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We're Doomed! Shocking Facts About Women and Politics!

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We Need Your Support: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate With great power comes great responsibility. Armed with black pill facts strong enough to trigger an entire horde of red-haired feminists, Stefan Molyneux explores horrifying civilization ending data points about the gender differences in political knowledge. Your support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate Get more from Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio including books, podcasts and other info at: http://www.freedomainradio.com Amazon Affiliate Links US: http://www.fdrurl.com/Amazon Canada: http://www.fdrurl.com/AmazonCanada UK: http://www.fdrurl.com/AmazonUK https://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2013/jul/11/women-know-less-politics-than-men-worldwide
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Stefan Molyneux (1 year ago)
Your support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate
cjytispro !!! (6 days ago)
Human was made in God's image ??? Flish or engery??so flish is belongs to earth. So God?? Is engery??
cjytispro !!! (6 days ago)
Can u talk some day to me. I am in Ireland. And would love to talk. Thank you very much for your hard work. Thanking shin
nasachusetts (3 months ago)
+Mary Quin You are stuck on you and not women in general accounted by data and numbers. Trust me men do not hate women. We've just had it with the inequality rhetoric.
DuckyBrady (3 months ago)
When I talk about your facts ,I’m always Crucified.....
Bugout Bubba (1 day ago)
Well, they may not know much about politics but their Facebook knowledge more the makes up for that shortcoming. I mean, I would have no idea what my neighbors had for dinner if it wasn't for her diligence on social media.
cjytispro !!! (6 days ago)
When you are going to the next world are u walking trough a tunnel of light or traveling at the speed off light???
cjytispro !!! (6 days ago)
Labour force of men ? 1000 men work force bring in 1000 wemmen to the work force. So 2000 working people. So the capital's is happy so there is a price
phereinheight (6 days ago)
I know western girls in government like cortez are mindless and basically burned Europe with silly ideas
Wild Bill (6 days ago)
I can't watch this, we all know they are totally lacking in any discernible mature thought. It is all about screaming points that someone feeds them. UGH!
Per Sørlie (8 days ago)
Science shows the children inherits the IQ from the mother. I wonder why men then got a higher IQ.... the difference must be directly related to the sex then?
Per Sørlie (8 days ago)
The rise of women in politics will lead to the fall of Europe.
Jeanette B (10 days ago)
Would you like to take the vote from women and all men who wouldn't know about politics?
palerider957 (11 days ago)
Feminist have no business running anything.
"Women are uninformed relative to men" -- should be "Women are unmisinformed relative to men".
5:43 increased p.t. would solve this condition.
For those folks for whom "politics = news coverage", political knowledge commonly accepted is false. The real politics: bombins and shootins have all been fake. Kennedy was not a real character, but played by an actor, same way Trump, the popes, Eliz 2, Hillary, Bernie, etc., etc.. Casi belli have all been staged or deliberatly incited and deliberately not prevented (such as Pearl Harbor). All wars are bankers' wars, America ruled by the Venetian-Oligarchy/Priory-of-Sion coalition from the square mile of London; Hollywood ruled by a Milanese family; P2 lodge regulate every entertainment corporation. Try testin for those facts.
Greece, Italy, and Korea are peninsulae. Had you segmented USA, Florida would have equalled them, no?
Wynter (17 days ago)
A few problems with this idea: 1. It does not address the vote of non-whites in white nations, who almost always vote for the social programs these emotional white women vote for. Should this be allowed, and what is its impact? Should a nation created by and for a particular ethic group or tribe even allow outsiders to vote? 2. It does not address what should happen if land owning white women exist. 3. Men have overwhelming run everything, even after women voted, and it's men who have implement this stuff. Why did these supposedly intelligent white men not educate these women in their families about why this stuff is bad? IMO we can fix everything by going to letting only land owning citizen vote (yeah, fuck you China and your land grabbing asses).
sayitaint so (18 days ago)
I have asked other women what makes them think that we are equal to men, still waiting on a rational answer. We are NOT equal, we are biologically and mentally different species. Nature works like that. If we could go back and learn the role of man and woman again it would make life in general better. Men have a role and woman have a role, equally important but not equal to each other. Stop feminism, its not good for anyone. Equal rights and freedom to own property, work ect. Is good but trying to be a man is not good not even possible. Even with surgery. We are made different for a reason. But, we should be protected by laws our men creat: marriage is a contract, til death. If you marry, have kids that first true family should reap all benefits that man has, health, 401ks Ss, life insurance, ect. Should go to original family. A man should not have the option to take from his original family to have a new one: less child/ spousal support due to expenses of new kids and wife. Men should have no choice but to continue supporting original family, contracted to. If he wants to leave and start again he would have to get a second or third job, what women wants a man if nothing except having to work to make up his part is to gain? Discourages cheating on his part, and less desirable on the whores the part if she knows she getting nothing from it. If the wife is caught cheating, she voids her part of the contract, no Heath, life, 401k ect.. goes to kids. Jail time for both parties in affairs, non married participant pay fines to family affected. Make marriage hard to get into and very hard to get out. Makes you take it more seriously.
