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Random Thoughts: Attracted to Intelligence?

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Are women really attracted to a man's intelligence, or do they just see intelligence as an indicator of a man with current or future resources to exploit? Song: Enchanted Valley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1200093 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Alice H (2 months ago)
Intelligence is not about ‘talking about intelligent topics’ it’s about the way you see the world, whether you can connect with one another because you understand the subtleties of each other’s personalities. A woman who only dates a man for money is not intelligent and a man who thinks that all women are the same is not intelligent. What is she going to get out of that in 20 years? Money doesn’t buy happiness.
(1 year ago)
jajaja that ending..
Garry Robertson (1 year ago)
Man what kinda thots y'all dealing with? The idea of "women" only being attracted to intelligence for the sake of potential gain is a pretty harsh accusation to accuse such a large audience with. This video doesn't apply to women as a whole, rather just greedy cunts. I've had plenty of experience with women, none of which have had any intention of using me especially for money. Some even being more likely to be more successful than me. Surely I've not got 'lucky' over a dozen times (along with many of my friends, which have also had no experience with such women) while y'all are coming across this. lmao
Snowy23 (1 year ago)
Well put TFM. I remember back in the 1980s & 90s women hated nerds, but now they're trying to milk them for all their resources, just like all the female antifeminists, you refered to it once as "the green pill". Thanx TFM & have a good weekend
Roddy Lawrence (1 year ago)
I have an intelligent conversation with her every day
Nachannachle (1 year ago)
Women like men who are intelligent...because they will HELP her SOLVE problems in life. Mostly financial problems, but still.. :)
Kenton Hughes (1 year ago)
It is now understood that intelligence is passed along by the females DNA. Physical features are passed along by the male DNA. Therefore, it is evolutionary selection that a man would be drawn to an intelligent female and the female be drawn to the more physical male even if he is a thug. I always wondered why so many intelligent male doctors had stupid kids. The smart doctors I knew married bimbos and had really dumb kids. Pay a smart young lady to have your kids. Work out visitation for you and both sets of grandparents. An intelligent woman is so much easier to get along with because she will be a better mom. I am past child rearing and wealth building. The greatest treasure of my memories are the many well earned "I love you Daddy" moments. You will become a slave to your material possesions. All the 'fun' things done alone will become meaningless and forgotten. The moments you share with your children will make you smile until the day you die, and beyond.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Kenton Hughes actually you're wrong. That was debunked many years ago. I think its a forbes article but I'm not 100% sure. It will be on the first page of results when you Google ot though
San dro (1 year ago)
Say that its genetic and they might really find it attractive. Dont women value genes?
Rex Remedy (1 year ago)
that chicken looks like a rubber gimp...
MGTOW MONGER (1 year ago)
Money is the biggest aphrodisiac to women. You see this in pure form in 3rd world countries. That's why men need to TRAVEL! Learn... Travel... Experience... Travel... Enjoy... Travel... Realize... Travel... Women are the same everywhere... Travel! Enjoy them on the CHEAP! Travel... to countries where prostitution is legal and inexpensive! Travel! (men get your passports!)
Boon Doggle (1 year ago)
The real test is how many guys she dates and whether she sleeps around. A girl who truly likes you for your intelligence will be repulsed by most blue pill simp guys who aren't intelligent. They'll end up being alone because they simply can't abide being with a dumbass. How many women do you know like that? That's the true marker of whether she really likes a man for his intelligence. Otherwise, she just sees the utility that your intelligence can potentially provide to her.
Davon Benson (1 year ago)
If most women were truly attracted to intelligence, then why do they reject some men within 10 seconds. In order to find out how intelligent someone is, you have to give them a chance to state their point.
J V (1 year ago)
All depends on the maturity level and confidence
amante pensanta (1 year ago)
Meh, bullshit. I have interesting, deep, exploratory and intelligent discussions with a woman close to me on a regular basis.
Arthur Arcturus (1 year ago)
To be fair, just like most men don't understand women, most women also don't understand women. When you ask them "what do you like about me", they feel compelled to give an answer and come up with the first thing that goes through their mind. "If I am with him I must like something, and this is the most notable thing about him that is socially praised, so that's what I like". She isn't even trying to lie to you in this case. It's as if you end up in a group of people who like to ride horses, and everyone's got a favorite horse and you are 15, and they ask you so what's your favorite horse? And you don't know what to reply but in the end decide that you like white horses even though you've never seen one.
Arthur Arcturus (1 year ago)
Total and utter nonsense. Also women don't know what intelligence is, they think it means being cunning and socially dominant.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Arthur Arcturus 🐵👍
Wicky Papa (2 years ago)
Women don't love men. They love what men can DO for them. 👍
Turd Flinging Monkey (2 years ago)
women love men like a car. They only love them as long as they're providing a service to them and don't make too much noise.
Loveless Cosplay (2 years ago)
I feel like people in general don't like intelligent conversation, not just women. I guess this is why small talk is difficult and boring.
Uncle Timo (2 years ago)
Turd Flinging Monkey (2 years ago)
+Uncle Timo https://youtu.be/aZcSCT34H84
Colin 007 (2 years ago)
Intelligence is sometimes wasted on people who are gifted but lack confidence and drive. One of the major causes of holding these individuals back is usually a woman because the guy now has to think we rather me when it comes to goals.
