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Event Canceled: New Zealand Is Hostile To Free Speech

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Text Comments (7071)
Stefan Molyneux (5 months ago)
Your support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate
The Godless (5 months ago)
Funny how both Stefan nor Lauren ever mentioned the jewish influence in it all…….makes you wonder.
Truth or Beware (5 months ago)
Chimes Media yep If you guys have a couple minutes, could you please give my channel a look. All help is greatly appreciated.
Sparky Nate (5 months ago)
Stefan Molyneux I would start recording your conversations with these venue owners so if they do what this guy did then you have proof to screw the left over with!
Mark Crooks (5 months ago)
Richard Swaim yes there is. Save your money in a high interest offshore account so that one day you can afford a brain transplant because that’s the only way you’re ever going to understand that supporting publicity seeking racists is entirely different to supporting your intellect and conscience. DUMB TWIT!!!!!!
SlickR12345 (5 months ago)
You can sue the venue owner. Agreeing to host you and then changing his mind is a breach of contract. You clearly had mutual verbal agreement and that is a contract. Many people don't know their rights, so yeah. If you can show text messages or anything or a third party witness that can confirm you were set to speak at the venue and can basically prove it in court that you agreed to speak there, then sue him and bring him to court. He will lose 100%. Again verbal agreements are legal and lawful contracts, you don't need an agreement written on paper to be legal and lawful contract. Sue the asshat!
SUNSOAR (1 day ago)
I'm an Ozy, and i feel ashamed for my kiwi brothers having done something like this. Australia and New Zealand are so closely linked i feel ashamed of both our countries. Condolences to all the New Zealanders that were looking forward to the event
Banagan (2 days ago)
Shame on NZ
Isabel Body (8 days ago)
Y’all in the comments are delusional. All New Zealand wants is to be is peaceful, yes we want equality but not at the expense of this delusional hate. You lost the platform because as you said they didn’t know what you were talking about until then. Hateful shit that we don’t need. They literally said that our police and government were threatening people to take away their platforms. Sorry you’re not used to a country with a moral code.
TheWindAmongTheReeds (2 days ago)
Isabel Body You don't have a right to speak for me or any other NZer for that matter. You speak for yourself. Try going along and asking some incisive questions and presenting some well reasoned and logically sound counter arguments perhaps. However, we all know the Left doesn't have any arguments which bare any scrutiny, don't we? You fear opposing views because you know full well that your own position is based on foundations of sand. Fascists want to shut down free speech and repudiate anyone who dissents from the "accepted" narrative. You are a fascist.
William Solia (10 days ago)
What do you mean by free speach i can talk freely as much as i want but if it offeneds somebodey then fights are gonna go down
Adrian Taylor (19 days ago)
Yep i AM A KIWI AND WHEN i SAW THIS GO DOWN WATCHING tv I went to find out some background and now I feel that you should have been able to speak here.Where does this negative press come from?I really thought we had free speech here.Now I know different
Mac Angus (20 days ago)
As a New Zealander I think it sucks you weren’t able to speak
Stefan Molyneux (20 days ago)
Omega-Myrrh AlphaHoney (1 month ago)
This is Hello World basically.. Lesson: fuck all the mainstream media, go socialize
Omega-Myrrh AlphaHoney (1 month ago)
But what are you saying??
BrownGirlWhiteBoy (1 month ago)
I am sorry for what happened to you in our country and how you were abused by our leftist government
Zandrie Elliott (1 month ago)
I can't exactly agree with every political stance these people have but nonetheless less as a NewZealander I find it appalling to see that they are being denied the right to speak. As right wing journalists go these two are actually some of the most accurate and informative out there.
Morningstar ! (1 month ago)
No one cares about your free speech we have free speech we dont want yours
TheWindAmongTheReeds (2 days ago)
Morningstar You mean YOU don't want it. How dare you be so arrogant as to think that everyone else wants and thinks the same as you. Go to North Korea if you cannot handle free speech.
Dévd Jemáz (1 month ago)
You know is true when they stop you from taking about it. If it were lies they would happily let you talk and make fools of yourselves. Anyone against free speech is absolutely insane. When they read about Hitler, do they like what they hear?
