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Text Comments (12366)
salma (29 seconds ago)
jokes: “You fucking asshole, you’re nOt getting my asshole!” *alex glares* “I don’t want your asshole.” no one: literally no one: Alex: “This lasagna is delicious!” “Y’all really thought we were some fufu ass bitches!” Suzie: “Why are you out of breath?” *silence* Vardan: “Because I’m fat.”
DJ Deo (2 hours ago)
Soon as she said Ni**a... I wanted her to get “face fuc**d-Korina “
Mayonnaise Sandwich (2 hours ago)
Till this day Alex is still trying to finish his lasagna
MAd LaD MiNGoiA (4 hours ago)
OMG Jason wearing the Shane Dawson shirt lol 0:00
Payton 18 (4 hours ago)
In the beginning of the video when David and Jason were in the car I thought David’s knee was a babies head 😂😂
Peachy (7 hours ago)
let the man eat his lasagna
kiara quinn (12 hours ago)
Bubba Fisher (14 hours ago)
Jason wearing Shane’s merch is everything
Just Another Person (18 hours ago)
*”I already did that with you. I-“* I felt that.
Sean Denzel (21 hours ago)
You wont getting my asshole 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Default boi (21 hours ago)
3:06 that made me die of laughter
Dog Soccergirl (23 hours ago)
omg in the beginning it looked like david was holding a rly hairy ball but it was just his knee😂😂
Jorge Guerrero (1 day ago)
Legend has it alex was never able to finish his lasagna
Grace Kelly (1 day ago)
where is what jason is saying at 0:44 from omg is it a disney movie or something it’s on the tip of my younger but i just can’t think of it
Taunt Mocha (1 day ago)
Rare momment Jonah gets protected by vlog squad
camille (1 day ago)
wtf i just realized jason is wearing shane dawson merch omg yes
Lucy Abogado (1 day ago)
Why did it look like David was sleeping with alex after the introduction
lazy galaxy (1 day ago)
Jason has a shane dawson shirt lmao
Snip shot Baller (1 day ago)
Why are all you videos the same time
wise guy (1 day ago)
Alex wasn't about nothing but that lasagna
Morgan Delira (2 days ago)
Did anyone else notice that Jason was wearing Shane Dawson merch in the intro😂
Spongebob (2 days ago)
Black girls am I right
Sunny DayJ (2 days ago)
Really enjoy the videos brings a big smile to my day keep going 😄
Trey Puentes (2 days ago)
For some reason I thought this was a new video and I was completely shook when I saw trish
John (2 days ago)
Alex: vardarn did you sneeze on me His family ARE YOU SERIOUS WE HATE YOU GO TO YOUR ROOM
Darcy MM (2 days ago)
I’ve tried the lasagna It is truly amazing!!!!
James Atienza (2 days ago)
Katia Lopez (2 days ago)
So no one is going to talk about how cute David looks when he’s sleeping? 0:20
Livlollipops (2 days ago)
Katia Lopez I think that’s Alex sleeping 😂
ElaEnchanted 7 (3 days ago)
“I know you may all feel invisible sometimes, well I can tell you... I once was invisible too” 😂🤣😂🤣
its Calebs here (3 days ago)
Nobody:"get yo bitch ass outta here" Typicall Alex: this lasagna is delicious" Me if your to scared to end the argument😂😂😂💦💦
its Calebs here (3 days ago)
Vardon: "You bitch your not getting my asshole" David: "wait, what?"Alex:" i..i don't want your asshole"
its Calebs here (3 days ago)
its Calebs here (3 days ago)
SepticComics 09 (3 days ago)
ha the vid is 4:20 long
White Paisa (3 days ago)
Why people gotta be so ratchet?
Myrelis Diaz (3 days ago)
Ugh I hate those bitches love you Zane baby💛🧡
Alexandra Tausch (3 days ago)
I think David have got a 6 pack , because he‘s always laughing
jelteh (3 days ago)
voevoe ass?
SamandColby Clips (3 days ago)
Everyone about to get their butts kicked by 2 girls Alex: this lasagna is really good
Gacha Raya (3 days ago)
Jason have a shane's march
imani (3 days ago)
3:45 im literally wheezing
xxAbbyxx (4 days ago)
"Can everybody just-- I need to finish this lasgna" honestly i would do this, i'm not leaving my food bro lmao
I'm Jesse Krauss (4 days ago)
Why does every video end on 4:20 I lost that much money yesterday also $420 oh wait sorry $4.20
Charlie Edwards (4 days ago)
Can’t believe the girls did exactly what David does but WITHOUT a camera. How rude😂😂😂
vxnessasxngs l (4 days ago)
3:06 Had me rolling for an hour no lie 😂😂😂
Jayden Yang (4 days ago)
Make your vid longer please
Florrie Hutchison (4 days ago)
okay but at the beginning doesn’t it look like david’s holding a baby?????