B.T.E. PRODUCTIONS (2 years ago)
they love your intelligence when you can monetize it... lol
Turd Flinging Monkey (2 years ago)
It's just a codeword because saying that they love men with good jobs and money would be too ... honest.
小姐不是 (2 years ago)
That gotcha bitch at the end had me rotflmao
sminkycorp (3 years ago)
As far as actual native Englishmen are concerned: The intelligent tend to have dolichocephalic skull shapes. Long tall skull, long face. Testing on women has shown that they prefer the wider faced, smaller forhead types. Large samples of women rating photographs and so on...... I think Mr Chimpy from your icon will have no trouble getting the P here in Albion Seeing as how in the UK it is racist and posh to be intelligent(at something other than media criticism), everyone who looks like Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing is basically extinct already and we dont know it yet
Abdul Rahman (3 years ago)
Women are intimidated by intelligence. Intelligent men are harder to manipulate and control.
Thinking Ronin (3 years ago)
This topic really hits home for me. When I was in graduate school at an elite university, there were TONS of men with IQs in the 130-170 range who couldn't get any female attention no matter how hard they tried. Granted that some of these guys were quite "strange", but many of them were tall, athletic, and "normal" other than their superior intelligence. You often state that money is the #1 attribute that women are attracted to, but I would have to disagree. It all comes down to "game". I've known men who are average in every way except that they have superior game, and these men have spectacular success with women. I've also known men who were tall, athletic, and make well into 6-figures fail completely because they have no game at all.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
+Thinking Ronin I agree that social awkwardness is a deal breaker, but all things being equal looks and resources trump all
John McGuirk (3 years ago)
I've dated a few 'smart' women, or so it seemed as they kept getting better marks than me. Now, many years later, one is a secretary at a church, pretty decent use of a PhD in Psychology :/. But they were really only ever good at memorizing and even better at essays,, but when it came to independent thinking, innovation, motivation and problem solving they felt flat. I've dated a few other women that said they enjoyed my intelligence, but never had an intellectual conversation at my level, it was always theirs. A few of those women, told me my intellect scared them, that I was judging not just their ideas, and they felt they couldn't connect cause they didn't understand what i was talking about. To be fair, I do judge and classify people and things. I hope we all do, actually, how else could we keep from not putting a t-shirt on as pants, let allow access danger. They definitely don't choose men based on intelligence, only on a perceived status presented by the media as acceptable.... so sweaty narcissistic metro-sexuals with abs. good job women, ride that carousel of geniuses, and enjoy your child and genetic line circling the toilet of life as the turds they are.
openupandsmile4me (3 years ago)
I watched half of this so far and what I've found out is that women perceive intelligence as a man who makes them laugh through sarcasm and snarky remarks, they consider it wit and wit demonstrates intelligence...blah, blah...THEY WANT TO BE MADE TO LOL.
Speed demon (3 years ago)
Yeah most comical lie they will tell. I always point it out, and prove it to them an follow it with your silence is the consequence of lacking honor.
Jack Lan (3 years ago)
I can confirm the truth within this video. I was talking to this girl last semester over at the college I am currently attending and she was pretty smart. She is majoring in Computer Science and was even better at programming and math than me. However, she always wanted to talk about herself. Every time I tried having a philosophical conversation with her she would always have this blank facial expression on her face. So I had to revert the conversation back to her and about her life. It kind of shows that women are a facade: they look pretty and intelligent but you get to know their real personality by the type of conversation you are having.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
+Jack Lan women know how to follow directions but they are terrible at abstract thought.
CidVeldoril (3 years ago)
Well, I'd say women might be attracted to intelligence for more than just the potential of husband-money. As being smart is a trait which can be bred women might be attracted to the possibility of having smart children.
CidVeldoril (3 years ago)
Since one might argue women are attracted to ressources for the sole purpose of securing a safe habitat to have children,  one might also assume, any benefits her potential progeny might have would be desirable.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
+CidVeldoril what benefit is having smart children other than money?
manoftheworld1000 (3 years ago)
How right you are - another important revelation! Just take a look at the *empirical evidence:* We know that many *female nurses* 'fall in love' with *male doctors* - but try to find just one single *female doctor* who ever fell in love with a *male nurse ...!*
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
+manoftheworld1000 Good point
Tyler Lecreaux (3 years ago)
Hey Turd Flying Monkey, im in a bit of a conundrum here, i'm a brazilian med student abroad, i'm not bad looking, i work on improving myself any way i can, and i identify a lot with mgtow, i met a girl online about an year ago, she clearly says that she sees potential in me and she thinks im inspiring, intelligent, handsome, and bla bla bla, she also has shown interest in meeting me, however, she actually does engage in intelligent discussions and i quite like our exchanges, but i can't phase off my mind the feeling that deep down she just sees me as an utility, and that if i didn't had a profitable career (i was studying physics but changed to medicine) she wouldn't be interested in me at all, what do i make of this situation?
W (2 years ago)
Funny. When I said that I want to become an apprenticeship for a chef my GF said that she doesnt want to be with a chef. So I stayed in the finance industry, which pays better but FUCKING SUCKS. I've pushed this memory deep down because it was traumatic but yes, now I see the truth. It's all about my resources.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
@Dr Tyberius Ribaru 🐵👍
Tyler Lecreaux (3 years ago)
Yeah, i'm pretty sure too. By the way thanks for your videos TFM, your insight on hipergamy opened my eyes, keep up the good work!
