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The Truth About Ontario's Debt Crisis. Prepare Yourself.

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Text Comments (1423)
Stefan Molyneux (7 months ago)
Your support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate
Irvingstine (4 months ago)
Stefan Molyneux. We have a amazing Progressive conservative named Doug Ford he's kind of like Ontario's toned down Trump. The Liberal Party went from 56% to 5% they are basically destroyed the NDP is the only challenger now. And they are communist just like the Liberals but to be honest the NDP party is such a mess. The Ontario representative Andrea Horvath is a complete joke and says things against her own leader. And if you're familiar with Hamilton she single-handedly destroyed Hamilton so a large segments of Ontario would never vote for her.
og jenny (6 months ago)
Stefan Molyneux i wish i had found your channel years ago.i especially luv the truth series's. ive wasted so much time watching documentaries that i now know are biased. thank you!
J W (6 months ago)
Stefan Molyneux I’m from Manitoba , I love Canada but it’s sad to see where we are going .
Glenn Sankey (1 day ago)
This isn’t news this spending spree which hasn’t been stopped is still out of control and will get worse before the election so this time make your Vote Count. Andrew Scheer for PM 100% for Canada and Canadians👍👍🇨🇦👍👍👍👍🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦👍
Unknown Known (10 days ago)
To keep the ppl free, and gov small, the maximum taxation of 20% on income should've been right in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. That would be a Lefty-killer!
Beth black (11 days ago)
Electing Doug Ford did nothing. Immigration and funding is FEDERAL. He can not stop it, the PC's have no influence on who's coming into Ontario or Canada and how much they ''get''. There is no permanent welfare in Ontario and public services have always been stretched thin for years. Nobody gets anything, refugees and immigrants are the MAJORITY in Ontario major cities and have taken over. Crime is SO BAD new houses and town homes have bars and gates on all the fucking windows and doors in the GTA because of home invasions and break ins. This province has become awful and the others aren't much better (B.C is rather similar in terms of rising crime and immigrant invasion). Time to leave Ontario and Canada for good.
Am an Indian and visited Toronto in 2010. It was great. But was very sad when revisited in 2018. Too many immigrants moved in. Most of them came to canada for freebies (healthcare and education). They don't really love to be canadians
Thomas Jefferson (21 days ago)
One of the more astonishing aspects about all this is that while Doug Ford (Conservative) got elected Premier of Ontario after this video was made, he barely got 41% of the popular vote. In other words, almost 60% of Ontario voters either have no problem with the financial path that their province is on, or they are just ignorant or stupid. (Ford's popular vote in Toronto was even lower than his provincial average, because Toronto is a Third World-immigrant majority city). This just helps give outsiders the impression that Canadians are among the stupider people on the planet. Canadians voted for Justin Trudeau for Prime Minster. "Conservative" Alberta voted NDP. Canada opts to bring in tens of thousands of Muslim immigrants, a majority of whom are either on government assistance or who have managed to obtain cushy government jobs, (not excluding ISIS fighters). Taxpayers must pick up the tab for non-productive "refugees" unqualified immigrants, which will only make it ever harder for Canadian provinces to get their financial houses in order. Stefan Molyneux is to be commended for this video (among many others), but it is doubtful that very many Canadians will pay him any attention until catastrophe overwhelms Canada, one of the world's stupidest countries.
Beth black (11 days ago)
Toronto is not the ONLY third world majority city in Ontario, the majority of major and even mid sized cities are becoming foreign. There is no hope. MUst leave.
NinjaDude650 (24 days ago)
I used to live in Brampton, Ontario. Just for insurance alone, my first year starting was 8900$ WITH the cheapest insurance company/rate i could get. I got into one accident and BAM my insurance was 14080$. like what!? go and get a job everyone makes 14$, no where to move up, unless you have a good education, houses start off at 700k in the GTA. multiple taxes on products, half your pay check goes to taxes. I thank god every day that i got out of that province! Ontario used to be a dream, now its like California! massive debt and everyone lives in a fake reality there. Ontario has no real job sectors for the medium class anymore, liberals love to destroy that way of life for some reason. I pray this country get fixed now then suffering a dark and grim future ahead
Beth black (10 days ago)
+NinjaDude650 Ontario was already significantly browning and greatly indebted by 2005. You know nothing. Stephen Harper fucked Canada hard by selling us out to the big corps and bringing in more than 2 million immigrants during his time as P.M (many of them Muslim). Do your research.
