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MLP: Friendship is Magic - "We'll Make Our Mark" Music Video

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Their Crusade is finally over! Subscribe to HasbroStudiosShorts: http://j.mp/LkHWOx My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: http://j.mp/1K0v1bP
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Text Comments (251)
UniDuck Twins (10 months ago)
Ill miss the cmc's, :(
Isaaic Reyes (1 year ago)
Cmc forever yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you hasbro for making so adorable little fillys we would fall in love with
clark paner (1 year ago)
clark paner (1 year ago)
applejack's part is cryish
Peaceful Dusk (1 year ago)
Now think about A perfect pear and cry harder like I did. ;w;
clark paner (1 year ago)
just kidding this song is cryish
Mist_Shikani (1 year ago)
2:08 Thats when I cried, how about you?
it's 2017 and I still cry and get nostalgic every time I hear this. I was 11 years old and in sixth grade when I first heard this. it was a tough time for me, my mom in the hospital for 3 days for surgery and it was around November 2015 so it was almost Christmas also many other personal stuff. It was just a hard and Awesome time for me. it had an impact on my life and I really love this song - oldest Pegasister
Kittycat321 (2 years ago)
Aj rainbow and raratiy r like mums to the cmc
mlpequestriaponies (2 years ago)
wow its been a year now
Pikatwig16 (2 years ago)
One year ago, this momentous occasion occurred.
Addison Price (2 years ago)
0:25-0:30 sweetie bells eyes are red
0:27 why dose sweetie belle and scootaloo has apple bloom eye couler
Now that's 20% cooler (2 years ago)
0:27 they all have applebloom's eyes
Macaroni Zero (2 years ago)
Button Mash has BEEN BLEACHED!!!
Jomark Villestas (2 years ago)
Poor applebloom when she was kicking the sand bolder
Jocie Pup (2 years ago)
Why in Equestria is this song not on the season 4/5 soundtrack?
star shine's Chanel (2 years ago)
hey Hasbro can i be a pony in the show my pony name is sweetheart pie i am a allacorn princess. please i will be SO happy! PS:it made me cry!😭😭😭😭
UniDuck Twins (10 months ago)
star shine's Chanel they cant do that, mostly not as your oc is a alicorn,.
Anon (2 years ago)
*sniff* ...Liquid pride...
Toshhka 20 (2 years ago)
2:38 Ooooh...I thought this picture will be new picture from intro...
Joe Ana (2 years ago)
I checked your channel and you have less my little pony so please can you do more my little pony because all u have is like about dog and humans , robots , and hunters videos so,please do more my little pony please please please and two more for good luck please please
Laughy Sophie (2 years ago)
My eyes are wet
KookieBB Jeon (2 years ago)
OMG!!!!!!!!!! They finally got their cutie marks finally oh my gosh I have tears right now I'm so proud of those three all these years all these seasons what are you going to say now diamond tiara can't call them a blank blank now ha by the way their friends anyway so she wouldn't call them blank blank's now right?
Pink Paw (2 years ago)
BEST VIDEO EVER And Rarity part... :3
Vip Laik Show (2 years ago)
ура я рад что они получили знаки отличия
MLp Lover (2 years ago)
l am so happy because they have cutie mark finally they have cutie mark finally all the seasons 😱
Xileer Torias (2 years ago)
Derpy at 0:45 :)
ScZ_Nyctophiles (2 years ago)
Gerardo Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Will'll see when the season 6 comes out in 3-26-2016
No (2 years ago)
Now the animators can get paid more
Sesuka Rau (2 years ago)
No (2 years ago)
Never thought I would have the feels about 3 ponies trying to get magical destiny tattoos on their butts...first time for everything I guess
Mario Gunawan (2 years ago)
0:27 why are scootaloo's and sweetie belle's eyes the same as apple bloom?
Mario Gunawan (2 years ago)
+SuperDogLover1 yeah probably
SuperDogLover1 (2 years ago)
+Crystal Rainbow/Mario.G Old animation error from that season.
MarqusCP (2 years ago)
Applejack Fan (2 years ago)
It feels just like yesterday when they meet each other ;-;
Sonata French (2 years ago)
Olocausto Picashu :v (2 years ago)
Epic c,:
Aagyaa Gusain (2 years ago)
Emma Lohvansuu (2 years ago)
Will Scoot ever fly? Just wondering, she is my fav cmc. It would be great if she will fly in season 6
Rotten_Banana (2 years ago)
Datum! They have been searching for their cutie marks for 4 years! Has it really been that long?
