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Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! (Episode 11)

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http://emezie.com - http://twitter.com/emezie - http://facebook.com/emezie.okorafor - http://instagram.com/emezie.okorafor - http://emezie.deviantart.com - http://emezie.tumblr.com - EPISODE SUMMARY IS WRITTEN BELOW: PCFS Merchandise is now available on Teespring: https://teespring.com/stores/emezie Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! by Emezie Okorafor Episode 11: C+ is still a passing grade! #STRONGISTHENEWCUTE #PCFS Mina Kim is no stranger to danger. She's a thrill seeker who ironically feels most alive when faced with imminent death. After getting her butt kicked by Kit Hart, Mina falls unconscious into a nearby stream. On the verge of drowning, she finds herself in the spiritual realm, trapped between life and death. But, she's been here before…after all, as a consummate risk taker, she has gambled her life on more than one occasion… Her extensive experience in this spiritual realm has left her with a few special tricks…like her trademark electrical kicks. There are some abilities a human being can only learn once they transcend the limitations of the physical plane…manipulating spiritual energy is one of them. Mina uses her electricity to magnetize the "life" door and extend her time in the realm. This gives her a little more time to explore the place. She quickly discovers that her spiritual energy can pierce through the ground! She plunges her arm through the ground and reaches around… She feels something! She grabs it and pulls it out. It's…a giant black sphere? It looks like an egg, and Mina hasn't eaten in hours. She decides to bring the black egg with her, back into the living world. "This would make a HUGE omelet!" Unfortunately, it's not that easy. The Grim Reaper, protector of the balance between life and death, suddenly appears, preventing her from taking the black egg into the living world. Mina doesn't respond very well to authority, so predictably, a huge battle over the mysterious black sphere begins. Hmm…the Grim Reaper seems awfully familiar to Mina, though…and short. Very short. It's The Stick Bandit! Meanwhile, back in the living world, Mouse encounters a man who seems to be returning from a long journey…the "Greatest 1" Rick Sykes, officially enters the PCFS series! Is a TRIO reunion in the forecast with Kit Hart and little brother Bobby Sykes? "Dandelion", "Moron", and other music by Emezie is available on iTunes and Amazon.com! http://emezie.com/music.html Also known as PCnFS. Also featuring the following characters: Ayane Shiun, Ninja Girl Mai, Bobby Sykes, and Morrigan Check out all the episodes in the PCFS playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ro8Ew2a7gQw&list=PLLmqnVDJCk8iFtdx9J_zAVPHlETRZT5OZ&index=6
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Emezie Okorafor (12 days ago)
If you're confused, watch the PCFS playlist from Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io9r9Xgo2Uo&list=PLLmqnVDJCk8gnebg4gX7EwNFXiiUAIf3b SUBSCRIBE and stay tuned for MORE EPISODES!
khaki sodain (1 day ago)
Sullivan Pickett (4 days ago)
Emezie Okorafor Lnkjh
ganda1231 (8 days ago)
savino beatbox (14 days ago)
Emezie Okorafor
beta 999000 (49 minutes ago)
U just threw ur newborn son,whoops XD
Design Boy Party (5 hours ago)
4:50 it was at this moment when she fucked up
Gonkzi Dien79 (10 hours ago)
Kiss plis kiss
emely parecy (12 hours ago)
4:50 :^( 😣😣😣😖🤕😲😩😈😈😫😍😍
Nong Tawe (14 hours ago)
YABOI LEFTY (16 hours ago)
why ppl hateing?
Atok Rock&Roll Mr.White (22 hours ago)
U just trow a new born son 🤣🤣🤣😂
Gila ini orang buat cerita micik kayak gini
김경회 (1 day ago)
Life is not 생활 삶 is right
Kid Torah (1 day ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I clicked for the thumbnail and so did you
Nadjane Rafaele (1 day ago)
a dorei esse desenho
Lukasss (1 day ago)
Paulo Wanted (1 day ago)
I no have words
Wait how did Mina die
Odaivid Rodrigu (1 day ago)
Qui dicraça e isso
hi it's cring (1 day ago)
Wtf this
sara saumon (1 day ago)
You serious 😖😖😖
محمد حسن (1 day ago)
ماذا القرف.... ابعده عن وجهي.... عيب استح
X Cross 007 (2 days ago)
Philippe Koolaids (3 days ago)
So sed a vajojo got beat
محمد شكر (3 days ago)
وش ذه😒😒😝
Sofja Akishina (3 days ago)
1% российских
AL16 boonse (4 days ago)
اكو عرب بطايرة
Zeen F5 (4 days ago)
اوتاكو 😏
xyz HY (4 days ago)
It's sooo creepy
Vloger Wati (4 days ago)
Brychael Gaming (4 days ago)
Why was this in my recommended
Safiya Paul (4 days ago)
Wtf is this
Lunar Cati (5 days ago)
인형뽑는호노카 (5 days ago)
Renata Ferreira (5 days ago)
Indigo Palmer (5 days ago)
Can u make a q and a f or bobbys brother?