NinjaDude650 (11 days ago)
+Beth black yes the real enemy is the liberals that have gone way to far left (Marxist Socialist) dont have to dig deep to see that Trudeaus illegal PM campaign is very Marxist , he was funded by George Soros and that rite there is alarming
Beth black (11 days ago)
Liberal? No. Ontario's debt has been a CONSERVATIVE PLOT for years. Pay off the big corporations and replace all the whites with third world low I.Q workers to work for peanuts. I can agree about the middle class being almost gone though.. but again, know the ''real enemy''.
Jean Lerouge (1 month ago)
So, in short, Ontario is becoming French and the registered electorate there is as dopey as the French. Wow.
LeoByron (1 month ago)
Sources link doesn't work
Market Bear (2 months ago)
Stefan, unfortunately, I have to agree about this crisis.. I feel that what should be a crime was the usage of PPPs to build infrastructure. The public is not informed about these. Public, private partnerships builds, for example, hospitals, using private funds. Private entities build a hospital and want the final bill to be a big as they can get away with because the "lease" payment to the taxpayer is based on this final number. The payment terms could cost up to the equivalent of 8% per year! The taxpayer must pay for maintenance and never owns it. The Ontario government can raise the money for this within minute on the open market by selling a long term bond at 3% interest! So why don't they do that? The government passed a law that assures that PPP projects do not show as debt on the Provincial books. No liability. This is CRAZY! It is very deceptive to the public and the media is not doing it's job. Foreign banks around the world come here to do this and think we are a Global "sucker". Most countries ban this practice. Ontario, Alberta are big users and are charging taxpayers billions of extra interest payments for the sake of APPEARANCE. You get to tell taxpayers that you are building a hospital FOR FREE! Don't blame Mcginty ONLY for all of this. This started with Peterson and Bob Rae was stuck with the real estate bust in the early 1990s and rising interest rates. Short term rates went to 11% by 1991. He had a severe recession...not that I'm a fan of the NDP, I just want to be fair. but the real damage happened with Mike Harris. He walked into the beginning of a long growth period and had interest rates fall from 11% to 3%! Just refinancing the debt save Ontario billions! Paul Martin didn't reduce taxes and froze spending that eventually gave Canada 14 years of surpluses and paid down tons of debt until that asshole Harper came in with the "job creators" tax cuts and doubled our debt with NO recession and the lowest interest rates in history! We were on track to be debt free as a country by 2025. If Harris left things alone he would have had surpluses but he had copy the Bush neocons and do the "job creator" tax cut that NEVER brought business to Ontario, in fact, it moved to Mexico. Preston Manning warned Ontario NOT to do this. He said pay down the debt and then cut taxes. Manning forced Ralph Cline to do this and Alberta was debt free by 2002 with oil prices averaging $15 per barrel only! Now we have Ford. He recently cut programs like new universities. i hope he cuts more to repair the debt damage, but I suspect that he will utter those damaging words in his first budget "we need to cut taxes for the job creators" and put the Blackrock and Goldman Sachs of the world on PPP steroids. If this happens IT IS A mathematical guarantee that we're screwed. We will get eventual downloading to municipalities and property taxes will sky rocket. A real estate BUST is virtually guaranteed for this and other reasons. How sad. Keep doing these videos and educate people because it is public ignorance that permits this. GOOD LUCK!
Robert Gerus (2 months ago)
He put canada in debt 13 trillion dollars to date.
Oliver (2 months ago)
Stefan for prime minister. Team up with Bernier. Bring Canada the age of logical libertarianism.
A. Salmon (2 months ago)
Third world immigration has already put future generations in debt in Canada. For decades or more. As well as the rest of us now.