Gerardo Rodriguez (2 years ago)
They should make a episode of my little pony: friendship with is magic season 6, the return of the mysterious mare-do-well in ponyville, i miss the mask pony hero
Gerardo Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+AaronBurley I like said like 3 or 4 times a theft breaks into rarity's place steals the maredowell suit, and rarity tries to get the suit back with rainbow dash, and I know she's not a real character unless some other pony takes the suit.
No (2 years ago)
+Gerardo Rodriguez 1.mare do well isn't a character 2. It turned out to be a hoax 3. It won't return
Gerardo Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+AaronBurley 2 things, 1: I don't bet, 2: it has to happen maredowell is my favorite character in the mlp:friendship is magic series, I mess the hero since season 2 in 6 years
No (2 years ago)
+Gerardo Rodriguez I bet you it won't happen
Gerardo Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Will'll see later when the season 6 come out
Squeaky Egg Egg (2 years ago)
Discord m m (2 years ago)
I am the strongest, toughest, and most violent kid at my middle school and I still like My Little Pony, WHAT THE FREAKING HECK. ;-/
Discord m m (2 years ago)
OH MY GOSH, it's just so sweet I think I'm going to cry, heck no.
Discord m m (2 years ago)
Sweetie Belle does not have a tail at 0:09 when they are showing their flanks
JoyfulPony 5472 (2 years ago)
dronicX (2 years ago)
rules of rarity pls!!
RD ED (2 years ago)
now they come to your re-cutie markers the crusaders don't broke was made a little change to cmc to rcmc and really the top best remixers of mlp is 1- foozogoz 2- royalpony 3- chaos sprite 4- thunder 5 - sim gretina and 174udsi obvious and now season 6 i hope dash wanna be wondercolt or spike conquest rarity and who is th next villain so anxious :D
RD ED (2 years ago)
+RD ED i see now i predict some episodes i can't believed
Z3r0 (2 years ago)
0:27 orange eyes? :D 1:error
Jerry Moogle (2 years ago)
That is so cute.
Cindy Q (2 years ago)
Noooo Appleblooms parents!
Lloyd Francis (2 years ago)
shut to the up. because i love this move cartoon watever so if you gaus don't mind l will go.oh and did i mention I loveeeeeeeeeee this move
Aaliyah Old Horse (2 years ago)
1:06 1:50 made made me smile😭😃😃im only 13 but I liked mlp ever since it first came out
Natalie Pelaez (2 years ago)
Painttwash Animates (2 years ago)
this made me burst into tears the first time I saw it😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Smilley MLK (2 years ago)
+K Stewart I've watched this episode once a day on the week it came out and could never make it through this song with dry eyes.
Dαѕнιє (2 years ago)
¡ya tienen cutie mark!
alblgz (2 years ago)
Sound effects are TOO bucking loud. I expected to be able to listen MUSIC in a "music video", not background noises.
liny pony news (2 years ago)
Jacob Macomber (2 years ago)
"If mom and dad were here" Nuff said
Toshhka 20 (2 years ago)
No (2 years ago)
Лизхен Ник (2 years ago)
it's so cute!
thespeedyyoshi (2 years ago)
1:46 I love how the animation has to catch up.
Kelseyalicia (2 years ago)
its so great they did finally get their marks instead of us wonderng if that subplot would go on forever!
Baby Flurry Heart (2 years ago)
i love the cmc
Fyre Flaii (2 years ago)
I always get testy eyed around when rainbow starts to sing, and am retry much bawling by the time they get to the flashback montage thing. Oh god, I can still remember the episode where they first met!! It's been almost 6 years now!!
Two Swag Friends (2 years ago)
this is the best thing ive ever saw I cryed good job
Skyfaller3D (2 years ago)
I want to make a Hasbro cartoon show with MLP's animation
Berserker1110 (2 years ago)
Who watches this garbage?
Berserker1110 (2 years ago)
+Barack Trump And you have no life to watch it.
Smilley MLK (2 years ago)
Appearantly, you do.
Millie O'sullivan (2 years ago)
What Aj says makes me cry
Furyshy (2 years ago)
Your eyes color is beautiful at this time 0:27 - 0:29 xD
PeKaNo (2 years ago)
Scootaloo didn't got her chicken cutie mark, I'm sad :c
Saigneur (2 years ago)
+PeKaNo lel
Snow Fall (2 years ago)
No existen palabras para describir lo hermoso y épico que es esto
Mark Mason (2 years ago)
Any chance we can hear the verse that is sung by Diamond Tiara that was cut for time?
