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Richard Sherman/Tom Brady - You Mad Bro?

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Richard Sherman gives the inside story on the famous words he relayed to Tom Brady last season. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest Fox Sports content on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FoxSports Connect with Fox Sports online: Visit the Fox Sports WEBSITE: http://www.foxsports.com Like Fox Sports on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/foxsports Follow Fox Sports on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FOXSports Fox Sports GO: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fox-sports-go/id711074743?mt=8&uo=4 About Fox Sports: FoxSports.com is a leading sports website that delivers breaking news, real-time stats, commentary, and fantasy games to millions of sports fans. We are your destination for MLB, NFL, NCAA, UFC and more.
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Text Comments (4346)
Only time I rooted for the Gaytriots was at the Super Bowl when they beat the dirty bird Falcons, that was sad, even though I didn't believe it wasn't real since the NFL is rigged. Sorry Patriots fans once Brady leaves the Patriots are going to be Cowboys 2.0. 20+ years later brag about your 5 rings and choke worse than Connor McGregor and never see another Super Bowl, yet a playoff win.
Random Guy2000 (3 days ago)
Back when tom brady was getting beat by everyone and hadn’t won since spygate
Bogdan Vintila (6 days ago)
This one did not age well :D!
Diane Andrew (8 days ago)
his Father do the same to Tom... just family thing
james dostie (15 days ago)
you black bro?
Eddie Grace (1 month ago)
You mad bro? 😂🤣
Pro EliteMode (1 month ago)
back after a while, i didnt like sherman at first...but now sounds like tom deserved it haha
The Joker (1 month ago)
I hate these thugs
The Joker (1 month ago)
Typical blacks
t a (2 months ago)
Ugliest player in NFL
Ultimate gamer assassin (3 months ago)
It’s funny seeing how the Sherman Brady rivalry ended
Dan Dilly (3 months ago)
I honestly wouldn’t have known about Sherman if I didn’t remember he was the trash talker on the Seahawks.
Clutch Flutie (3 months ago)
So many Brady dicksuckers
multipass23 (4 months ago)
yea let's all get our you mad bro's t-shirts after the superbowl... we don't hear about this after it all...........
SuperJohn12354 (4 months ago)
He was mad so he went and won the super bowl, smart people don't make Brady mad
Steven Steelman (6 months ago)
Sports players these days are full of so much shuck n jive & machismo attitudes and so are the announcers. Get in with Jesus God and the holy spirit. Give me Larry Csonka Roman Gabriel Bubba Smith Allen Page Johnny Unitas Kenny Stabler Mercury Morris. Those guys played in the snow and the Mudd. People need to get real. Jesus Christ loves you
Bill Woo (6 months ago)
Stephen Russell (6 months ago)
You mad bro...ha ha.. good one!
shiauZOOMer (6 months ago)
Sherman got the last laugh because Deflategate voids Super Bowl 49 anyways.
Vietnam Flashback (8 months ago)
Hmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔 Malcom butler
Andres Heredia (8 months ago)
Go brady
Tomas Lobo (9 months ago)
Super bowl 49... Who's mad now... Bro?
shiauZOOMer (6 months ago)
Sherman got the last laugh because Deflategate voids Super Bowl 49 anyways.
OKG2000 (10 months ago)
and 4 years or so later hes shaking bradys hand as the loser on the field of the superbowl
mumbus 27 (10 months ago)
Brady is a divah...who donated to the rich...Serra high school...get em sherm
Fia Eva (10 months ago)
9ers baby
RJ (10 months ago)
Yea with a Super Bowl ring count higher than most of these guy's IQ's, he's mad alright...... mad talented
mike force (10 months ago)
being a loud-mouthed poor sport is in no way "being a leader". and sherman is a dbag as well. 0-0..
jim ritzheimer (10 months ago)
Brady is a whining sniveling little brat. He's like the spoiled little sore loosers I remember from little league that would run off the field crying after a championship lose when everyone else was shaking hands at the end of the game.
Michael Angelos (11 months ago)
I have never seen an extra medium
Michael D (11 months ago)
Sherman looks like the donkey from Shrek.
JohnsRadios (11 months ago)
This is funny.
Grant Mauger (11 months ago)
TOm lost to a 2nd string QB! LMFAO!
You'reBlind (11 months ago)
Now Tom Brady is mad again.
euh serak (11 months ago)
Father Time has caught up with Big Mouth Sherman Sherman. He's glass with a Big Mouth. After Super Bowl 49 Sherman, "are YOU mad bro ! " Loud Mouth Chump. AMEN 💀
Tina Davage (11 months ago)
Can't stand Lady Brady!!!
brettjern05 (11 months ago)
i remember that one year Sherman was good. I also remember those 15+ years Brady was better
jeffmack57 (11 months ago)
Tom Brady. MVP Cheater
Earnest T Bass (11 months ago)
little boys always attack the best
Earnest T Bass (11 months ago)
I'll never forget that look on Richard Sherman's face when Malcolm Butler intercepted at the goal line.. look like he was squeezing out a big turtle head💩
peace out (11 months ago)
i hate sherman im glad trent williams slapped him
kealahonu (11 months ago)
How does he not swallow people with them Nostrils 🤔
JON DOE (11 months ago)
That's awesome. They have to put that exact picture on a shirt with those words. I'd pay a grand for it and I'm not even an Eagles fan.
Justin Meeks (11 months ago)
I'm not even a Seattle fan but I want one of those shirts Brady is such a little girl
Eligos Nick (11 months ago)
I wish Richard Sherman and Tom Brady would engage in a knife fight to the death that ends in a draw....
