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Kiowa Gordon chats to mybliss.co.uk

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Here's what happened when we caught up with Kiowa Gordon, who plays Embry Call in the Twilight Saga. For loads more Twilight gossip visit http://www.mybliss.co.uk
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Text Comments (24)
Inni Hiltunen (4 years ago)
I LOVE THAT MAN...........
Mackenzie Theriot (4 years ago)
I like anything about him.
Alissa Werner (6 years ago)
he is so hot :)
Jue Kaniibale (6 years ago)
Il a l'air d'être fatiguée et surtout de décuver !!
josie gray (6 years ago)
awwwww he looks like hes soooooo tired he needs some sleep
Aoi Higrashi (7 years ago)
Im a girl and i like to run around have naked! like with a bathing suit on though...................... dream girl: Act like me?? wouldnt that be akward??
Aoi Higrashi (7 years ago)
@HarryBattFans LOL seriously!
Sara HP (7 years ago)
He is hot and all.. But he has so respect, kind of
Mariah Avila (8 years ago)
I love his hair that way!
Mariah Avila (8 years ago)
I love him..!!! I love his look :)
H H (8 years ago)
hey im ur british biggest fan!
lachell071393 (8 years ago)
He seems to get really bored in interviews.
Irina Bucalov (8 years ago)
@bjankee where did he say he has a gf cuz I didnt hear it?
Kat (8 years ago)
@DAlightningtheif was she really really pretty?? im curious...
Vanessa Tapia (8 years ago)
i didnt know he had a girlfriend? no fair... still suuuperr hott thoug,h i lovee his sexxy voiicee(: thee hottest of all the wolves- thumbs up if youuu agree ! <3
Viv (8 years ago)
@hmksprouse o ok.
hannah cano (8 years ago)
Ahhhhhhhhhh i got to meet him!!!!!lol:)
Amy Kim (8 years ago)
his face at 1:50 LOL
Haley (8 years ago)
@TeamWolfpack1 I'm pretty sure he was with her at the Eclipse premiere, so I think they're still together.
Viv (8 years ago)
does he still have a gf? cuz i heard that he recently broke up with his gf.
Cerebral (8 years ago)
bobby jankee (8 years ago)
its quite shocking he has a girlfriend because everyone loved him single
bobby jankee (8 years ago)
its quite shocking he has a girlfriend because everyone loved him single
Bianca (8 years ago)
He looks the cutest here, still lovin the voice.

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