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
Your feelings are correct. If you want to test this theory, you could tell her you're dropping out of school to take care of your sick mom and work on the "family farm" from now on, and watch her vanish like a ninja.
Bad Dude Philosophy (3 years ago)
Spot on!
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
Nuclear Powered MGTOW (3 years ago)
I can think of one woman I've known that I can have a serious conversation with... And she's gay!
Carl Street (3 years ago)
You MUST be wrong; because everyone knows the Playboy Club Chain was founded by Albert Einstein... :)
Siren Watcher (3 years ago)
I wanted to say its reflective, putting it in your selfish category, ie, your research argument that women are selfish :). This is true so in the case of what they demand a man has, its based on reflection. All people want their own reflection. If a chick is intelligent, she wants someone who can adequately meet her own reflection. Same with a lack of intelligence, very few stupid women want to date intelligent men. Its just reflection based. When you move off the accountability to resources and suitability of your offspring as the basic, possibly categorised as reptilian, demands. Then next you look for a reflection-ish argument. Ie, you look for someone who can understand you because if they don't understand you, they will possibly "beat on you" or have emotional imbalance because of the environment you have placed in together. Its basic psychological profiling, intelligence is just a very basic example, body type and build, shape of the face, cultural background, familial raising, standards of hygiene, beliefs, etc etc you get it. They all can be put into a category of "individual preference" but they are all the same thing, reflection and projection. Ie, you won't date a black chick if your racist. That's nothing to do with her beauty or your survivability, which is based on a higher belief system that you have decided upon. (as an inclusion for debatability, sure a racist can believe lack of individual continents inhabitants lifespans could result in less longjevity of their offspring. But its a higher statistical change to be purely based on beliefs, that black people suck, for a basic stupid racist argument). But these things go massively into decision making, yet statistical data would have trouble categorising this because it would see each as individual details. But there not, their the same processing of individuality. If you see where i'm going. It would be extremely easy to clump them onto the list and say, "which women are interested in having a man who is reflective, ie, has the game goals for the future roughly as you, has looks that you feel actively reflect your own attractivity and facial structure, and has a complimentary personality to your own". And put it into one check box. And then list all the other things as per normal. All women would check that box as second to "wealth and support" but it would always be second. Because its a summarisation of personal preference. Which everyone bases their subjectivity on. Intelligence is subjective. An astronaut and a high school teacher may have different levels of intelligence, but both are considered "intelligent". When someone says intelligent, she means "cope-able", not "intelligent" in terms of a black and white scale of dumb and smart :).
Suraj Shah (3 years ago)
This video is gold !! something i always thought about subconsciously, i now realize ! HAhahahahhahahah fucking empty shells
RP0104 -15 (3 years ago)
My ex-wife loved me for my intelligence. Until I called her out on something she was wrong about, then I wasn't intelligent, then I was competitive and egotistical. I'm so happy to be free. Love your stuff TFM
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
Women love what benefits them.
ErwinSchrodinger64 (3 years ago)
LOL. I don't want to generalize about intelligence and females but I've got lots of expeperience with this particular subject matter while attending school on my doctoral studies for the last year 7 years. I think a lot about hard sciences dealing with theoretical physics (thermodynamics (especially applied to chemical systems), atomic and molecular physics, applications of advanced mathematics (topology and differential geometry) and especially molecular quantum mechanics) and all of the implications these fields have in science and the reality of nature. I dated a few girls and there were always times they would ask me, "what are you thinking about". I always lied and gave them some generalized response about things that I needed to do. With a few relationships that lasted for over a year they figured out I was lying. Sometimes I rolled the dice and told the truth, hoping, she may be interested in some profound science and nature. I would tell them the truth and responded with, "I'm baffled on why does the Hamiltonian operator imposed on the wave equation describes reality so perfectly: the Schrodinger equation". You can only imagine the responses. If I ever talk to a guy, on the other hand, say a mechanic, someone who doesn't have slightest clue of atomic physics, and I begin to describe what quantum mechanics states about nature, 9 out of 10 times, a guy is vastly fascinated by the subject matter. Matter of fact, there was a female working on her masters that I went to school with. She was intelligent but always needed tutoring because she didn't study subjects with a level tenacity that her male counterparts did. I remember when the physics department offered a class in quantum field theory and I told her that this is an opportunity we should take because they only offer the class every 4 years. She declined and said it would be too hard. When the class filled up we had a number of male engineers who didn't have neither the mathematics nor the physics knowledge for the course but were willing to read extra material to understand the basic concepts. The engineers were more than willing to go beyond the scope of the class for the shear fact in expanding their knowledge base. Not one single female was in the class. However, I will say there was one female professor who was an incredible scientist (but she doesn't count, she was way too logical and intellectually stimulating). Lastly, even when you talk to many females who have interest, at times, I can become interested in their subject matters like economics and the finance industry. Bring it up, they become dumbfounded on the level of intensity I learned the subject matter. Even with social issues, if you bring up empirical evidence and they realize the cognitive dissonance they believe in, it threatens them. I've just learned to play the game: you can't act too smart and they don't care. Woman, in general, are not attracted to intelligence. They only like to hear the occupations purely as a title in conservation. No deep thought.
Scottish Clansman (3 years ago)
Pretty fucking true.
knightace2002 (3 years ago)
I do a clever little test. I make for sure she loves me for me and not the money by not providing for her for a few weeks or months. I think the longest i've tested a woman was about a year before I really got into finding a job. She passed (somewhat) and i've used it ever since as it was quite effective in avoiding the gold-digger prostitute whores.
