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MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks - 'My Past is Not Today' Official Music Video

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Sunset Shimmer shows there is more than one side to her! For more My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: https://goo.gl/SLkYpf #MLPEG #MLPEquestriaGirls #MyLittlePonyEG Subscribe to the Hasbro Channel: https://goo.gl/rI2HnR Official MLPEG Website: http://goo.gl/dGeU2s Official App: http://goo.gl/hbN1Hk Shop MLP Toys: http://hasb.ro/1adpOvh
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Text Comments (14755)
sa yan (1 day ago)
Ha Nguyen (1 day ago)
Who else here on 2019
I like sunset shimmer songs she's cut and pretty ❤
almasdaud (1 day ago)
Thank you hasbro
almasdaud (1 day ago)
Thank you
Tae-Yeong Hyun (1 day ago)
Wait, she sang this song for more than 6 hrs?!
Hussein omar (2 days ago)
"My past is not today" That's true and now..I hate hasbro's.
Jailine Mejía (3 days ago)
Is magia hermoso creo que sunset es hija de celestia por el minuto 2:16 salida del sol kiutimar del sol como celestia like si crees lo mismo
mjkalasky (3 days ago)
But it's FAR closer than either the writers or fandom care to acknowledge.
Luna Nightmare (5 days ago)
Whos here on 2019????
Tiffany Valentine (5 days ago)
I used to get on this website in 1st Grade And I still in 5th
mariangel unicornio G (6 days ago)
l like music
Lucinda Burricks (7 days ago)
Between all of girls voices who's is the best
Bruno Ahauser (8 days ago)
I love sunset
Riaz Alam (9 days ago)
Theory: Sunset used to be an alicorn because of 2;18
Syslus 07 (9 days ago)
I don't like her. Twilight is better
United States of Anime (10 days ago)
46,000,000 2019?
Christian Parrish (11 days ago)
Christian Parrish (11 days ago)
Beautiful voice.
Christian Parrish (11 days ago)
One of my favorite songs.
Brody Van Camp (11 days ago)
And she's my biggest fan. Is that right, everybody.
tahhyee (12 days ago)
Ben Sam (13 days ago)
How on earth has Sunset not won woman of the year for the last 5 years????? ridiculous!
Jessica Matthews (13 days ago)
I Loved ittttttt
Kamil Muhyidin (13 days ago)
khaira sing (15 days ago)
Luz B (15 days ago)
Riauna Martinez (15 days ago)
Wow what the sunset in a good way are you saying sunset is going to be a alacorn
Teklab Belay (17 days ago)
I love you
legion kirin (18 days ago)
Chanunchida Th (19 days ago)
Nice song
611zoe (19 days ago)
I love your hair
gamer X (19 days ago)
I love the Rainbow rocks
Gacha Queena (19 days ago)
Im not being rude,but Sunset is my least favorite out of all the girls
Gena19 (20 days ago)
What the heck is Sunset in the root of the school ._.?
Draghia Luminita (20 days ago)
Katie Companero (22 days ago)
She wants to be good
Brody Van Camp (22 days ago)
I love sunset shimmer, cause she's so beautiful.
Lunar Pony (23 days ago)
Janus Crossett (24 days ago)
Hasbro I have a really good idea for some episodes of Equestria girls: in this video it has sunset shimmer turning into a phoenix kind of a thing when sun comes up maybe you should do something like that and one of the episodes and sunset is trying to hide it from her friends!!!!! Let me know what you think! 😉
Laihua Chen (26 days ago)
Why do I get soo depressed bc I can't see anymore sunset shimmer :(
Mia a Amča (26 days ago)
She literally sang all night
Sunset Shimmer (27 days ago)
Hello Friends!
Yoshi Zuckerman (27 days ago)
anyone else notice the lack of rock n roll in a movie about the girls forming a rock band
kian senpai (27 days ago)
Is she a alicorn
Fluttershy And rarity (29 days ago)
Says Siri then plays this
Clara Hahs (29 days ago)
sunset shimmer is the best singer
Billi Castle (29 days ago)
Oh sunset u have a nice voice but I understand u I’ve gone down the same path
Satti Ramnarine (29 days ago)
i like this girl very much
MarioGirl 28 (30 days ago)
This is me in a nutshell
Anelka Brown (1 month ago)
I love sunset shimmer
Itz Jolly (1 month ago)
Whos here from 2019 ! Hi future people
ANGEL HDYT (1 month ago)
December 2018?
Enderdrybones Yang (1 month ago)
my least favorite character in equestria girls
Katie gamer (1 month ago)
:') I still remenber and love this song !!💗
Rose the pork chop (1 month ago)
This song gave me chills It's awesome
Mastercarson 99 (1 month ago)
Sunset shimmer is my favorite character in eg cause she’s the best amazing out of the humane seven even though I love them all the same she is always my favorite no doubt about it at all i mean these words cause I say them from the very center of my heart .
