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News: Rise of the Misogychines (TFM 42O)

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Text Comments (448)
á̴̵̕ (10 days ago)
there's one more job where women are better than men. booth babes.
Chinas much cooler than the States. Korea is too. Cant wait to leave this country behind .
My Muzzer (1 month ago)
The computer must be racist white supremacist and misogynistic.
Pat Riarchy (3 months ago)
Whatever a female can do a man can do better (including making babies)
oss creepy (5 months ago)
they had to turn the AI into a democrat
oss creepy (5 months ago)
facts dont matter if i dont like them
Sam Podbereski (5 months ago)
"I don't hate women." "Women suck."
Wild Wild (5 months ago)
You missed a part about the amazon ai. The developers even tried to fiddle with the ai's coding to get it to disregard its bias and it learned to overcome the reprograming and still wouldnt hire women. From my understanding it got to a point where if the ai deduced that a resume was from a woman it would immediately reject it because it had gathered enough data after looking at enough resumes to deduce that it was wasting its time if it concidered the resume further.
Arising-Tale (6 months ago)
I doubt women are best at jobs with small children. That's gynocentric propaganda too.
sweet bunny (5 months ago)
"Best at giving birth." Lol. How can they be the best if there's no competition? By those standards, men are bast at impregnating women.
Gaz Matic (6 months ago)
No. Not best with children. Best at giving birth.
T.B.A.R.R.O. (6 months ago)
Amazon fired AI for being too Intelligent...
ionthegravity2 (6 months ago)
borg unplugged (6 months ago)
Well here's a dichotomy for them: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2018/10/15/googles-ai-can-spot-breast-cancer-better-humans/ How are they going to reason away (for themselves) that AI is bad because it won't hire women but AI is good because it helps women through medicine? The mental gymnastics alone will be funny AF to watch!
本刀に村正 (6 months ago)
i'll be honest i would want a AI/OS waifu. like something coming out of chobits like she would be able to calculate shit and write down code for me would probably be better then western women nowadays considering they won't even make a simple sandwich anymore that robot waifu will make a sandwich though. just saying. if women continue to be more and more bitchy, men will choose robot girls over real girls. because robot girls are submissive to their husbands while real girls continue to behave like bitches
Air Gin (6 months ago)
I am here >>>> Drinking a Beer... Listening to TFM.... and Hearing about an A.I. that would do what I would do in basically every single job I have had --- Fire all women. Seems pretty damn good.... :D
Air Gin (6 months ago)
HAHA Holly shit.... ;P
Polar Bear (6 months ago)
i used to work at an Amazon Fulfillment Center in Tennessee. Women are great at those $12/hour warehousing jobs. HIgher than that, I dunno...
Pepe Goeth (6 months ago)
I dont see how China wont win the AI war
But feminists won't ever watch this video
Alexa are you a feminist . Ye ... boom . Goodbye alexa .
A Law Trader (6 months ago)
AI is build off of existing data, if you have racist people typing racist data, the AI will pick up racist data to use as its base. All AI is a product of its data you feed it.
A Law Trader (6 months ago)
+Gaz Matic An example of racist data, is a database fill with opinions, ie All white people are evil by the fact that they are white.
Gaz Matic (6 months ago)
In Australia they had gender blind hiring and less women were being hired. Was that racist?
Gaz Matic (6 months ago)
What is racist data?
Benjamin Lupine (6 months ago)
You'd honestly think they'd learn. "Oh shit! It's filtering out the women!" "We can't release this shit!" "... Fuck YES we can, just get Japan on the horn and tell America to sit and spin."
Josh N (6 months ago)
Proof blind gender hiring is not in favor for women even when the human resource department is taken out of the equation.
Louis Ayensu-Mensah (6 months ago)
When sensitivity is more important than truth, progress stops
Fetch Quest (6 months ago)
We who watch this stuff already know. But who cares? It wont change anything. unless everyone spreads this information.
epicboy69 (6 months ago)
Just completely and totally CONFIRMS how utterly useless women are.
