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Drawn to Life: Watch a Sketch Become a Shoe

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http://UGGAustralia.com/men This stop-motion video, narrated by our men's footwear director, shows the evolution of Twinsole as well as the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into every UGG shoe.
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UGG (4 years ago)
Comfort and style: having both is better than one. Discover the innovation and flexibility behind the men’s Twinsole line, and fall head-over-heels with the newly designed styles.  Find comfort and style here http://j.mp/1BypPXV
adlerB (4 years ago)
Great spot! Any idea on the title of the score on this spot? It really help sell the story.
Fantastic video. Ugg Australia is a great store to visit on Regent Street, London W1.
UGG (4 years ago)
To tell the story of the Chester with TWINSOLE and its evolution from idea to shoe, we asked our Director of Footwear to narrate his story on how the Chester evolved and teamed with illustrators to create the visuals for our stop-motion film.  We chose to film in stop-motion, because it gave the video a hand-made feeling that connected with the craftsmanship that goes into every UGG shoe. We also used a flipbook, or in this case, a flipping sketchbook. An image in a flipbook is constantly evolving, but tells one cohesive story. Just like the story behind the Chester with TWINSOLE. Some people are surprised to know that UGG Australia started out as a men’s brand. We built our reputation for excellent craftsmanship with classic slippers and then evolved into sturdy, comfortable outdoor shoes. The Chester with TWINSOLE takes the best qualities of the #UGG4Men line of shoes and combines them into one stylish outdoor shoe for a variety of occasions.  Visit http://bit.ly/1jMl9H5 find out more.

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