All Knowledge (18 days ago)
Based upon such facts; the voting rights of females should be revoked.
Laura Black (12 days ago)
Or we could just require that people pass a quiz to be able to vote. That way only those who are informed on the issues will make an impact.
The suffragettes of the 19th Century should have been given the 2x4 treatment. We would have avoided the entire Feminist Movement. Proof? Muslim culture.
Dee wings (18 days ago)
We were all created equal pig!
Kelly Barthel (19 days ago)
It was Wyoming so they could get statehood.
Peter Moygannon (19 days ago)
woman didn't fight in war so they shouldn't vote to create another one...you know we're f##ked anyway you know we are not going to take the power back ..westoner is cooked done capoot but the woman are comeing down with us
Rial Seebran (19 days ago)
Wisconsin men thirsty as fuck
ian x (21 days ago)
You only have to look at a rack of women's magazines in a newsagent to understand this problem and all of its horrifying implications. YOu will be looking at 50% home and childcare, which of course is good, 50% celebrity dross, which is excrement from start to finish, and 0% current affairs. While women account for half of votes, and are this ignorant, there will be no road back for the west. In East Asia, traditional roles and cultures have not been undermined, more women are sensible, responsible and conservative, and this to some extent mitigates the poison.
berzerk2600 (23 days ago)
"Rights turn into privileges, when the government is involved" - Stephen Molyneux, 2017
Solar Nebula (23 days ago)
http://womenagainstfeminism.com/3-reasons-why-women-should-not-vote/ Enough said.
Paul Pena (26 days ago)
Isn't it ironic in a society where women have the most freedom (granted to them by men) they tend to hate men the most. And in older asian or islamic societies where women basically have the rights of a dog they adore men.
Mike Ralph (27 days ago)
Where have all the men gone, Turned to women every one.
Andrew Smith (28 days ago)
Women of certain races or ethnic groups can get elected, especially in local elections were their male counterparts cannot. This appears to be trending to the state and national level.
Scott Derry (29 days ago)
That's my favorite liberal soundbite. "Violence never solves anything" What do you think cops represent? Must have been thought up by a woman. The question of why they don't know much about politics is easy. The only thing they need to know is what the price of pussy is. Nothing else is important to them.
RaithUK (30 days ago)
Your not wrong... its a large issue.. i have had many worrying conversations with women at teh school gates and their perceptions are warped.. guided by indeed feelings.. when they get told the truth about some things theres an element of shock.. its both highly amusing and very worrying.
BersekerSpirit (1 month ago)
it's everyone's resposibility not to be stupid and to inform yourself, if women are less into the politics and the informations that wold make they're choices on who to vote easyer is not the man's fault
cool talk (1 month ago)
I lived in the Dominican Republic for fifteen years, come from a Dominican background and still go there once a year. I can safely say that Dominican women are very in tune with not just their national news but worldwide news as well. Among the ten nations that participated in the research in the video, there is not one South or Central American country nor is there an African one. So the research while vast in numbers- 10,000 people- chose to ignore two continents! Now, in the example I mentioned, in DR women are very knowledgeable but of course poor illiterate men and women are less knowledgeable since they have less access to the media. Yet even some of them would surprise you since they do listen to what most of them can afford: the radio. While living there, I worked with some Americans from Georgia and was surprised to see that they didn’t know who the American UN Ambassador was, especially since most Dominicans did! Today I attribute that to lack of time and increasing dependence on sound bites for our US news Regardless, I just wanted to point out my experiences and how excluding two continents from the world would hardly constitute a world wide study
jman552 (1 month ago)
Thanks for very courageous comments on the truth.
rusty shackleford (1 month ago)
Been trying to track this study down and surprise surprise, the link is dead and searching for it on the website was fruitless. Judging from my hour of amateur investigating, the ESRC funds mostly leftist feel-good crap about how to better provide for migrants and how women were the "saviours" of some financial crisis. I think they took this study down once they realized it kind of obliterated the common liberal narrative in a pretty big way. Looking up the guy in charge of it lends further credence to this hypothesis: Prof. James Curran is an expert of media history, an outspoken critic of modern media moguls, and made his name challenging the (apparent) notion that the press has slowly evolved into a free, independent entity existing for the benefit of the people. I've contacted the ESRC for info on the study, we'll see how that goes.
