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MyBliss meets Tom and Carrie Fletcher!

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Jess Collins (5 years ago)
not giovanna... looks nothing like her
Nimbusstar187 (5 years ago)
haha, burn
Max Barr (5 years ago)
Where was this?
invisiblenerd0 (6 years ago)
That girl you just replied to was the girl in the video...
I G (6 years ago)
Carrie's face, when he says "dead mice in the fridge" lol :D
Cathy x (6 years ago)
i dong think thats gi...and anyways if Carrie says she Wasnt there i dont think she was:p
Laura Jennings (6 years ago)
yeah she did 2:13 xxx
4444tee4444 (7 years ago)
love how giovanna walks past wen they're talking about girlfriends!
C (7 years ago)
I don't think I could hear more than half of this, but Tom looks just... Oh God...
vulcanicspice (7 years ago)
Love how Tom turns the whole girlfriend talk into being about him and Dougie. Just the fact that he's going down there to see him, just the cutest ever <3

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