Stan Wilder (3 months ago)
If you go back in history you’ll find that Muslims, Islamist have been driven out of every city (nation) they captured in Europe several hundreds of years ago. It didn’t happen overnight but it happened, they were driven back to the only place that would tolerate them, their home states / lands. It’s greatly the fault of America and our allies that their homelands have been bombed into oblivion making them unlivable. It’s no wonder they hate us so much. The one thing that has been of some protection for America and Canada has been distance, Mexico and South America have escaped infiltration because most of SA would let them starve and eliminate them.
Michelle Burton (3 months ago)
Rural BC is the best
Donald Stordock (3 months ago)
how in the world do the young turks have 4 million subscribers and you don't even have a million?
Entrenched Mgtow (3 months ago)
Yeah, and when I told people to stop voting Liberal in Ontario in 2003 or the province would be fucked, they called me a 'racist'. I never forgot that! Look at the province now, you stupid fucks! $112 billion to $350 billion now! I moved to Alberta and have a great life here. Ontario is getting exactly what it deserves.
lauren c (4 months ago)
Trudeau is not working for Canadians he is a globalist working for the UN he is pushing Agenda 21 open borders mass welfare immigration loss of values and culture which will lead to the end of Canada it is time we kick this traitor out
Gerry K (4 months ago)
Canada is Dead thanks to Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. I will be 60 next year and I will keep my Canadian citizenship so I can vote 1 last time. After that I will become a American and live in Montana. I feel sorry for any Canadian who has children because their lives in Canada will suffer. Anyone who voted Liberal are too blame for the death of Canada.
Otto 81494 (4 months ago)
Stefan.... topic suggestion... I would be interested in a discussion of Democratic vs Republican US cities and the economic success/failure/health of each city to see if there is a trend between political ideologies and economic conditions. I know the answer to that question but would be very interested in hearing you discuss the topic supported with facts and statistics like you do so well.
Stefan Molyneux (4 months ago)
Ace (4 months ago)
It's time for us and stand together, and get Trudeau out,.When your born here like most of us, we grew up happy, now we're drowning in miserableness, no one is smiling anymore, we are not allowed to laugh, play music, no fun..no such thing as euphoria..unless your well off, and and you made it your self, not your parent, yourself then your ok,.but Trudeau only helps well off,.he admitted it on camera..Money should just collapses and have everyone start from scratch,.Switch off that button,.restart ! Trudeau has ruined our use to be proud Country,.when is everyone going to wake up !
boxwoodgreen (4 months ago)
just how much do you trust the current debt figure ?
Dragan Zarkovic (4 months ago)
there are those that say debt can be raised forever and debt can not actually be paid off due to debt being higher than actual circulating money.
Mikael Vitaly Vyacheslav (4 months ago)
Canada belongs to the ""Multinationals" . , Bankers, the Rothschilds ,The queen , Canada is a Banana Republic of The U.S. every country the U.S. invades Canada follows . The prime minister Trudeau is just a idiot punk big mouth "parrot" , he just Communicants what they tell him to say and the reality has no power . He was born with a silver spoon never had a real job in his life ! he just a idiot parrot- monkey who got elected by legalizing the drug culture , allowing marijuana shops , giving all the rights to the "Gay community" , the femisnist culture , and giving all the rights to minoities from third world countries that live in Canada ect... If you're a normal person you have no rights , just pay your tax and be a debt slave . Trudeau wants a docile -zombie society is great for control promoting and legalizing marijuana -the drug culture ...A zombie docile culture . Trudeau brought in to Canada over 1.2 million refugees and immigrants. Why are Canadians sleeping on the streets , no housing, but they have 5 stars hotels for refugees and they bring in more migrants ?? well Canada goes to Iraq , Afghanistan, Syria, Lybia with the U.S. and destroys these countries now take the refugees its called karma ! soon you english colonials Canadians( Anglo-Rednecks) you will become a minority in your country you stole , raped and looted from the native indian people the real Canadians not you Anglo rednecks ! .....karma is a bitch . you pay sooner or later ...life is not fare or is it ? the Colonial Renecks anglo glory days are over !!..suck it up redenecks quit your drugs culture and junk food shit culture ! payback !