No Name Bleach (1 month ago)
NKVD Citizen101 (1 month ago)
women ruin everything, they want it all with no responsibilities and the crap they say and their views aint from a healthy mental person.
Greg Woodley (1 month ago)
My wife gets upset with me if I start talking about political issues.
IHeartCryptoverse (1 month ago)
And yet Chuck Schumer and his ilk can vote. Fix that.
Girth Brooks (1 month ago)
You said "I think " Wisconsin but your thoughts are wrong it's actually the beautiful state of Wyoming
Benjamins Myth (1 month ago)
My girl wrote me in on her ballot for U.S. congress. She's supportive and smart👍
nightjar (1 month ago)
I think we should only let people with iqs of 100+ vote. That should cover everything. Oh yeah, and this goes for reproducing as well.
Son Oh Gong (1 month ago)
No, we can’t turn it around. The idea that we can take away women’s privileges is impracticable in this world at this time. Reality may turn things around when Western Civilization collapses and men reassert themselves to start the cycle over again. The Islamists could take over as they breed as a form of jihad. Or perhaps the aliens 👽 will show up and say 😳WTF and restart the experiment. So, no way under all things being equal — it’s a pipe dream. We’ve gone too far off the mean to return without a nuclear option. Brilliant presentation though. If Greek Civilization collapsed, even with Alexander promoting it, the Romans adopting it, and even Catholic, Jewish, and Islamic scholars loving Aristotle — what real hope have we?
nightjar (1 month ago)
They read celebrity gossip. Celebrity gossip is boring. The womens' section is full of tentacle based feels. Yeah, I guess that's why I avoid it at all costs. Women have to realize this: indulging feelings and reading celebrity gossip only gets you one thing and that is profound ignorance.
Ob Bop (1 month ago)
Dames demanding equal RESPONSIBILITIES with males? Not that I have EVER heard or read. Ample shrieking and squawking demanding equal rights and privileges but the Precious Princesses recoil in horror when RESPONSIBILITIES enter the picture. The USA made a fatal error allowing the emotion-laden dames the vote in 1920. The Founders were very wise with not allowing the little girls the vote. Those pre-PC gents know the girls are illogical and irrational and operate at an emotional level. It is not too late to repeal the 19th amendment. However, that is very unlikely so the USA continues its decline headed for an abyss of self-destruction with the rise of a New Dark Age.
Artur Markowski (1 month ago)
Most women are for open borders. Idiots!
Hermit T Mog (1 month ago)
The intelligence curve shows there are MORE women of average intelligence with more male idiots and more male geniuses. The distribution is wider for men then women. Probably where the women are wiser meme comes from because most women you meet will be of average intelligence and most stupid people you meet will be men. Not saying there aren't a lot of stupid women it's more an issue of thinking with feelings instead of facts, which doesn't mean you are stupid, just that your opinions are less informed by facts and reason. So women who seem dumb are often just misinformed or uninformed.
B YENZER1 (1 month ago)
This guy wrote the book on what has actually happened to the USA, since it enacted the 19th amendment, giving women voting rights, in the year 1920. http://thecurseof1920.com/
The Next Chapter (1 month ago)
I'm a woman and I agree with you. Government is policy and laws. If they aren't laid out logically and with justice in mind, everything breaks down. I'm not saying women can't be logical but they sure aren't sounding like they will. I think that quote from the movie, As Good As It Gets: "I think of a man and remove all logic and accountability" describing how he writes about women is so accurate it hurts.
