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News: Academic Accountability At Last (TFM 42O)

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Academic who lies to further a political agenda loses their PhD. Hopefully this becomes a thing. A segment of the 8/30/2017 episode of TFM 42O. http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/08/29/ohio-state-revokes-phd-of-co-author-of-retracted-video-game-study/ Monkey Image: "Male chimpanzee in business clothes - Stock image" by Lise Gagne. Licensed from Getty Images. Animated Newsroom by rpancake. Licensed from Shutterstock. Intro/Outro Music: "Earthy Crust" by Jingle Punks. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library.
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Starman2001 (5 months ago)
Auto Closed captioning is in Korean for some reason. No clue why though.
Turd Flinging Monkey (5 months ago)
your guess is as good as mine.
Christian Goett (6 months ago)
Being on TILT is a poker term. I can totally see how that could apply in competitive video game play.
Nexus (8 months ago)
video games dont even increase aggression. they bring out your pent up aggression. its a way to let it all out. we all carry aggression to some capacity. i cant help but feel better after just fucking raging at that bullshit lag. like it was inside me. and i let it out. im not holding it in anymore. i got it out of me in a constructive. healthy way. that hurts nobody. but we cant have that. we need more fucking retards to talk about video games and bad fee fees. so that big daddy govment can tax the industry for more free stuff.
realmenwearcamo (11 months ago)
There is a Tedx Talk here on YouTube that describes the benefits to people who play video games. And believe it or not, the speaker is an older woman.
Entrenched Mgtow (11 months ago)
The name of the female feminist fanatic at Mizzou, who was advocating for muscle against an autistic reporter to have him removed, is Melissa Click. (Seriously!) Have fun with that! She's all over youtube as a parody! Here's a link. Enjoy!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeMw2D4822k
TheBashar327 (11 months ago)
Have you seen the levels of aggression women will hit when they're competing for a man? It reaches felony levels. I think more women have resorted to murder in those cases where guys are just more likely to fight it out.
Nookular Bomb (1 year ago)
"There are two kind of men on this beach: dead men, and men who aren't dead yet."
[email protected] (1 year ago)
This makes me really sad because the picture they have is Overwatch. I love Overwatch! It's my favorite class-based shooter!
transporter78213 (1 year ago)
It's not their fault, it's their biology. It's those comments that help men get thru the RPR. They definitely helped me.
Christopher Combs (1 year ago)
Play the god damn objective
Christopher Combs (1 year ago)
Its a cathartic release
Mr A-H0Ie (1 year ago)
13:24 Good. More of that needs to happen, until women learn that they can't do it all and on high heels. Fuck her. She wanted to prove that she's as good as men are, and she ignored her biology. Sometimes the cost of denial is death. It's fair and it's the best possible outcome, so other women get freaked out and learn from it. I have very low trust that many will but some might.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Mr A-H0Ie 🐵👍
Nat Aki (1 year ago)
Hello kitty super fun advernture. TFM is the best improv feminist buster.
THOT Exterminator (1 year ago)
I'm waiting for him to say dota
Hoehner Tim (1 year ago)
The mental health community instituted aggression therapy which meant they had the person hit a inflatable dummy when angered. It shouldn't surprise anyone that patients were more likely to hit another person after treatment than before treatment. Do computer games cause more aggression? Apparently you think they do, and then claim it doesn't change crime stats? Men commit the VAST majority of violent crime, aggression being a key component with violent crime. Saying increased aggression doesn't increase violent crime? Logic and reason isn't your strong suit. Why is violent crime down? One word. Soy.
Ohio Dan (1 year ago)
A well done study should be able to assess whether people who play video games are more violent, instead of looking at it only from an abstract level. In other words, if aggression leads to more violent crime, it should be evident in the data. If not, then it's horseshit.
Carlos Smith (1 year ago)
"Go play hide and go fuck yourself." LOL
Flyer 250, “Masculisting the Men”  https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=TRSkuHGMhHs  This flyer lists what the masculists need to do to educate men into the traps of the traditional manslave role, plus related tasks. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=de+garis+MASCULIST+MGTOW+FLYERS  (250+ videos) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=de+garis+ESSAYS  (150+ videos)
Joe Somebody (1 year ago)
I'm glad this happened, and thanks to channels like yours and RGE I actually know about it. (The internet is great, as normally this information is suppressed and buried).
