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The cast of Skins on how to get their look

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The cast of Skins discuss their characters' fashion tastes and give tips on how to get their look. . Follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/itn_fashion.
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Text Comments (123)
Ajshe N (8 days ago)
April 2019, O’connell still is the hottest
Maddy Hannah (25 days ago)
march 2019, jack o’connell is still the hottest
MmmLame (28 days ago)
march 2019, jack is still the hottest
sarah taylor (1 month ago)
luke pasquilno 2018 is still the hottest
Margie (2 months ago)
February 2019, O’ Connell is still the hottest.
Olivia (3 months ago)
January 2019, Jack O’Connell still 😍🤤💕
Mariam (3 months ago)
January 2019, O’connell is still the hottest
Paulina RC (3 months ago)
January 2019 O'Connel still is the hottest.
shvrimp (3 months ago)
January 2019, Ollie is still the hottest
Jewel Ashley (3 months ago)
december 2018 o'connel is still the hottest
Scarlett Kristen (4 months ago)
December 2018, Pasqualino still is the hottest
Valeria Ferrer (5 months ago)
October 2018, O'Connell still is the hottest
Maryam7862010 (5 months ago)
ittygoth x (7 months ago)
Wanna be effy? 1: be gorgeous
julia battista (7 months ago)
september 2018 jack o’connell is still the hottest
Lily VR (10 months ago)
June 2018, O'connell still is the hottest
Tam O’ Banter (10 months ago)
Two Poo’s? I need to check this c*nts I.D
sydney lee (11 months ago)
april 2018, o’connell is still the hottest
S 3&4G2 (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who hates Cassie for leaving Sid?
Harrison (1 year ago)
I love the skins so cute
Ben Sharp (1 year ago)
"Look backwards not forwards" spot on God I want to go on a pub crawl with Jack so fucking much lol (back in his skins era) loved the cook character
Tomoko (1 year ago)
march 2018 ,O'Connell still is the hottest
Haley Throckmorton (1 year ago)
February 2018, O'Connell still is the hottest
Janruary 2018, O'Connell still is the hottest.
silvia nadile (1 year ago)
0:31 cutest thing i have ever seen
Freedom (1 year ago)
Ебать они стремительно шпарят, я нихуя не прнимаю
Jolene (1 year ago)
October 2017, O'connell still is the hottest
Carla Taylor (1 year ago)
Everyone's got such wide vocabulary and posh accents then cook comes on the screen 😂
tamarah babe (1 year ago)
Maren Rønningen (1 year ago)
How dare they call this «skins» not gen2, just «skins»
Juliette Grantham (1 year ago)
july 2017, O'Connell still is the hottest
pink dancer (1 year ago)
july 2017, O'Connell still is the hottest
Kunikey Production (1 year ago)
June 2017, O'Connell still is the hottest
oliver (1 year ago)
What about Pandora xD
Cony Chappers (9 days ago)
She's useless
Helmut83 (1 year ago)
Yeah, from some point of the story onwards they totally left Pandora aside. In the last season she didn't even have a chapter dedicated to her.
Memento Mori (2 years ago)
Terraces is god tier fashion 👌
Charlie Culley (2 years ago)
Top notch when Luke is from your home town. Claim2fame 😂👌
Clau Fernandez (2 years ago)
Love Kayaaaa ♡
Mikeira (2 years ago)
Luke is just too cute ♥
librarysuicides (2 years ago)
Cook is fucking hilarious
norththth !! (2 years ago)
july 2016, O'Connell still is the hottest
Khamelia Azhar (7 months ago)
september 2018, still as a hot beast as he is
Kia Shiro (2 years ago)
Someone could write in the comments what Effy / Kaya is saying ? I'm french and it's so hard to understang, pleeeaaase.
vannina yt (1 year ago)
he's absolutely right, i understand better why I loved his style since I love the sixties :) thank you
METalGod66 (1 year ago)
vannina yt he said his clothes basically are from back in the day in the 60s for example his trousers he said are farris which are like mod trousers basically and were big in the 60s he said looks backwards not forwards for fashion
vannina yt (2 years ago)
please can you write down what Cook said ?
Priti Verma (2 years ago)
Ohkk... Kaya said,"I love the fact that Effy's wardrobe is literally, Edward, the designer, will go and buy a dress and then just tear it to shreds and just cut it off and put it with something completely weird and make it work, I think that is really fun, just sort of, like messing it about, making it your own, so no one else is wearing what you're wearing when you're walking down the street".
Sacred Wahine (3 years ago)
There's all these posh accents ahaha and words used well in sentences ahahaha then bam there's cook 😂
Carla Taylor (1 year ago)
Honestly my thoughts exactly 😂
Raúl Carrascø (3 years ago)
Raúl Carrascø (2 years ago)
+Rob La bye
Memento Mori (2 years ago)
+Raúl Carrascø toplol (soory my english)
Raúl Carrascø (2 years ago)
+Rob La I don't care if skins is from 1970, if you're going to do a spoiler you have to warn it. For example, if you're interested in watching The Godfather should I automatically tell you the story because it is years old? (sorry for my english).
Memento Mori (2 years ago)
+Raúl Carrascø I don't need your permission boyo
Raúl Carrascø (2 years ago)
+Rob La didn't ask your opinion,get fucked :')
Daniella M. Trujillo (3 years ago)
july 2015, O'Connell still is the hottest
Morgan Daisy (4 years ago)
Hearing Luke's voice made me cry. Why the fuck would you kill off a character like Freddie? :(
lemon li (1 year ago)
Where was Effy an idiot...? In the end she had major mental issues but that's what skins is about, right? Alright, JJ wasn't that much of a dick but he's not a very good friend either. When did HE ever do anything to recompose the friendship... I think the relationship of Freddie and Effy is really important and good for both of them. They helped each other more than a JJ or a Cook could ever have.