Snake Pliskin (1 month ago)
Women admit Star, Us, People, and the like are trashy magazines. But they read them voraciously. You can never be well informed reading such insignificant and wisdom less garbage! In fact your IQ will drop reading that stuff! It is far far better to open a book by Thomas Sowell, Heather MacDonald or Christina Hoff Sommers etc. or Aristotle, Plato, or Aquinas etc.
alytzara ish (1 month ago)
Centuries of forming women into subservient beings will then also require centuries to undo all of its damage to us.. I really hate how these chauvinists attempt to shut down womens advancement.. just bc we r obviously seeing how a long past of oppression and being viewed as second rate humans was OBVIOUSLY going to inhibit our apititude and abilities.. (it isnt as tho recently bestowed rights and prvileges were magically going enhance our abilities) they all have declared that not only is the evidence that we r lagging intellectually and physically there.. but there is ALSO absolutely no potential in that we can build ourselves up to the same level men have.. so civilization may as well regress..and take our rights.. I am receptive to the critiquing but i am not accepting of u implying that this is proof that we have no potential in undoing the long history of genetic selection and social conditioning which was inflicted on us for the purpose of dumbing down women into creatures to b mor easily manageable by men..
Bryson Bingham (1 month ago)
You can't talk politics with women, because that's mansplaining.
Daily Bread (1 month ago)
yes if you are a low IQ individual you vote left... duh
royczak (1 month ago)
Thank you, Stefan, for providing evidence for an opinion (or rather an observation) I've had for a long time. The most difficult aspect of this situation to deal with is that we have no one to blame but men. If the men of the late 19th and early 20th centuries hadn't abandoned their own reason and responsibility, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now. The genie is out of the bottle and there's no getting it back in. The only solice I have is that I'm 52 years old. I pray society can last another 20 or 30 years. By that time I will probably be dead. I've never been more grateful for not having children. I am very sorry for those of you who do. Their futures look inescapably bleak.
Charlysteen Stevens (1 month ago)
I can pretty much anticipate all the negative things you're going to say about women. Even before you speak them I know I'm going to have to agree with you at least for the most part. I'm looking at the destruction and the honest defamation feminism has brought on my gender through the eyes of a woman who has lived the better part of seven decades. I see women so insecure about who they are as women in our present age that they believe the nonsense they're told by feminists about how they have to be EQUAL to men innearly every sense and that there's no difference between genders. Nonsense! It makes me want to cry my eyes out. I guess that's a feminine fault, the tears. I know the truth and the beauty of women having been one my entire life. None of the really beautiful things about us are acknowledged or appreciated by the feminists, even spoken of. They're looking around for masculine-like contributions we've made historically, and there just aren't very many of them. What little they do find they'll try to use to prove their point that we're just like men - when we're nothing like men at all. Thank God. I'm not a disparager of men, not by a long shot, no indeed. I adore that they are so incredibly different from us. Their accomplishments fill the history books and they're given the praise that they deserve. But in this sick feminist era in which we live not even women will give women the praise that we deserve. We're the ones as a rule who are up all night with a sick child (and will also be the ones that have to face an upset boss if we're not there in the morning bright-eyed and with a smile, as though we got 8 hours sleep) and we're the ones, as a rule, that aren't ashamed to pray for those we love in sickness and in health. Don't believe that? Go to any church in America and count how many women are there and how many men under each roof. We work full-time jobs and still find time to laugh with ourr kids and cry with our kids, and read to them at night, and help them with their homework, and drive them here, there, and everywhere, to practices and social events. We're the parent that is picking them up at the skating rink at midnight when we have to be at work at 5 in the morning. God forbid that their daddy should lose sleep. We're the ones that don't buy for ourselves because after filling our children's needs there's not enough left for a bottle of vitamins. We've cooked the meals that have kept our families well fed and healthy. We're the parent that does most if not all of the Christmas shopping and the birthday party planning. And we wrap every present by ourselves to.We've developed skills that enrich the lives of those we love immeasurably, that no one gives us any credit for as though they were too menial to mention. But that doesn't make us lower our heads or feel any less pride in what we do. So all the negative things you have to say about us I'm probably going to agree with. Culturally and politically we are a mess because we've allowed ourselves to be led by the wrong people and some of them have been men although the majority are women. I hear what you say. My God, though, how about giving credit for our love, for the wisdom that most of us quietly possess as we go through day after day of this crazy feminist nonsense. The feminists don't like us and any man with good sense these days won't like the mess that they see in the movies about women, on TV as well, and hear from women they may actually know who bought in to the angry, self-absorbed feminist dogma. We, the quiet majority with heart and mind focused on our families, could use a friend. Funny, it'll be our little ones who will see and appreciate us, and love us, until they've been corrupted by our culture into thinking that all the things we did for them, simply because we wanted to, made us irrelevant in modern terms.
Mr3X7R3M3 (1 month ago)
I truly feel sorry that you married such an asshole, but please do not lump all fathers into that BS and i will not argue you that most women that give birth aren't mothers
comm 987 (1 month ago)
I can get behind the idea that voting is a responsibility and not a right.
