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UGG Cleaning Disaster

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I tried to clean off snow stains from my UGGs using UGG sheepskin care kit and it didnt work... :( I used the eraser which is on the other side of the brush thinking that was the sponge since that was all that the kit was provided with :/) visit my blog www.GirlSanctuary.com to see picture before and after cleaning. Let me know in the comment below if you have used this product to clean your UGGs and if it worked for you.
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IamBrandon (14 days ago)
Did you really just apply the cleaner with the eraser.
odalis diaz (1 month ago)
Working in a dry cleaner snow stain on UGGs boot don’t come off due to the street salt it damage and Burns the suede
Elving Tercero (2 months ago)
Is that a sponge or an eraser you stupid whore?
Frida Fruto (1 year ago)
I tried but i dont like 🙈😥
Grammi Z (1 year ago)
I think that you should have cleaned your boots when they first got dirty. I believe that would have cleaned them better.
Epiic Guy (1 year ago)
Obviously you’re not supposed to wet them until you spray it
skating Luna (1 year ago)
Nice ahgs
Allen Braun (1 year ago)
wow. you didn't follow the directions at all.. id hate to eat a microwave dinner at your house..
Mr. meme Enshuo (1 year ago)
You are not supposed to wear them when it's raning or snowing , and plus you probely left it too long before cleaning it
Mr. meme Enshuo (2 years ago)
You can't put it in the cleaners . And I have tried the care kit and it worked out
Liam Bui (2 years ago)
Take the video down if you do it wrong
Zamaryah Norman (2 years ago)
U can't wait one year to clean shoes and think they gon look brand new
Wither Girls (2 years ago)
Sub win a free phone
Jennifer Garcia (2 years ago)
Arely mora (2 years ago)
SAMMMME my uggs were really bad and I got the cleaner and I read the directions and looked it up on youtube and it still didn't work
Yoselin Gutierrez (2 years ago)
Wrong! But it works for me (:
Jessica Seirra (2 years ago)
just buy a new pair and don't wear them in the snow or rain... uggs are ment for cold fall or winter days when it is not raining or snowing...
Vita Hoffman (17 days ago)
Lol the eraser was funny though. I have a black pair of uggs I use for rain and snow. I take them to the cleaner after each winter. My other Uggs are for cold days no water. I live in Nm so we don’t get a lot of snow and rain.
Dream Journal (2 years ago)
Don l (2 years ago)
isn't that a eraser that she put the cleaner on? not a sponge like you supposed to! it also clearly states 1/2 water and 1/2 cleaner solution. DUH! Read directions people! or even watch a video on her, " how to clean your uggs"!
Swati Gurpreet (2 years ago)
It's clearly stated on the back of each bottle in the care kit "we in no way guarantee it will remove all stains nor prevent stains from occurring" so don't expect all your stains to be removed when you use it. my sand uggs look cleaner than the state they were originally in but not all the stains have gone whereas my black uggs look like I just got them.
A. Bruce McDonald (2 years ago)
I think if you really wanted to keep them clean you should not have waited for the stains to set in before trying to clean them. It's important with quality suede products to protect them with a water/stain protection before wearing them. Them you should try to avoid getting them soaked---especially with dirty water/snow with muck and salt in it. If you do get them yucky dirty then clean them right away---preferably before they even dry! It takes way less than a year for a nasty stain to totally set in to any material.
Danielle Wellington (2 years ago)
You cleaned them wrong, when I clean my Uggs I get a damp sponge pour the cleaner on there and it gets all the stains out
niah dean (2 years ago)
she did it wrong thts why they didn't turn out right
Clarissa Alessi (2 years ago)
Shut up people! she just has an accent. JEEZ
diaysha moore (2 years ago)
You did not do the process correct! Your not supposed to use the brush until the end . And your supposed to damp the boot at the beginning then use a sponge to apply the cleaner/conditioner
Angelina Martucci (2 years ago)
You did it all wrong
tabitha alt (2 years ago)
So I'm ready the comments on this video and people are saying you need to use 1part water and 1 part cleaning solution. But I'm reading the back of the sheepskin cleaning and conditioner and it says to apply a small amount of cleanser and conditioner to a clean wet sponge? I don't know what to do?!?! HELP
quet_fm (2 years ago)
tabitha alt you put the cleaner and conditioner on the sponge
Jessica Seirra (3 years ago)
you are suppose to clean ur uggs right after you get them dirty...
