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Zero Two regrets about her actions to Hiro|Crying Zero Two(Darling in the FranXX Episode 14)

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Anime: Darling in the FranXX Episode: 14 Outro Music: Rob Gasser-Supersonic
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Text Comments (195)
Aryaman Manish Joshi (3 hours ago)
Why the fuck do people give this anime so much hate?
Adrian Pramadipta (4 hours ago)
trash anime
Strelezia 002 (5 hours ago)
Fk Ichigo just die
Liam Orpheus-Diana (7 hours ago)
Befor virm
Laurika Forster (9 hours ago)
This made me interested
ReviewPirateUSARGH! (14 hours ago)
Argh! A good way to wake up someone who passed out is yelling at their ear several times like a howler monkey.
Forever Blackjack (1 day ago)
I hated Ichigo SO FUCKING MUCH
Dracorlock (1 day ago)
If we minus out the flashback and display what's happening at the present , it looks more like this: 02 starts going on a rampage and starts sucking the life out of Hiro. She stops at some point and no body but her knows why. Ichigo busts open the door before it's too late for Hiro. Then 02 Fans get triggered... Are they Satanists or something?
demontizedplays (1 day ago)
First thought it was a good anime Later on im crying on my bed ;-;
Hi Im ???? (2 days ago)
Why am I crying when I remember this episode?! (T^T)
Blood Lycan84 (2 days ago)
To the people who are arguing with the 02 supporters probably the main reason people hate ichigo isnt cause she bossy its for the fact that she basically forced herself on hiro in episode 15 or whatever episode it was fully aware of who he already feelings for she claims that she wanted to help him yet basically made him suffer through depression in my opinion ichigo is more selfish than zero two but they both are still selfish in their own right. You people can say im ignorant but I do not care this is my opinion on who is more selfish or not.
Reaper Krew (2 days ago)
Yah they both die at the end....anime that end with Fans actually getting what they want you know main protagonist finally being happy and then the writings fuck everything up and shit all over us by killing they. Shits so fucking stupid and a waste of my time.
LolCatZZz (4 days ago)
this is why i have no soul
Mashed Patatas (5 days ago)
when darling in the franxx was still worth watching
Tornax O7 (1 day ago)
Mashed Patatas Ah that makes sense!
Mashed Patatas (1 day ago)
+Tornax O7 bingo 😂
Tornax O7 (1 day ago)
Mashed Patatas Oh!! You mean because the ending?
Tornax O7 (1 day ago)
Mashed Patatas I have already watched it
Mashed Patatas (1 day ago)
just watch it my dude
andro gosh (12 days ago)
Yesss no crappy characters here Darling in the franxx be like hold my beer
Cenerious D (14 days ago)
JunLCS (25 days ago)
You could tell how much he was hurting in this episode.And not just emotionally physically too as shown I ep 19 when mitsuru tried to say kokoro 's name it hurt him
Falcon Playz (27 days ago)
I like this anime but the end crushed me
Josiah Barnachea (1 month ago)
Dragon Beast (1 month ago)
Mega meme boi (1 month ago)
i fucking hate ichigo
Pro Lander (1 month ago)
Ichigo Go find Your Own Love (^ω^)
wednesday boi (1 month ago)
Ryanne Alayon (1 month ago)
This anime is more realistic and it back my joy when watching anime.
The Unknown Boi (1 month ago)
Oh noo I’m depressed again.. :( help
chloesnottoxic (1 month ago)
ichigo worst girl ? lmao
Devilin Theworldofhell (1 month ago)
Lol these “bitchigo” comments are so stupid that I laughed so hard. Human these day are so biased that they’re now belong in degenerate subhuman category. Is it me but weeb are naturally clueless about social studies and psychology. I’m thinking that these weeb are loser that has no normal human interaction. XD. It’s true that It’s really hard to find intelligence life form in today society.
KANEKI KEN (2 months ago)
Im not crying just im cutting onions 😭
Mhao Yeager (2 months ago)
Makar Lock (2 months ago)
And here, we have Ichigo demonstrating to us why she is ~~best girl~~ Bitchigo.
うなぎ (2 months ago)
ここのコメ欄英語ばっかだけど言いたい事は大体分かるよ( ˘ω˘ ) スヤァ…
TheCasualSpectre (2 months ago)
ANIME IS LIFE (2 months ago)
ClawHammerCurse (2 days ago)
I find these comments funny
ANIME IS LIFE (1 month ago)
lol hate comment with little fact that biased thing was true but keep up the hate i love the work made me feel more special than i'm already am :) cya ima go watch anime now
Devilin Theworldofhell (1 month ago)
ANIME IS LIFE she pissed you off because you’re too stupid to think right. I’m zero two and Hiro shipping but these comments like you are so stupid that I laughed so hard. Please please go learn social study and psychology. Oh also stop being biased.