FrenchFriesMafia (1 month ago)
I live in New Zealand, and this is exactly why I want to flee this joke of a country. Even in school we are brainwashed into liberal garbage, despite the curriculum opposing bias. All my teachers and fellow classmates support liberal views and if even one person opposes their views, they breakdown. Literally the definition of liberal snowflakes. Overall New Zealand is a beautiful scenic country with liberal, politically correct, shit heads running it.
rajas mhatre (1 month ago)
Come to india
Desaday (1 month ago)
This is an embarrassing but required example of the Left in New Zealand. Please keep up your amazing work and I apologise for my country’s hostility.
tadhg ogorman (1 month ago)
You come to our country, disrespect our culture, history and founding values, demand access to government venues to make money, make up stories about threats, whine about persecution when a private business denies you a service and then call us fascist? Then after all of this your only point is "diversity is bad because foreigners with bad opinions will come here" if 2 muslims did what you were doing you'd piss and moan about how this is the fall of western civilisation. If diversity means more cunts like you than I'll leave it.
TheWindAmongTheReeds (2 days ago)
tadhg ogorman Telling the truth and exposing the Maori gravy train of imagined grievance is not "disrespect". It is the opposite. The Government doesn't own any venues, the tax payer owns them. Can you not keep a civil tongue? Someone who speaks like that obviously doesn't mind looking very unintelligent. You obviously don't.
Tupu Folasa (2 months ago)
Were not all liberals in Nz. Fkn media. I totally agree with you guys. Yea I said it “guys.” Try to come back again.
Simon Edge (2 months ago)
U guys are the villains needed in this world (you and Batman). Keep up the good work! Sad to see free speech coming to an end in NZ & UK, and hopefully Sweden can act as early warning beacon to the disaster potential ahead. As a South African (race is irrelevant) , the work you have both done getting the word out means a lot!
Buzlokt (2 months ago)
As a New Zealander born n raised I knew you guys were coming and I knew people were gonna shut yous down, I'm Maori and have white skin because my father is Australian and even though the majority of my family is Maori I still get treated as a racist white man. New Zealand is not as good as everyone thinks, it's racist against white people and the education system is a joke. politicians and council members simply siphon money from taxes and nothing gets done that actually needs to be done and if you talk about politics you're deemed racist or a freak. Our media either talks like children in a classroom without a teacher, playing with food or animals or it's mocking right wing politicians both domestic and international. you mention anything right leaning and you're shunned or treated like a weirdo. people here can go through schools, universities and take courses to gain even further education and come out what I think is worse off then when they started. this country has a stupidity problem and we don't even have a military to defend this place lol what ever happened to adhering to simple and known facts and not trying to argue just to try win a debate of ideas.
TheWindAmongTheReeds (2 days ago)
Zandrie Elliot It's not arrogance. It is insecurity.
Zandrie Elliott (1 month ago)
I must agree with you there my man but it's also interesting to see how arrogant many NewZealanders are for example whilst watching a news segment on the Kaikora earthquake the media thought it important enough to show the media reactions from other countries. Onenews in particular appears to be seriously declining.
minima1love (2 months ago)
Were not all stupid in New Zealand!! Not all of us are sheep either......some of us are wolves!! 😉 Cooooommme baccccck so i can talk to people with real thoughts and ideas.
Common Sense (2 months ago)
Your suprised your being canceled , you speak the truth, you don't fit the narrative !!
Xdo (2 months ago)
In the 2017 Freedom House report New Zealand was ranked as the 8th most free country saying "New Zealand has a strong record of providing for and protecting fundamental freedoms. Free and fair elections take place regularly, people can exercise their political rights, and free expression and other civil liberties are protected. Among the greatest concerns is de facto discrimination against New Zealand’s Maori people and some immigrant communities, although the government has made significant efforts in recent years to improve representation of their interests." Source: https://freedomhouse.org/report/freedom-world/2017/new-zealand
2ndTim32 (2 months ago)
NZ Media is shockingling leftist here and not bright at all. I dont even watch them anymore.
Fairness Believer (2 months ago)
Bloody disgusting NZ, embarrassed to have accepted my NZ citizenship being British. I thought NZ were more free and less afraid.
Echo_Wolfie (2 months ago)
Why does one thing stop you from coming here? New Zealand is probably the best looking country in the world. You can go to school and come back alive 😂 Everyone in this comment section are just going off of what these two morons are saying. Honestly come to NZ, you will not want to leave. Done.
