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MLP ANIMATION The Sirens' Call (Equestria Girls Dazzlings Song)

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The Sirens have invaded Equestria again! Their hypnotic song has haunted my channel since 2015 (When I orginally created this parody) but with the animation talent of Steve Blue Sky and the post editing prowess of myself, a whole new generation of pony subjects are susceptible to their dark magic! Song parodied from: "Snow White Queen" by Evanescence Performed by: Magpiepony as Adagio Mica as Sonata Raechel Anderson as Aria Song Edited by: PegasusPitchVA Original Animation by Steve Blue Sky, be sure and shower him with love too! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69o1nebqFLUdcHKSB1RBwQ Post-Animation Edits by Me Puppets: https://www.deviantart.com/mintyroot Backgrounds: https://www.deviantart.com/boneswolbach Run cycle: https://www.deviantart.com/mindstorm-production/art/MLP-Stallion-Run-base-puppet-441032851 Adagio's Design: https://www.deviantart.com/theshadowstone/art/Oh-What-s-So-Wrong-With-a-Little-Competition-473013009 #MyLittlePony #EquestriaGirls #MLPSong
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Text Comments (887)
Steve Blue sky (2 months ago)
Wow!!! This is just beatiful, you put everything that is missing in the animation and it's just perfect. I have no words for this, Thank you Magpiepony for letting to anyone to know of my work I'm glad that you like it, you make an awesome job!!! :)
Anh Nguyen Viet (2 days ago)
Steve Blue sky ..ll
Cool summer (3 days ago)
Zuri Torres (18 days ago)
Steve Blue sky .
Candela Morales (12 hours ago)
Yjo. De. Puta
Candela Morales (12 hours ago)
Que. Buenisima
Candela Morales (12 hours ago)
Que. Buenisima
Amat Suluri (21 hours ago)
Wooww aulia sangatt suka
Karla Hernandez (1 day ago)
Anh Nguyen Viet (2 days ago)
lmma Silva (3 days ago)
kkkkkkk eu casa eu nao nao
This gave me chills
Steven Sweat (4 days ago)
I love it
PhantomMatrix (4 days ago)
Dark rock.
Twilight Shimmer (5 days ago)
You should make this with lyrics
Xiu Tannawisikorn (6 days ago)
Is beautiful song and your draw is beautiful omg 😮
Давай на российском!
Debora Melo (8 days ago)
dat nguyen (9 days ago)
No wow
dat nguyen (9 days ago)
What new
dat nguyen (9 days ago)
Esztike Balogh (9 days ago)
Azta!ezeknek nem láttam a pony alakjukat!
Kids World (10 days ago)
heres a list of sirens from most evil to least evil sorry about the hair names tho i did not know their real names 1 pigtails 2 curly 3 ponytail (haha get it?)
nolan salamanca (10 days ago)
Hello Sirens I love singing
Es lo. Mejor
yulis rojas padilla (12 days ago)
SliverTheSpoony01 (12 days ago)
Sonata makes a REALLY cute Earth Pony!
0:11 se equivocaron por que la azul cuando sale la sirena aparece la morada
Brianna Jared (13 days ago)
First make pt2
Jenell Theobald (14 days ago)
They're not ponies, they're Sirens. And ponying up doesn't happen in Equestria. It's not their style of singing, it's much too informative. They're basically TELLING the ponies what they're DOING: "We feed from hate"... and how did they get their gems back?
Jenell Theobald (7 days ago)
And besides, they lost their gems and they have no way to return to Equestria
Gia (15 days ago)
3:37 why is the pony in middles right eye dull? 0_o
gamer 100 (15 days ago)
Like si de verdad te gustan sus voces 😵😵
The sirens
StArKoolGlimmer Glimmy (17 days ago)
I don't get it
Why am i so angry right now
rizkan ayadi (18 days ago)
kenapa sih pony
sakura Bts fan (18 days ago)
I saw BTS!!!
Quiarah Flowers (18 days ago)
Colleen Creamz (18 days ago)
2:18 An ARMY?!
Emily Elizabeth (19 days ago)
I see the bts hat, to of my favorite things in one My Little Pony and BTS
Wolfie BWG (19 days ago)
MagpiePony Can You Do The Sirens Call Behind The Voices?
mlp and Steven univers (21 days ago)
What are your Animations?