Corpus Armatae (3 years ago)
So.. I wonder what would happen if most CEO were actually women. Would capitalist problems be worst ?
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
+Corpus Armatae Yes, women conceive things like justice and ethics in a self-serving way because the female brain doesn't understand abstract concepts like moral principles. Thus a female CEO would be much more likely to rationalize things like white-collar crime.
Michael Merzhoev (3 years ago)
"you are so smart, I never met someone who is so much into Astronomy" Really? You do know that everything I just told you was bullshit; I made it up as we talked Sorry sweety, it's my fault for wasting my own time, if you can't catch me on my own bullshit, there is a chance that you might swallow someone else's dick by accident.
FarFromaHero (3 years ago)
Protip - in long-term dating (i.e., mating) strategy, *never lose your masculine frame*. If in conversations with your hottie, you find yourself getting bored, because she can't speak her own point of view - tell her right to her face, "You know, hottie, you're pretty boring/dumb. I can't have a boring/dumb person as a partner." And be ready to back that up by ending the relationship, or walking out, or whatever. This flips the gynocentric script, and makes you the pussy chooser, not the pussy beggar. Women inherently want this (a pussy chooser) anyway, so be kind & give them what they want.
Just had to write what I thought of your theories on women and will not be returning to your channel, if any of you men listen to this bitter failure loser c*ck, you will be alone for life. Learn how to appreciate other human beings and don't listen to people who never had a successful relationship, as he, himself states in his video. It's always the woman's fault. LOL You are a JOKE not a man.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
+Sensual Mentality Dr Grace G PsyD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uXGA5bMwlA
so all women are stupid buffoons, unable to have an intelligent conversation, or a creative idea, because they don't agree with you, or want to talk about issues which interest you. LOL Hard to imagine any woman loving YOU for any reason. Stay alone and play with your super intelligent "Rosie the palm" for the rest of your lives. I don't wish any of you on even the stupidest girl, because men who have such low opinions of women do not deserve even that. Saw your video on another website. How dare you spread your garbage theories everywhere? Just because you are a failure in your relationships does not mean every relationship will be like yours. Markus Downer you should be banned.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
+Sensual Mentality Dr Grace G PsyD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uXGA5bMwlA
wow how many years have you studied psychology? I have more money than any man I don't give a sh*t about a guys money, your experience is your experience and do not judge ALL women according to the cheap money digging women YOU CHOSE. Je*k.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
+Sensual Mentality Dr Grace G PsyD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uXGA5bMwlA
sn0wchyld (3 years ago)
I can think of a few exceptions to the rule, but otherwise, yes, they do seem few and far between.
A S (3 years ago)
The reason women are attracted to a man wealth is because they crave security. Women are more likely to be insecure and worrisome about finances. It really isn't always about "gold diggers", although there are those, they aren't as common as we like to think. We've become too cynical.
Der kleine Kapitalist (3 years ago)
This is not entirely true. You can talk with them about intelligent ideas. And they can be inspired and love to listen to you. But if you talk about the implementation of the ideas they get bored really fast.
Der kleine Kapitalist (3 years ago)
@Turd Flinging Monkey Never thought about it this way. But this could be a reason :-). I guess, it also the story telling. As long as you talk with pictures and characters you are good. 
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
@oestian So as long as you make the conversation about her you're good?
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
+oestian Can you provide an example of what you're talking about? I'm having trouble visualizing what you're talking about.
dogie daddy (3 years ago)
The like the intellegence, because they see you're smarter or more emotionally stable than they are. Women tend to be very emotional, and that means unstable. That makes them feel insecure and unsure of themselves. So they respect a man for his intellegence and his emotional stability. That doesn't mean that they want to engage in an equal conversation, because they know they aren't up to it. But they can still be attracted to such a man, because he makes her feel safe and secure by virtue of his strength.
egodrive (3 years ago)
"Men are walking ATM's." - My niece
David Beecroft (3 years ago)
These notions and Hollywood film that champions a hot as hell woman digging nerds and Jews amazes me. I just watched a shitty movie last night with my girl - it was about a 24 year old, typical Jew writer who falls for a hot as hell 33 year old French married woman. She's attracted to his mind. It's pathetic. It made me and my girl laugh and laugh and laugh. She was married to a millionaire and he was broke-ass-broke the hair or George Costanza. This is the bullshit thing that nerds and losers and young Jewish guys like to wank to. Lies. It's pathetic. Nobody smart buys it. Women don't, alpha men don't ... only morons. Women don't like ugly men. If you see a hot woman with an ugly, fat guy everyone thinks, "Wow, he must be rich." You show me a rich, hot woman married to an ugly, gross, broke-ass guy and I'll show you a leprechaun riding a unicorn leading Santa's sleigh aren't lies fun? where would Hollywood be without the lies we all love to hear?
52262 (3 years ago)
tfm i actually love you for your intelligence. because if it wasn't for your intelligence my intelligence wouldn't enlightened.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
Thanks dude.
