a large tree and when I tell her about the danger ahead, she just says we should wait untill it happens. Whimen are childlike in their thinking.
Malcolm Browning (1 month ago)
Well, it seems most men are misinformed also. If you get your information in the UK from the BBC you'll most certainly be badly misinformed.
Alex Cooper (1 month ago)
Women in politics equals the death of your nation.
Dick Marx (1 month ago)
No amount of "informing" women will make things better. They literally have different brains. They perceive information differently. They will never understand. They will, at best, convincingly mimic, but never understand.
T G (1 month ago)
You mean you are supposed to actually educate yourself about reality BEFORE voting? I thought Nancy Pelosi said we have to vote on things in order to learn what they mean? Does CNN count as education? Hmmm... We should probably spread the word in America... This is certainly a new concept.
OddityDK (1 month ago)
You can’t expect women to take the time to seek out information and stay informed. They are busy with social media, buying shoes and obsessing about their weight. Who needs to be informed anyway, just go with your feelings, what feels right IS right. Ya I’m being sexist I know, but every woman I know acts like that. It’s not that women are dumb, it’s just biology. Men have had to take responsibility for the outside world, we fought the wars, while women raised the children. Women are programmed to be focused on nurture and social interaction. Men had to be rational, even cynical, and meritocratic. There is no time to consider everyone’s feelings in life and death situations, the best get’s to lead and the most effective solution is the best, anything else will result in weakness and elimination from the gene pool. Evolution doesn’t care about fairness, whatever works the best survives, and that is specialization. Gender roles are not a social construct, they are a biological construct. For better or worse, we have surpassed the need for distinct roles, but the programming is still there and it will produce different results for men and women, be it in political views, professional choices or cognitive ability. If we don’t start recognizing this we are doomed, the entire identity/gender debate and blaming of those who build and maintain everything is due to not understanding who we really are. We need to shut it down with cynical adherence to facts, regardless of whose feelings are hurt. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I just have to let it out now and then. No one in the real world seems to have a damn clue.
Hrvoje Batrnek (1 month ago)
The more freedom and decision making you give them the more they are themselves. Those that are more emotionally driven shouldn't be the first choice.
Joseph Harrigan (1 month ago)
I've been saying this for years that was the original sin letting women vote that was the beginning of the end of Western Civilization don't get me wrong I know there's women a lot smaller than me but there's so few and far between I don't know what kind of experiences you have with women in your life but it's pretty obvious
Joseph Harrigan (1 month ago)
Smarter than me. they're just too emotional
Marky Hursh (1 month ago)
Just like we repealed the 21st Amendment on prohibition; only by repealing, (or at least modifying), the 19th Amendment giving women's "right" to vote, will ANYTHING change! Otherwise we will only see men with FEWER rights, AND women with MORE rights!🤔😣
Marky Hursh (1 month ago)
Even "smart women" like that "Dr. Blasey/Ford, in the Judge Kavanaugh hearigs, shows how "stupid" even a "smart" woman like her IS!🤔😣
Marky Hursh (1 month ago)
Wisconsin offered the Vote to get them there? "Thirsty for women" men? Oh yeah! As now, many Betas! Very good explanation!
Toxic Lucidity (1 month ago)
Natalia Perez (1 month ago)
No, no there are sound minded women but they usually are Christian and have good foundation in the Word of God . Plus the media and social media is play ground for loud, emotional, liberal woman but sound-minded women are NOT on social media running wild. We are quietly observing and are disgusted by what we see in the insane liberal media. Yes, it’s true women are more emotional and have to work to control those emotions in order to make sound logical decisions. But it isn’t difficult when you know that emotions are tools but they are never to be the bases for decision-making. It’s called self- control. Not all women are like this, these are the new liberal feminist women. Love the channel by the way!
BaconNBeer (1 month ago)
When will men get the right to vote? I had to sign up for selective service (laying my life on the line) to be able to vote. So males don't even have the basic right to vote that women have.
Ally (1 month ago)
Just liberal women 😂😂😂
Ally (1 month ago)
Just liberal women 😂😂😂
MaB71 (1 month ago)
To late over here, we have a subkect on our schools dedicated on how goverment works. And guess what... its a left wing promotion lesson
Wild Bear (1 month ago)
I would gladly give up my vote if it meant other women couldn't vote either, women often destroy societies. Not intentionally but they do. I had to think about voting for a school fund that would ultimately raise property taxes. I thought about it and could not justify voting yes because I do not own any property, as well as most public money is mismanaged and not given to those meriting it.
Aaron Bennett (1 month ago)
Jeezis, Molyneux's pathetic misogyny is on full display right off here. If women vote in ways he does not like clearly they are TOO FUCKING STUPID TO HAVE ACTUALLY EDUCATED THEMSELVES and as such should not have been "given" the vote by men who obviously had the right to decide on weather those dim bulb women had rights or not.

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