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thankyou Segway for sponsoring this video. more info onthe drift w1 here; http://www.segway.com/ Intro song: AllttA - AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) - https://soundcloud.com/alltta Music: Weasilboy - https://soundcloud.com/weasilboy Narch - http://www.narchbeats.com/ Real Estate Agents - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSSqypToVj0
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CaseyNeistat (4 months ago)
they're not as fast as a boosted board but way easier to use indoors (in places where you couldnt bring a bigger skateboard). cool little product. Dan and i had a lot of fun makign this video. also Penn Station DGAF about hover shoes.
LordGandor3 (14 days ago)
You know they have Back to the Future hover boards that run on free electromagnetic power but the ruling oligarchs don't want us to know about free energy
Debbie Judd (29 days ago)
You guys rock thanks
jarjar binks (1 month ago)
CaseyNeistat I'm so glad Casey that you use an Android phone. Which proves that you're intelligent
Denils Gh Studios (1 month ago)
+polygon parrot really...how can a parrot be polygon..haha..nice name
Lisenko Chavez (1 month ago)
Warriors come out and play 😂
Maxwell Van Gulik (12 hours ago)
What if i wanna sit tho?
chazoclock (1 day ago)
”How many pounds do you think this weighs?” . . . . “3 Kilograms!” 🥴
Dino d (2 days ago)
Put some grit n small stones infront of those n Casey Ur on Ur way to dentist. Why is Segway still alive?it never got any product right or mass produced it
Those are sick!
Jack Rorke (2 days ago)
Does it feel like ice skating?
Will Mcduff (3 days ago)
why would i buy those when i could get some heelies instead
Josh Ruvien Bermas (3 days ago)
Do you have a sweet moment on your wife this 2018?
mokey Mesinel (4 days ago)
Je comprends rien
Biron Clark (4 days ago)
Can't imagine these selling well... They're heavy, bulky, and can't handle pavement well??
Xavier McKinney (5 days ago)
Now I want that for Christmas
Xavier McKinney (5 days ago)
It’s like a hoverboard
William Goring (9 days ago)
one of the thing I don't understand why don't you just get roller skates
William Goring (9 days ago)
That's got to be the laziest thing I've ever seen I'm sure you've got really good videos after but that thing it doesn't move much faster than you walk so why get it and lose the great exercise I don't know or do I
Angelo Botta (9 days ago)
In 5 years from now we will have a « mountain high battery waste Everest » from all those useless « things ». We will need some serious recycling power !
ben reid (10 days ago)
I feel like your asking to be robbed wereing these tho
sexy korean girl (11 days ago)
nice MAGA hat
The Joosh (12 days ago)
Where the sing at 4:54?
that looks like something from year 3030
efraim m (14 days ago)
it's a nice idea, but our technology making us lazy, which we were built hunters before. But it's an awesome tool.
Alexa Cotham (14 days ago)
I feel like they would be great in a mall if they allowed them!
David Tang (15 days ago)
Sponsor by CNN
iam hashtag (15 days ago)
Sean penn is live
Willy Will (15 days ago)
I look like the dude
J.T. Blair (16 days ago)
So how does an ex crackhead get so many subscribers?
Seth Algen (16 days ago)
Man your so lucky!!!!! You get so many cool stuff. I wish i had your job
Lou Bob (18 days ago)
Did you try riding on just one? Like a Onewheel?
oneplus camera test (18 days ago)
Челобитная машина.
William Bouldin (18 days ago)
grand central is bigger than the oculus not shit my dude - surfer Bill form LA.
D33Lux xx (19 days ago)
Legs are so 2018.
TheEVside (20 days ago)
Great vid
Sid Did (20 days ago)
Loved the intro music
Tyler Padgett (20 days ago)
Sohum Shah (21 days ago)
My gosh!!! Take care of your lappy!!! 😂
Paradox Mars (21 days ago)
What if Ken Block uses it
Tubofluxar (21 days ago)
Why not just wear rollerblades at this point 😂
Collin Buenvenida (22 days ago)
Wow amazing stuff power
NICKEE T (22 days ago)
Just buy heely's,, then u dont have to carry those heavy things
Fungineers (23 days ago)
Pogmo Thoin (23 days ago)
HOW are you able to step on and stand still? I got a pair and as soon as I step on them, they try to either shoot forward or backward (and sometimes one goes forward, one goes backward(. I both rollerbladed and ice skated for years so I know how to balance.
Jo be (23 days ago)
Sean Penn?
marsdog (25 days ago)
These things need leashes. Would be a shame to lose one under a car or into a storm drain...
marsdog (25 days ago)
Power Heelys!!!
airs2k (25 days ago)
Dope man!!!
996601 996601 (26 days ago)
They’re Dorky, I’d rather ride my bike.