Echo_Wolfie Yeah, it's beautiful. But our media, Leftist politicians and much of the general public are moronic braindead idiots who believe the narrative that the "white man" is to blame for the dopey Maoris beating their kids to death on a regular basis, being hooked on taxpayer funded welfare and overflowing the prisons in a disproportionate manner. Stef and Lauren are spot on.
Nathan Gray (2 months ago)
I wasn't aware of the events in Australia at the time. I would have definitely turned up to support Stephen and Lauren. Free speech is precious
Ed Melendez (3 months ago)
5:19. The media has it's clip now.
Blendon Laurie (3 months ago)
I am Maori, that idiot on the media used Maori name in vain, he was the one that is racist and disrespectful
Blendon Laurie (3 months ago)
So sorry about our idiot media, but wait the trump train is coming
Anthony LeBlanc (3 months ago)
Lauren Southern. Will you marry me? Lol no seriously though. Lolol
Adam Dwyer (3 months ago)
Unfortunately only 49% voted for the center right at the last election now we’re left with a mess of a coalition, but like the rest of the western world the vocal minority yells the loudest and is becoming progressively more violent in their protests all backed by mainstream media. Luckily people like you two are providing alternative
Cheeky Kent (3 months ago)
After the Patrick Gower interview, poor Paddy had to run away down to Stewart Island to run some shitpiece bullshit story on 1080 to try and redeem himself LOLOLOL.
Cheeky Kent Gower is such a gimp!
sugar sugar (3 months ago)
NZ has free speech. What they will not allow is agitators.
sugar sugar So...we don't have free speech. Thanks for clearing that up.
Celeste Snyder (3 months ago)
I'm oldish I have to say the world is a much scarier place than it used to be. On the plus side I gurantee many NZ citizens will be looking you up to see who you are and much of it will be morbid curiosities not unlike the freak shows off the past. By behaving so very badly they have woken the sleeping giant of the middle. I suspect y'all will be invited back and this time you'll have much support in the citizens.
caterpilla joe (4 months ago)
Nz only has two news channel networks 1 and 3 . both are CNN. From the outside it looks like nzlanders are lefty sjw brainwashed sheep, but there are a lot of woke ppl in NZ. The revolution is coming
caterpilla joe (4 months ago)
Our slut of a prime minister should stay home and look after her fucking baby
SlipperyBream (4 months ago)
tbh I think them shutting you both down has actually done you a favour. I didnt even know really who you guys were before this fiasco came up on my feed. Now you two are showing the true colours of the ultra left PC culture that is insidiously destroying everything it touches.
ydely Suarez (4 months ago)
The left is going crazy all over the globe... It’s disturbing.. Keep up the good work, we are listening.
Johnny Eketone (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this. It annoys me to hear that happened to you. Johnny. Christchurch, New Zealand.
Liberty City (4 months ago)
I don't know why you went to New Zealand for your speech. Obviously the whites there won't let you have "Your discussions" because they are afraid the indigenous population The Passive Maori, Will rise up and take their Country back.
Liberty City (4 months ago)
Venue Canceled, not a problem...! Everybody can make themselves Invisible and stage it there anyway..!
Liberty City (4 months ago)
There is Free Speech, you are having some now but i know what you are talking about. The people you are talking about are trying to be trendy. Following the trend of being P.C. Targeting People with low IQ which you talked about in some of your previous Discussions. I would never consider them as Multiculturists especially the No 1 Racists or those ones with the Painted Smile. It's an easy one, you can guess who i'm talking about, LoL Having said all that. I still don't agree with your fascist Views, (Yes i do know Right From Wrong)..! (I don't want anybody getting Paranoid on me LoL). All working Classes are Trouble Makers. No matter where they are from except maybe the Orientals, I believe you Guys touched on that also.
steve smith (4 months ago)
IN NZ,you are free to do as we tell you.NO FREE SPEECH IN NZ.
