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Men, Women, and Intelligence

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Feminist 11s Article: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/3325/are_women_really_superior_to_men.html?singlepage=true&cat=52 National Review Article on Male/Female Sport Disparities: http://article.nationalreview.com/print/?q=ODlmNmJhM2JhMGZmOWQxOTMzMGE1YWFmMzkzZDNlODM Channel Crossing Speeds: http://physics.suite101.com/article.cfm/how_fast_can_humans_swim Neuropsychiatry Reviews: http://www.neuropsychiatryreviews.com/mar05/menandwomen.html Gray Matter/White Matter http://www.livescience.com/health/050120_brain_sex.html National Bureau of Economic Research http://www.nber.org/papers/w13162.pdf Atlanta Women http://www.atlantawomanmag.com/Blogs/philanthropy/Our_Nationxs_Top_Wealth_Holders_Are_Women.html Our Sponsor: http://hollywoodloser.com/ Bernard Chapin here with Volume of Chapins INFERNO 320 Men, Women, and Intelligence Im at [email protected] PajamasMedia.com archive http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/author/bernardchapin/ Women: Theory and Practice http://www.amazon.com/Women-Practice-Bernard-Paul-Chapin/dp/1604612711/ref=ed_oe_p Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1151858208#/profile.php?id=1398155473&ref=name Twitter http://twitter.com/BernardChapin
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Text Comments (36)
Dan Williams (23 days ago)
The most intelligent woman alive will tell you that she isn't as intelligent as the most intelligent man alive. You might disagree with her, but that's one indication that you're not as intelligent as either of them. It's okay, though; I'm not either.
Bernard Chapin (23 days ago)
a comment not responsive to anything in this video
derchozenvun83 (1 month ago)
Hat size L/XL. Good luck placing a decent ornament on a proper cranium.
ComicDudes (3 years ago)
i think you are correct people say that women are better at every single little thing which is false people get praised for saying women are better but if someone says men are better it is considered sexist seriously there are songs about it KIDS SONGS men have more grey matter than women and more muscle but women have better scenes it should be even but nope they say women are stronger,smarter,faster, and better in every way it is bull.
Powertuber1000 (4 years ago)
Men have approximately 6-1/2 times the amount of gray matter that women do, and women have nearly 10 times more white matter than men. GRAY matter PROCESSES information in the brain, while WHITE matter CONNECTS the processing centers, it is these large male processing centers of gray matter that is the difference between Skyscrapers and computers or grass huts and cave paintings.
empyblessing (5 years ago)
And yet when women do anything better than men, or anything close to, or anything the misandrists can pervert the statistics to make it look like, we here stories about on every site.
Bernard Chapin (5 years ago)
absolutely, 100% right, great comment
warrior4just (5 years ago)
As a mathematician, i say to those who even consider the contribution of women in the sciences, u simply don't know science and ignorant about its content...all mathematics is man's...there is hardly literally anything worth mentioning in the vast field of mathematics, the only thing that could be estimated is Daubechies wavelets by a belgian female mathematician...except that the foundation was already established long before...so it was more of an addition. That's about it
Bernard Chapin (5 years ago)
i had to get rid of that femafascist, i only discover these comments on old videos when someone like you watches them, thanks!
Tim Lewis (6 years ago)
Men invented the car, bicycle and computer Women invented the circular saw, kevlar and the computer program compiler
Isabelle M (6 years ago)
Men are God's glory on earth and women are men's glory.
Bernard Chapin (6 years ago)
@futuboolu you didn't actually listen to the video did you? Nothing you say is responsive.
ohiogrinder (6 years ago)
lol, a Misogyny video appears in the suggested videos by a woman.
Mectrixctic (6 years ago)
Not enough, I want this skid-mark of the internet completely ripped to shreds in every form.
Daniel Parkes (6 years ago)
I hope feminist11 watches these
Bernard Chapin (7 years ago)
@xLuckyLuciano No, "Einstein’s brain was normal in size and shape, except for one portion — associated with mathematics — that was wider than average." However, we can say that the connection between brain size and intelligence is moderate to strong. Variation among individuals is expected, however.