Anthony Sforza (3 years ago)
Funny you should say that about "What I really mean is I love you for you intelligence because of what it will get me." Something I noticed about women, hell, even as a teenager on the dating scene, is that there's a definite drop off as to what they say that will clarify what they mean. Like what I learned back then, is that any time a woman says they won't or don't do something, (If not an outright lie) it needs to be followed up with "Because of you/For you/With you." Case in point, when they say "I never kiss on the first date... WITH YOU." Every woman does that, just not with the guy they're talking to. Even something like "I'm not that kind of girl, I don't do anal... FOR YOU." "I never swallow cum... WITH YOU." Surely you see the pattern here. It's pretty much applicable for ALL of them.
jasonasdecker (3 years ago)
Another good call. I can not tell you how many times they have ducked out of intellectual conversations.
attichris (3 years ago)
Regarding the intelligent conversation thing, I disagree. I've had girlfriends in the past who loved having intelligent conversations,, on topics such as psychology, religion (or lack of), science etc. Maybe because even when I was dating often, I kinda looked for that.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
+attichris I concede what I call the "4% Rule" where there are woman who are exceptional.
Nathan B. Champine (3 years ago)
You forgot the other statement they say when they can't understand what you're talking about. "That's stupid" Women also don't want you to talk about any subject you know more about than they do especially if she states she's "An Educated Woman with x amount of degrees" . It drives them up the wall.
Noyb Byon (3 years ago)
Not everybody is a gold digging whore. Not everyone cares about money like this. Money isn't always on everyone's mind. It is on a lot of people's I concede that. I also concede that this video is right about most women from my personal experience. Yet, you realize there are religions and belief systems based on rejecting materialism completely and some people live there lives this way, right? Men and women both.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
Sure there are the Amish and stuff, but marriage as an i institutuion can be understood as a long term prostitutuin contract. Its generslly true, even if not universally true.
West Asian Levantine (3 years ago)
American women are rarely attracted to intelligence, you have to dumb yourself down if you want many of them to like you, in contrast many chinese/taiwanese women are attracted to intelligence
Bill Sanders (3 years ago)
In case you have not read The Predatory Female, here it is for FREE. Enjoy! http://www.revolucionantifeminista.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/lawrence-shannon-the-predatory-female.pdf
OLUBOASIRI Ojo (3 years ago)
it is easy for women to fool men who live with their hearts n not their minds.it's simple, pussay in exchange for resources..full time is marriage,part time is prostitution
JosephMQ (3 years ago)
True !! and thanks for the random thoughts which actually bear a significant truth to my own experiences. Why is it when dressed for work in my suit and a crisp white shirt that I get inundated with with glances, smiles, approaches, kind gestures from women. When I am dressed in my causal clothes which are actually more expensive that my suit I don't get the same level of attention.... why indeed... its because they see money... resources and an easier life with access to wealth and prestige. Do you agree or disagree ?
Warwolfii (3 years ago)
Women?.........Intelligence?.........hahahahahaha.......Intelligence? You're joking. Hahahahaha
Alberto Matus (3 years ago)
whenever i listen your videos i imagine a talking monkey actually . Sorry no intention to insult , just a random thought. Great channel.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
+Alberto Matus I used to show my face on camera more in my older videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJyL1V_g0tk
tobbaddol (3 years ago)
Yes. Those evil soulless women who are only after your wallet. And of course, "men" are all good samaritans who are helplessly manipulated by the breast adorned witches of the modern world... Did you ever stop to think how your own desires in regards to other people may be thought of as selfish and self-serving if viewed in a certain light? I thought not. But it might be an eye opener for you ;) (And just for the record, according to scientific studies, men and women have pretty much an equal amount of interest in intelligence in their partner. But, in the case of purely sexual relationships, men really don't care at all, while womens interest remains consistent. And the reason for this is not "money" or whatever else you think it might be. It's simply that intelligence is a marker for reproductive success. There's an evolutionary advantage to being intelligent, which is why we, as humans, are attracted to intelligence in others. And since men can't get pregnant, a relationship which requires no commitment means that they don't need to put any energy into raising a child which doesn't meet their standards of intelligence if they make their partner pregnant, while women do either way. We're all selfish entities, in the biological sense, at the end of the day, because all our genes want to do is to reproduce and to live on in future generations. That doesn't mean that women, or men, are all sociopaths. And if you think that, maybe you need to take a long hard look at yourself...)
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
Gene Anthony (3 years ago)
Realistically intelligence is an attractive trait, however it's usually social intelligence not book smarts that girls are into. The guys women tend to find attractive aren't all rich and they aren't all attractive. What they tend to be though are guys women find interesting for some reason. The bad boys could treat them like shit and they will keep going back to them. You can say they're attractive but there are plenty of attractive guys who make OK money and would treat them better but they keep going back to these guys. They might not be people you consider intelligent, but usually these people know enough to manipulate these women which is a form of intelligence. By the way you can have intelligent conversations with women, however the conversations I tend to have with women revolve more around things like human nature, relationships and such. This is an area where women tend to be better than men and they can be interesting conversations. Talking about technical details of some piece of software, hardware, etc. would never go over with them. By the same token I almost never talk to men about human nature, relationships, etc. because they tend to be clueless. MGTOW guys are usually pretty good though compared to a lot of guys.
Bill Sanders (3 years ago)
+Gene Anthony - Very insightful - I agree. Just met a new tax expert (IRS enrolled agent) today. She is successful because of relationships she is able to form with senior IRS agents. Her husband is her administrative assistant. She told me privately that when he tried to do actual tax work, he sucked. She threatened to fire and divorce him unless he stayed the fuck out of her area. He backed down and now they get along perfectly! When i talked to him privately, he showed me Wordpress features for building websites and various other things that HE is into. There is that power struggle in every relationship, no matter how compatible a couple is. Glad to be MGTOW.