Jesse Pisces (4 months ago)
What did you expect from a white colonial police state of bigotry, corruption, racism and wretchedness? you sound like this is a new thing or surely you didn't believe the colonial lies about themselves and their shithole colony? should of asked the Maori's who have to live with these degenerate liars and fakes about what NZ's really like behind the curtains. That's the joke played on everyone bro. Foreigners are fed the pakeha bullshit and come into town talking rubbish to anyone who is listening thus making the colonials look good at your expense with no one the wiser when they depart. Australia play the same game as Canberra controls Wellington but on a larger trans Tasman scale where if you go to Australia first and get a bad reception, the colonials in Canberra will set you up in NZ as did happen with none the wiser; see the pattern? you walked into a trap and Nigel Farage is next as NZ First Party and the Labour Party government play both the US-UK and China off each other under the guise of two political parties. Always start with NZ bro...the real patriots you missed.
shadfurman (4 months ago)
Need to get Sargon, Owen Benjamin, Ben Shapiro, idk... Maybe even Milo if he's not bankrupt, all together and start buying up free speech venues.
jbw601 (4 months ago)
sorry for that our mps they are pussies
Alan Abel (4 months ago)
As a New Zealander I am ashamed at how these two were treated. I don't allways agree with Stefans views... I think he is very "cultural-centric" in his rationale ( seems to be oblivious to Chinese culture as one example ) …. but still appreciate the "food for thought" he brings. I am aware that under the guise of being PC and/ or anti-hate speech , that our right to free speech is being eroded ; but to the extent that it has been is unbelievable.
Stefan Molyneux (4 months ago)
Cameron Sawyer (4 months ago)
This enrages me that the venue was cancelled last second. New Zealand is going down the gurgler and it embarrasses me to be a New Zealander.
Big Daddy D (4 months ago)
The US is turning into a liberal shithole too
alien watch (4 months ago)
our laws religion and cultures dont need to be westernised by your reterik and labels we dont need your help we see how much emotion division and anger your speech creates we are a multi cultural and diverse country that are at the fore front of alot of political hange
Jason Hawkins (4 months ago)
Shit mate you went to the wrong city, there's a reason most New Zealanders hate Aucklanders.
Faoladh (4 months ago)
I'm so sorry you were treated so poorly in my country Australia and New Zealand. I'm disgusted with our government and genuinely ashamed of some of my countrymen and their recently developed lack of backbone and blatant willful ignorance. I didn't even know you came until I saw the video of Lauren in Lakemba. I lived there 18 years ago and 2 or 3 cars were burned every week on my street alone, and every morning on my walk to the train station to go to work I saw the most horrific islamic bill posters on telegraph poles describing Australian girls as uncovered meat that attracts flies and that they were filthy sluts that deserved to be raped. I've noticed freedom of speech is gone now. So much for article 19 of the UDHR. Although anyone that's not white can say whatever hateful violent threatening thing they like. That's what we get for allowing a bunch of violent hair triggered people into our country. Although in our defence, prima facie, they used to be a lot friendlier when there was far less of them. Many of my friends from Sydney say it has now gotten to the point that they can no longer live in Sydney with all the migrant gangs and violent crime. I'm currently out of work and raising my two grandchildren with very limited money, but I would have sold a kidney to come and speak to you two. But I guess I'm in the choir already. May God or the Universe or Good fortune bless you both. Thank you so much for all the wonderful and crucially important work that you both do. But just remember what they did to Theo Van Gogh. These people are evil murdering psychopaths that have beheaded 2 BABIES in Germany this year alone, that I know of, not to mention all the other people they have murdered in their host countries. Yet the authorities gagged the media and arrested the guy who filmed the murder scene and the guy who posted it on youtube. Please be careful and stay safe.
David Marsden (4 months ago)
They only wanted you speak about Vegemite.
villagegirl4life (4 months ago)
Stealth Kiwi (4 months ago)
If you like to know when Helen Clark was Prim minister she lied to the country making us think she was married to Peter Davis ( Gay too ), he is a Pedophile caught in the USA playing with little boys!! Helen is and always will be a Lesbian ask anyone in the know ( I know her ex bodyguard ) so the marriage was a scam to every New Zealander, but hardly anyone here knows!! I call that media suppression at it's best. Now she just keeps popping up and down in the media, because she groomed Jacinda Ardern and is pulling all the strings!!
Stealth Kiwi Peter Davis is clearly gay, and Helen Clark has been getting it on for years with her "close advisor" Heather Simpson.
Stealth Kiwi (4 months ago)
As a Kiwi I love you both, government here cannot take the truth, just take the blue pill and you will understand!! Labour are pro American Democrat biased, look how we licked Hillarys boots when she came here, and Aunty Helen Clark is behind a lot of this!! As she groomed our latest Prime Minister.
garandhero (4 months ago)
Shame on New Zealand.
Pete Poster (4 months ago)
Can you please still do the talk but on youtube..they cant stop that. And im sure the people who is all for free speech in new Zealand who will want to see it.
