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Adam Lambert's beauty tips for mybliss.co.uk

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Victoria Carpenter (3 months ago)
One of the most sexiest man on earth
Dave Norman Martinez (1 year ago)
he really is gay wtf
Ali (1 year ago)
Linda (1 year ago)
Lol he's just like "GIVE ME THAT BAG!!!!!!" LMAO
The Animal Lover (2 years ago)
Adam is such a nice guy and also still so cute and normal.still his own person and after all he got. i mean also at this moment very famous ,the work Queen & Adam Lambert.His own records and succses Love You man!!!
ilovecdp (2 years ago)
OMG he's so cute!!
Alexandra Ratliff (2 years ago)
Man, the way he reached for the bag!! SO FUNNY AND SEXY!!!
Praxède Holy (2 years ago)
Adam is beautifull!!! Hahahaha. Ha looks like a girl!!
Lana Banana (2 years ago)
That was so adorable
angel mendez (2 years ago)
He's so fucking gorgeous and sexy as fuck
Caroline & Johnnymen (2 years ago)
so cuuuuteeeee😍❤❤
Daniel Artemis (3 years ago)
Lisa Wang (3 years ago)
beautyinparadise 17 (3 years ago)
Alexandra Ratliff (2 years ago)
No, but the way when he reached for the bag, and pulls his hand back when he saw he did something "wrong"
Chanté Kleu (3 years ago)
Thx for the tip Adam!! 😊😜i am a big fan of Adam Lambert, his voice is AMAZING hes attractive too. Go Adam!! 😄
J M (3 years ago)
.................... SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIS VOOOOOIIIICCECEEEEE i love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chinese (3 years ago)
Ugh hes a beautiful man <3 ;)
TheGerako8bit (3 years ago)
Adam is so adorable!
Soooooooo cute
Adeney Winchester (3 years ago)
He always reaches his hands out,so cute...
Hanadi Mohy (3 years ago)
ADAM is in London why didn't ieet him before I went to America 💔.
roses and tears (3 years ago)
That was adorable
NothingSpecial (3 years ago)
Oops! I pump it all the time.
Boo Sweets (3 years ago)
:D huh.... so nice to see Adam giving tips ( I always spell his name "Adamn") .......
Ronnie (4 years ago)
Adam Lambert is like a male Elizabeth Taylor.   Dark hair and blue/violet eyes ( especially with the make-up!)  stunning.
RainFlower MoonGlow (4 years ago)
I love this man! OMG! I love him so much! <3 
Levina Nanamia (4 years ago)
Omg he want the bag sooo cuteh x3
Sharon Bunn (4 years ago)
Adam is such a great sport, always happy to play and join in whatever the interviewers dream up for him. This was good info and he did a perfect job without a mirror!
Nikki The Shamazing (4 years ago)
0:15 LOL grabbing fail.
RandomlyRandomStuff1 (4 years ago)
Why are all the hot guys gay?
Strawbae Feels (2 years ago)
+Adeney Winchester and misha and Jared, too.
Adeney Winchester (3 years ago)
I don't think so,←v←Such as Jensen Ackles,the guy so hot too.
Dr.angel (3 years ago)
This is what I was thinking about .... 😭 I want someone like him
Ronnie (4 years ago)
Because most gay guys are really into their looks, and they want to look attractive, compared to strait men (which most don't are always looking in the mirror)
Flower-The-Hippie (4 years ago)
That's exactly what I think! It's like hot guys are either gay or anime!!!! Argh!
Sofia Nunez (4 years ago)
Mary me Adam
Caitlin Brady (4 years ago)
who is mary?
hellzyeah407 (4 years ago)
Not to pump hahaha god I have a terrible mind. His eyes are so pretty. *-*
princess (4 years ago)
0:15. Aw.
Mylil Peri (5 years ago)
He's beautiful 
Luis Ramirez (5 years ago)
Its so funny when the lady is like o o o and Adam is like AAA I want them lol it waz so funny
GamerGalDiamond (5 years ago)
The way he was bugging for the bag was just so fucking adorable! X3
JustTear As (5 years ago)
Broadway Baby (5 years ago)
Ohmygod, the way he wants that bag so much is so adorable X3
Tyler McClelland (5 years ago)
He should have pulled out Bright pink shiny lipstick, Now that would make for a funny video
Tyler McClelland (5 years ago)
Am i the only one who laughed when he said don't pump it? Yea...You save your pumping for something else Dear Adam
Chantelle Thomas (5 years ago)
i love you adam your so cute :O :') <3
parodyisms (5 years ago)
man I click one vid and now my whole right side has these coming out stories. Really? Is everyone lives so boring that this is the new YT entertainment? plz, if you wanna be gay, be gay, I don't give a fk who you fk. I'm happy your "coming out" really I am My life now has purpose knowing YT is full of coming out stories. its almost as if you want some medal or something for being gay. "look at me I am gay" Who gives a fk?
LJak07 (5 years ago)
Okay...1, yes. 2. He is gay and has never hidden that fact, and 3. yes, he's a little crazy but he is totally amazing in talent and as a person!
