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Boys Entering the Bath while there are Girls (Darling in the FranXX Episode 8)

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Anime: Darling in the FranXX Episode: 8 Zero Two making an akward situation between boys and girls Outro Music: Rob Gasser-Supersonic
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Text Comments (48)
luis mejia (2 days ago)
KILLUA ZOLDYCK (1 month ago)
Vic Zhao (2 months ago)
It’s so sexist
you can judge me idgaf (3 months ago)
Why so many mug , tiny tubes or whatever it was ?
SUPER SHARK (3 months ago)
Блять что у меня в рекомендованвх
zaykid zamiyae (3 months ago)
zero two's face when the was taking the clothes tho lol
TIPS and TRICK (4 months ago)
So funny
TIPS and TRICK (4 months ago)
alessia the fox (5 months ago)
Tiffany Elixir (5 months ago)
Ooooh what anime is this? My interest is piqued
xX_ Roselinq (3 months ago)
Tiffany Elixir darling in the franxx
Nigel Sy (5 months ago)
xX_ Roselinq (3 months ago)
Nigel Sy it's girl's bathing room tho there and it's not allowed for boys to enter the girl's bathroom while girls are bathing.
D MSGP (5 months ago)
oh shit my hair got too long
LSSJ DREY (5 months ago)
Persona 4 memories
natri Wong (6 months ago)
If you pause at the right time at 1:14 you can see that 002 has three feet.
Degagamers 01 (1 month ago)
Its animation frame
sabir hamidov (6 months ago)
Miss Nicko (7 months ago)
Moroze and Futoshi are like they like tha naked girls but they blush the same time and the guy with the grey hair is like"i dont care if girls see me naked.."
Demon Trash (7 months ago)
1:34 yay! Finally some guy going against anime girl bs
Hmm But why tho (2 months ago)
Nanika Productions it wasn’t there fault you idiot
Nanika Productions (4 months ago)
Demon Trash, well it was their faults for believing Zero Two instead of the rest of the girls.
yo bomber cjj (7 months ago)
Anime logic bruh just close Tha dooor
yo bomber cjj (7 months ago)
yo bomber cjj (7 months ago)
yo bomber cjj (7 months ago)
Your write
Marcos Leitão Chamis (7 months ago)
Biggest boobs 1 - Kokoro 2 - 02 3 - Miku 4 - Ichigo 5 - Ikuno
Just Monika (4 months ago)
Marcos Leitão Chamis
JM RAGADA (7 months ago)
Kiran Israr (7 months ago)
uuuummmmmmmmm whatha
Cheryl Tolentino (7 months ago)
Ultra Instinct
Andrew Sarmiento (7 months ago)
*Anime logic*:When throwing shits everything is infinite.
Andrew Sarmiento (7 months ago)
But its true almost all comedy anime I watched they literally have infinite things to throw. I forgot this anime but she just threw a book,bag,notebook,dictionary and she even threw a fcking toy i mean the mc der even wonder how come 2 toy was thrown at him yet there was no toys with them and a fcking glass is keeping the girl and the toy. She even threw 3 bag yet they only carried 2.
kazama kenji (7 months ago)
Andrew Sarmiento 😂😂😂
David Jones (7 months ago)
Andrew Sarmiento ,
TheShadowOfZama (7 months ago)
The boys could simply leave, which would probably be the smartest thing to do, but damn you have to admire the boy at 1:32. One of the few guys in anime who isn't picking all the crap in these sort of bathing scenes. Kazuma from Konosuba is still my favorite though.
Why so serious (7 months ago)
TheShadowOfZama Not all heroes wear capes
Anne Oviawe (7 months ago)
The boys can just leave the place, instead of standing there and get hit by the objects 😑 anime logic
Jake Playz (2 months ago)
Anne Oviawe and the girls could just shut up
Why so serious (7 months ago)
They have the priority right
Bass & Beyond (7 months ago)
Anne Oviawe bro They have to see them....
Bernd Meyer (7 months ago)
Lory La Selva (7 months ago)
I loveeeee it it’s funny but I’m 🇯🇵 And🇮🇹
Justice (8 months ago)
Zero Two's smirk is goals
Franxx BeLe (6 months ago)
Justice นี่
Kris Villadolid (8 months ago)
Bitches should shut the fuck up, they don't have their fucking minds to think about the goddamn situation. Stupid Bitches, Jumping to Conclusions. FUCK THEM! FUCK THEM ALL!
Pieter Gaming (8 months ago)
Thats 8 episode lul
sin. (8 months ago)
im Love my 02

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