Helmut83 (1 year ago)
Only Cook was a dick, JJ wasn't. And Freddie never did anything to try to recompose the friendship, same as he never did anything for anyone else. All he cared about was getting Effy even if that meant screwing his friends. Those people are the worst kind. I was glad that lunatic smashed his skull. Also, Effy was pretty much an idiot, although when it comes to the looks she's insanely beautiful, I'll give you that.
lemon li (1 year ago)
Helmut83 His two friends were kinda dicks at the time he met Effy.. Also Effy is not what I would call "just a girl"
Helmut83 (1 year ago)
No, I hated him too. Ever since he saw Effy he didn't care about anything else other than her. He's the kind of guy that would treason everyone, including his best friends, for a girl.
lemon li (1 year ago)
Nmoetoe Yes!!!
Rebecca Paterson (4 years ago)
forever questioning why effy picked freddie over cook
Le Lo (9 months ago)
And anyway "he knew what to do", as in to bring her back to Freddie, who really knew what to do lmao
Le Lo (9 months ago)
He knows how to survive but he definitely doesn't know how to love. A different kind of intelligence from what Effy has, and Effy's a genius too. They're two alike to be together, two negatives will never stick. Effy needed someone nurturing and caring, which Cook could never be.
wonka320 (9 months ago)
In the 4th season he kinda knew what to do when she`s off the rock. Cook is smarter than Effy, mb smarter than all of them. Mb smarter than you. He sees things properly, he understands, he learns his lessons.
Le Lo (9 months ago)
Cook literally didn't give a fuck about her. He just loved her because of the attention she gave him. He's dumb as rocks and wouldn't have known what to do when she became psychotic lmao.
wonka320 (10 months ago)
I can`t believe the answers - they all are so on point! Well done, guys )
Ladyy. Lo_ (4 years ago)
Cook is so damn sexy I swear.... ooh. If I was Effy , I'd pick Cook over Freddie any day.
Brekachu (3 years ago)
Ladyy. Lo_ (3 years ago)
Ughh! 😂 I have so much emotions now
Brekachu (3 years ago)
+Shaina Rivera in an interview, Kaya actually wanted the writers to make Effy and Cook be together and she said she wanted them to grow old and have babies xD But that was during the time Kaya and Jack were dating.
Julie (4 years ago)
july 2014, O'Connell still is the hottest
Teii Hani (5 years ago)
Cook is amazing!.. he actually reminds me a lot of his skins character in real life..
hoshiguk (5 years ago)
It's July 2012 and I still think Cook is the hottest guy ever. And btw, you're profile pic ashjakf, I'm in LOVE with Lip.
maxixe 0 (1 year ago)
nah, freddie is much more hot than cook.
gwen doline (1 year ago)
it's July 2017 and I still think Cook is the hottest guy ever!
zzginigzz (5 years ago)
Angelica D (6 years ago)
i love freddies clothing! especially in the end of the series where its getting messier and looser..
Herworlddx (6 years ago)
Its April 2013 and I still think Cook is the hottest guy ever.
plushluxe (6 years ago)
Question: How do you get the look for your character? Literally everyone: Don't give a fuck.
Bryn C (6 years ago)
Pandora's never in interviews?
VaporizerBrothers (6 years ago)
Alice Isabel (6 years ago)
but effy is still awesome
Alice Isabel (6 years ago)
hahahaha touché
VaporizerBrothers (6 years ago)
you smell like farts
Alice Isabel (6 years ago)
you're nauseating
wizkei (6 years ago)
Maybe, anyway... I loved that little puked up punk tween look <3
VaporizerBrothers (6 years ago)
god that little puked up punk tween look was nauseating
Nick Pritchard (6 years ago)
@Ryan Paton
Ryan Paton (6 years ago)
that cp goggle jack had on was loverly
MrFunkysongs (6 years ago)
effy/kaya is stunning!!!
SenDo Salvatore (6 years ago)
Megan is beautiful !!!!!
catspjs21 (6 years ago)
Um...I've seen a lot of Skins and from my fashion knowledge, I don't believe any of this "they don't care" and "they're just trying to be individual" bs.
ana garcia (6 years ago)
go backwards not forward
Alex Prout (7 years ago)
ahahahha two poos?
Shauna O Sullivan (7 years ago)
Kaya Scodelario <3
randombee99 (7 years ago)
ursulala (8 years ago)
JJ! I just want to smoosh him with cuddles. :3
R.x0 (8 years ago)
wizkei (8 years ago)
I always Loved the way Effy dressed in the first season :) such an inspiration!
Lele (8 years ago)
so cool ;-)
lulurules (9 years ago)
its from american apparel
Tea O (9 years ago)
luke...my god hes gorgeous
mmk (9 years ago)
@PrincessSisi87 Ooh good question i just think theres not many good characters in. I think cook is a good character. Im not keen on the rest. :)
JaneBae (9 years ago)
I love what Meg's wearing, that girl could pull off anything
mmk (9 years ago)
Shame i preferred the old cast but obv they couldnt stay in it because they were getting older. Still series 1 and 2 were great. This current cast annoy me i dont know why. Thumbs down right? lol.
@ATKillZ correct

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