Lisa Kilby (3 years ago)
No one likes dirdee Aags
Don Vlog (2 years ago)
Dream Journal (2 years ago)
A knaw raht
Amanda Brown (3 years ago)
At my grocery store, a guy there cleans uggs, and he does an amazing job at it. They look brand new, and they feel the same once you let it dry. :) it takes him maybe one full day to do them, so you give them to him, you wait one day, And then you pick it up:))
Rebecca Louise (3 years ago)
It says on the bottle that it can't get rid of all stains you have had those boots for 2 years and had the stains on since the last winter it's not surprising the stains didn't go
Kendal Owens (3 years ago)
Logan Williams (3 years ago)
They have a sheepskin water cleaner for $8 and it works great I bet it will get the snow stains out
nicole hayden (3 years ago)
I'm too lazy for this so I just buy other ones . I always will have 2 I just buy 2 every year then give my 1 year old uggs to y friends 😂
Crystal R. (2 years ago)
You're a lucky girl! Mom's are very special. Just be nice to everyone, sweetheart...bc it may be someone's mom 😘
nicole hayden (2 years ago)
Crystal Rakauckas Yup 😊😊 Love my mom❤️ Wouldn't change her for the world. 🌎
Crystal R. (2 years ago)
+Nicole's tips and tricks Does mommy buy those for you?
Sher Vonri (3 years ago)
+Nicole DoesFunStuff she clearly has an accent
nicole hayden (3 years ago)
Oh btw, it's not pronounced "Aggs" it's "UGGS" 😂😂😂😑
Alondra's vlogs (3 years ago)
Yes and it worked for me
Donna Petronella (3 years ago)
It's not really a disaster u just cleaned them wrong
Supa Soda90 (2 months ago)
If any1 can chime in & tell me how to keep my boots with that smooth look after cleaning, I would appreciate. I did get that white salty film off my boots by using the kit. In the future, maybe clean your boots before you store them then that way when you're ready to wear them for the new season, the stains haven't had the chance to set in. Good luck!
Supa Soda90 (2 months ago)
Ok so before she ran to the cleaner, could she have tried to use a clean wet "sponge" again and the cleaner with plenty of water & it would've done the trick? The issue I had with my Bearpaw after using THE BEARPAW KIT exactly like this with my Bearpaw Boots made like these was they weren't smooth even after I brushed them in the same direction. I contacted the company and received a quick response & found out they have a 1year guarantee on their boots & they would be willing to do something even if I received as a Christmas Gift. They are an awesome company. The only issue was, it was just past the 1yr mark. I had put them on my credit card. I had barely wore them, the sticker was still stuck to the bottom of the boots. I decided it was probably just something I did wrong while cleaning them. So I kept them. I wear them, no harm, no foul. However; ongoing I will be very careful when cleaning all future Ugg & Bearpaw boots.
clownreefing maui808 (3 years ago)
Clearly you didn't follow the instructions, And if you are sooooo Obsessed with Clean UGGS! why did you let them get so Dirty ??
E Johnson (10 months ago)
clownreefing maui808 I was thinking the same!! I have Uggs for all weather conditions. Rain boot Uggs for the rain and snow boot Uggs for the snow, I'm actually obsessed with clean shoes and I swap them out often.