Richard Howard (4 months ago)
i hope you guys are laughing about nz govt./establishment. you could not have dreamed about as much publicity. well played
X (4 months ago)
The visible hatred from black South Africans towards white South Africans has risen sharply in the last four years which is being fanned / encouraged by black politicians and is resulting in the verbal abuse in public, assault, torture, rape, murder and theft of land owned by white South Africans all this at an alarming rate despite racial equality. How can people of the world put a stop to this black on white racist theft and murder in South Africa - the answer is the way world opinion put pressure to end apartheid. Call your congressman/politician to place sanctions on the ANC led South African government. Boycott South Africa this is the only way to stop this madness enveloping South Africa and bring the black South African's to their senses before they openly start shooting whites on mass as some racist black South African politicians are calling for by chanting their favourite slogans '"One Settler One Bullet" or "Bring me my Machine Gun" or '"We not calling for the slaughtering of the whites at least for now " which in the Bantu culture means it will happen sooner or later.
Ryan B (4 months ago)
Yeah now I really want to move out of New Zealand.
Luke Skyrunner (4 months ago)
Feminism fucked NZ.
Jacob Newman Lim (4 months ago)
I support you guys as an international student in New Zealand.
David Renwick (4 months ago)
Don't you get it? NZers and Aussies don't like what you want and say. Does "Fuck off" mean anything to you? You really miscalculated there. Get over it and preach to the Russians or whomever.
Dave, you dickhead. Don't be a moron. Plenty of Kiwis love Stef and Lauren. Does "fuck off" mean anything to YOU?
Stefan Molyneux (4 months ago)
Nah they loved us bro
Chico Little (4 months ago)
Lauren is absolutely the hottest dude i have ever seen.
Vincent Morrison (4 months ago)
sorry for my countries lack of fairplay;we may not agree with your views ;But the chance to debate you would have been challenging; and educational; for both sides;maybe freedom of thought would Be a better Title to engage others?
deano2000nz (4 months ago)
Fuck off back to once you came !!!!
Twophotons (4 months ago)
Remove mind control weapons from the New Zealand government.
I Ka (4 months ago)
*Friends, please sign the petition to White House in support of Oleg Sentsov who is a Ukrainian political prisoner of Putin on 80+ days hunger strike:* https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/save-oleg-sentsov
justinbro (4 months ago)
Turn your recording volume up
MLE (5 months ago)
Omg I thought NZ was more neutral on these things. Truly disheartening now knowing that I live in a far leftist country.
Lynn Link (5 months ago)
You speak so well on behalf of TRUTH!  New Zealand meeting place owners and/or threatening masked bullies of darkness are, rightfully, fearful of you?  New Zealand not made up of those in power only!  These thugs against GOD should realize GOD wins!
Tiber Zeek (5 months ago)
New Zealand....land of the fascists. I think you found some white people to lower that IQ deviation Stefan.
Johnny Icarus (5 months ago)
Stefan, as a kiwi I am extremely embarrassed and ashamed of my government for not allowing Lauren and yourself to speak. Moreover, I am disgusted by our biased left-wing media’s extreme character assassination of you both. Please consider coming back to NZ and trying again sometime in the future.
Stefan Molyneux (5 months ago)
Thank you
Zodd (5 months ago)
Unfortunately it's going to continue to get worse as the right isn't taking this threat seriously. We will inevitably be forced to physically fight the opposition in some form of war. Once we win the western values we enjoy will be reinstated. This is the sad truth that history has shown us. We are doomed to repeat the same problems as long as we continue to avoid truth and history.
xlr8r2010 Smith (5 months ago)
The liberal SJW's don't want people hearing the truth...they don't want people to be awoken, they want them sleeping, and compliant. FACT!
Robert Paulsin (5 months ago)
I love you two together. I'll try and donate a couple bucks at the end of the month here.
Angie Natoyn (5 months ago)
What the fck is going on in this world. Hydra has spread its tentacles to every corner!
scott t (5 months ago)
Cowards everywhere
Strefanasha (5 months ago)
our cynical opportunist who was made PM at the behest of Winston Peters (the main other party actually got more votes) said she was proud of NZ for deplatforming these two. she , I imagine has NO idea what Molyneux and Southern actually stand for. I am sickened by our PM's self righteous hypocrisy. BTW I now conclude that "hate speech" is merely an ad hominem device speaking not to the hatred these SJW's hypocrites allege in others, but expressing their own hatred of any dissent
Pilot Burrito (5 months ago)
10:34 We throw faeces and dildos at our politicians if they get out of line, they probably denied you for your own protection. We are an integrated society and bringing tension is not advisable.