InfectedsportsStudio (2 months ago)
Cinnamonrolli (3 hours ago)
>zero two uses and manipulates hiro and almost kills him and his squad mates despite him defending her every step of the way everyone: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ichigo
Cryptx Frantyx (9 hours ago)
+Niratap that's fucked up tbh
Setsuna Otaku soul (10 hours ago)
She tried to kill him what would you do they didn't see the flash back
Niratap (11 hours ago)
InfectedsportsStudio apparently she was hated so much people threatened the voice acter too
Yasir Ammarie (21 hours ago)
+deray bell Glad to see someone with the same opinion
Gabi Adriatico (3 months ago)
Goro is best boi
Fayte Co (3 months ago)
Keep getting the feels then remembering how it all ends lol smh
Emily Duerre (3 months ago)
Ramen_Nigga_Soup 123 (3 months ago)
ichigo go to hell
Xxandrew01 (3 months ago)
Poor Zero Two. 😢 Also, fuck Ichigo!
Agar 8BP (3 months ago)
Then dumbass ichigo kept them apart
Creme (4 months ago)
*Insert Bitchigo ruining it all*
Francisco Ovallle (4 months ago)
Ichigho why😒😪
I am your father (2 months ago)
Francisco Ovallle Bc 002 almost killed hiro -_-
Kazuto Yoshida (4 months ago)
Ichigo is in the way. She gotta go.
ANIME IS LIFE (2 months ago)
Ikr shes like the 2.0 Version of Onodera (Nisekoi)
Kazuto Yoshida (3 months ago)
Tyler Burz Im always serious about this.
Tyler Burz (3 months ago)
Kazuto Yoshida this is funny cuz you’re serious
Kazuto Yoshida (4 months ago)
Positivitea I know right, they were meant to be together so Ichigo's so annoying.
Positivitea (4 months ago)
Yeah, no person in the right mind will try to separate their friend from someone who tried to kill them
Sakura.Seika (4 months ago)
This was depressing.
Smile (4 months ago)
My first ever romance, drama anime and man when i tell you a nigga fell inlove with this anime mann
Titan_Tiger34 (5 months ago)
This part was one of the saddest moments like the second saddest moment but made me cry a little
Zero Two (6 months ago)
zachary hui (6 months ago)
Kensumiro (6 months ago)
Aomine Daiki (6 months ago)
Fucking bitch Ichigo!
lil Boro (6 months ago)
I love darling in the franxx sooo much
Scarlet Clarity (6 months ago)
tbh i cried when i watched this scene
Alejandro Foyn (6 months ago)
it seems like when they first met in episode 1, zero two already knew who is Hiro but she couldn't believe it that he is her first Darling cause she saw him die when they were young. And she got very confused. After this point i'm confused too :p like.. it seems like she was trying to test him if he is indeed her darling (or someone that just looks like him) all the time after episode 1 like saying lines that Hiro told her when they were young, till episode 12 where she got dissapointed of Hiro, because he was failing all her tests.. idk maybe im all wrong and they just both remembered everything in the ending of episode 13, but that seems to me kinda dull and doesnt explain why 002 was acting like she knew who Hiro is
Alejandro Foyn (6 months ago)
mr rodrick whaaat? :o rly? Thats crazy thanks man, i will read it asap, that solves my confusion 100%
02 S L (6 months ago)
Ragnar Sköll first of all this scene still didn't happened in the manga The second is There is a moment in the manga where zero two is speaking with dr franxx and its revealed that she actually thought he was her darling but since he doesn't remember her she figured it wasn't him
Alejandro Foyn (6 months ago)
mr rodrick but did she try to test Hiro if he remembers her? Or they both remembered each other in the scene in the video above?
02 S L (6 months ago)
Ragnar Sköll well for starting zero two never rides with mitsuru And that scene where zero two is leaving and hiro says he wants to ride with her happens after hiro gets that tumor
Alejandro Foyn (6 months ago)
mr rodrick im currently at chapter 3, and idk is it worth it? It seems the same as the anime to me, except from the explicit nudity 😂
Milena Smrtic (6 months ago)
And you hoes still call Ichigo Bitchigo. Here we clearly see she has a reason for all of this. Screw you
MFDM WALKER (1 month ago)
Devilin Theworldofhell (1 month ago)
It actually zero two who was being a bitch because she was the one who killing the stamens for her own good and betraying the team. They also mentioned that she caused others people to died bc of her reckless fighting . Not just that, she also acting like a bitch to Hiro group. She also not giving a fuck about human lives. Dear Mr/Mrs. degenerate subhuman being.