Jenna B (7 years ago)
@ImperiousViking sorry, suppressed and oppressed sound exactly the same to me sometimes. It's not just middle eastern countries i don't think. anyway, thats what im trying to say, because of the gender roles women didn't exactly have the same education as men did, so how were they suppose to come up with great intellectual theories and inventions? And even if they did, i dont think anybody would listen to them.
ImperiousViking (7 years ago)
@glue400 the term is oppressed not suppressed, and no they didn't. Men and women just had different gender roles. Men were supposed to provide and protect and women took care of the house. Any man would rather stay home with the kids, then spend 16 hours a day working in a coal mine slowly dieing of black lung if they only had the opportunity to do so. But society wouldn't allow a man to be a "stay at home dad" I middle eastern countries, yes. There is alot of discrimination and its horrible.
Jenna B (7 years ago)
@ImperiousViking First of all, that is not true, there are many inventions made by woman. Second of all, that is because in the past (way in the past) woman have been suppressed by men. In many peripheral countries its still true, with woman being discouraged from going to school and getting an education.
ImperiousViking (7 years ago)
@XxDatBlonde1xX Correcting other people spelling mistakes in order to try look smarter than them is just plain silly. Especially when the one you are arguing with does not have English as his native language. I don't understand why you are picking a fight with me who was trying to say that men don't have bigger brains compared to body size than women. Rather than the guy who said that blood loss during a womans period causes a shortage of blood to the brain and the end result is... "CRAZY"!
ImperiousViking (7 years ago)
@XxDatBlonde1xX and where did I say one is more intelligent then the other?
ImperiousViking (7 years ago)
@XxDatBlonde1xX Do you think that a man and a woman's brain are the same, and that there are no areas where men are better then women, and women better then men?
Dantheman (7 years ago)
At 3.57 you rhetorically ask what brain matter you would rather have a lot of ; gray brainmatter (of which men have most of) or white brainmatter (which women have more of). It's a question which denotes inequality and drags us down to the feminist's level; assuming superiority because of some vague difference. We have no idea if white/gray brainmatter correlate with intelligence, only that size does.
ElasticGiraffe (8 years ago)
Feminists used to care about women's suffrage and equal pay for equal work - both of which I support. Now they feel the need to prove that they are better than men at everything. Wtf? If these new feminists don't want women to be seen as infantile and in need of male provision, then maybe they should stop acting like bratty children. It's pathetic.
jaraha (8 years ago)
Chuichupachichi (8 years ago)
Once every month, for approximately one week, loss of blood occurs. This causes a shortage of blood to the brain and the end result is... "CRAZY"!
Bernard Chapin (8 years ago)
@ImperiousViking No, no, these studies already adjust for bigger body size Imperious. Its figured in. If they didn't it would be too obvious to mention but I probably should have mentioned that.
ImperiousViking (8 years ago)
Men do have bigger brains then women, but we allso have bigger bodies. and when estimating intelligence amoung animales, scientists look at the ration between brain and body. however every descovery, invention and intellectual theory worth mentioning, has been created by a man
swinewarrior (8 years ago)
Problem is they never admit to the menopause and that is crazy
jm3083 (8 years ago)
Most inventors are men, most people with the highest IQ 's are men, and men are more likely to take risks with the sciences which improve daily lives for the common person. If women are smarter then we need to see the results! Men are the ones who improve modern life not women so if women think they are smarter then they need to get on the ball with inventions and sures for diseases and so on. We all know that has not and will not happen.
Lester Vecsey (8 years ago)
very interesting about the grey and white matter. I've always noticed I've developed a knack for putting together "timing" and 'patterns" and wonder if this falls under the grey matter information processing area. I imagine white matter networking then to be something like a face book structure where different nodes were to light up or have greater influence, but I wonder if females with this trait tend to even have a visualization or if there is some other mental / emotional model day to day.
MooseheadDrinker (8 years ago)
PINEGROVE: are you divorced?
MooseheadDrinker (8 years ago)
i love political incorrectness
kdurston1 (8 years ago)
full windsor knot in the future my friend... ;)
crypter27 (8 years ago)
The old feminist cromozone myth!

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