Nadia Rodriguez (3 years ago)
You can use a clean sponge with cold water first (instead of paper towels) to get a better result and then use the sponge with a tiny bit of conditioner to clean the boots. The back of the brush is the eraser :) You can erase any stain easily with that and then just brush it. (you don't have to do the whole cleaning procedure for that) Good luck next time and don't worry, I almost did that the first time I was going to clean my uggs :)
Livv Xiao (3 years ago)
To all those people saying how she should've read the directions, clearly she read them just might've not fully understood. I bet a hundred people do this and it's ok. A simple little mistake shouldn't have to be criticized by a ton of people. Trust me I bet she got the point after the first comment. Actually not even the first comment, she knew she did something wrong and accepted the fact. Hey nobody is perfect. Leave her alone
Kate. Mac2004 (2 years ago)
Olivia Xiao g
GirlSanctuaryBlog (3 years ago)
+Livv Germano  :)
shelbi (3 years ago)
I bought this kit when I got my boots and put on the repellent. (My boots are white) I used the cleaner because of snow stains and they turned them orange I try contacting ugg and they would never get back to me
Jennifer Herrera (3 years ago)
+shelbi RETURN THEM! If you followed everything properly, contact customer service and they will set you up with a new pair- it's a faster process if you bought them online, but buying them at a retail store, you can still return them. For some reason, I've had 2 pair of UGGS lose their decorative buttons or other decorations. I don't spend literally hundreds of dollars on shoes to only wear them a month or 2 and have the pretty stuff fall off! So, each time, UGG has sent me a new pair on both occasions. In October I bought a pair of elisabeta boots from them and somehow the boot began separating from the sole and I just recieved my new pair today! So, give them a call and I'm sure they can help you somehow. Calling customer service earlier in the day is best because the wait in the phone later in the day/evening can be upwards of 30 mins waiting for a rep. Good luck!
Nadia Rodriguez (3 years ago)
+shelbi You should take them to a professional cleaner or something because Im sure that you did something wrong when you were cleaning your boots. My sister has a white pair, they haven't gotten yellow and she uses the kit. Good luck!!
shelbi (3 years ago)
I followed the directions
Andrea Fox (3 years ago)
you should take this video down because if someone is trying to figure out how to use the Uggs Sheepskin Kit, they might think this is the RIGHT way to do it when it is the WRONG way. Also, did you apply the water and stain repellent after you bought them? (and do not wear in the rain and snow)
Panthera (2 years ago)
+GirlSanctuaryBlog You could edit the video and insert a little note what you did wrong. Not all people read descriptions. Thanks.
GirlSanctuaryBlog (3 years ago)
+Andrea Fox Thank you for your friendly suggestion. However, my video will remain on youtube since in the description I explained what I did wrong. Also the the title for the video speaks for itself. Thanks again for all the suggestions :)
Fernando Angon (3 years ago)
You clearly didn't read the instructions...and when have you seen a sponge that does not absorb liquid or is hard!? Seriously watch sponge bob and tell me one of his sponge qualities is...
ninja (3 years ago)
Is there anyway to fix the uggs?? Please help 😔
CrunkinBillionaire (3 years ago)
The side of the brush you're using as a 'clean sponge' is the ugg eraser..... You should put the conditioner on the sponge you used to make the shoes damp.
JosseyGamez (3 years ago)
The reason why it did not work, its because you are using it wrong. Read the instructions.
Aaliyah Mf'n Davis (3 years ago)
That cleaning shit sucks ass, I've used it and it made my boots worse. Fucks uggs
Kourtney M (3 years ago)
I've had my Bailey button uggs for 5 years and they look good as new, I love the sheepskin cleaner. are you sure you're doing it correctly?
Brandiums (3 years ago)
I don't think you're cleaning it right. You need more water. You also are supposed to use a gentle sponge, not the ugg eraser lol.
Melissa Mahoney (3 years ago)
FARacing (3 years ago)
I can tell you after owning, cleaning and repairing Uggs for 25 years, I never had a problem with the cleaning kit. You are not supposed to wear your Ugg classics in the snow or rain as it will completely degrade the sheepskin, eventually beyond cleaning or repair. You need to use a little more water than that!! Otherwise you are not removing any dirt. It says a damp sponge, not a damp suede eraser. The tool it comes with is not a sponge. Contact me for more information or search Facebook for Ugg and Leather Repair Shop to contact me there for all questions related to Uggs. By the way, you need to treat your Uggs with the water repeller monthly depending on how often you wear them.
ninja (3 years ago)
+MrMt42304 do u have gmail or Hotmail ?
FARacing (3 years ago)
+First Last [email protected]
FARacing (3 years ago)
+First Last Yes, they can absolutely be fixed. the only time they can't be fixed is if you run into something that would damage any type of leather like oil, grease, petroleum, tar, etc.
ninja (3 years ago)
+MrMt42304 I actually don't have Facebook/: do u have an email or kik ?