Ed Jack (5 days ago)
Why aren't we funding this!?!?
Indigo Palmer (5 days ago)
9:25 pause you'll some drunk af girls. Lol
Alonso Ochoa (6 days ago)
You can hear him say yo ugly 6:26
Almaniza Quintero (6 days ago)
How the fuck did i get here?
Да что за норкомания
KG Boy !!! (6 days ago)
4:49 👍😂
Paelma Roel (7 days ago)
Jerry Lin (7 days ago)
真黑月 (7 days ago)
*6NGaN-Al3nzzY. (7 days ago)
طز بالكفار
Dyrix , (7 days ago)
Joyce Summer (7 days ago)
6:44 that piece of music sounded so soothing! What is it called?
Joyce Summer (4 days ago)
+Emezie Okorafor Ohh, okay!
Emezie Okorafor (4 days ago)
It's a song I made called "Toys" Haven't uploaded it anywhere yet...
YourTragic Valentine (8 days ago)
4:55 my body curled up while shivering. Wtf
SKELETON gaming (8 days ago)
Why? I am here, lol!!!!! Wrong vedeo fvck.
Connoawesome (8 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I clicked because of the thumbnail So did you
Jeslin Asa (8 days ago)
Arcane (8 days ago)
What..... what the fuck did I just watch???? And why the fuck is this in my recommend
A.J. A.D The MISTAKE (8 days ago)
둔기 (8 days ago)
Mas que merda é essa q eu vim parar? saisauiasa
[Ma Kong] 현질 (9 days ago)
한국어 아시네요!!
Garunix kpdo (9 days ago)
Como eu cheguei aqui?
Felipe Macedo (9 days ago)
*Algum BR aí? ??*
Sang Channel (10 days ago)
Việt Nam điểm danh
Eray Ekren (10 days ago)
Bu nasıl animasyon amk beynim yandı
Extreme Ishi (10 days ago)
Zach Godsil (10 days ago)
What the actual freak did I just watch
shadow darknes (10 days ago)
Why always the men his balls why cant it be the men kick in the womens spot in the middle idk why this makes me Just mad cause it makes men look like a softy i Just wanted to say it if someone reacts bad on my comment than idc and for the rest fun vid
Night Aиgel (10 days ago)
Omg, that is the best thumbnail..
Боя одни англичёнини
연근 (11 days ago)
한국어 뭔데??
Esse desenho e muito errado em vários sentidos
Deepu Sharma (11 days ago)
Stone cold stunner
Cøffee Cakež (11 days ago)
Oh wow, I remember I used to watch this literally all the time.
Nancy Villareal (11 days ago)
Hot Look (12 days ago)
Hot video
LOKI's TREACHERY (12 days ago)
The picture for the video is 11:04
김태균 (12 days ago)
근본을알수없는만화군 뭔가 좀 끌리는그림체라보는듯
김근배 (12 days ago)
Master Gaming1199 (12 days ago)
Wtf is video
TOpia GaminG (12 days ago)
Rock Roll (12 days ago)
I read the episode summary and I don't understand it yet
scientificbrony (12 days ago)
What in the goddamn world
Alyssa Goodman (12 days ago)
Anyways, I hate the episode, these episodes are tardy and stupid with no real
Milk Mommy (8 days ago)
Alyssa Goodman grammar much bitch ???
italo Menezes (12 days ago)
LUCAS Gameplay (12 days ago)
Cadê os br?
Yanto Sahid (12 days ago)
Diego Santos (12 days ago)
O chity
Шо за хуй ню я пос мот рел?
Helena Nieto (13 days ago)
Por qué se hacen este tipo de vídeos? No lo entiendo..
dxdjoshua (13 days ago)
Amalina Jamadi (13 days ago)
Tk selekih ke
Kyle Burns (13 days ago)
What the heck did I just watch
TranzCapTube 104 (13 days ago)
Omega Gamplays (13 days ago)
Madre mia una bara pajaro
sharona Bower (13 days ago)
do they have some good time tomorrow and do they do some cool 😎 tomorrow and tomorrow I have to do it for you and do they do 👀
Tu eres de Morón ?
Jair Emanuel (13 days ago)
Abdullah Wio (13 days ago)
شنو هاذ يا خره
mastergoku29 (14 days ago)
anubis20049999 (14 days ago)
Lmao.." Eat my Coochie Ice!"
Rezgui Nourane (14 days ago)
م تحشموش
Lauren games (14 days ago)
4:54 OOF
Melody 7up (14 days ago)
I can feel the hurt When the ball breaking his ball (Sorry,by poor english,i am a malaysian and my english no so good)

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