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Zero Two and Hiro remember their childhood | Best Episode Ever!

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Anime: Darling In the FranXX Episode: 13 IT'S SO AMAZING! I'm very excited about this episode and what about you? Write a comment of your feelings about this episode Outro Music: Rob Gasser-Supersonic
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Joshua Muir (1 day ago)
I’m watching this series after all this time, this video is the best episode 13. Man I feel like breaking down... if anyone is going to watch this series don’t quit until 13. Its so worth.
Jimmy Grant (5 days ago)
This show had sooooooooooo much potential. They fucked it up horribly. Shame cuz so fucking good, such a good plot explores crazy concepts, damnit.
Sweggieboss (8 days ago)
What ep?
Isabel Baietti (4 days ago)
Alex Atali (9 days ago)
Once frees u says he wants to be with u forever his ur guy
Saus Bendy (10 days ago)
Must suppress the hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Pun Onn (15 days ago)
2:20 when your proposal to your true love works immediately
So fbi hit kids? Jerks
DeadlyRecon (18 days ago)
Anyone else here because of Gigguk's video? lol
Latyila Fenney (1 month ago)
Deepak Kumar Kishan (2 months ago)
No matter... how much time I watch it... this scene really make me cry 😭😭😭
FlamingCrystal Alchemist (2 months ago)
Please don’t make me cry there to adorable
LinaThefish (2 months ago)
tbh i thought he was about to say i’ll be your dad
Patrick star (1 month ago)
Me too!!!😂😂
JJ TheDankMemester (1 month ago)
LinaThefish but they’re children lmao
Alastor Nightheart (2 months ago)
Trigger and Gainax truly make the best out of the box animes, they always make me cry, I could say they can be on par with studio ghibli in my own point of view.
Spectre (29 days ago)
Yeah, I agree... But then episode 18-19+ fucked up Darling in the Franxx, all because of A-1 Pictures.
Jay Testa (3 months ago)
she was so cute when she started crying
Feo Troller (4 months ago)
•Clentra Gacha• (4 months ago)
da what? HAHHH
shua shuae (3 months ago)
•Cyclone Janus• it was darling
Spedorz (4 months ago)
That was the saddest moment of my life ;-;
Clementine (4 months ago)
Green Catcher (6 months ago)
Surya Kant (6 months ago)
Gotta say she is beautiful
Oliver Lee (4 months ago)
Surya Kant Moshi Moshi FBI desu.
Sam denielle not arias (6 months ago)

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