David Chorney (1 month ago)
The greatest mistake made by Western civilization is taking women seriously.
Liberty Jefferson1776 (1 month ago)
Starship Troopers has never looked more appealing.
L CP (1 month ago)
Ehmm...Trump won because most women voted for him. Most women who voted hated Hillary. Most of society hates the left. I think only people with average to high IQ should vote. Also people who are able to pass the Hare's psychopath test, so we avoid Hitlers voting the shittiest option possible just to fuck up society. This would be objective and no one could scream "discrimination!" since these tests aren't judging based on sex, beliefs or race.
charles d (1 month ago)
I have to be honest this is very true. When speaking to a lot of women their arguments - which can very well reasoned and for me educational - very often end up with an appeal to emotion.
ian one (1 month ago)
that prettymuch sums it up: HEAR MY VOICE!! NO MATTER,WHAT I MAY SAY!! THE EARTH IS A PRETZEL!! -(today's women) WE ARE DOOMED. SAD BUT TRUE.
Unity&Diversity (1 month ago)
Joshua Moore (1 month ago)
Stefen has been getting more and more red pilled.
salvino matos (1 month ago)
Smart man
Jeff Spicoli (1 month ago)
Women, the majority of them, operate from a child's frame.
John Normal (1 month ago)
The pussy-worshippers are the problem. The men who say how high when their wives say jump. The fathers who give their daughters everything they've ever wanted. The desperate simp betas who follow women around panting like lapdogs.
Melanie Guajardo (1 month ago)
I didn’t pay much attention to politics before 2015, I also didn’t vote then either. However the thought of having Hillary as our possible President scared the hell out of me. I listen to many different Alternative Media now and try to inform myself. So glad for our current President and thanks Stefan for your daily videos😊.
christopher bryan V (1 month ago)
For me all of these arguments stem less from facts than from the idea that humans are supposed to be social, as opposed to the theory that organisms have haphazardly evolved to be social creatures.  It could be that feminism is both socially problematic and beneficial (because women being forced into subservience is also socially problematic) precisely because societies are an unintended development and therefore can not be rationally expected to suit the desires of the animals that make them up. We are looking for definitive answers where there may only be fixed and meaningless patterns. Just as reason, though developed though human social interaction, is incredibly difficult for most humans to utilize consistently which can be explained by observing intellectual development as a side effect and not a purposeful event in our natural selection. I seriously doubt that there has ever been a time in human history in which welfare/well being was even close to being universally experienced.  We are tribal creatures in mass groups; too late for anything but an apocalypse after which, given time, the same damn systems of government, with there imaginary laws and rights, will inevitably reform and the same arguments will fester again in our temporary temples of convenience.PS: All arguments are empirically based.
Flash Retro (1 month ago)
It seems that politics have weaponized women.
Anna Freed (1 month ago)
The females in power I know, learned about politics to suit themselves. They also still use sex-appeal, same as males, and appearance. I think that in time the positive female leaders will grow up, learn and gain positions of power. We need to be able to have good incubators for females which is another difficulty. There is no simple answer as it depends in the end on the true personality of the individual.
barreltapper (1 month ago)
The child in Turkey did not drown, that was a set-up.
Susan McGlasson (2 months ago)
The Voice....so true...
K Fritz (2 months ago)
To tread where no man dares - Stefan Molynaux - risking life and limb by speaking the truth....
that guy (2 months ago)
I don't think the solution is based on sex, but on your level of responsibility in the system. If you don't pay taxes, you don't get a vote, because you have not invested in the system. There should be a minimum tax burden as a % of what you earn in order to cast a vote. And own land and pay property taxes for state government.
Top Pay Position (2 months ago)
I once dated the last woman, it was autumn 1978
Top Pay Position (2 months ago)
I always thought the father should have been jailed for manslaughter of the son. AND holding the wife under water as a floatation device.
Charles Merchant (2 months ago)
If you are not required to register to serve the country, you should not get the right to vote...
Karissa Email (2 months ago)
Have you forgotten that England decisions have been made by a "woman" the Queen?
Fastnail (2 months ago)
Women should be banned from.politics because they run on feelz and emotions not mens logic reasoning. Look at the state of western nations now. The decline is squarely on womens feet and their male mangina white knight cucks wanting womens votes.
Inge Kvam (2 months ago)
Women should be kept out of politics and positions of power. Female bosses are toxic psychopaths.