Ross (4 months ago)
These illegals aliens that are housed in hotels pay us back in kindness by urinating on the Bible.
Lynn Sopwith (4 months ago)
The debt is child’s play compared to California and the USA
Stefan Molyneux (4 months ago)
No, five times per capita larger in Ontario
Stephen Williams (4 months ago)
So to summarize your presentation in one sentence you are really saying that we canadians are screwed right?
Melvin Tindal (4 months ago)
Ontario will become the KOS of Canada, except Kos has less debt and import water. What is the direction for Mecca from Creemore or Toronto ? peace be upon U§
adelfa Tan (4 months ago)
Maging oki ang kanada kahit hindi niyon ako ma meet po god bless
cbc is not truthful (4 months ago)
Where's all this debt going ? To central banks like the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve . Why are the majority of us are barely skirting poverty while the banks take all the gravy and more  ? This debt is non existent if we printed our own damned currency ,and I think we should tell them to stuff the money lending (loan sharking) debt that plagues the earth and ourselves , right up their  keister . We need to get off our knees or forever stay on them , prostrating ourselves and our children's future to a bunch of  parasitic vermin who feeds of the work and wealth of others .
bill pyfrom (4 months ago)
so the solution is to declare bankruptcy, no way they can repay,it is the world poor countries just as well declare bankruptcy as they cannot erepay and thank heavens when they do,the world has to go through the changes as to a real solution just promising lazy people world wide that things are free on borrowed money is false,
alfy smith (4 months ago)
its an EASY FIX PEOPLE !!!  Just join the U.S. we will become the largest and richest country in the world, oil independent !!   then we finally become a true democracy, no connection to the crown, its irrelevant if you don't like President Trump, he is only doing what his voters have asked him to do, we would finally have a dollar that is worth something, etc, etc,     Educate yourselves read up on it, the good out weigh the bad !!   the idea has been around for a long time, Canada has never had a civil war, this is why we cant come together as Canadians !!
Irvingstine (4 months ago)
Doug Ford has already begun auditing hopefully he's going to put these people in jail he needs to gain control of the O.P.P. and have the Liberal Party investigated. The Liberall party has no power now they're down to 5% from 56% it is time to strike and put them down for good. Trudeau is next.
Nick E (5 months ago)
I guess this is a bit more provincial specific, despite an overly worrying trend. I know too many intelligent Canadians that would let this kind of a slide continue. Stefan, you have as good ideas on many things as anyone on here - why don't get a campaign idea started now so when ur daughter is grown up you can put your name forward for PM!
Nick E (5 months ago)
Shocked to see some of this - watching from Australia. I guess that is what happens when you have a drama teacher leading your Government? Hope you guys find some sense in the next election - is Jordan Peterson going to run?
Satyam Patel (5 months ago)
Immigration has in fact been redirect to places like Saskatchewan. This is particularly true for Economic immigrants. Google Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program and stats for investor class immigrants
B TD (5 months ago)
B TD (5 months ago)
ooh u migrant....
shallah P (5 months ago)
Trudeau does not work for Canada he is working for the globalists EU, UN, Soros, IMF Etc. The goal is to destroy canada so the globalists take over the banking system and resources you see this Happening all over the world Open borders massive welfare immigration, government in massive debt, destruction of culture etc We have to throw Trudeau out of power
Karl Degroot (5 months ago)
How's Finland doing?
Sovereignty Soldier (6 months ago)
I really appreciate and enjoy your videos Stefan and I realize this is nitpicking a little, but I don't believe I have ever heard anyone living in Canada mention love of weather as one of the most compelling reasons that they love living there, lol, in fact it is usually mentioned as the most unfortunate part of living in Canada in general, lol.
Al Beau (6 months ago)
FIAT currency is a debt currency. google it and the strawman or meet your strawman...
Al Beau (6 months ago)
Lord Christopher Monckton: “There Is NO DOUBT About What We Have FOUND!” Swiss will prosecute anyone pushing for climate change and carbon tax...https://youtu.be/g5_u0iQ-Um8 via @YouTube
Curtis Byman (6 months ago)
Alberta has become an immigrant dumping ground.