BriBunee (3 years ago)
are you only defending a specific group of men to be smarter than women or all of them?
FarFromaHero (3 years ago)
+Bri S What sort of scenario did you have in mind?
BriBunee (3 years ago)
but did you consider that women have more white matter which gives them an advantage in other scenarios other than when having more grey matter would be beneficial?
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
@Bri S It varies by race. For example people from India are the least sexually dimorphic for whatever reason. Anyway, it's independent of size. Although men are bigger than women on average, even children that are the same size have differently sized brains. It's not JUST size, it's also density, grey matter, etc. Taken independently, it would be easy to dismiss, but in total, along with the IQ differences, SAT/ACT score differences, etc. it paints a pretty conclusive picture. Of course everything just denies it and continues to say that the sexes are equal because a pretty lie is better than an ugly truth.
BriBunee (3 years ago)
I'm not, just curious, you also seem to refer to the brain size in regards to level of intelligence but did you consider the size of men in comparison to women in general (ie men are naturally larger than women) and that brain size isn't relevant to intelligence because with that logic we are not smarter than cavemen? Also a study you referenced in regards to this says: "A well-marked male or female skull can easily be recognized as such, but in some cases the respective characteristics are so indistinct that the determination of the sex may be difficult or impossible."
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
@Bri S If you're referring to "social intelligence", I refer you to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOlx_gmv5-I
MK Warlock (3 years ago)
I'm 23 and I have a MSc in AI.. I really have to try really hard to avoid bringing it up because women automatically fixate on that - say that I'm smart or something similar, while I really like to see if they will want me for something else first (looks, sense of humor). It's the sad truth that they really see most men as giant walking (potential) banknotes.
Darrell Kent (3 years ago)
This puts me in the mind of my wife.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
Although its too late to save you from getting married, I truly wish you the best and hope your wife doesnt leave you and make you a wage slave for thr rest of your life. You may enjoy my video "Awakened While Married" in my MGTOW playlist.
Mintflavoredcyanide (3 years ago)
If women were really attracted to intelligent men, then Nerds would be overcome with gorgeous females knocking furiously at their doors. But we all know that is total bullshit. Women love 3 things in order: 1- Money. 2- Money. 3- Money. The rest, they can have by cheating on you after they trapped you into marriage. Any questions?
At All Costs (3 years ago)
Man's Intelligence -- Effectively and implicitly a woman's euphemism for Alpha Fux; Beta Bux.
Joe Dennis (3 years ago)
That chick at 1:32 is the poster child for American women-i.e., fatass, ugly bitch who can't cook.
ThisGuy10c (3 years ago)
intelligence is just a feature, like a car that comes with gps and seat warmers.
ThisGuy10c (3 years ago)
Just a tool, something to use until it's not useful or you can get a better one.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
+thisguy10 C So what is the car's function (to use your example)?
ThisGuy10c (3 years ago)
what they really mean is that your intelligent enough to take care of them and fix their problems.
rGG (3 years ago)
I think you are 100% right in this subject. It happens to me often.
skaindu (3 years ago)
intelligence = money     fem tok
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
skaindu (3 years ago)
+skaindu   hey challenge a game of chess to pay for the next  bill....lmao
SkepTorr (3 years ago)
Well they love you for your wealth, doesn't mean the are interested in dealing with money. They prefer that you'll have money and smarts, but they don't really want to engage with it.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
True, ultimately money is just paper. Its more about the "not having to work and being taken care of" thing.
why-me?? (3 years ago)
You're looking at this the wrong way.... men are cheap if they want some without paying... so all you men out there who think women just want your money, you are really cheap
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
I've read you comment 5 times, and I can't make heads or tails of it.
Prometheus (3 years ago)
hei im erika please look at me, im a nawalt, please look at me, in the queen of all atention wh0res, please look at me
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
Prometheus (3 years ago)
+mgtow loser, this is the attention wh0re queen again, yes mr loser you are right, im a nawalt because i suport mgtow
Prometheus (3 years ago)
+erika hey im a looser who is mgtow because i got rejected by all the women including midgets, but if i had even the slightest chance i will jump on the pu55y wagon and would not be mgtow anymore, yes erika i agree with you, you might be a nawalt
Jervis Horton (3 years ago)
1:16 Black women love saying they want to have a INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION. These MTHFKKRS dont talk about sht other then music,clothes,Gosip,sex and whos fkking who. Their idea of Intelligent conversation is basically street smarts which is good social skills. Or on the streets how to get away from the cops or not get robbed or fkked up. But black women dont talk science,business or about different thought concepts
whatever (3 years ago)
Kasparov expressed doubts at one point: "She (Polgar) has fantastic chess talent, but she is, after all, a woman. It all comes down to the imperfections of the feminine psyche. No woman can sustain a prolonged battle..."
Jon Smith (3 years ago)
How could women be attracted to something they can't comprehend or perceive?
Jon Smith (3 years ago)
@Menare Peeple™/Burgundy Pill™ No need to apologize.
Jon Smith (3 years ago)
@Menare Peeple™/Burgundy Pill™ LOL
Jon Smith (3 years ago)
@Menare Peeple™/Burgundy Pill™ Dude, for what it's worth, I care for you as much as I can care for anyone I've never met.
