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thankyou Segway for sponsoring this video. more info onthe drift w1 here; http://www.segway.com/ Intro song: AllttA - AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) - https://soundcloud.com/alltta Music: Weasilboy - https://soundcloud.com/weasilboy Narch - http://www.narchbeats.com/ Real Estate Agents - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSSqypToVj0
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CaseyNeistat (2 months ago)
they're not as fast as a boosted board but way easier to use indoors (in places where you couldnt bring a bigger skateboard). cool little product. Dan and i had a lot of fun makign this video. also Penn Station DGAF about hover shoes.
ston3r rict3r (1 day ago)
Some garbage ass shoes wtf
S. G (18 days ago)
CaseyNeistat Can I have one of you boosted board or any of them 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
hello contact me plaise
Marcelo Souza (24 days ago)
Those new Segway products looks dumb as hell. That drift is too slow and i can see how many problems it can in the future, just looks something for kids use once or twice...
Leo TV (26 days ago)
looks funny
Clayton Taylor (2 hours ago)
Not practical at all. What happens when you come to a curb? LOL. The electric scooters make way more sense.
Ahmet7641 (17 hours ago)
Insanin bir yere gelebilmesi için tipin önemi yok birebir örneği bu adamdır
Raj Kumar (21 hours ago)
How do they stop it or control it
alishanmao (2 days ago)
try them side ways, they are more fun :D
1ived (4 days ago)
I think it's clear that these are not the best mode of transport in a lot of areas. That said, I'm in downtown LA, and THESE ARE PERFECT HERE
un tizio bello (5 days ago)
Changename (5 days ago)
So basically electrical heely’s lol
Chris Mousdale (5 days ago)
I’ll stick with my rollerblades. Much faster and smoother, and you can grind on them...
alebidogas (5 days ago)
Its pretty clear that you did not like them very much :)
Globetrotter 4FR (5 days ago)
Useless technology as you can't go up sidewalks etc.....
Drift Walkers... nooooice!!!
hawaiidispenser (6 days ago)
Fun invention, but seems so impractical for everyday use. Who wants to pick up 2 separate 6 pound bricks every time you walk up the stairs, among other times.
Waliul The 'Wall·E' (7 days ago)
Laughingman456 (7 days ago)
What is the song at 5:15 please
Quay Lee (9 days ago)
when airgear is becoming reality
artsae 64 (9 days ago)
j'ai adorer votre vidéo merci les gars
I Am Player (10 days ago)
my pregnent girlfriend need 1milion euro
Prince Gio13 (11 days ago)
wtf I didnt know sean Penn had a YouTube channel lol
MouthOpenMonkey (12 days ago)
I built one of those for my project lol
Adolfo Mendez (13 days ago)
I walk faster lol.
sean mc cann (14 days ago)
I think i'll just walk, pretty neat though
Darren Bedrosian (14 days ago)
it really is going out of your way to showcase this on marble/granite smoothed flooring of penn/grand-central. Also, its telling that you chose to carry the drift W1 in a cab to go from 42nd/park ave to only 34th and 7th ave, instead of doing some video from the sidewalk, or a crosstown bike path. For anyone in NYC, even some electric scooters like the carbon fiber swagtron cant handle the shartshow condition of bike lanes. Anyone who has ever moved apartments with a dolly knows that the side walks are super uneven to the point you can stub your toe, so this seems kind of deceptive to use NYC landscapes for a product that really isnt up to the task of NYC's true shartscape. All that said, Segway's ES-1 remains the best scooter I have ever owned that checks all the important boxes and can handle the torn up roads, so I hope Segway keeps on innovating.
Loud Mike Productions (14 days ago)
I need subscribers!!!!
MMMXI (14 days ago)
Are the batteries enough small for the airplane? I mean with the new lawrestriction on keeping powerbanks for example in the hand lugage, but with a limit of total capacity, arent they to much to keep on an airplane?
Jae-Yae/Japan Evelyn (15 days ago)
Laugh out loud there already came out
Amirul Ariff (16 days ago)
Air trek is finally reall
hao dong (17 days ago)
Winter Ens (17 days ago)
I just got these and they are so fun!! 100% worth it
Still dope things like the hoverboard but more stable as feet position allows stable stands like in rollerblading good for skates and bladers. I like. Love the see r things even though hoverboards are not that hot n e more I like them these look like love. Tldr I rollerblade and I definitely can hover Segway.
These are dope dope I have dope dope dope dope rope is dope and the material in its entirety is dope dope rappers are dope ok auto correct corrected dope is not for but dope swoosh typing
neville411 (17 days ago)
This fool who cares
Doug Sam (18 days ago)
How much is it?
xiexie.kim (19 days ago)
I bought a pair of these, but it’s called another name HHO separated boards, I guess they are the same, I purchased them from a snap ad at 259$. The seller must be rich! After a few days using, I found that they are not as powerful as my EUC, not even hoverboard that I have tried . Also their wheel sizes are small, so they can only be used on smooth surface. It’s annoying that they cannot get through the iron grill of drainage. I gave them to my 9 year old cousin, thank god, he liked it very much. They are not practical, but they might be very good toys.
flkjames (19 days ago)
same here, my kids love them.
hello yous (19 days ago)
dont they strap to your feet so you can hop curbs and stuff
lit chris (19 days ago)
he looks like logan paul but older
Jaco Venter (19 days ago)
Is your Camera man from South Africa?
Johan Bothma (20 days ago)
Is Ben Afrikaans?