Curtis Byman (6 months ago)
Diversity is our strenght. Woooooooo
TDS (6 months ago)
BUT HEY! If we import millions of third world uneducated illiterate immigrants they will rebuild the economy. Progressives told us this is true.
rick couture (6 months ago)
so when are you going to run for office, at least someone can talk to Trump who has a clue. a reasonable deal?
rick couture (6 months ago)
debit, outhouse economics, the deeper the hole the better off you are? trying to get out of personal debit, but the over all personal debit in Canada is scary, do not know how the average is even possible.
Reg Landry (6 months ago)
Solution, join China and the new silk road or B R I .and dump wall street.
Reg Landry (6 months ago)
The drop in median income over the last 20 years is a direct result of the NAFTA job killing pact and away from diragist economy.
Beth black (6 months ago)
Ontario loaded up with massive amounts of immigration.
John Obmar (6 months ago)
When banks and countries, who are in huge debt also, accept Ontario's debt, there is not a problem. Right??? So they keep going further in debt. Problems will grow faster over time, and to solve anything, solutions have to be increasingly more radical.
Joe Stanley (6 months ago)
The Conservatives fixation on drooping the Corporate tax rate, as Doug will to 10.5%, will do nothing fiscally constructive but continue to destroy our economy. The Liberals are also corporatists and have egg on their face too. But the Conservatives, as being the economic masterminds, is a joke at best. Trickle down economics has never proven to be beneficial for an economy and is a fraudulent economic scheme.
Cal Archer (6 months ago)
Those who plotted our downfall have Kek to answer to, just like Killary
emily morrison (6 months ago)
i am sick I think PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL PUT IN A BID FOR canada when we declair we cant pay the interest on the canadian dedt especial ontario we just throw it in as bonus to get the bidding started. thanks to the liberals and their open border crisis
Three One (6 months ago)
Young people won't be burdened by the massive debt built up by previous generations. They'll default on all of it. 100% certainty.
Maria & Julia Tepper (6 months ago)
The left has no solution all they do is bash Trump and bitch...hypocrites...im am so tired of the rederick...
Honesty Counts (6 months ago)
Ontario is 'DONE'. Stick the fork in, its done.
RawLu (7 months ago)
GD American Conspiracy Nut Wannabes...
Dick Stephenson (7 months ago)
Trudeau is truly a clueless moron.
Aro2220 (7 months ago)
Taxation without representation should be illegal. It seems like the human race keeps improving in two things exponentially....ways to kill each other, and ways to rob one another.
Linda Beaudoin (7 months ago)
Between Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne the province of Ontario is likely bankrupt. How could this of been allowed? Ontarians are all responsible.
Terrell Roberson (7 months ago)
Fake shit
stevepa999 (7 months ago)
The Liberal Party has decimated Ontario's manufacturing industry with the highest energy prices in Canada. White collar liberals passing measures to feel good about climate change at the expense of blue collar workers.
Paul Stewart (7 months ago)
Adjusting for inflation, 86% increase in debt over 15 years
common law (7 months ago)
lilmacd50 (7 months ago)
your are so right. this is not my Ontario. feel like I don't belong anymore and my kid will never know how it used to be. I live to make her feel some sort of semblance butt the education system is ruining the children. Thank God for Dough Ford and Trump. Lets hope they can reverse some of the damage.
Barbara Jansen (7 months ago)
Marxism: "Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me" is what Trudeau should be quoting.
Josh S (7 months ago)
Catch 22...Free Childcare for all.
Gary Davis (7 months ago)
Canadians, in my experience, are quietly-spoken, fiercely loyal, and incredibly professional. Why, oh why, did they elect Falsdeau?
listen2meokidoki (7 months ago)
No! You, we, they do not have to learn lessons, do something whatsoever. Mother Nature, which encompasses the Laws of Economics (aka mathematics) will do all the heavy lifting. It always does, recession after recession. The only reason recessions are getting less often is because they now use interest rates. I recall in the 1970's the mantra was maintaining full employment. Wage increases, price controls and capital strikes. But a recession/depression is always history rhyming. And repeating.
