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Kathryn Prescott on 'Lee Nelson's Well Good Show'

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Kat appeared on 'Lee Nelson's Well Good Show' 01/09/11
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Text Comments (41)
maya @noone (2 years ago)
Esteban Iturrieta (3 years ago)
I Love You Kat!
Vic The Human (5 years ago)
well it seems Emily and Thomas have been getting it on behind Naomi's back :(
xphrnzrjh (5 years ago)
Kat!!! You're amazing!
AdventureAimie (6 years ago)
Kat wat u doin?
TheStrawberrysugar (6 years ago)
look at the guy :D hahahah he had to laugh too :D 1:48
azula ibarra (6 years ago)
siento que hacciendo este tipo de papeles ella esta desperdiciamdo talento,ella es muy talentosisisma y merece mejores papeles i love her
Alicat Allison (6 years ago)
Love it. Fucking busting a gut xD
NayaDzienny (7 years ago)
That baby looks nothing like Naomi D:
Nicole ButlerC (7 years ago)
seeing Kat makes me wish Skins series 3 never finished, they were an amazing cast
silegote (7 years ago)
Ha! God she's so freaking cute :) loose the dude though, what a tool. Naomily forever XD
Crisia Vertudes (7 years ago)
Leonor Torres (7 years ago)
0:56 the lady vehind Dr.Bob is like "Holy shit!! O-O IT's Kathryn Perscott,Be cool Be cool"
Lexignation (7 years ago)
hahaha , that's good : D
Skins4Life1994 (7 years ago)
Kat is amazaing. Keep it goin Kat!!! ILoveHerSoMuch :D <3
Elle Keener (7 years ago)
@amandaSfrd20 Yeah but sometimes you need to know when to separate a character from the actor.
FiercePixie (7 years ago)
The vomiting bit was disgusting and funny at the same time, 'classic'. It looked like Kat was laughing a bit. She's so cute!
Joana Jorge (7 years ago)
@sup9412 you rocked
Elle Keener (7 years ago)
You guys need to let this leave the naomily thing for Skins. Every career move she makes, are you constantly going to refer to Lily? It's getting boring.
Elle Keener (7 years ago)
@JRB1882 Well she has some films coming up, I guess this is just a filler lol.
TheChocoThief (7 years ago)
Even when giving birth, she's still squinting hot lmfao.
iwantmylife10 (7 years ago)
hahaha..the comments are so fucking hilarious... miss u kat...
innerthoughts143 (7 years ago)
I can't believe Emily cheated on Naomi and slept with Thomas. LOL! Should be blonde hair baby. LOL!
TRNsnicky (7 years ago)
Lily must have been stuck in traffic ;)
IJ0404 (7 years ago)
@sup9412 this reply is so funny Lol
manaya9 (7 years ago)
hahahahaha LMAO xD
Janine Mergl (7 years ago)
Naomi, where r u?
Karina Sarah (7 years ago)
whahahaha. so FUNNY! :))
Mariana Llamosas (7 years ago)
that's wrong, the baby should've been blonde ;D
frenchpasta14 (7 years ago)
omg that was hilarious laughed so hard. huzzah kathryn prescott!!!
Edmond (7 years ago)
She is not Emily anymore :(
Lavery2k7 (7 years ago)
i saw this on TV and could have sworn it was Megan Prescott
Kayli Smith (7 years ago)
mickiejames08 (7 years ago)
@sup9412 LMFAO! That Naomi's always running hahaha
greyslover4ever (7 years ago)
what's this xD maybe Kat got money to do this Xd but it is funny tho XD
rareflorence (7 years ago)
8NylJ (7 years ago)
lol im dead. i love the guys reaction in the end ahaha
LenaSlave (7 years ago)
wow Thank you very very much Canon90 you do an awesome job and you're so updated thanks for sharing :)
LenaSlave (7 years ago)
@sup9412 bahahahahaha! MTE
JRB1882 (7 years ago)
lol what a career move by kat!
Vanesa Orejana (7 years ago)
Naomi missed the fucking birth of her child.

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