Justin J. (4 months ago)
5,000 subs without video challenge 😂😂😂
Great cinematography
sad emo needs subs (6 months ago)
This Aníme brought me the joy of watching anime again :,)
wednesday boi (1 month ago)
same bro
Raiden the cyborg (2 months ago)
And the immideatly crushed
spectum 11 (4 months ago)
same here i stoped watching anime for the last 4 months i found Nothing to Watch and then i found about darling i started it yesterday and now i've seen all the 24 episodes i loved it so much
Rena _putri21 (6 months ago)
Ichigo....why does she come and just push zero two out with her facking hand...that horrible you ruin mah ship >:/
Unkilled Xd (6 months ago)
Im loving this even though i havent watched it yet
Taiwanese Potato (7 months ago)
This...this episode ToT
Hepkers Gaming (7 months ago)
Hey hello!! What's is the music on the outro? BTW I almost cry in that moment. But I hate this episode for some reason😂😂 I think you guys know😂😂😂
Derp 1224 (7 months ago)
Link to the image in the outro pls :3
Horacios Asuka (7 months ago)
Wow ichigo is so angry she lifted Zero Two out with just one arm 😂
Exo blade (6 months ago)
lifted? she threw her out like she was nothing xD
Kiiru (7 months ago)
I won't cry again, hold my beer
MFDM WALKER (1 month ago)
Just a Random Guy (6 months ago)
Kiiru good editor
Ryo Skiamus (7 months ago)
Fuck Ichigo !
ProCheese- Yierail (7 months ago)
even it only 10 episodes waway til. end. I want a fckn season 2 (btw not weeb cuz it's been a while since I've watched anime
BATZistheBEST (2 months ago)
02 S L man I miss kill la kill too
Ryzuu (7 months ago)
hm, yea but world in darling in the franxx is bigger and i bet not all secrets will be solved in these 10 episodes + anime like little witch academia from trigger propably will have season 2
02 S L (7 months ago)
ProCheese- Yierail yeah but to be fair last episode was hard to watch Still attacking the creators was wrong
ProCheese- Yierail (7 months ago)
Lucas Rodrigues yesssssss but some weebs keep attacking the creator like wtf?
02 S L (7 months ago)
ProCheese- Yierail maybe we should start pressuring trigger and a-1 to make an season 2 It worked for attack on titans
RutraNickers (7 months ago)
how the fuck Bitchigo didn't saw that fucking regret-crying-face of ZeroTwo?
ProCraft (7 months ago)
dude goro didnt know too....he didnt flame 02 instantly when he saw 02's crying
IRAH ABUEVA all i see is that she is screaming at hiro's face as soon as she got in there
ProCraft (7 months ago)
nope...ichigo is dumb for sure...first thing goro said when he saw 02''s crying is "are you okay" ..so basicly means that goro understood the situation more than that bitch.
Hell Kokonn (7 months ago)
ichigo still a selfish bastard
Teen Wizarth (7 months ago)
I know right
杨镇丰 (7 months ago)
zero two sucks life from male pilot to become human... but when she drive with hiro the first few time she does not sucks out life from hiro so she start to turn back to her monster form.
Fatima Munir (7 months ago)
Exo blade they said that if Hiro rides with 02 more, he will also turn into a monster. Maybe that's why he started generating an abnormal amount of yellow blood cells, because he was turning into a monster.
Exo blade (7 months ago)
but what i find interesting is that stamens of 02 lose a large amount of yellow blood cells when riding if i recall properly..but hiro's rather then lowering started going up and he generated more..what if thats what 02 is sucking away? i mean that would be logical but why is she turning back into her oni form? why is hero generating an amount that is harmful for him? hope we find out
ProCraft (7 months ago)
bingo!. 02 sucks male pilot cause they're entirely human...but hiro already combine his with 02 back when they were child...thats why she's slowly evolving into a monster again
RutraNickers (7 months ago)
holly fuck nice thought man
Crystalite Otaku (7 months ago)
ICHIGO DONT MAKE ME HATE U MORE THAN I ALREADY DO *YANDERE BAE FO LIFE* (I will comment this ^ in every darling in the franxx episode 14 related shit in youtube)
Rien Kobayashi (7 months ago)
Fuck this episode _____ (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
wednesday boi (1 month ago)
no u
Koma- san (2 months ago)
Rien Kobayashi hahaha how you'd do that?😂
Matt Pac (7 months ago)
She Only Cared and regret her actions after she Remember him.
+Matt Pac Are you Ichigo fanboy? Lol yeah yeah yeah Zero Two was using him. It's obvious ok.
+Matt Pac Why are you so noisyyyy? Just let the thing be
+Matt Pac It's really the adults fault. She told her if she kills more klaxourus (i don't remember how to spell it) she will become human. And the only reason of her wants to become human is to marry and live happily ever after with her darling a.k.a hiro. Hm!
freiflug88 (3 months ago)
She always knew all along that Hiro was the boy from her past. His taste was said to "bite and linger" cause she remembered biting him as a loli demon. The Klaxosaur in her never forgets tastes. She always cared for Hiro. She kissed him as her only special someone, offered to escape to the world with only him, and knew he could survive the fatal 3rd ride. Her regret comes from realizing she was harming the person she loves as an insecure girl with temper tantrums.
Positivitea (4 months ago)
Moral of the story: It's okay to kill your former partner if they'll never regain their memories.
Sarah- Chan (7 months ago)
Sarah- Chan (7 months ago)
Damn I have been spoiled -_-
Imersiion (6 months ago)
Sarah- Chan so why did you watch it?

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