JigOfTheDubGopher (1 year ago)
It's a long wait for any accountability after she has benefited for decades from her Ph.D Will she lose her job or career because of this? I doubt it.
Lady Catfish (1 year ago)
A small victory.
Miguel L (1 year ago)
Ah i get it, fake phds.
Miguel L (1 year ago)
You can lose a phd? the fuck.
Cameron McCray (1 year ago)
For Honor is an example of a toxic video game with their community
Demitry Scavenger (1 year ago)
7:17 Leeroooooyy Jenkiiiins XD
Grizzly Bizz (1 year ago)
They don't 'multi-task' either. They might try, but HOW do they look when they are 'supposed' to be done. . .they aren't . . . they look like shit, each of their supposedly multi tasks. THAT ISSUE IS BULLSHIT !!! I Could do multi task, but they would look like shit! Instead of doing one thing right the first time.
Grizzly Bizz (1 year ago)
Mushy Pork (1 year ago)
Feeling that rush playing games? Welcome to the world of competition, 'member before the trophy culture, when winning meant something?
comic sans (1 year ago)
safe spaces are just another way to say segregation. (someone commented that in the twitch chat in the video, i just wanted to repeat that.)
I can't believe you think because Asians watch porn they don't commit rape.
WX 47 (1 year ago)
sweden has become europs rape capital, yea
Genius by Design (1 year ago)
NO degree can be revoked once it is earned !!! That is a form of instilling self censorship !!! My opinion.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+mba2ceo PhDs are different
Shoop da Whoop (1 year ago)
by that logic we have to ban traditional sports too...
pealow (1 year ago)
That's an interesting point you make about women panicking over competition, they do make great healers in mmo games perhaps the care based morality theory TFM sites explains this.... just a thought.
Human in the making (1 year ago)
I would get tilted off the face of the earth and have too turn everything off just to calm down😂
Aklemvaeo (1 year ago)
Gettin' mad at video games. http://gunshowcomic.com/419
kalajel (1 year ago)
I'm not entirely sure. Run Escape is just an MMORPg and it's community is absolute shit... Yeah, you can have pvp which is competitive, but having people come and insult you while you're just levelling up your mining skill is just fucking ridiculous...
kalajel (1 year ago)
"Not to mention any names... Right Craig?"
Downward Deviance (1 year ago)
Please, women either cant handle aggression or it overloads thems
Downward Deviance (1 year ago)
Sweden, with its huge amounts of cultural enrichment, is not a valid example.
Chris (1 year ago)
And on top of that, really ridiculous definition of rape in their laws. So much shit gets treated as rape that clearly isn't sexual violence, no wonder the numbers are out of proportion.
Augmented Four (1 year ago)
The fact is women hate anything that men enjoy that doesn't benefit them. It's pure selfishness and controlling behaviour. Women are fine with movies but are against video games. They're fine with fifty shades but are against porn. They're fine with dildos and vibrators but are against sex dolls. Anything a man likes is bad. Anything a woman likes is good. I can't take women seriously anymore.
Jack Panter (1 year ago)
Not only does diversity kill, it has all but destroyed the United States. When I was a kid the US was 90 percent white. We used to leave our door unlocked when we went on vacation in case the neighbors needed to borrow something while we were away. We left the keys in the car at the grocery store. Sure there was crime, but it was fairly rare except in northern states. When the democ_rat communist party opened up the floodgates to immigration by other, typically low IQ, races in the mid 60's it wasn't long before the crime rate started to rise. I'm I a racist? Not hardly. But my life's observations tell me that diversity of race is only good when immigrants are of equal or better in intelligence.
Justin V (1 year ago)
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Justin Valois thank you very much
Wesly Stanton (1 year ago)
Rape in Sweden is thanks to diversity...that's it. Yes, video games do not cause rape and crime, but Sweden is having way more problems.
Jared Fontaine (1 year ago)
Just take some test...
yuukisama2001 (1 year ago)
Oh mom says "Hi". Says she loves the whole TV dinner eggs being cooked in an old malfunctioning stove.
yuukisama2001 (1 year ago)
My mother curses and demands idiots to be killed in her TV shows. So does that mean she's going to go out and kill someone?
John Love (1 year ago)
Have to disagree. The studies cut corners. Violent video games have been linked to aggression, and sexual content to increased sexual behaviour. There is both causal and statistical relationship.