Namrepus Prime (5 months ago)
The majority did not stop you speaking I can promise you that, a small vocal/threatening violence minority did not want you to speak the truth and shut it down. Those of us with open eyes and ears wanted your message bought here and considering the uproar the cancellation has caused we are not the minority opinion.
Raymond Cruz (5 months ago)
When the white race is finally eradicated, the world will begin to heal.
Raymond Cruz We aren't going anywhere, ya big grease ball.
Trickroad (5 months ago)
don't provoke muslims if you know what's good for you!
Yacahuma X (5 months ago)
The_Chilled Bear (5 months ago)
Hey there, I’m just going to start off with that I’m a kiwi from New Zealand and I am truely sad and deeply sorry for how my country approached you guys, I don’t speak for all New Zealanders but I think how the media tired to make you look bad just didn’t work for many people here. Not all of us are crazy, I believe in freedom of speech for everyone, regardless if we agree or not. What I am trying to say is that i am sorry for your experience here and alot of people here would really like you two to come back in the future. :) don’t give up just yet. :D. We ain’t all like the ones that mistreated you.
chris jones (5 months ago)
Haha shame kunts
Dammigeo (5 months ago)
please challenge the various hosts (especially that douche bag for a mayor) the for breaches of human rights and or deformation and or slander in NZ court (not court of media opinion) please. We need an example like this tried in court for our free speech to be protected.
Ramiel (5 months ago)
I think Stefan and Lauren are full of shit and misguided on an epic scale, yet... Just banning people from speaking is not civilized. Wrong arguments are easily debunked by those who can understand the subject, and fools who can't understand complex subjects will never ever be able to be explained to the truth.
Ramiel Give us your rebuttal, big fella. Go.....
Mysterious Girl (5 months ago)
New Zealand has been extremely lefty way before the rest of the West, it’s not really surprising
Frank (5 months ago)
Free speech is dead, in NZ ;-(
Connor Johnson (5 months ago)
Unfortunately you butted Auckland. The part of our country that is almost nothing like our country, travel south (probably below Hamilton) and the attitudes and people are very different. There is an old saying: 'New Zealand stops at the Bombay Hills' for context, the Bombay Hills are the southern boundary of Auckland, everything north is Auckland (until northland) and everything south is 'New Zealand'. Funnily enough, the saying is used on both sides of the hills, but is more correct as said from the south side (I'm on that side so of course I'm going to say that). Regardless, starting in Auckland was a mistake, maybe if you did start at New Plymouth, Napier, Taupo, Wellington, Greymouth, Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin or Invercargill, things may have been a lot more civilized, and Auckland would know a bit more of what you are on about and you could of gotten a talk in.
tyson dog (5 months ago)
A venue owner can't hold an event in his own property that doesn't break the law or endanger people, in a so called Democratic Free country. This is a denial of a person to legally earn money, through bulling. You would expect this in Communist or Dictatorships, but not Democratic countries. This is not "fake news", this is the thought police in action removing peoples freedom to listen, debate and engage. This is the clear hypocritical nature of the so called 'democratic' left.
Mariano (5 months ago)
I'm realizing there is no such thing as a free country. SAD. I saw New Zealand as one of the best if not the best country in the world. Freedom of speech is one of the most basic rights. I hope you can resolve this people. Oh, my country is a complete disaster so, i still envy you.
Forte3645 (5 months ago)
Socialism is the redistribution of misery and poverty to all!!!
Christopher Scobie (5 months ago)
Hey! Mind your words.. don't bad mouth New Zealand.. for someone so articulate don't slander NZ.. typical umbrella put downs.. be specific... NZ Not hostile to free speech mr click bait . First commonwealth country to have woman vote.. mind your words... dare put yourself up by putting a whole population down .
Eric Anderson (5 months ago)
Communists frequently don't let you say things that they disagree with. New Zealand same thing.
crovine16 (5 months ago)
This whole thing is a perfect example of the more authoritarian Tories/neocons being gatekeepers for the Left. Even during Helen Clark's leadership the Nationals have always been very strong in New Zealand; delivering you the exact same bullshit.

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