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Zoella Company Magazine Cover Star Announcement!

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The gorgeous, funny and talented vlogger Zoella will be gracing the cover of our April issue of Company Magazine - and we couldn't be more excited!
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Text Comments (12)
HelloItsSofia (4 years ago)
Bread (4 years ago)
I got the magazine it comes with free mascara! It shows her faves and a lot of her cool information!
GalliFreya (4 years ago)
Will be purchasing :)
Caroline Jill (4 years ago)
yeeeeeeeees <3
Becca B (4 years ago)
can't wait for this!
Laurie (4 years ago)
Daria Wojtas (4 years ago)
omg zoey woo! will definitely be purchasing that and its my favourite magazine!
Sadia Rehman (4 years ago)
Omg zoe yay we love you!
Holly R (4 years ago)
Vicki Clements (4 years ago)
geminibruja (4 years ago)
Ahh so excited to see the cover!
Serena (4 years ago)
Congratulations Zoe! Cant wait to see it!

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