Nicholas Randall (1 month ago)
Got links?
vidyaWolf (1 year ago)
mid or feed
vidyaWolf (1 year ago)
You're doing god's work.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+vidyaWolf i actually main support in the duo lane
Kennedy Tank (1 year ago)
Let's all just lump every video game together just like they lump Islam with Buddhism
Dick Marx (1 year ago)
Who wants to play 'Celestina Says' ?
Free Celt (1 year ago)
colleges take a lot of our money and yet think they can push social justice bullshit on us. lets take academia back
Free Celt (1 year ago)
failed a psych paper for arguing that violent video games do not increase aggression. i feel happy that the truth is coming out
Chris (1 year ago)
When I fail my maxrep for a dead lift, I get quite aggressive.
Free Celt (1 year ago)
when compared with other activities such as sports, there is no more aggression. as well there are way too many variables to account for.
Scifen (1 year ago)
I'm actually learning about this at school. Such a shame that my teacher is a good one. The school made his lesson plan to be about video games and violence.
Inquisitor Jack (1 year ago)
PRAISE THE OMNISSIAH AND PURGE THE HERETEKS WHO PROFANE THE QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE! Seriously, academia needs to excise the cancer or it can die off. Preferably the first option
donzaloog1400 (1 year ago)
This needs to start happening a lot more. The assholes who propagate these lies need to lose their credentials. If it keeps happening, watch how fast these assholes straighten up. Feminists ruin everything they touch. They can't help themselves.
Jon (1 year ago)
Thank God imagine if these colleges were 'free' and they got funding no matter what they did .they be no turning back the tide then.
ErwinSchrodinger64 (1 year ago)
As a Ph.D scientist, I will also add many female Ph.D's are given additional resources, time, lowered standards, and grant money, in attempt, to make sure they graduate (well, in a lot of sciences). In the end, they are ill prepared for scientific research where there is no hand holding. Many times, they face grave challenges because they can't do advanced calculations (especially in differential geometry or quantum mechanical calculations) or use advanced software (unix or linux O.S. that encompass the majority of supercomputer interfaces) or learn to be very efficient coders in C++ or python.
ErwinSchrodinger64 (1 year ago)
edede aritor, as a Ph.D student, you take empirical evidence as the greatest objective data that exists. I'm a teaching professor in my department. Our department consists of 11 people total. 2 males and 9 females. I am in no way saying a female can't do what I can do. However, it's no coincidence the two males, in our department, whose classes fill first are males. Why? Because our life is teaching. We are dedicated to our work. On the other hand, the greatest teaching professor I've ever had was a female, in quantum mechanics. Her ability to teach the foundational principles in the mathematics of complex partial differential equations directly correlated to quantum mechanics was that of one who truly has mastered a subject matter. Most impressively, was her ability to yearn for her students to learn mastery, all the while, linking theoretical construction to physical manifestations we could observe and test experimentally. However, my female professor was not a typical female. Not in the slightest bit. In my 3rd of graduate school, I was driven to depression and began to drink a lot. I hadn't scene my daughter in over a month (was going through a custody battle that was costing my sanity and loads of money). On a Saturday morning, around 5:30 a.m., I was drinking on the lake after a night of partying. Early in the morning of drinking, I was sitting at the lake, when one of my friends said, "look at this old hag running at this time", I looked, there she was, my quantum mechanics professor running. Needless to say, she inspired me to graduate without telling me anything. In the end, it's not about being a man or woman, it's about getting things done. She wasn't like most woman, she never had children, because she dedicated her life to science. Something that is more prevalent in men than woman. In the end, it's all about empirical evidence. She was great not because she was a woman but because she provided results while sacrificing so much. Results, in science, it about incredible discipline and dedication of time, in something you don't understand, and only hope to unravel. Whatever you do, work hard, in this respect, you will be advancing science itself. Outwork your competitors. That is the greatest gift of all.
Entrenched Mgtow (1 year ago)
Hungary actually LOWERED the final grade requirement for female Medical School graduates in their SURGERY branch in order to get more women into the surgery branches of medicine. In Canada, a well known fact amongst Engineering graduates is that female graduates get on the job 'mentoring' after graduating, while Male engineers are expected to hit the ground running. In one oil exploration company, an operating unit went through THREE female executives in four years because the savage demands, long hours, and endlessly changing circumstances are absolutely through the roof.