Robert Wagner (2 months ago)
I try to talk to my mother about politics. She is unwilling to listen. she says that she's not going to agree with me and I'm not going to be with her and so she'd rather not argue. I try to persuade her that we could exchange points of views without arguing however she's not willing to listen. Perhaps there's good Merit for removing the right to vote from women. Or perhaps there should be some Metacritic test that proves that people have political knowledge before allowing the privilege of voting.
Fred Neecher (2 months ago)
NOTE: when Stefan says 'socialism' he means 'state control'. Just thought I'd mention that.
Dale Kirkendall (2 months ago)
I have observed that as a country slides down into socialism they have more women in their government,
Bluntly Blondie (2 months ago)
I couldn’t be more proud that none of this relates to me. I listen to many sides of the spectrum, mostly alternative sources, and I am much more informed than some of my male peers. I recently started to work from home starting my own YouTube channel on politics and for the past four years anything that I am doing, I am listening to the news in the background or reading political books. Maybe it’s my love of history or my fascination with predictions of the future, perhaps it is my obsession with the fact that we are living in a time right now that looks like it’s the beginning of dystopia but one thing for certain, politics is a huge part of my life. Because of this I am no longer hey carefree, brain-dead liberal but a right-leaning libertarian and I consider myself a men’s rights activist.
Casey (2 months ago)
Bigger government ? The new Alt Right wing not down sizing government its digging us deeper. Loves to up the Military spending? What do I know I just an uniformed women that knows nothing ..😂
Casey (2 months ago)
Kurt Amesbury (2 months ago)
Not Wisconsin. Wyoming.
The Impaler (2 months ago)
A vagina is the most effective weapon of mass destruction known to man. It has ruined, killed or caused to be killed more humans and caused more property loss and damage than anything else that ever existed, and it doesn't even have to be connected to a brain. It can also vote, drive, and like the Borg, can reproduce itself. The Terminator, Alien and tornadoes put together aren't shit compared to that thing.
Marsha Evelyn (2 months ago)
I would gladly give up my right to vote if the 19th amendment was repealed. In fact I would go further and say all electronic political ads should be banned because people do not make contemplative decisions when they receive their information from 15-30 second sound or visual clips from biased sources. Voting never was considered by the founders to be a right for all American citizens and it is certainly not a right of illegal aliens.
Chuck Haney (2 months ago)
"Women are far less informed than men." - And the Democratic Party is the party of women.
Portuguese MGTOW (2 months ago)
Take women's rights away
Simon Lu. (2 months ago)
The whole point of this video -women are easy to manipulate, therefore not very helpful in election is so retarded once you leave your "safe space" in which this ideology may add up. Only people with a high IQ should be allowed to vote, regardless their gender. But that would cause unimaginable riots in the USA, because 70% of the population would be excluded, therefore you just have to cope with your current settings, i fear. :/
elvira longshanks (2 months ago)
have you convinced yourself yet? what a sexist asshat you are
Jeff T (2 months ago)
Sweden's current government is feminist. I'll leave my point there.
A.M. Fortas (2 months ago)
It is not that women vote or that they 'know less' than men about current affairs. it is much more that many men and well as women are as thick as two short planks, moronic, bigotted and selfish. Far too many of both sexes are completely ignorant and have no business being permitted to vote.
NiaNook (2 months ago)
Back in the days when women didn't vote, it was also unusual to go through adulthood unmarried. I always imagined the husband would vote for the household, just as people pay their taxes combined for the household, and very often (not always) the husband and wife share a lot of opinions in common, so perhaps his vote could be considered THEIR vote. Women and their stronger empathy/emotions aren't a BAD thing, but when it comes to politics, it does lead many into pitfalls (like showing off "kids in cages" to sway them to vote democrat because "THINK OF THE CHILDREN") Ironically, in my household, I'm the one more mindful of politics, and my husband would probably be a lot more liberal had I not been talking to him so much about it...lol Personally, I'm drawn to the idea of having to own property to vote. I'd still lose my ability to vote, either way, but the country would be left in the hands of people much more responsible and directly effected by the outcome.
David Hill (2 months ago)
It's funny that women know so little about current affairs generally while at the same time being actively involved in the local gossip circle more than men. I believe it and I've seen it, but I do find it interesting.
assassinate evil (2 months ago)
Men r emotional voters. They vote to keep others out
Fankas2000 (2 months ago)
Women know less about politics and yet they are more likely to vote...
Alamo1836 (2 months ago)
Women only think in terms of their vaginas.

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