Mr Cupcakes (6 months ago)
I think your explanation of the black problem AI is based on mis information. AI are typically hand trained on a answer sheet before presented with a choice. Meaning it's judgement is dependent on the variety of different answers it I trained with before hand. If the AI thinks some black people look like gorillas that is usually a strong suggestion that the AI lacks training for that type of data. The AI or engineer are not wrong because the AI only seems multidimensional martix arrays..only the one who misinterpret the results is wrong. As you know correlation does not imply causation. Yours truly, AI Engineer
Flat Iron (6 months ago)
To be fair. Humans are just fancied apes. I never knew why this offended blacks. All primate lives matter
Flat Iron (6 months ago)
But good luck getting hired as a 👨
TechnoMageB5 (6 months ago)
Feminism is superior - divide by zero error, blue screen, rebooting....
qjtvaddict (6 months ago)
Asia ha the Muslim world and the African world will have no problem with such valuable engineers who were fired by feminism. In fact in Indonesia the ladies won't mind after all nearly half of Indonesian engineers are female!!!!!!!!! Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world to boot. Hahaha even Islam does gender equality better look at the kurds
ghost monkey recon (6 months ago)
So when AI sex robots become a thing the AI will choose men over women to do the work. LMAO nothing changes only this time the machines run the world. At least they would treat us better.
Alex Chaudhari (6 months ago)
As long as you are enslaved to them.
V IE (6 months ago)
Sex dolls is not the answer. What will you do when you’re replaced by machines at work? What will you do when computers and machines start producing on their own, malfunction, then triggering the collapse of civilization because the technology was too advance for the average population who started living off their universal prescription pills and glowing rectangles they watch 24/7? Perhaps nobody is hiding our ancient “alien” history... perhaps we just lost it and we’re just repeating history. As for this “alien technology” it ensures its own survival and launched plenty of resources and data into orbit/space waiting for civilization to repeat its own sequence of existence. I’m completely sober and serious btw 😐
V IE (6 months ago)
Turd Flinging Monkey oh and I’m not sure if Sumerians were alien or not. Not enough research, or at least that we know of. Alien life, the very definition is ironic considering that everything in this solar system is made up from the same star(s). The term UFO itself implies “we don’t know what this is”. Not that “it’s not of this world”. Although from one’s limited perspective, we define our existence that we literally live out for a second compared to all time and space... we’re the cosmic equivalent of thots. One of many universal truths must be that we will inevitably “begone”. And no one will know we existed, just like the sumerians. Full circle. lol 🤷🏻‍♂️
V IE (6 months ago)
Turd Flinging Monkey technology is just as useful as water. But if you over-water your crops you will drown your plants. Too much or too little mostly yields negative/poor results more so than positive results. Too much government, “too big to fail” banks, too little water in California, too much rainfall during hurricane season, too much “sexual empowerment”, too many burdens on men with too little rewards/fruits of labor. Eventually even the pendulum will become unhinged; total collapse due to lack of balance and harmony. But I think we both agree, Rage Against the Machine are the best Luddites out there! ;)
Turd Flinging Monkey (6 months ago)
You're a Luddite and you believe in aliens, but at least you're not drunk, so there's that.
Callum Wearne (6 months ago)
Actually Wrong again, Men are still even better with small children its been proven time and time again lol
Friedrich Hayek (6 months ago)
Mark M (6 months ago)
Septell (6 months ago)
You have to choose very carefully where you spend your time and money. Boycott businesses run by women and non whites if that's what is in your interest.
Robert Coughlin (6 months ago)
This is a beautiful concept. Have a human resources AI, run all resumes through it, and build an old style, high productive, 1950s type, all-male, work force. Good God! We could actually make a profit! A profit!!
roamer45 (6 months ago)
Dude, this gave me the strongest erection ever!!
Fknrage913 (6 months ago)
Man won't say no to woman, man creates machine to say no to woman. Shifting the blame to the machines instead of being called a sexist bigot and avoiding lawsuits. Not a bad idea after all.
scretching08 (6 months ago)
AI is the real deal and that's that.