ErwinSchrodinger64 (1 year ago)
Computer Nerd, no, you shouldn't be fine with that. I understand why you would think that but think about all the money that is wasted on research that many times becomes fruitless. As our technology is advancing is requiring more and more resources in understanding the universe. We need 100% competence in science, if not, science will stagnate. To a large degree, it already is.
Mushy Pork (1 year ago)
It's like this across all the departments, ever noticed the number of scholarships for which only females are eligible?
David Whitfield (1 year ago)
ErwinSchrodinger64 That's the problem, women have the capacity for research and scientific study, but with human nature minimal effort and maximum payoff is habitual. If we condone it in school why would they accept change in their career.
J20101000 (1 year ago)
The feminist movement has supremacy policies, oppresses men taking away their rights and giving women privileges. And its success shows that almost all women and many men support it. Let´s say that 90% of women support it, and that 1 out of 9 doesn´t realize the supremacist sexist agenda. This means that 80% of women are selfish and don´t have empathy or sense of justice for men. Now, let´s think about hypergamy. Some women don´t marry a man that earns less at all, and of those who do 70% of marriages don´t work, many of these marriages probably because of hypergamy. And if we also take into account that in Spain, where making a domestic violence accusation benefits women, they make 400 accusations a day, we can see what problems can a man have. As far as I know all of these data are true, and they talk very bad of women. If any of these data are wrong please let me know.
Crimson (1 year ago)
Feminist bullhit causes agression. PS Due excellent multitasking women can fail at many tasks at same time.
PlasmaMongoose (1 year ago)
Playing out your fantasies on a sexbot or a video game will make you far less inclined to want to carry it out on real women or real life, research suggests that playing out your urges on a subsitute robs you of the motivation to carry out those urges for real. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S002210311100031X
John Love (1 year ago)
The studies are flawed. I cannot see these studies, but other studies cut corners around the real issue.
Björn Johnzon (1 year ago)
+TFM were you talking about scarlett?
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Björn Johnzon no
kalo dos (1 year ago)
they do cause violence against your furniture and setup
Alex Mash (1 year ago)
If you spoke about Tanukana then it seems she is not a trans. At least she sometime ago wrote in Twitter that she was surprised that people outside of Japan thought she is one, yet claims she is not.
Gukas Powerhouse (1 year ago)
"Celestina did". I like how you talk about it like a doll is actually an autonomous robot. It's silly, but funny kinda.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Gugukax there is a method to my madness
First Last (1 year ago)
finally... they need to keep it up.
Triple fife (1 year ago)
Honestly those are the type of things that keep me playing casual games. I no longer have any need for glory in a video game. I just want to get through the game and enjoy it. I do however like to look at where the game could have improved, but that is just me by nature. I like trying to find improvements where I can.
tcfreestyler123x (1 year ago)
If they made university courses more exam based women would buckle
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+tcfreestyler123x indeed
Destroyer Inazuma (1 year ago)
AlphaOmegaSin has an old video on a Thai CS Source player who was so salty at an opponent he threatened to beat him up, then the "offender" laughed and gave the address of the net cafe he was at. Salty player finds it's a block away, leaves his house, spots the only guy playing CS go at the cafe and attacks him. And loses :)
hooterville2 (1 year ago)
Cal-Berkley or UVA would still hire her.