_Navii (21 days ago)
I understand this so much more now that I'm older and understand Sirens lmao
Robbie Abbott-Ramsay (21 days ago)
what was that at the end?
Sigit Purwono (22 days ago)
They put magpie
cypher 69 (22 days ago)
oh no
cypher 69 (22 days ago)
Jaden Stafne (23 days ago)
See I knew they were ponies
Dilvanbulos Dilvan (25 days ago)
Me apaixonei por essa música<3
Rizalina Rivera (26 days ago)
Your vidoe is truely scared
Jackylou Fronteras (28 days ago)
nice animation
Luisa Wolf (28 days ago)
Wie heißt das Lied ?
Maritania Pereira (28 days ago)
Lindas 😇
Maritania Pereira (28 days ago)
Lindas 😇
김수정 (28 days ago)
리포트 서울의 경우
김수정 (28 days ago)
나도 오케이
김수정 (28 days ago)
Hương A.R.M.Y (28 days ago)
Oh BTS💕💕💕
Tae kookie (28 days ago)
3:24 ❤"BTS"❤
Yuni Yuni (29 days ago)
aaa mataku merah aaaaaaaa tolng
Umbreon Oak (29 days ago)
This song is so beautiful please tell me where did you find this song
МНЕ НРАВИТСЯ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rafał Krajewski (29 days ago)
wow łal soł yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Valra Bellkeys (1 month ago)
As someone who frequently records sirens I approve or this animation of sirens.
Sorry name portuguese (brazil) please sorryyyy
♥♡♡♥♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡i love you
Beto Martinez (1 month ago)
Felipe Baldim (1 month ago)
It has animation too 🙏🙏
Felipe Baldim (1 month ago)
Is It place create another song from the sirens 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Felipe Baldim (1 month ago)
Best music of all, If It were possible It would give a trophy for you that created this animation And music 🎼🔊🎵🎤
I like it
Zoe Rogerio (1 month ago)
3:25 Bts hat on her?! Almost didn't notice it
Zoe Rogerio (1 month ago)
Really good tho,forgot to add it in. It's one of my favorite songs cause it's so amazing
que miedo
lxttNsupreme_ queen (1 month ago)
U do know in the pony world there dragons but apart from that greatt
Whirlwind Studios (1 month ago)
Just watched thisbfor the first time. I love it
Scott Gederman (1 month ago)
Good job mag it was stuck in my head for days
Breeze Barry (1 month ago)
Great Singing voices guys! And this is some great animation!
Devon Bickett (1 month ago)
Magpie has a good singing voice
jeremy chambers (1 month ago)
You are awesome and i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work.
Danielle Herbrandt (1 month ago)
Wow the is beuatyful
Skybrine Plays (1 month ago)
god i really want to make an MMD version of this with Bertholdt, Reiner and Annie from AOT but i cant- i still love this song tho oml
The voices so cute ♥♥♥♥
GalaxyCupcakeGirl YT (1 month ago)
The Sirens For: Adogio and Aria And Sonata
MiraculousUniverse (1 month ago)
te deberian contratar para la serie
Gaby Aguilera (1 month ago)
I love your video 👩🏻‍🎤😈
Fatin Adlina (1 month ago)
Magpiepony is in the song 1:46
Laura Rose Lombax (1 month ago)
I love it
Erna Wati (1 month ago)
U think that hat look like BTS 2:16
Allison Clarke (1 month ago)
This is awesome please make more your great at this keep it up
MLPDethDealr32 (1 month ago)
Another song to get stuck in my head Mag XD
Nathalia Nisha (1 month ago)
Sabillah Ishak (1 month ago)
I like dis muzik
Sabillah Ishak (1 month ago)
🐱 I like dis muzik
Kristine Nowakowski (1 month ago)
I live it so mush .😀😀😀😀😁😁😁
Mar isaYT (1 month ago)
Jacqueline Voss (1 month ago)
Jacqueline Voss (1 month ago)
the spell -_-
snap out of what?
Lunar Aesthetic (1 month ago)
Brenda ayelen rojas (1 month ago)
in 3:24 the pony use BTSSSSS CAP 😱😱😱 WOWWW I LOVE BTSSSS 😍😍😍😍😍
Jonitbc Jonitbc (1 month ago)
I like this song

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