Daylit Inquiry (2 years ago)
Phase 1 is complete;You've got everyone where you want them, now, Phase 2; Start pounding out toys.
Talia Kirana (2 years ago)
Man, this song. This episode. Season 6 has a lot to live up to.Congratulations CMC! You more than earned this.
Kimmie (2 years ago)
Am I the only one that's not crying right now?
Kimmie (2 years ago)
Lel ôuô
Daylit Inquiry (2 years ago)
+Minty0reos19 AJ Nope. Dry as my home state, California.
Now That's 20% Cooler (2 years ago)
I cried when AJ said if their parents were here they be proud of her
Abu Talib (2 years ago)
I really miss the old cmc so much
YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!! AWESOME SONG!!!!! I LOVE their new Cutie Marks!!!
The Doctor (2 years ago)
So...now they get to help other ponies get their marks? How about starting with Ruby Pinch, Pipsqueak, Dinky and Rumble?
The Doctor (2 years ago)
+Smilley MLK Seems rather pojntless in a town like Ponyville, where 97% of the population already has their marks... Road trip to Manehatten so we can see Babs?
Smilley MLK (2 years ago)
+The Doctor Or help them understand what their marks mean, like with Troubleshoes and Diamond Tiara.
Stephanie Soto (2 years ago)
did nopony else notice button mash in the intro remake part o_0
UomoPuzzle (2 years ago)
Hasbro trolled us so much with their cutie marks in other seasons ._.
Labuci Jigroo (2 years ago)
who is watching in 2016 i am 🎩 😁 "Huhu i am!!" 👍.👔👊
Becky Chelsea (2 years ago)
Musica (2 years ago)
La aspettavo da un secolo
Robbie Dwyer (2 years ago)
Noooo. The tears..... NO!!! To late. GG Hasbro. GG. You've done good
Mr Midnight (2 years ago)
i cry every time i listen to this song good job girls i'm proud of ya
Gacha Bobo (2 years ago)
Anabear (2 years ago)
Daniel Ingram said that there was one more verse with diamond tiara singing but time constraints 😧
Talia Kirana (2 years ago)
+Anabel Chee Maybe the extended version will make the next soundtrack? We've already seen them do it with "Find a Way," "Love is in Bloom," "Make a Wish," and "The Heart Carol."
LeoMateo (2 years ago)
Hasbro backed. Who's happy?
g arapton (2 years ago)
i wish i had a cutie mark
Daylit Inquiry (2 years ago)
+Shaila Agrapuri When you're 21, go to a tattoo parlor, and bring a design with you.
Stiff Grausamen (2 years ago)
0:27 everyone has yellow eyes??!
Daylit Inquiry (2 years ago)
+Stiff Grausamen Y'know when you get red-eye in photos? That's the equestrian version. Darn exposure and lighting when they filmed that scene, can't believe they missed it while editing, that or it's their stunt doubles.
Water B (2 years ago)
Way Super!!!
qwasder9 (2 years ago)
дааа, эта песня до сих пор этак же крута, будто и была! =) когда же новоиспеченный сезон. дождаться не могу. однако малышка аликорн будто-то не впечатляет, а больше разочаровывает. неимущий шайнинг, не увидит взрослую дочь. =(
qwasder9 (2 years ago)
+MLP Лили Блоссом и Нюша. боже! (фэйспалм). его дочь аликорн, а он дудки. он сдохнет ранее, чем она ходить начнёт. (уж извините за грубость). =)
MLP Lemon tea (2 years ago)
отчего не увидит? Я чего то не знаю?
Daylit Inquiry (2 years ago)
+qwasder9 Правда. Они хлопают крыльями и рогом на все, что они могут сделать средства на, и люд будут нравится. "Как этот диванчике? БУМ! Аликорна! Вы любите свою семью? Чё! Крылья и РОГА для всех!"
Elzy (2 years ago)
Melody Rose (2 years ago)
I am so happy for them! This was a awesome music video, it made me cry! They grow up so fast! 😖😌🙂
Anastasia M (2 years ago)
MagnaPony (2 years ago)
Пожалуй, наилучшая песня из млп
Killborg (2 years ago)
We waiting for that 4 years! Thats so awesome. It my first time when I proud of cartoon character

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