A Girlfriend at Heart (1 year ago)
Isn't this a segment from last week TFM 420? Anyways, I had the chance to watch this week news live for the most part, and I wanted to make a comment regarding the exchange you had with that MRM girl Stacy. You rambled a lot about how women aside from sex and reproduction are just inferior men. If we are so inferior, why do you seek to create a family with an inferior person, why would you want to devout your life to a woman and sacrifice your very life for an inferior person. Why do you seek love and kindness from inferior creatures, but more importantly why would any woman want to gift you if the joy of children and provide you of a loving home after all the hatred and trash you spout out of your mouth. Why do men seek to mend their hearts from inferior women, why do they seek to surrender to life in the embrace of an inferior person, why do men seek to be vulnerable and allow their fears and broken hearts to be healed by inferior creatures. You can dehumanize and try to take away a woman's worth but women alone have the power to sooth the male mother need and console a man at the weakest and darkest moment of his life, and you can never take away the desire of women to want to surrender to men as well. The lack of physical strength and intellectual abilities in women may well be achieved through advanced technology and finally women and men will be seen as equal in your eyes, but the nurture and care women are biologically inclined to give can never be engineered, those are human qualities innate in women. You can achieve the greatest things in life as a man and reach for the stars but without someone to share your joy they seem meaninglessness on a personal level ( I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule like in everything) I am infused with what you consider to be inferior "qualities" and as a woman I wouldn't change that even for the greatest intellect or physical strength. What value does a woman with a high intellect have in a man's eyes when her heart its sterile, and when her ability to be supportive and generous is suppressed. There's no greater healing power and silent joy than to feel a man's head on your breast and fall asleep in such embrace, all the intellect, and all material possessions can't compare to the need men have for a woman's genuine affection, we're just animals no matter how evolved we want to believe we are. You've regressed so much as a person, since 4 or 5 months all I hear you talk is how inferior women are and you take every opportunity to bash and dehumanize women, but it can only hurt you the most, you will be destroyed by the resentment you have against women and in the end you will be left with nothing, you will be nothing. I hope you find peace of mind and heart because i have never met a man who needs more desperately than you. I know you have the kindest soul, I truly hope you won't choose the most self destructive path there can be to be left with empty hands when you're capable of so much greatness. The society you wish to create will never be, because your ideology it's flawed and will not prevail, women will not be subjugated and controlled like cattle, men like my father will shape the future. People have been suffering due to the misery of the human condition for millions of years and your backward thinking will not stop progress and the desire of human beings to create just societies can live freely and not like property, or slaves. The more I watch Mgtow content the more I outgrown it, and "become" a humanist. The suffering of the past belongs to the past in exchange to be free.
A Girlfriend at Heart (1 year ago)
Turd Flinging Monkey I said what I said and you heard what you heard.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Miraija Drekaj just because women are inferior doesn't mean they don't have uses, namely children. On that note, children fall into that same category. Children are inferior to adults and yet millions of people choose to have children for whatever reason.
Veritech Ace (1 year ago)
Yep, it only takes one idiot to screw up a team game... LLLLLEEEEERRRRROOOOOOYYYYYY. nnnnJENKINS!
zienwolf (1 year ago)
Hey TFM. Wizard of Cause is running for state office. Details here. https://youtu.be/POXc_8nG_dA
timtimtimmaah (1 year ago)
Skies are turning bluer gents
M.G. How (1 year ago)
FYI TFM: tenure only applies internally to a department. So a faculty can still drop obsolete department of studies like gender and women's studies.
SweepingHamster (1 year ago)
This would explain why female players in Overwatch main Mercy. Low stress, and when the team loses it's everyone else's fault.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+SweepingHamster exactly
Endymion766 (1 year ago)
Does going to church make you more likely to be good? NO?! .. WHAT A SHOCK!! Apparently there's something about human behavior that doing a thing, doesn't make you do another thing just because it shares similarity to the first thing. What do you call it, free will?
NutKing (1 year ago)
Dem tentacle hentai is fucking awesome
MackenDeez (1 year ago)
I haven't tried online games yet, I may consider it one of these days but until then I'll just stick to sliding a disc in the ps4. Also it's about time there is some resemblance of testicular fortitude in academia and if more feminist loons lose their PhD's they'll stop pushing their bullshit onto the public.
Ichigo Gyuunyu (1 year ago)
I learned something new today. Women producing testosterone in their adrenal glands. so since Latinas typically have a higher level of testosterone than other females, that explains A LOT. Seems they're more inclined to the fight response. Makes sense why they typically like really "macho guys". takes a lot to handle THAT level of crazy.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Ichigo Gyuunyu your pimp hand must be kept strong at all times
bceaser1 (1 year ago)
Somebody pulled a "Leroy Jenkins" on DDJ...LOL!!!
Like this comment if your male fantasy that some femenist fucking hates on her blog post is getting analy raped in Dark Souls.
Man In The Hills (1 year ago)
However, there IS a correlation between violent crime and single mothers.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Man In The Hills indeed
Josh S (1 year ago)
Did you see Josh Mcintosh's video on Big bang theory ?