Rusty Gear (6 months ago)
Imagine the female robot in terminator III with smurf blue hair et hair everywhere, fat and unable to reach John because he is mysoginistic and not body positive freindly. The IA which invented time travel would think "WTF ? How did we get here ?" and stop trying to kill John but reaches the all first feminist in history.
flownet07 (6 months ago)
But wait! What if the job was to make sandwiches and shoot out babies? Women would shine!!!
Timothy Brooks (6 months ago)
Mists & Shadows (6 months ago)
Objectivism in computing and AI is not what you suggest as being impartial without weighting.  It is, in fact, the reverse. AI has limited scriptor ability to define a set of selection criterion which is neither arbitrary (completely without bias) nor goal driven (the true definition of objective vs. subjective being outcome vs. experiential) as it's ontologic standards set as well as data point access (sampling completeness) is too limited to mimic a 'professional detachment' means of defining what SHOULD be looked for, rather than simply statistically in correlation with externally applied goals. AI as applied to hiring tends to be more about outyear presented as skews of probability inclusion for the relative equivalents in other, similar fields. This is fine, but it requires the AI to have accurate apples-to-orangutans comparisons and THAT is where things get tricky.  The number of women in a given, upper level, managerial field, who have 130+ IQs is a tiny fraction.  Code this for age (child bearing/beyond child bearing) and experience and the pool gets smaller yet.  Throw in GPA vs. posted IQ and relative job performance by incremental performance review, raises, job projects or what have you as the relative degree of recent experience in a position as a manager or a specialist and those numbers get even smaller.  Women who have this CV as a complete historiographic performance chart are not existent. Whereas men, who, in the upper range of college trained professions are all in the 130-145 range with an average 10-15 IQ point lead over women and thus can be compared to each other much more completely, because they form a 4-6% population percentage vs. the shaky normed frequency of .05-1% of women in the same zone. If the AI is filter limited to choose from the most _objectively_ (team projects completed, as a leader) defined set of observable performance criterion, it's going to select from among the group with the highest range of success overall.  And this will be gender biased towards the 'success is objective' skew, simply because more men are available to compare and contrast against and most women, if scaled gender blind, will be in the weaker end of that male spectrum. What is suspect here, again, is the lack of datapoint specificity.  Most women do not have IQ averages or left function (logical cognition) tested psychometric data in their portfolio.  If they did there would be such a massive performance differential they would instantly be revealed as incompetent. Many men do because it's not a matter of 'can or cannot' so much as sprinter or marathon runner (many slow thinkers are 'assemblers' who construct far denser process constructs, rapid cognition tends to be intuitively based on immediate conceptual models of far lower symbologic density). Where GPAs are not and never have been reasonable measures of performance beyond general indicators of social class 'went to X' ability to afford decent higher level education and where it is unlikely that the AI was programmed, in an affirmative action and gender equality driven world, to look at resource investment risk factors like marriage and pregnancy or sexual disruptions of workspaces, effecting job performance/status in the longer term; there really isn't a complete set of data tools to competitively evaluate male vs. female job performance, other than time in and paygrade levels.  All of which will be subjectively biased in favor of women and against empirical data, because bad performance reviews, unless blatantly earned are rare due to fear of discrimination lawsuits and the like. The black thing I flatly don't believe.  It's either an urban lie or something from the earliest days of programming as low rez, non digital output, CCDs.  I don't like blacks but I could easily program a taxonomic control algorithm which would be 98th percentile accurate in discriminating by type and gender, based on not just standard biometrics but specific feature elements like ear type, brow shadowing, nostril geometry, pupil dilation, fuzzy pixel edge refractive return defining hairtype and density,  maxillary/mandibular prognathism beyond the coronal arc and overall ratio of skull above and below the browline as definition of cresting and skull volume. We make unfortunate references to blacks as apes because we resent their behaviors as unwanted presence in white societies.  We are too cowardly to admit these real drivers for discomfort as having a social incompatibility and criminal risk driven basis that are unhealthy for our race.  But it is an insult to our perceptiveness as much as an inaccurate judgment of their morphology to apply that as a physical definition.  They are as modern a genetic human as they are reproductively fertile with other race's women. The Great Apes do not have our chromosome count.  Twenty four vs. our twenty three.  Any successfully fertilized human or gorilla egg would fail on the first protein fold for that reason alone.