Angelwing good (1 month ago)
Sunset shemer good at music
Teresa Puchala (1 month ago)
Fianiw ta. Pisnka
Suparman _ (1 month ago)
siapa suka 🙋 like dan subscribers
Unikitty Rainbow (1 month ago)
Indonesia ke?
Acrylic D0lls (1 month ago)
Honestly I don’t watch this anymore but this song is really good still
•Ashley • (1 month ago)
Sunset the best! 💕💕💕💕😍
Aaron Thomas (1 month ago)
Sunset Can't just be an Angel all the time?
Neha Islam Islam (1 month ago)
She is literally the best
Ernest Villariza (1 month ago)
Yes thats why i need friends!!!!
Seneca Zohner (1 month ago)
I love the video, but what I don't get is the time logic. It's sunset in the beginning of the song, a couple minutes til midnight at 0:59, then sunrise at the end of the song. So, if my math is correct, 9 hours and 45 minutes just casually flew by in 3 minutes.
Pheonix Rainbow (1 month ago)
2:11 to answer Peoples Questions about if shes gonna be an alicorn, not likely. They added that part to represent a pheonix(like in the lyrics) rising from the ashes reformed like sunset leaving the past in the past, and reforming into a beautiful pheonix. Plus no regular pony can naturaly become an alicorn without intervention. *want more information* ? *go search moliminous or the brony notion*
Love_Ariana (1 month ago)
She’s the best singer
Alex Gonzalez (1 month ago)
For some reason I’m just like sunset shimmer! Cuz I was so mean in the past but I changed and I reject being mean! Everyone in my school used to hate me but now they like me!
liLightaura (1 month ago)
Still best human.
Lerin Brown (1 month ago)
So awesome
Pency Pug Productions (1 month ago)
Why Does Sunset Always Throw Her Jacket When She Sings LOL
Who's watching on 2018?
This makes me question my life so many times
mariela sanchez (1 month ago)
Es una mierda
Frantz Laman (1 month ago)
Rinharu tus patrones (1 month ago)
Sunset is amazing😍😍😍
Rinharu tus patrones (1 month ago)
The anime is Free!
Rinharu tus patrones (1 month ago)
Equestria girls 262 Im here since 2015 and now watching it again Living the good times😙
Equestria Girls 262 (1 month ago)
Rinharu tus patrones agreed What anime is your profile?
Equestria Girls 262 (1 month ago)
Rinharu tus patrones I was here 6 months ago and I came back again and again and again I'm back again 😂
Lion tiger Girl (1 month ago)
It dose not show this song in rainbow rocks
Lion tiger Girl (1 month ago)
+Equestria Girls 262 i did not see it
Equestria Girls 262 (1 month ago)
Lion tiger Girl does
MatiX YT (1 month ago)
I love song!!!!
Samara Black (1 month ago)
*Why is this song mood*
Gianna and tianna (1 month ago)
Rina Fitra Yeni (1 month ago)
tak apa apa..
Rina Fitra Yeni (1 month ago)
tak apa apa..
Ella Sophie Magtanong (2 months ago)
i like her very much i wish she's here
Sunlight Glimmer (2 months ago)
I really wish that sunset shimmer would be in MLP. 😭
Jaliyah Patton (2 months ago)
i always cry joy and sadness when i hear this song. so heart warming
Gurnaaz Mann (2 months ago)
Is she a alicorn now?
Malus Rising (1 month ago)
Gurnaaz Mann no
Angela GKR (2 months ago)
Confirmed that sunet is an alicorn. Think about it, when twilight turned into an alicorn, Celestia had nothing to do with it she was just singing and it came out of her heart and that hapened with sunset
dannyx _gamer (2 months ago)
Who is powerful twighlight sparkle or sunset shimmer✨?
Komal Sharma (2 months ago)
I love your videos and this one is super amazing
El Zar (2 months ago)
Super cool I liked it
Greg Wood (2 months ago)
Fløwer Playz (2 months ago)
Sunset is my fave
Fløwer Playz (2 months ago)
The best part of the song: "I may not know what the future holds. But here me when I say that my past not define me, 'cause my past is not today!" It has the most advice ever. This is my favorite MLPEG song!
aya29 two (2 months ago)
So does that means shes an alicorn? Hasbro aswer me!!
Equestria Girls 262 (1 month ago)
aya29 two They never answer I was here 6 months ago 😂
JCP Central Brony (2 months ago)
Sunset Shimmer has like the best song in this entire series
Lucinda Burricks (14 days ago)
Like you're never bring me down
Martin Norman (14 days ago)
She sure has
JCP Central Brony (1 month ago)
Equestria girls 262 hello
Equestria Girls 262 (1 month ago)
JCP Central Brony hi

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