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Josh S nope
Sean Kennedy (1 year ago)
Mens testosterone is produced in the adrenal gland. There is no negative correlation, if they're independent the correlation is zero. Still love you. :)
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Sean Kennedy http://www.investopedia.com/terms/n/negative-correlation.asp
Opinion Discarded (1 year ago)
FIFA and MADDEN are for retarded manchildren
mike carney (1 year ago)
Not accurate to compare Japanese rape stats. with the ethnic Swede, since most of the rapes are committed by Muslims . A low I.Q. culturally backward population
Shepherd the0hero (1 year ago)
Play 5 hours of games almost all about shooting a week. Never provoked violence from video games. People play shooter games and games in general to release stress, get the competitiveness out, and etc.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+I hate Mondays 🐵👍
hoshket (1 year ago)
Dude, stop name dropping your girlfriend. She is just using you to get some visibility before monkey branching to a man with money and dumping you in the dirt. She may be a doll, but she is a female doll. More importantly, her voice annoys me too much to watch her videos.
Inquisitor Jack (1 year ago)
hoshket I had a hearty laugh at that man
WAYWARD SON (1 year ago)
hoshket *She put an eye on RagingGolden Eagle ;)*
BigMobe (1 year ago)
For everyone fortunate enough not to have played The Division, there was an area of the map called the Dark Zone. I called it the D-Zone because it was full of so many dick heads. The D-Zone had stronger NPCs which dropped better items. It also allowed players to kill each other and steal anything they had picked up in the D-Zone. If you were killed in the D-Zone you would also lose rank and money. If you initiated an attack against a neutral player and lost the penalty was much higher. In many cases you would have to wait for another player to attack you first so they would get marked as a rogue agent. Not to mention the game was more of an RPG so the gear you fought NPCs with did not do well against other players and vice versa. So you had players NPC farming for better gear being forced to play with people only out to kill other players. When you did find something you wanted, if you picked it up you got a huge yellow biohazard bag on your back so everyone knew you had something. I was shot and killed from behind many times by other players even when I wasn't carrying anything. You also had people who would try to get into the path of your bullets so you would get marked rogue all while still trying to deal with any NPCs you started a fight with. It was literally a game mode designed for trolls.
Frank Castle (1 year ago)
I'm glad I didn't get involved in that clusterf-ck - it's all multiplayer and only one single-player campaign that's focused on a bunch of government pigs: where's the campaigns for all the other factions?
A Human Doing (1 year ago)
"The essence of demagoguery is recognizing that appealing to people's emotions is the most rational way to move them. After all, that's where people make their moral decisions." -Bart Campolo
1488 Goy (1 year ago)
(((That red headed feminist)))
xekis (1 year ago)
Wasn't it Ohio State also who told student protesters that they will be taken to jail when the staff comes back in the morning? That's a good administration there.
Anthony Sforza (1 year ago)
Yuhp. Yea... let's just say baby steps, before giving their administration too much credit. Their finances are a dumpster fire. I mean, when you're sending bills for tuition to people who have a full scholarship and at least a 3.5GPA, someone's not doing their job. However, yes, good strides are being made in which to inspire one to think that OSU is probably going to be a good bet for a university in the near future.
R D (1 year ago)
How come Sweden did not cancel gaming for M Invader.?
R D (1 year ago)
Vote your feet and your wallet!
R D (1 year ago)
Well it time to cancel gender.studie degrees.
Gary Neal (1 year ago)
Yay!!! Yet another reason why people should attend Ohio State University.
Anthony Sforza (1 year ago)
Haha, right? Their finances and Veteran's Department are a fucking shitshow, but first shutting down BLM's bullshit, now this. Admittedly, students and staff claiming that a Somali who waits until classes let out to ram his car into a crowd, get out and start stabbing people, did it because HE was the "victim" is a huge misstep, but hey, they're getting there.
Natasel (1 year ago)
Japan also has the lowest SEX rate in the world. Just saying.
happy journey (1 year ago)
Make muslims play video games and watch tentacle porn. Solved
Brother Vibius (1 year ago)
Just like the French. It is said that Frenchmen make better lovers than fighters....this is true, ask any pig, dog or goat.
Mushy Pork (1 year ago)
i'm glad i'm a pig
John Love (1 year ago)
+Anthony Sforza _"The problem is that they would still live in a sexually repressed society"_ This is laughable. What is a "sexually repressed" society? I mean, for West Europe, America is repressed, for American, India is, for India, Pakistan is, for Pakistan, Iran is, for Iran, Saudi Arabia is.