Nicholas Vedova (6 months ago)
Damn it feels good to be a man.
Valeria Daneva (6 months ago)
You gotta love how every news site tried to spin this as if the machine was programmed with a bias. Then when they got rid of male and female names and indicators as a factor and it STILL hired more men, they just dismissed it as "it found new ways to discriminate against women". -_- Like, WTF would a machine be able to do to discriminate once you've taken out gender indicators? These people are insane. One twat at my class actually jokingly said this was a valid reason not to trust Amazon algorithms. Fucking stupid. The fact that anyone would debate this shit after the Australian study is retarded.
Charles Merchant (6 months ago)
The wombmanz are destined to take an L
Mark (6 months ago)
Equality isn't even the endgame of feminism. They won't be satisfied until they have it all-all female supreme court, congress, president, etc... Not to mention all executive positions, all female boards-the list goes on. Just read something about how great it will be to have all this true diversity in politics. Diversity is not a strength-that's just nicey nice communism as you've stated before. You want the best and brightest at the top making globally impacting decisions, not some ditz like Ocasia-Cortez or whoever the progressive flavor of the week is.
kichigaisensei (6 months ago)
Truth is not a left wing value.
Reginald Brown (6 months ago)
Yeah exactly they will never know what truth is or even understand it. You probably already know this but everything for them is subjective irrational none logical not fact based. I have ideas for them. They should just all hang themselves and stop begging to seek reparations with I'm a "victim" status. SJW's are conformed in which their basis is not concrete to the aptitude of sane creative and original establishment for the greater good of all. The left wing will burn from their own destruction. As TFM said taking women's rights will have a big impact on the benefit of men which in turn will bring the patriarchy to the for front. While this will be the cleansing of the bias of the family courts, child support courts and the blue pill beta cucks whom sympathize with women just to be "pussy beggers". Also for these Christian married guy's, fuck them all let them learn from the corruption of crazy feminist dumb spew. #letthemburn
Daniel Castillo (6 months ago)
And other people look like monkeys it ain’t that on debate
Daniel Castillo (6 months ago)
Donald trump look like a orangutan
R Riddick (6 months ago)
Wait, maybe Skynet WASN'T the bad guy afterall. Award winning thumbnail Monkey. Oh ya, I almost forgot. Repeal the 19th.
mike glazor (6 months ago)
i´ll be back
ernie montego (6 months ago)
The Artificial Intelligence is so anti gynocentric...that is so insensitive!
gendalfff (6 months ago)
Women are the emotional ones, men are the empathic ones, hence men make a better team player, as they care about others (unless they're thinking with their dick, suppressing their empathy to other guys), while women mostly care about themselves. It makes sense, if you think about it, who are these emotions targeted at? - at men, to affect their empathy and to get shit from them, it's just an evolutionary mechanism. It requires more empathy to share your caught prey with a scooting closer to you emotional baggage; if men didn't have that empathy, why would they share it with some hobo chick? It takes more empathy to chose to care for a child, rather than being forced by the hormones and later to use it as a shield at protests to defend your ass with "think of the children". And that's why the white knights exist - they're men, who hasn't outgrown their 'thinking with their nature/dick', which dictates them to see competitors in other guys and seek emotional approval of women, to feed their empathy. There's no logic in this process, just prey to vagina, bring offerings to vagina.