Ashura Otsutsukii (27 days ago)
air gear ?
hasitha wijesinghe (28 days ago)
gyro balancing ha,thats why its too heavy
Shmagit (29 days ago)
Why are they so big? I think these would only be used for fun. Not practical.
Antoalpha33 cd (1 month ago)
"How many POUNDS do you think this weighs ?" -"3 KILOGRAMMS." Okay...
5:27 Don't text and drive, kids!
Shaurya Roy (1 month ago)
Nice good job bro Aise video banate hai
EMMAN TANAGRAS (1 month ago)
Are u filipino
TheFruetitian (1 month ago)
Can't they just make shoes that make you stay in the same spot? That would solve the Omni VR thingy.
Clint Payne (1 month ago)
Yeah this is exactly what fat ass America needs now .
ToNewBeginings (1 month ago)
Can you send me a pair ? I want to try them.
Mark Arnold (1 month ago)
I kept waiting for you to try to go down a flight of stairs!
1 W4N7 2 D13 (1 month ago)
just watch ltt's video
Liz P (1 month ago)
If you were going to suggest these vs a hoverboard for a 12 year old for outside use what would you suggest?
Andrew Leal (1 month ago)
Where my Mexicans 2:04 uno, dos, tres, quatro
Douglas Wares (1 month ago)
How do u block someone so the videos never appear in front of you ever again??
Larry Bates (1 month ago)
Have you heard of this awesome new invention called a skateboard.... you should get one. Actually you definitely shouldn't
redsoil5 (1 month ago)
That technology will make you fatter!
superfan67 (1 month ago)
casey can you make a one world trade center video?
BOBALO (1 month ago)
Not useful at all
Alexander Björklund (1 month ago)
I dont see how they are any better than just regular roller skates
Chris Cuthbertson (1 month ago)
I was hoping for a Hackers scene in the station.
Jonathan Soko (1 month ago)
They will also be banned in every public area, so whats the point? 100% every mall airport and station will ban them immediately just like the boards.
Jonathan Soko (1 month ago)
But do they hover?
Life in Digital Films (1 month ago)
Great video per usual. So probably not suitable for doing some glider shots if they perform well on smooth floors only eh?
Johan Smit (1 month ago)
Put one on the other.
jrichardson6 (1 month ago)
What so I’m watching adverts for this crap now unsubbed
pomodorek78 (1 month ago)
Cool... To go shopping in a mall!
Thomas B (1 month ago)
3:21 New Segway camera slider 😂 but it's really fun!
weird flex but ok
joshualucas (1 month ago)
so great, you can use them at an airport, a train station or an ... airport
Evil Keali’i (1 month ago)
You’re a crackhead
StarsRhi2 (1 month ago)
pretty soon they will have rolling pee pots.....stupid electric shoes.....for lazy empty people
Timmy (1 month ago)
*WALL-E (2008)*
Astraios Studios (1 month ago)
Your wife called, she said she wants her pants back
Tiberio Araujo (1 month ago)
Have you tried strapping them to your feet to have more mobility and walk up high ledges and stuff?
OrbitMint (1 month ago)
name of song at minute 5:00?
VerdeMorte (1 month ago)
Instead of wheels, why doesn't Segway try a tracked device? They're easier to maintain and there's no air tires to worry about...
ms selfish (1 month ago)
it needs strap to strap on shoes
DCAbsolutJohn1 (1 month ago)
DUDE - you look so much like Sean Penn!!! HFS...
DCAbsolutJohn1 (1 day ago)
chazoclock - nope - look up the vlogger - Casey.
chazoclock (1 day ago)
DCAbsolutJohn1 that’s not Sean Penn?!?
Hyprcell (1 month ago)
i have theese. they can get too fast and if you lean to the laft or right too much you will fall.
Ronnie Rhodes (1 month ago)
Nice capris
Tim Brickey (1 month ago)
Oooh that’s what happened to Heelies
Paty Martinez (1 month ago)
I would like to know how long the battery lasts
James Egan (1 month ago)
You should get a little carpet and stiffen it up somehow with hair spray or something and put it on top of those and fly around
Hitlers onone (1 month ago)
Any chance you want to buy some new fuckin trainers with the amount of money your on you clown
maruf ahmed (1 month ago)
Ads on ad wow
Классное промо
Jim Weathers (1 month ago)
More Ridiculous Segway Shit, it's all Dangerous Crap to make people Lazy fucks!
Mr. sting ray (1 month ago)
This is something the 50s would have predicted
david cordle (1 month ago)
What’s behind those shades !
.ComDrones (1 month ago)
Top demais 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Bruce Willis (1 month ago)
классна штука!
Carmelo Santini (1 month ago)
cool music
athinjeri rajesh (1 month ago)
Is it worth buying a MacBook air in 2018 lol

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