BrokenSoulsAlliance (7 months ago)
Dear Stefan - please look into the Lewisham East, London election today/yesterday. Anne Marie Waters of the 'Britain First Party', which stands against radical Islam, was prevented by Antifa's violent protest from attending the hustings last night and will likely be prevented from attending tonight's count for the Lewisham East parliamentary seat. This is part of the globalist shut down and needs to be widely reported on. Sincerely Mrs Middle-England PS PLEASE SUPPORT STEFAN FINANCIALLY - A regular monthly Paypal payment works best for me for currency exchange reasons. I cancelled my TV licence sometime ago and redirected it to Stefan, he's much better value!
Aaron P.B. (7 months ago)
Please run for some political office.
Steve Fazackerley (7 months ago)
My question for the "tax and spend like drunken sailors" politicians about transfer payments is this: What happens when all the provinces become equally poor because of the debt and tax burdens? Who will the money be stole... I mean transfered from then?
jean-pierre mercier (7 months ago)
it almost makes sense that the 3 westernmost provinces go their own way. o r 4 if manitoba would join them. it's an idea that's been below the surface for years.
Jack D (7 months ago)
It always comes back to Cloward-Piven. If you are not familiar with it, google it and all will make sense. Government spending is designed to collapse the economy and then the Nation State, paving the way for International Socialism.
Nathan Robinson (7 months ago)
Also, the government has underestimated its inflation rate and overestimated its CPI. It is in its best interest to do this.
Nathan Robinson (7 months ago)
The problem with Canada's politics: you have one party that is straight up hammer and sickle socialist, you have a Fabian socialist party, and you have a progressive party that's called in to be debt lumberjacks. The rules of the game don't change, the socialists gets way over its head in debt, then the progressives are called in to be a fixer. Outrage ensues as deficits are slashed and burned and entrenched public unions get outraged. The outrage forces people back to the Fabians, and the cycle continues. The corruption and systemic failures don't change fundamentally, the process marches on.
thomasjeffersoncry (7 months ago)
I believe that most people do not know how bad it is... They don't see the .gov concerned, or the bankers concerned, so I guess there cannot be a problem...no?
Bryan Covert (7 months ago)
What you need to do is elect another liberal to run your freaking country . We in the United States need to build a wall on the northern border as well . Make you keep people like jim carrey on your side of the border . Justine Trudouche is your worst enemy ,or best enema , he is the drug ! You should try to find a cure for liberalism , and wipe it out .
Yvon Desrosiers (7 months ago)
Don't worry for the debt crisis, Trudeau has new taxes for middle class. This environMENTAL PM has a carbon tax at the PUMP ...... for more pollution ? We will pay for new pipelines ....for more pollution. Carbon tax and otbers will only help to pay the debt.
cryptobradley200 (7 months ago)
Stop paying all bills let the banks pound sand
Walter Petrovic (7 months ago)
This is not a real balanced view of Ontario or Canada, in general. Why not bring up the near economic death by some conservative governments?? If you wish to diss the left, then OK and Great, but do attempt to be fair and balanced and not be an obvious conservative supporter.
joe blow (7 months ago)
Oh is Ontario apart of canada now. Because they think what happens in alberta doesn't effect them.
Aiphiae (7 months ago)
Do a video about how the Liberals want to boost our population to 100 million people in the next 40 years. What an absolute shit-show that will be. Also, where the *hell* are they planning on getting another 65 million people?
Arthur Reddin (7 months ago)
Roughly half way through this video, when talking about Net Debt per Capita, Stefan, it sounded like you didn't realize that this was CHANGE (i.e., increase) in net debt. (If you acknowledge this latter in your talk, please disregard.) I'd be interested in seeing Total Net Debt per Capita.
PrestoWind (7 months ago)
And now you make a good living by just talking. Pretty nice.
LT Kell (7 months ago)
You guy's got the Obama plan going on. We voted that CRAP out! Get RID of Trudeau...it's a must and EVERYONE that goes along with that thinking!!!