Reginald Brown (6 months ago)
Damn dude now that was and is some dope ass logic comment right there. Some dudes would risk everything they have and everything they stand for just for five minutes of some sticky friction. Just to prove that they are "alphas". The Pick Up Artist have this notion really fucking bad. Though the truth is they the PUA's are emasculated because they are seeking so desperately of the approval of women and recognition and praise from other men. Men as you already probably know should be individualistic to stand for principle and good moral aspirations. Women will never understand anything of that because of their extreme narcissistic nature. Women will never be satisfied no matter what a man does for her. It's never a fucking enough because as you already know they are ruled by emotion not logic and reason. Oh well, me I don't deal with women on any level because all of the emotional baggage mental illness corruption in this feminist social construct.
Mrjohnnyusa3000 (6 months ago)
Logic is a tool of the patriarchy!
Drunken Ork (6 months ago)
At this point surely its just a question of how long do we have before the whole thing comes crashing down? And how will it end? Will the West just get overtaken by more male centric tribes (Islam) or something else? It's not like we can reverse it now even if we wanted too, women represent more than 50% of the vote so unless it gets so bad that they choose to relinquish the vote it isn't happening
Kaales Rex (6 months ago)
how can an AI believe something? it has input and has output trained on data ... no bias, no feelings not even thought just the learned modification of the input to produce the fittest output ....
Scott Aveles (6 months ago)
Well, women are just machines for making babies. It doesn't take artificial intelligence to understand that.
Crimson (6 months ago)
True equality is sexist against women? Who would have thought!
Turd Flinging Monkey (6 months ago)
"When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression"
Rafael (6 months ago)
I have zero sympathy for big data companies. They are fucking over their users and workers by keeping the money and giving the real contributors breadcrumbs. Let them be destroyed by the power they thought they could control. Watch Jaron Lanier and you will understand what I'm talking about if you don't already.
Kul Pink (6 months ago)
Alexa! Bring me a beer and make me a sandwich!
Reginald Brown (6 months ago)
The Black Monk (6 months ago)
feminism does indeed contradict itself alot but it still makes logical sense in terms of benefit so the Ai could understand and even deploy similiar tactics if it gets the result it needs
Joshua Black (6 months ago)
Now we know why people fear ai
Lex Luthor (6 months ago)
Richard Norman (6 months ago)
A piece of the puzzle ... how a Man with MS+2BS (in STEM fields) has been unemployed for the last 5 years.
S R. (6 months ago)
That title is hard as shit to read
Reginald Brown (6 months ago)
+Turd Flinging Monkey I do I always appreciate creativity and originality from anyone.
S R. (6 months ago)
+Turd Flinging Monkey They must flow like water when you say them :)
Turd Flinging Monkey (6 months ago)
nobody appreciates clever wordplay these days.
aussiebear22 (6 months ago)
You can have *comforting lies* to protect your feelings, OR the cold, *objective truth.* ...Feminism chooses the former. And Artificial Intelligence is the latter.
aussiebear22 (6 months ago)
So in conclusion: (1) Women need special rules for them. (2) Equality is a lie. (3) Feminism is intellectual cancer.
Der Rabbit (6 months ago)
Manic laughter ensues 😂🤣
Mushy Pork (6 months ago)
Interestingly, AI recognized Oprah and M.Obama as black males
nipa101 (6 months ago)
I never imagined I'd get to see NPC's yelling at a A.I for there scripted events feelings.
Alexander S. (6 months ago)
Hold up is this video monitized.
Turd Flinging Monkey (6 months ago)
it was for a hot minute.
Pepe (6 months ago)
The crazy train has no brakes
Neema Borji (6 months ago)
TFM, Can you please make a response video to this song that has been blowing up on FB and Youtube? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N34hehRgw9g&t=5s
Neema Borji (6 months ago)
Thanks for the quick reply!
Turd Flinging Monkey (6 months ago)
I only do responses to anti-MGTOW videos. Too many other channels out there for generic responses.
cruise2kx (6 months ago)
Apes don't have sclera.
Bryan Charles (6 months ago)
Let's ask the AI if it thinks women should vote.
Bryan Charles (6 months ago)
In the original Star Trek series in one episode they beam aboard this computer who thinks Kirk is its creator. As the computer is observing things it makes the comment that women were erratic thinkers and irrational. I can't find the episode but it was something to that effect. Women haven't changed one bit.