Lovetohatehatetolove (20 days ago)
4:19 what song is that???
rzy fds (20 days ago)
Cot tod
md akib (15 days ago)
md akib (15 days ago)
Singles, xx
Toby Sholto (21 days ago)
''How many pounds do you think this weights?'' ''Three kilograms'' PERFECT ANSWER :-)
Golden 47 (21 days ago)
Poor laptop
Kevin Lee (22 days ago)
5:52 Creepy kid voice talking!?
Jon Swe (22 days ago)
NYC must have the most boring subway carts in the world. /A Stockholmer
Peter James Lee (22 days ago)
Kc I love your uploads from plane seats to tech ! My kids love your uploads too , Totally family presentable no swearing fighting etc , I doubt you have the time to read all of your comments but I felt the need to give you some real time human feedback 😎 much love from Yorkshire England
DEADD SHOTZZ (22 days ago)
Segway presents Air Gear- Air treks We can now become StormRiders
Anthony (22 days ago)
legend has it he is still trying to get out of the hallway
TheRuffEdits (22 days ago)
One step closer to AT's...(air gear reference)
Labyrinthian Reviews (22 days ago)
4:20 Spider-Man PS4? Anyone played the mission?
Cirsten Playz (23 days ago)
Hi,i'm new,can somebody sub to my channel
Andrew Hunter (23 days ago)
It would be cooler if they could make em where you can also strap your feet. Don't kmow how comfortable it would be though.
mrunconventional (23 days ago)
More tech bullshit that shouldn't exist.
Pogmo Thoin (23 days ago)
Have people ever told you that you resemble Sean Penn?
melk man (23 days ago)
what a creative way to avoid exercise
KamiloitoVocaloito (23 days ago)
Air Gear O_O????
expreshayne (24 days ago)
So like an upgrade heelies
NapoleonDynamiteer (24 days ago)
Why buy this if i already live in PSVR ?
Pickingwilddaisies (24 days ago)
Segway should rent these out at the mall of America. Like have a little kiosk when you first walk in. Since they can only be ridden on a flat surface.
alif aiman (24 days ago)
Air gear is getting real
Oțet vanilat (25 days ago)
That is funny 3:22
Grace Gadsden (25 days ago)
i want those so bad oh my lord
Martín Loblack (26 days ago)
1:27 the back surveillance camera looks like a laptop instead of doors
Daniel (26 days ago)
i'll stick to rollerblades
Tom Zuriel (27 days ago)
Ah, finally. Something to help me gain more weight, by becoming more lazy.
Chris Travels (27 days ago)
That's super cool. I've got also segway. Check my nice vlogs
Anymous1619 (27 days ago)
How much? How long do they last? How many miles van it go? How fast can you go? How long does it charge for?
Kerry Cutler (28 days ago)
Must buy!
Elmeromero (28 days ago)
Good to see Sean Penn doing the most again. Good for you bro. Do your thang.
BRIONITY (28 days ago)
No info!!!! How long do they hold a charge? How far can they go? How much do they cost? A video with no information! PEIF! (Pointless Exercise In Futility)
Bradley Whitburn (28 days ago)
I'm happy that there's a South Africn in new York and with Casey
Gonzalo Afable (28 days ago)
I thought you were Gordon Ramsay. Wrong channel.
Sid Bhaduri (1 month ago)
And I thought the skywalker was bad.
awakekiwi (1 month ago)
Chinese company Ninebot came out with these a couple of years ago.. no surprises they never took off.. just not practical.
Oliver Celis (1 month ago)
William Ambrogio (1 month ago)
I'm 71 years old and I'm going to try the One Wheel board , if I break my ass old send u a picture 😆
Jean-Marc Chauveau (1 month ago)
A nice scam these skate ....! It should therefore pay 399 € .... to have the right to 9 kilometers only ...! ! ! This is a joke I hope ... especially as the autonomies cited, are very rarely respected in fact ...! ! !
Surender dagar Dagar (1 month ago)
For biggest lazy man
1pt21gw (1 month ago)
Visors are lameeeeee
hb3 fam (1 month ago)
You look like a down syndrome sean penn
Freaky Facts (1 month ago)
Heh... Casey said "double dongle."
Luis Quinones (1 month ago)
This would be great when going to the mall especially when your there for hours
Zorgstein (1 month ago)
Шляпа, будто и гироскутер!
Mike Turco (1 month ago)
More bullshit sidewalk harassment. Can't take a walk without some scumbag whipping by. If a 1000 foot tsunami hit Silicon Valley we would all be better off.
Paddy (1 month ago)
Thhhaaaaaaannnnkkkkksssssss SEGWAY.... why don't you make them repel dog shit!
Kenneth Louis (1 month ago)
😂 you know how to get views!
Rize Dragon (1 month ago)
Their like individual hover boards
V Chowdry (1 month ago)
can you take them on a plane
Papasaur (1 month ago)
"double dongle" :)
Silas Menjivar (1 month ago)
"Let me focus on full speed." - 2018
Jordan Abraham (1 month ago)
This guy is a leftist, elitist dickbag. A mascot of the useless millennial DE-generation.
callum oshea (1 month ago)
heales 0.2
Tyrone Green (1 month ago)
How much for these aswell ? I hope easier than 1st Segway I couldn't use at all
Tyrone Green (1 month ago)
What s intro instrumental/song ??
Go Pro Deluxe (1 month ago)
a hipster roller skate! no more.
gizmoDog765 (1 month ago)
I get the feeling a pair of actual roller blades would be a huge upgrade to these things.
Kanaksinh Jadeja (1 month ago)
But your gadget is good
Dana Johnson (1 month ago)
Casey you gotta let me borrow those 😁
jason Wiltjer (1 month ago)
I know its not but I'm just going to imagine you're wearing a red MAGA hat

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