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Victoria Justice answers BLISS readers' questions!

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Victoria Justice answers BLISS readers' questions!
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Marty Howe (2 years ago)
This girl just destroys me! Why would she want to be Mick Jagger, & destroy that beautiful face & body? The Californian raisins look youthful compared to him!
Sam Madison (2 years ago)
Are you still friends with Adriana Grande
Sam Madison (2 years ago)
Do you love you.r fans
Sam Madison (2 years ago)
How are you not afaid to sing to sing on tv
Victorious your pretty I love your song America
TessaNiles07 (4 years ago)
Nice and beautiful :)
Mary González (4 years ago)
Victoria justince la mejor
Nika Jolokhava (4 years ago)
where she live
David Gamez (5 years ago)
Victoria is so beautiful.
syeda ali (5 years ago)
she looks like nina doberv 
esad k. (5 years ago)
lexi love (5 years ago)
shes such an amazing an beautiful girl:)
Maddie S (5 years ago)
I'm a vegetarian! And i'm proud!
Reny Seja (5 years ago)
She is a great role model for everybody :)
Yakimota Yammy (6 years ago)
thank god for @thatsexyavan :D
Amelia Moorehouse (6 years ago)
#dead just dead the Vavan feels!!!
lesly gongora (6 years ago)
Eeeeppp thesexyavan did u see her smirk and avan is sexy

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