Jon Smith (3 years ago)
@Menare Peeple™/Burgundy Pill™ Well, hell, man. That's not good.
Jon Smith (3 years ago)
@Menare Peeple™/Burgundy Pill™ Peeple™, I'm glad to see you're still around. How's life treating you?
LAM Alien (3 years ago)
I think you're being overly cynical, this is what I don't like about MGTOW, it's just so immature.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
Mister Whispers (3 years ago)
You're a LEGEND!
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
+Mister Whispers "Legend of the Turd Flinging Monkey" sounds like a kung-fu movie.
Honto Ka Meshi (3 years ago)
The video is so true. More evidence that women aren't attracted to intelligence and they're just lying up the ass about it? Women obviously don't drool and ogle men like Albert Einstein, Nikolai Tesla, Noam Chomsky, Stephen Hawking, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku, or Terrence Tao who is the current man today with the highest IQ. Yeah, sure, women. LOL.
Ho Lee Fuk, MGTOW! (3 years ago)
This video right here explains why i never had many female friends most of my life. Ever since school days, even "intelligent" girls talk about the most vapid shit, especially if subject matters are approved and in line with their group think. Those same girls back then would fuck the good looking guy, even if he was a a dumb bag of bricks. Even the most dumbass simpy blue pill men i know/knew had more to bring to the table in regards to conversation than cunts, which is one of the reasons i ever invested any effort and time into them because good convo is a great redeeming quality. Growing up all my uncles had interesting things to say, while all the aunts would talk shit about people (no one is off limits) & general gossip. Of course, my uncles being primary breadwinners creates a necessity to keep ones wits sharp, whereas one can learn skills of a housewife/leg spreader in the same number of hours as the fingers on both hands. In the end for me, the brain drain effect of being around women, even if there's ball draining involved isn't worth it.
Profligate Scumbag (3 years ago)
Right on the fucking money. Npi. They love your intelligence for its potential power, they don't want to compliment it. If you're on a similar level to her and its power she already has, she probably wont find your intelligence attractive at all.
Raymund Hofmann (3 years ago)
My pussy is my argument.(I have the pussy, i make the rules.)Yeah, great intelligent conversations.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
You misspelled "sandwich".
Arcesious (3 years ago)
I consider myself MGTOW for the purpose of being realistic but I'm still hopeful I'll find someone who 'gets me' one day. That rare outlier who is exceedingly intelligent and whose reason always takes precedent over their emotions. In my experience from everything I've seen in life though, such women are very rare. So by the logic of assuming I'm more likely to be struck by lightning or something than run into a person like that and additionally have a significant connection as a result of it, it seems only wise to not waste my time with all the others and instead focus on my own self-improvement. Why am I hopeful? I met one such woman once in my life and fell in love pretty much entirely because her intelligence (the multiple STEM-field phd's kind of intelligent) was very attractive to a person like myself but for various lengthy reasons which were not at all her fault it never went anywhere. Because of that I know there are others of that sort somewhere out there, we just haven't crossed paths yet and additionally I need to improve as a person more to be worth their time anyway.
Arcesious (3 years ago)
+Menare Peeple I don't think that's entirely necessary or healthy. At least now I have greater awareness of the dangers to be very careful not to let myself be manipulated. I'm not partial to going all the way to that extreme where I might unfairly generalize all women. I can now know what to expect from the majority of them and thanks to this movement's advice be keenly aware of a lot of behavioral red flags I was unaware of before, and additionally being informed about 'male mother need' is also quite useful too. I dunno what your life experience has been but as I'm always wary of my own confirmation bias I don't necessarily take all of my personal experiences as more evidence to confirm my generalizations about women are always true. I have met one once personally that was the exception to all of this, and in additional if you go look around there are also a handful of women demonstrating intellectual prowess with channels on youtube supporting MGTOW and pretty much reiterating everything the other male realists on youtube have been saying too. Also, plenty of smart women in STEM fields. But what I expect is that these sorts are typically rather introverted so one isn't going to run into them often.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
Good luck with that. As you get older and more successful, you may find that (as Barbarossa would say) the juice isn't worth the squeeze.
Bad Ass (3 years ago)
Slade Technics (3 years ago)
It's definitely estrogenese for I want to drain your wallet once you've reached your maximum earning potential with your intelligence. Never had any intelligent conversations with women, it usually eventually veers towards some low brain wave non-nonsensical bullshit or a conversation about sex which they initiate. .
