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Belief Out Of the Closet: Believing in the 21st Century | Hester Oberman | TEDxUofA

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We are not wise sapiens, but Homo Anxious. We need purpose to direct our lives. When we are scared, we regress to a more primitive part of the brain the amygdala where we construct bifurcated narratives of ‘us versus them.’ This feeds a polarization and dehumanization by othering the other; and ‘we’ always are the heroes. Ideas are beliefs, abstract imagined realities. Ideas we believe in hold power, value, and the impetus to share with others. We all believe in some big abstract idea like money, science, or God. There is no such thing as a nonbeliever. What is your idea you believe is worth spreading? Hester Oberman was mostly trained in The Netherlands (Amsterdam and Leiden) and Germany (Tuebingen), with a Ph.D in Psychology of Religion and Philosophy of Religion. She works in the Religious Studies & Classics Department, and is also affiliated with the Honors College. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Text Comments (23)
Duggy Dugg (1 day ago)
she needs to check mel robbins
Ryan Ambrose (3 days ago)
Religion is a mental illness.
Yabba Dabba (2 days ago)
I agree. politics is a mental illness too.
kadir Kurt (3 days ago)
Türkçe alt yazı
Theeth 78 (3 days ago)
نبي ترجمه ):
W00p w00p (3 days ago)
sanjay kumar (4 days ago)
Hi friends.! What is the most important thing for a hindi medium student to speak English fluently? Give me some suggestions so that I will be able to speak English fluently.
Secret EyeSpot (4 days ago)
Dude.. dont tell us a story.. present a claim with data, and not give us the science behind your conclusion... Youre basically just telling a story without the punchline.. message Lost!
jazzman (3 days ago)
That's a big chunk of TED talks in a nutshell.
Patrick Edgar Regini (4 days ago)
A little hard to follow the speech style, but I did manage to pick out some strong ideas. Will look around for other presentations or writings. Thanks. ... I got a question Ms Oberman (or anyone who cares to answer) . Do you believe we are overdue "a leap" or "revolution" in religious believes to a new form of religious thinking ? Perhaps brought on by a need to relate better to today's cultural forms, new sufferings, errors and misreasoning, yet a higher general intelligence ?
Cerberus (4 days ago)
"When we are scared, we regress to a more primitive part of the brain the amygdala where we construct bifurcated narratives of ‘us versus them." Talking directly about trump and the GOP.
Hydrochloric Acid (4 days ago)
Atheism will decline? Not buying that.
Cerberus (2 days ago)
Sound reasoning however Does have a very high fertility rate.
James Humphrey (2 days ago)
Hydrochloric Acid The world will become more educated and religion will obviously begin to falter as they do. But atheists and agnostics typically don’t have a very high fertility rate as demographics.
tyg (4 days ago)
World wide it will because populations are growing exponentially in Africa and Asia. Not in the west.
Cerberus (4 days ago)
religion is what will decline.
احمد بيومي (5 days ago)
I need help with my self education road especially that I am a beginner.
dev0n james (5 days ago)
so how is she trying to turn this into feminism?

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