FARacing (3 years ago)
+First Last Contact me at Ugg and Leather Repair Shop on Facebook. I can walk you through the cleaning process. If you live in Minnesota, I can fix them for you. Unless, of course, you are comfortable with mailing them. I run an Ugg care and repair shop.
bbodenste12 (3 years ago)
I just got mine yesterday, and im so worried im going to ruin them.
Arina Reid-Martin (3 years ago)
try just a swede cleaner it worked amazingly for me  
GirlSanctuaryBlog (3 years ago)
+A Martin Thanks so much! :)
Caidin Skala Ferrigno (3 years ago)
Try to brush the stained part with the edge of the brush that came with the kit. I did it and it worked perfectly! Hope I helped
GirlSanctuaryBlog (3 years ago)
+Caidin Skala Ferrigno Thank you for the advice :)
Halle Marius (3 years ago)
wow thanks(not)
Jalen Reed (3 years ago)
Really lady, you do t wear them in the snow or salt. You wear them when its cold
Jalen Reed (3 years ago)
nay nay faces (4 years ago)
i have one also and it does not work at all
Isabela DeOliveira (4 years ago)
I'm truly sorry that this happened to you but I don't think you should say that you were unsatisfied if you didn't follow the process correctly.  
ana garcia (4 years ago)
Maybe if you didn't step in the snow it wouldn't have a stain. It clearly says not to wear them in the rain/snow.
Malica Hamilton (3 years ago)
+shelbi well I wouldn't suggest wearing uggs . Wear waterproof boots . Uggs do best at keeping your feet warm in cold dry weather
shelbi (3 years ago)
Well you see when you live in a place where it snows. The whole time it's cold there is snow on the ground
GlazedDonuts09 (4 years ago)
You're using the product incorrectly. The cleaner and conditioner specifically says NOT TO USE THE PRODUCT DIRECTLY ON THE BOOTS THEMSELVES. You're suppose to dilute some of the cleaner in a bowl of water and use a REAL sponge, not the stain eraser on the Ugg brush. I recommend using a scotch brite sponge, they work AMAZING! (Don't use the abrasive green side of the sponge though!
Tiauna Hurt (3 years ago)
what they are saying is that the lady applied the cleaner to the boot without mixing it with water first.
Selina Bal (3 years ago)
What do you mean don't use the product directly on the boot? She didn't. She put it on the eraser then on the boot.
Daisy Luna (4 years ago)
If you were so obsessed with clean shoes you would have cleaned them in the first place. If you got to the UGG store they tell you that the kit will not work if the shoes have not been cleaned for a while. like you said "last winter" .
Grace Everet (4 years ago)
The sheepskin is on the inside
Deanna DeCarlo (4 years ago)
I just want to say that for all of you using the so called "sponge" on the brush that comes with the kit THATS NOT A SPONGE! The girl in yhe video is using the eraser. You use an actual sponge that DOES NOT come with the kit. The eraser is used for small stains. Watch the official UGG Australia cleaning video.
SARA74759 (4 years ago)
I don't think ur supposed to apply the cleaner directly to the boot, to mix it with water
Anastasia zaw (4 years ago)
I just want to say how badly sheep are treated for uggs. The are starved cut and finally killed when they no longer produce fur. The people who work to make uggs should be ashamed. Most similar boots are made the same way. I don't know about anyone else but I'm returning mine. If anyone has worn uggs and still have them don't get rid of them so they won't be wasted, but next time you want a pair, consider the sheep who was treated cruelly for a "stylish" pair of boots. Sure their warm, but faux fur can be warm too, and it doesn't cost as much. Please repost this and spread the word so we can save the sheep.
FARacing (3 years ago)
Ugg Australia monitors their 3 hide unions and tanneries. First, Ugg has strict policies against animal abuse and would drop the contract for another one if that were the case. Second, their hides come from slaughter houses, so the animals were livestock being processed for consumption anyway. They don't have a huge ranch where they take the animal hides and discard the rest. All of the animal is used.
amy dean (3 years ago)
Unless you eat absolutely no meat and wear absolutely no animal skin. Dont preach! I love my ugg boots, and my leather boots and I really enjoyed my pork dinner tonight!