Chad Simmons (7 months ago)
Well Ontario..is was nice to know ya..guess the bankers will come knocking..and out the door you go? oh wait time for a bailout
Ed Petrovski (7 months ago)
In 1974 I spent some time living in TO. I walked around Toronto marveling at Queen"s Park, OHIP, cheap and clean public transit, safe streets, friendly cops and housing that people could actually afford. I wondered how all these great things were paid for. I found out. I went back to TO recently. Gas--$5.20/gallon. Loaf of bread $2.30. Dozen eggs...$4.00. Pack of smokes %15.00....case of domestic beer...$50.00 and sales tax of around 15% for everything. Then I read about the gas plant scandals....about how much Ontario was pissing money away on candy store stuff......and I felt sad. I saw friends, once happy, working for decent money, living in decent places now living in bachelor basement apartments for $900.00 a month making far less than they did 20 years ago. The can got kicked down the road back in the 70s.....and landed 40 years later. Yep--socialism sure works until eventually you run out of other people's money.
M A (7 months ago)
Canada is BO puppet
Sal Reed (7 months ago)
Ever heard of a Liberal that WASN'T a thief? A liar? Utterly venal? Totally incompetent? LOW IQ? Nope, nor me....
Rodolfo Bevilacqua (7 months ago)
Communism destroys
Jeanne Hathaway (7 months ago)
Wow, that was both enlightening and scary.
MaximusV MahaVeda (7 months ago)
I didnt know much bout canada!!at all!!,... Why they have so much debt??? Whoes their debter??? By the way...Good luck canada....,!! Its harsh when tom yum goong crisis in Thailand....but we all pass that time....!!! U can overcome that too!......luv from Thailand!
Prepper III% (7 months ago)
I don't know the stats for america, but I think it's worse here.
Zvonko Pavlovic (7 months ago)
Canada doesn't pay nothing to anyone, except whay they stole and from our pockets. Sometimes they pay 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 percent of what people deserve.
Zvonko Pavlovic (7 months ago)
Why don't you go to work and do something, instead to gossip for profit. Stop talking about the money, you just lie about money and you have never seen any money in your life. Say to the people where you live and whether you really live here.
Zvonko Pavlovic (7 months ago)
When someone tells you the truth, you think this is bad, instead is good, because no one loves Canadians, this is why they are asking me about accent, because no one loves to hear Canadian documents or born in here, but I AM proud to be Montenegrin, even could be also Canadians according to birth and documents, but Canadians don't want to bring justice and foundations for 20 times better than Bill Gates according to inventions and now look how to steal again something. Canada has enough money for living, as taxes are paid from us at all times, but the problem is stealings from you and you don't want to work, but looking after other people's business, so manage yourself.
Zvonko Pavlovic (7 months ago)
We don't get any reward and if even Canadians stay away from me would be great for my success, because Canadians are the most stupid people in the world I have ever seen. No inventors, no fair people, haters, prostitutes, forced marriages for interest, no love in anyone except through interest, hate crime, damaging all Montenegrin success, jealousy, faith pretenders, Canadians are almost all criminals, unhealthy people and bringing their misery onto others, talking about the money which they don't have and poor nobodies, spying between countries from CITYTV and other stations...., stealing my money together with Canada and Cuba through SUNWING in Rafael Freyre DON LINO hotel package, organized crime and bringing hate crime against Montenegrin culture and we do not need your lies about money and investment, because you just take and steal inventions, sport success, money, but you are good to give given from others food banks and to the best inventors 300000 CAD for 40 years , instead 2 T$. What a cheap nobodies. Be with your own poor people and no inventors and stop being with us to gain success and prosperity. This is why don't make friendship with us, and keep your hate including with Slovenians and stop pretending you are Canadian online. Can you people stop talking and create something, not just empty talk. We can succeed, just stay away from us, we cannot be together in anything without investment as towards others, so for this reason keep acting and go with those nobodies Toronto Film School liars. Let's see where you can get with them... We don't need you. At least respect our background origins as other cultures have, but they are all criminals. So you are as well.
Zvonko Pavlovic (7 months ago)
That's not true, Ontarians are very lazy people, especially those primitive cultures, They don't wanna work and good people get injured working for ten people.

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