TheShorterboy (3 years ago)
Intelligence predicts resources as such it would follow that there would be a correlation
Itemus PL (3 years ago)
W:"I like when you cook." and then she don't eat what you cook. Translation:"Great! We going to restaurant and you are paying." I don't know how you miss this TFM... o wait i know. W:"I Love your intelligence." and then she don't engages in intelligent conversations. Translation:"Great! You are soo stupid. You will be easy to manipulate." TFM you are stupid for not listen to your self. (sorry)
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
Jordan Belfort (3 years ago)
My goal from day one was to focus on my career & be successful then once that was achieved sleeping with women would have been a lot easier. While working on my goals I did had friends who were using game to get women weather for sex or financial favors because they themselves were the type of men that always needed pussy which were a direct result of them being financially unstable, which makes sense since their main objective was game & pussy. The women these friends of mines were using game to sleep with for the most part were unattractive but like I said these guy never were too concern since their main objective was satisfying their needs. Don't get me wrong if I did had some game as a young man I would of execute on a lot more females, but there was also the chance one of those females trapping me. i can tell you tons of instances where I should of bang some pretty looking chicks & I would come home & be so disappointed with myself but then again it could of took me down the wrong path & away from gaining wealth. Now those friends may have slept with more females than I have inside the matrix but the women I have slept with in the matrix are far better looking not to mention all the dimes I had outside the matrix. Now what give me the edge is not better looks since we all are sharp in that department & it definitely isn't game because that's their specialty. We all got nice cars but it's the fact that I have a nice condo & I have the cash to wine & dine these women. You spoke about being intellectual & being able to impress women with knowledge & that's one area am well equip in mainly because of my profession my interest in politics & the financial markets. Now a guy like me goes to the club & meet a hood chick buy her few drinks get her #. The first impression she gets is am not bad looking I wear nice clothes & am not cheap because I bought her drinks. Now I go pick her up for a date in my nice ride, that's another plus now I take her out for a $70 dinner then I hold her hand while am walking back to my car by this time am saying in mind my this chick is down, we get in the car & the plan was to go to the movies I then say to her you want to go watch a movie @ my place? She says yes lol the feeling I get when I do this is incredible. So we get to my condo now she sees how my place is well furnish by this time that vagina she had on lock down from all the bums, thugs & losers starts getting wet & opening up the rest is history from there. Now not all females I brought to my home felt for that game, many gotten intermit but wouldn't fuck which I would cut loose then they would eventually come back. So this is my approach with female since I have known myself, I show them what am worth & from their is either my way or the highway. Now I don't know if that would be consider as game because am honest & never made any promise to these females in order to sleep with them. another technique I have learn to master is gaining women attention in clubs & a lot of that success has to do with the group of friends I hang out with which are of different ethnicities & we all know the different tactics to used weather it spending money at the bar knowing good looking women are their or splitting up for a bit then I'll see my boy make a Move on a chick & I'll walk by & hand him a cold beer & walk off then we will all eventually get back together. While you have other men trying to get a chick the conventional way I come in with my friends do my setup so by the time I hit on the chick she already saw me buying drinks & the friends I came with so it’s like stealing candy from a baby. I know men who are in great shape & got the physical features to be gigolos type of guys always in the gym but don't have money & they will have a good looking chick with a good job that will take care of them but the chick would make his life a nightmare if he has other women. So am not sure if a guy is in this position would be able to work around a possessive woman spending her money on him while she has other men knocking on her door probably willing to give her dick or money. This is just my opinion from my experience.
Jordan Belfort (3 years ago)
sorry Turd i need to improve on my writing skills.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 years ago)
The return key is your friend. I can't read your comment because I kept getting lost scrolling down on my phone, and since its not broken up into paragraphs, I keep losing my place.
Brain in a Vat (3 years ago)
This is a great analysis, and in hindsight I see it should have been blindingly obvious with the "list of demands" drumbeat about ambitious and goal-oriented men to be found in women's online profiles, but I think you passed over one aspect of the situation here. It is not only a matter of earning power (or potential earning power), but also about female narcissism. Women want to be at the center of attention, and being around intelligent men (or influential men, or ambitious men) can put them at the center of attention. One of the women of whom Julian Assange was accused of sexually assaulting, Anna Ardin, wrote on Twitter after hanging out with Assange and his WikiLeaks cronies, "Sitting outdoors at 2am, hardly freezing, with the world's coolest, smartest people. It's amazing!" This statement is almost pathetic in its narcissism. Women like this try to engineer their proximity to intelligence, fame, influence, and wealth not only because they want to enjoy the material fruits of these virtues, but also because they want to bathe in the reflected glow of intelligent, famous, influential and wealthy men. But it sounds admirable and elevating to say that you like the company of intelligent people, so for a woman to say she likes intelligent men is as much as her saying, "I'm intelligent, and intelligent people want to hang out with me." Thus she gets her narcissistic feels and plausible deniability for otherwise obviously off-putting social-climbing (which is, in turn, an aspect of hypergamy).
Brain in a Vat (3 years ago)
+whatever Thanks!
whatever (3 years ago)
+Brain in a Vat nice insight!
Rolling Tin Fist (3 years ago)
The only three women that ever complimented me on intelligence were really intelligent and already had access to way more money than they could get through me. Yes, I was merely their bedroom play thing. The rest of them....it was like, shut up smart guy and gimme some cash.
The Don Mgtow (3 years ago)
My ex said that she loved me cos I was smart.. and then at the end of the relationship... she accused me of making her feel stupid.. to which i said.. you know your have an inferiority complex that stemmed from your school days and didn't do a thing about it .. and I can't make you feel a thing that isn't true! haha
Larrysfo (3 years ago)
You got it. I never have an intelligent conversation with a woman especially when they found out I got my FU money already and can quit my job anytime I feel like it. I try talk to them in many subject, all give me the dear in the head light look. It's like talking to a dog, they pay attention to the sound and the tone but do not understand anything coming out your mouth.
Vagabond Soul (3 years ago)
This reminds me how effortlessly easy it is to engage in a philosophical conversation with another man. Even the most intellectually limited men I've met in life are capable of holding a philosophical discussion. They may believe in the most obtuse things, but they still are interested in talking about their views on life.
Rafique Adzam (1 year ago)
vagabond soul yeah women are fucking retarded, and in the internet where theres more men, the men starts becoming intellectually retarded too because they want females haha

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