SepticComics 09 (3 days ago)
his knee? WTF no
Angel Lopez (4 days ago)
The kid that said especially me is the kid that got a girlfriend ;)
Peyton Zigzag (5 days ago)
If you watched all of David’s vids it will take you 41 hours and 23 minutes
ThatCitrusFriend (5 days ago)
God that girl was fucking annoying I would've bitch slapped her (yes I know they can't and wouldn't, but I would've)
Donovan Fay (5 days ago)
I hate that I have the same shoes as bignik
datbrodoh (5 days ago)
Did anyone else see someone in the background when they were talking about the muppet dive
Juliana A (5 days ago)
Every person: I´m weird that girl: we really fufu
Shekhinah Pate (5 days ago)
this lasagna is delicious HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I DIED
Luis Salcido (5 days ago)
Lol who are those girls how dare they talk like that to someone as successful as zane
Brisa hernandez (5 days ago)
"Youre not getting my asshole" "I dont want your asshole" Haha lmfao😂im dead
Amber Jones (6 days ago)
Holly crap is it just me or is bard on cute
Jaime Ponce (6 days ago)
I just realized that Jason was wearing Shane dawson merch in the beginning
Hailex (6 days ago)
Alex at the end is me when my friends fight😂😂😂
Starry-moonlight _ (6 days ago)
4:18 don’t worry I thought it was Obama to😂
Keely Bova (7 days ago)
Upload Productions (7 days ago)
lol shane dawson and jason nash have the same shirt
grace roush (7 days ago)
did anyone else realize Jason is wearing Shane Dawson's merch or am I just blind?
Asma Begum (7 days ago)
What the outro song?
Evy Margaret (7 days ago)
varadon: no offense, but you guys smell bad David: what do they smell like Varadon: skunk If you know, then you know hahahahahaha
Cris Santos (7 days ago)
Ik this is weird but can there be a video of the David cooking and Natalie helping
It’snotcara (7 days ago)
Wtf does the girl that was yelling look like the rapper jessi from Korea???????!!!
Sol HAN (7 days ago)
Why is Jason wearing Shane Dawson’s TShirt
Jasmine Gamer (7 days ago)
paige ̮̈ (7 days ago)
"oh my god its obama"
Ava Pota Gacha Xoxo (7 days ago)
My cat 😵
Ava Pota Gacha Xoxo (7 days ago)
My cat 😵
Jazmine FEATHERBY (7 days ago)
foo foo ass bitches
cloud. vids (7 days ago)
0:02 I thought that was a babies head but it's David's Knee I'm-
David is 5,11 im 11 and im 5,1 or 2
Wraith Cal (7 days ago)
Yo these girls are acting tough only because men cant hit them lets lift that law for like 5 minutes
Aidee Delgado (8 days ago)
3:43 they ratchet ratchet
Syd Lmb (8 days ago)
"Oh my god its Obama" killed me 😂😂😂
joker6374 (8 days ago)
Fucking asshole! You're not getting my asshole! 😂😂😂
Nick Dickinson (8 days ago)
Is susie really single if so Al marry her
Eunice Chen (8 days ago)
Eunice Chen (8 days ago)
Blaze (8 days ago)
“You thought we where some Willy fofo ass bitches” ~random annoying lady
Rima Dandan (8 days ago)
Why is Jason wearing Shanes Mirch
MacMtz (8 days ago)
Wth iam I watching?LL
Ginger Kickboxer 666 (8 days ago)
OMG Jason is wearing Shane Dawson merch
Lil miss Malfoy (8 days ago)
Alex talking about lasagne. While a fight going on
Xx Depression xX (9 days ago)
Jason Nash: in the beginning of the video : *wears Shane Dawson merch* so much more respect for him now ✊
Chris Vazquez (9 days ago)
Com on let him have his lasagna
Marik Bernier (10 days ago)
His lasagna 😂😂
Britany Law (10 days ago)
love the shane shirt in the beginning
Emely Pérez (10 days ago)
Does Jason watch Shane Dawson cause he has the merch
Skunk....oh shit that's not skunk....oh sheeeeeet
Carina Ceja (10 days ago)
Oh no she does not give zane,david,and alex that freaking attiuide. Btw she does look like a hoe
lakshmi ganapathy (10 days ago)
That Shawn Dawson merch that Jason's wearing
Lorelei.H (10 days ago)
Jason wearing shane dawson merch good choice of fashion
EdBar571 (11 days ago)
Hehehe the time is 4:20
Kevin Ahr (11 days ago)
big nick is like small nick
Sara (11 days ago)
I don’t want ur asshole?
Gwen Sneary (11 days ago)
Vardon: “you fucking asshole your not getting my asshole” Alex: “ I don’t want your asshole” OH MY FUCKING GOD IM LITERALLY DYING 🤣🤣🤣

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