Alice (3 years ago)
+Florime Ilazi no they don't the outside is real sheepskin too
Florime Ilazi (3 years ago)
tbh they shear the sheep lol
Valerie Avalos (3 years ago)
Wow, I didnt know that thankyou for the info.
Aeriss Efaw (4 years ago)
What I do is when I first purchased my uggs I sprayed the protectant on them (while outside) then I let them dry over night, then brushed in a them with the tool it provides. I do this every two weeks and it prevents stains and such. If you do get a stain then that is when you use the conditioner, the conditioner worked very well on my silver bailey bows, they look brand new I was very impressed.
GirlSanctuaryBlog (4 years ago)
+Aeriss Efaw Thanks so much! I will definitely use protectant when I purchase new pair of UGG :) 
EarLee Byrd (4 years ago)
Not true not true not true. My uggs are brand new! I bought them, spilled hot dog on them, cleaned them with the ugg cleaning kit (after they'd been sprayed and set with the ugg protector) followed the directions to a "T," and it left a ring water stain. I returned them, they sent me another pair. I found dirt on them after wearing, I went to clean them again and the same thing happened. My other pair I cleaned with good ol soap and water, they were of lighter color and NEVER left a water stain. Ever. I do not recommend the ugg cleaner.
Mavet Martinez (3 years ago)
I had the same problem where did you return them to uggs or the store?
GirlSanctuaryBlog (4 years ago)
+EarLee Byrd You sure know how to take care of your shoes. You should make videos about it, I would watch!
EarLee Byrd (4 years ago)
I just re-washed my boots with cold water only on the entire surface and the water stain went away! You don't know how happy I am as, this pair is only available once per year and they are completely sold out! Yaaaaay! Not to mention they cost $400!
GirlSanctuaryBlog (4 years ago)
+EarLee Byrd Thanks so much!
Gator515 (4 years ago)
You have to mix the cleanser with an equal part of water. Then dip a sponge in it and lightly srub. The back of the the brush is an eraser so you probably damaged them. Also you can't apply the cleanser directly to the boot. So it didn't work cause you did it wrong
Sammie Smith (2 years ago)
Gator515 everyone makes mistakes chill out
marlene garcia (3 years ago)
+Selina Bal yes she did its an eraser not a sponge so when applied the conditioner onto the eraser and turned it around to scrub the boot it was applied directly to the boot because the eraser didn't absorb anything she was suppose to dilute it with an equal amount of water
Selina Bal (3 years ago)
She didn't apply the cleanser directly
GirlSanctuaryBlog (4 years ago)
+Gator515 Thank you! :)
Joshua Carrion (4 years ago)
The white sponge on the back is an eraser to remove stain after dry. Mix the cleaning solution in room temperature water and scrub with a sponge . Dry for 24 hrs stuff shoe with paper, after brush against the nap. brush inside for fluffy fur . Then apply protector let it dry for 2hrs . Then brush again against then nap and you're done
Chloe' Starr (4 years ago)
He "sponge" that you used was a dirt earaser
oruiz (4 years ago)
You applied it wrong... that's why it didn't work!
sgr9039 (4 years ago)
Yikes! Lucky that you did not ruin the suede. Never apply the cleaner directly to boots. First Apply the protector to the boots about 24 hrs before cleaning. Once the protector has dried then you can start cleaning the boots. Use a soft sponge to completely damp the boots. Then in a bowl mix some water and the cleaning solution. Use this and your sponge to clean your boots.
GirlSanctuaryBlog (4 years ago)
+sgr9039 Thank you! :)
Julie Hite (4 years ago)
u have problems its not a sponge oggs
Isabel Charise (4 years ago)
Next time you go in the snow use the sheepskin protector and that will reduce the amount of stains for this year, I can see that the stains did not come out but go back to the website or store you got the care kit from and they should have a stronger conditioner you can use.
GirlSanctuaryBlog (4 years ago)
+Isabel Charise Thank you for the advice :)
MYKE SMIFF (4 years ago)
Veronica Tolentino (3 years ago)

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