Anthony Sforza (1 year ago)
The problem is that they would still live in a sexually repressed society based on the doctrine of religion, whereas Japan does not. That and... I don't know, Buddha(? Amaterasu?) doesn't tell them that they're entitled to anything.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+happy journey 🐵👍
Far Away Dude (1 year ago)
TFM I had a hard time expressing myself during the show because my english is not as good as I would like, so to be more precise, women also produce testosterone in their ovaries, but it get refined into estrogen and the actual amount of free testosterone that end up in circulation isn't that great. To compensate, women's adrenals gland have to generate testosterone. Women's adrenal glands produce both testosterone and cortisol (stress hormone) where men produce their testosterone in their testicles (Men's adrenals produce a very, very negligible amount of testosterone). Like any organ, the adrenals can get exhausted (adrenal fatigue), and when someone experience chronic stress and a huge and constant work load, adrenal fatigue can occur. Women's adrenals produce cortisol, men' adrenals also produce cortisol. Women's adrenals produce testosterone when they need to work (focus), men's adrenals produce so little testosterone that it is negligible. In essence, women's adrenals are on double duty, while men aren't. Adrenal fatigue can happen to both men and women, but men's threshold for stress and work is higher than women because of biology, because of our testicles (literally). Once adrenal fatigue occurs, your adrenals have a hard time producing cortisol (because they are exhausted), and in a last ditch attempt to keep you awake and productive (without cortisol you cannot stay awake), your body start to secrete adrenaline. Adrenaline isn't just a fight or flight hormone, it's a freaking DIE or LIVE hormone. When you secret this hormone, you will explode in crazy outbursts for no reason. Again, this can also happen to men, but women are more prone to it than men. On a personal level, my single mother had adrenal fatigue when I was a teen, and she would burst out in anger for no reason, then cry or laugh. It was a fucking shit show... This was the effect of adrenaline, and I began to understand my mother's behavior when I studied all of this. Hope it wasn't too long and complicated.
Triple fife (1 year ago)
Thats great. I really would appreciate help in this area. I'm tired of being tired and I'm sick of being sick. If I can get this stuff taken care of to the degree where Its just daily maintenance then I could open myself up to so many more things. I have a lot of stuff that I want to try doing now that I've given up on my old hag of a soon to be X wife. One instance of that is I want to find a replacement for the steel industry or revitalize it whatever works. I've always wanted to be a psodo scientist or inventor so I'm going to try to go for it and work on my dream.
Far Away Dude (1 year ago)
Almost every time, thyroid problems are a symptom of something else. I will have to ask you several questions and dig a little to find out what you could do about it.
Triple fife (1 year ago)
Nice. I might have to work this saturday though so I'll have to see if I can catch you then or not. I mainly need tips with getting my thryoid problem and low immune system to normal levels. I know theres possibly certain foods and exercise that will help with that.
Far Away Dude (1 year ago)
Triple fife Yes it was me on the show! Most of the time I sleep at around 11 PM because the human body produce more IGF (growth factor hormone) when you are asleep between 11 pm and 3 am. Gotta max on the gains :P Since the show usually last until the morning I do not often come on discord, but I listen to almost every show while cooking my healthy meals during the week. But ya, if some people want I could definitely hang out more on discord and share some tips about nutrition and training. I will try to be there this Saturday.
Triple fife (1 year ago)
+Manhood Shitty Shit your the personal trainer that was on correct? I hope I can see you in the mosh pit more often. I got some questions about getting healthy that I'm sure you would be able to help me figure out. Getting healthy is one of the things I'm trying to focus on in my life.
Jhemp12 (1 year ago)
Celestina is just another Lauren Southern. She pretends to be a NAWALT just to get subs and cucks like us watch her videos because we want to fuck her. Now lets all donate half of our paychecks to her Patreon for she has the golden vagina!
Jhemp12 (1 year ago)
Turd Flinging Monkey Yes I was Larping
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Josh Hempfleng you realize she's a sex doll, and I write all her scripts right?
Rosscoe Schopenhauser (1 year ago)
Japan/Sweden comparison without taking into account an imported ethnicity and culture? Hmmm. You would have done better to compare Morocco to Japan or Middle East Africa to Asia.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Rosscoe Schopenhauser that actually makes my case stronger not weaker

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