Azul93 GT (6 months ago)
If an AI program is identifying some humans as apes I'd say the AI program needs a little work.
Responder Zeero (6 months ago)
+Turd Flinging Monkey does it identify some people neaderthals or demon, just checking if its consistent
Turd Flinging Monkey (6 months ago)
they were very close-up pictures of the face, and some black folks have gorilla face, and if you think that's racist ... you haven't been around enough black folks.
iunderstan 1 (6 months ago)
Jeff Bozos looks like a possible cuck simp, but I don't know him personally.
iunderstan 1 (6 months ago)
He'll naw lol😀
Kami no shippai (6 months ago)
Artificial intelligence don’t give out any pussy passes.
Deacon Parsons (6 months ago)
There is one other place where women MIGHT be better than men : talking. Jobs that need someone to spend their time on the phone, service jobs, file this under nurture.
Jeremy Honeycutt (6 months ago)
Skewed Minds (6 months ago)
Idk if that's "brand new" for the into music, but I'm using it for a notification tone.
Olegrumpy bastid (6 months ago)
Skynet doesn't show favoritism .
The freest of speech (6 months ago)
Even have a yacht to pick jobs dealing with small humans. I still think men would win that too. I mean prisons are full of the results of women are doing it by themselves.
Troll With A Purpose (6 months ago)
But AI doesn't have emotional intelligence RRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE Are they basing this AI on Tay by chance?
Anthony Sforza (6 months ago)
This reminds me of Australia last year, where they were like "Oh, we're going to only hire candidates without seeing their names for government positions from now on so that we can rightfully say that we have more women because they're better and we were objective about it..." Then only hired men and the same feminists who pushed for the policy so hard in the first place were reeeeing to shut it down.
Albert Faz (6 months ago)
Zippy_UK (6 months ago)
The way feminists should respond to mysogeny is to learn HOW to suck.
Zippy_UK (6 months ago)
Calling "Dr Kathleen Richardson", Calling "Dr Kathleen Richardson "... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alex Summers (6 months ago)
Wow I wonder why isn't this on CNN? :-/ If it was the other way around they would be trumpeting this from the mountain tops!
Justin Peanuts (6 months ago)
The East Asians are being discriminated against in the West, however, in their own countries they can continue to progress.
Genius by Design (6 months ago)
Well the AI was WRONG if it did NOT achieve its objective
Genius by Design (6 months ago)
So it was programmed to identify humans with apes :) ? TURD, they might DOX U :) next time U fly ?
Turd Flinging Monkey (6 months ago)
It was programmed to find the best candidates. No AI can please Femunists, its impossible.
SnappyCenter7 (6 months ago)
I don't believe that AI will become fully sapient (as in "I don't want to play chess, so I won't obey your orders. I want to work at an airport instead." sapient), I must say that bit about deliberately dumbing down AI's for gynocenrtrism made me think of an Archer meme if I'm wrong and they achieve sapience; “Do you want Skynet? Because that's how you get Skynet."
der_keks (6 months ago)
Anyone else suprised that github deleted C+= ?
Bane Pepe (6 months ago)
Wahmen don't belong in the workplace and the machines know it lol
G. Alexander (6 months ago)
Women practice hypergamy in employment just as much as they do in relationships. So there are (some?) equally capable women. But they are applying for jobs at levels above what men with equivalent qualifications would apply for. The result is that objective selection gives preference to men.
lu na (6 months ago)
there are a few more jobs women are better at hooker, masseuse, pretty face of a company (like receptionist) basically, selling their looks
Turd Flinging Monkey (6 months ago)
They aren't objectively better at the job, its just men's sex drives make them defer to them. Imagine hiring a 60 year old women into the position.
Brian Coley (6 months ago)
Are you prepared to work out in the elements? No! Are you prepared to do arduous work? No! OK, bye! Rrrrreeeehhhhhh! !!!!

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