Danish Gamer (5 years ago)
Danish Gamer (5 years ago)
Omg! The eyes ♥.♥
Danish Gamer (5 years ago)
So cute! Thats just "Gimme" Sooooooo Cute :3! I also like how he says Bliss Goodies Cuuuuuuuute! ^_^'
chloe boyd (5 years ago)
Ok 1 he has loads of make up on 2 he looks gay 3 he has nail varnish on and he is down right mad
Kim Myers (1 year ago)
Omigosh, a guy has makeup on, the HORROR! Because as a grown adult he feels like it! I personally think he's an incredibly attractive man and charming, funny, and well spoken on top of that. His orientation and what he chooses to wear have nothing to do with that. As he likes to say, he's already got a Momma.
Dylan Carrier (5 years ago)
of COURSE he pulls out MASCARA!!! he wears it pretty much every day!!!!
Felix Garcia (5 years ago)
That's what make-up will do to you.
Victoria Bro (5 years ago)
I love how he says 'Bliss goodies.' Hahaha
sharonoxo (5 years ago)
I'll bet some 'straight' consider crossing over for this hot, sexy, talented guy.
ChenaLuv (5 years ago)
He's so cute. He's like "gimme!!"
grovepar1203 (5 years ago)
He's bill and Tom's twin, I swear its crazy how much he and bill look alike though.
Emmy Mcthompson (5 years ago)
Beautiful eyes<3 he is better at it then i am!
Emmy Mcthompson (5 years ago)
I totally agree!
deariereagal (5 years ago)
I luv u Adam !!!!!!!
MillerPigen (5 years ago)
omg his eyes! he's better than me at putting mascara on o.o
Neon Ninjas (5 years ago)
wow.... ur fucking gay :) we like him for who he is straight or not -.-
Neon Ninjas (5 years ago)
so true :)
גרשם מהנים (5 years ago)
He's fxcking gay.u should put it in to your ass too •_•
MisThousandDreams (5 years ago)
He is sooooooooooooooooooooo~~ cute!! I love him, why I'm not a guy..? :'(
szasza841 (5 years ago)
Why i was born girl :'(
InspiritArissara (5 years ago)
Damn his eyes...!
Calvin Wimsett (5 years ago)
German Shepherd lover (5 years ago)
Yes so adorable!!! I want to met him someday .b
Hannah Grammer (5 years ago)
Adam Lambert + British lady = a very interesting combination...
Hannah Grammer (5 years ago)
Gee, he would be good with little girls ;)
yiyisa Mc (5 years ago)
Natalie Ng (5 years ago)
Adam always laugh cutely wherever he goes!
Chen Long (5 years ago)
I want him but he has boyfriend
Aya Lambert (5 years ago)
I want him but he's gay
Jacqueline Guerrero (5 years ago)
Damn his hot he just made me realize I suck in make up my make up compared to his is shit
THEAngelaFallen (5 years ago)
I wuv him! He is now officially my first celeb crush. YAY!
Ashy Bear (5 years ago)
hes like "gimme, gimme, gimme"
Craftypurple Owl (5 years ago)
He is gay...
Keturah Marine (5 years ago)
omg!!! hes so fucking perfect!!!!
Choco late (5 years ago)
"Bliss goodies yay"! Soo cute. I think I'm seriously in love with a man who wears more makeup than me! Love you Adam
bananabob1980 (5 years ago)
Seriously, why don't they?!!
Idontlikemyself (5 years ago)
Gorgeous! So hot! Sexy! OMG!
Marcela Mitidieri (5 years ago)
Me to I always do that!!hahaha he is amazing! ♥
Marcela Mitidieri (5 years ago)
so what?
elizabeth datilus (5 years ago)
i always pump it oh no lol he is so cute and adorable
Bonnie Rose (5 years ago)
this bugger can do his makeup better than i can :P jealous
Scarlettlovesunicorns (5 years ago)
awww! "here's your bag of goodies!" "yaaaay!" cute!
MBWitch (5 years ago)
I was hoping for more tips...i sadly dont wear mascara, my lashes are too full for it :'(
Sleit White (5 years ago)
XD aaw sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rhapsody (6 years ago)
Маги Гал (6 years ago)
What's wrong with u all? HE IS MAN.. and MAN is not supposed to do this..awful..ULTRA GAY
moco4254 (6 years ago)
@4everhorserider Bitch, You must jealous of Adam. you just look sooo poor. What a pity!
Mythany Gothica (6 years ago)
They are giving makeup again! Why does no one do that for me!!! he's the god of looks and hmmmm...much more.
Queen Squid (6 years ago)
@4everhorserider ...bitch, Bill Kaulitz IS gay.
Charlie S. Brou (6 years ago)
omg you too?? :') good to know I'm not alone
Anna Gross (6 years ago)
oooooo la la laz! me too!
08claymore (6 years ago)
even if the tip is too short, he knows more about mascara than me (i am woman) so guys even if you are not gays learn this please, i like guys with eyeliner XD
killabiatch92 (6 years ago)
Diksha B (6 years ago)
so true :(
RocketFang (6 years ago)
i love him so much:D ^-^ hes coo cute:)
mariah irizarry (6 years ago)
i love u adam lambert ur so hot and awesome
ashley pelleschi (6 years ago)
lol his little "Yay!!!" when she gave him the bag was sooo adorable
billslova (6 years ago)
<3 you!

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