He's mad now
sergeontheloose (11 months ago)
Has anyone seen Montana talking smack to the opposing players no matter how famous they are or not? That's right. He is the GOAT, not that Michigan frat boy with an ego the size of Mount Rushmore.
Freedom 1 (11 months ago)
Pools closed!
Kandis Scaffe (11 months ago)
He really mad today got,em
Lord of Cinder (11 months ago)
Best scene ever
rapinbatches (11 months ago)
You mad bro? When they didn't run the ball.
Subaru sti (11 months ago)
you mad brahTom not that good he got beat by a back up qb Nick foles haha
JacksonG _ (11 months ago)
Ole Tommy’s prolly mad now 😂😂😂
Robert Feeley (11 months ago)
That's right your ambition it play on Tms side. I don't blame you.
Ryan Teof (11 months ago)
Super bowl 49 hahaha you mad Sherman
Sideshow Bob (11 months ago)
Its just trash talking and its all good from everyone.
Godzilla John (11 months ago)
Jesus Christ died on the cross to save people from their sin according to the bible(God's word). Then Jesus rose from the dead, 3 days later, thus defeating death. Anyone who believes this will not perish but will have everlasting life.
Kyle D (11 months ago)
I like Richard Sherman. He’s very fair and honest, and he gets a bad wrap for standing up for himself.
Hop Man (11 months ago)
Who's team wins an average of 11 games every year ? Definitely not Richard Sherman ! LOL !!
Hop Man (11 months ago)
Who has 5 Super Bowls and is on the way to win a 6th ? Definitely not Richard Sherman ! LoL !!!
john Re (10 months ago)
Hop Man not so fast with the 6th. 😦😦😦
Danny Irish Greene (11 months ago)
AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Sherman..YOU won't ever be as good of a player as Brady or have that much Fame and cash.
onebadmoto (11 months ago)
Who’s mad now?! Lmao
Tiger Crypto (11 months ago)
Shut your face, Sherman....he's in the superbowl again, you're not.
BillyBats (11 months ago)
cuz sherman could ever be on bradys level...back to the hood with the rest of the rats when his career is done, meanwhile brady living up the high life
Dan Briggs (11 months ago)
Ugly soul sherman
IAMTOPWRENCH1 (11 months ago)
Sherm is cool, but ......................... That Trophy Case ..... And in 1 more week Brady will have one hand with a ring on every finger working on the other hand, eh ?
Go cubs Go (11 months ago)
Sherman....he didn't run after you after you guys watched beast mode in backfield and threw a pick to lose Superbowl!!!
peter stanghellini (11 months ago)
Today is January 27th, 2018. Tom now has 5 rings and possibly 6. Meanwhile Sherman has 1. Living well is the best revenge.
feenpup47 (11 months ago)
So who gets the last laugh, Sherman or Brady?
Bill Harmon (11 months ago)
Class will always beat classless in the end.... right Sherman... bro?
Josh Martin (11 months ago)
Haha that's so funny!
Rst28 (11 months ago)
I gotta give it up to Sherman. Great story. Signed, New Englander
Havard Castiglioni (11 months ago)
Tellin by the looks of it, he's pretty disgruntled
And Brady is going to his 8th super bowl, and the Seahawks are done.
Jacob Bianchi (11 months ago)
Ahhh brady always ends up winning ahah
WAKE UP JEFF (11 months ago)
Sherman is just another LOUD MOUTH , he should be watching TOM BRADY WIN HIS 6TH RING .... ha ha ha ha ha ....
dacosta0656 (11 months ago)
how's the raiders pal lmfao oh yeah that superbowl u lost too to Brady
dacosta0656 (11 months ago)
should poke at TB12
Pal stoddard (11 months ago)
Even 4 years later that's funny. I'm a Patriots fan but still Seahawks were quite exciting.
Rapid Revolt (11 months ago)
Funny how in the end he was defeated
J Bolo (11 months ago)
Not that i support Sherman's lack of class, but if you were tom Brady's opponent and had a chance to rub it in, it would be tempting. But a guy like Sherman , who carried a 3.9gpa at Stanford, should have acted a little more professional. You are Stanford alum after all.
Chris Pappas (11 months ago)
Sherman was mad that his team didn't make the playoffs this year. He's mad bro...
Charlton Heston (11 months ago)
gave the Superbowl away bro
DUBBLEJ 916 (11 months ago)
He's the GOAT and you're a has been...
Rob C (11 months ago)
Sherman,where are you now?Brady is still winning Superbowls and your talking about one game you won against him?Who's mad now hahahahaha
THE ACOUSTIC CAGE (11 months ago)
somebody put some AIDS blood in shermans large mouth.
Prince Swag (11 months ago)
But lost the super bowl and Sherman was crying bro lol
D B (1 year ago)
Guess who got the last laugh! Tom Brady Lol! And guess who's got more rings? Tom Brady. Guess who's going to win the super bowl this year? I'll let the viewers figure out the rest........... bet no one bought those dumb shirts either
Arvark (8 months ago)
D B I don't know... Brady got his fourth ring by deflating the ball.
gil randall (1 year ago)
I bet you Richard Sherman was mad when Trent Williams punch him in the face
Jack Lynch (1 year ago)
How many rings does he have?
Giacomo Esposito (1 year ago)
Yea, but Brady ended up with the last laugh when the Pats beat Seattle in the Super Bowl... You remember, the one where Sherman was seen crying on the sideline..
David Lee Rothschild (1 year ago)
Patriots beat Seahawks in Superbowl xlix ,Sherman are u mad bro? Lol 😃😃😃😃🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 I have a jersey that shows a hand with four rings and Brady for president.
Mr Chris Carter FX (1 year ago)
Meanwhile Tom Brady keeps winning and Sherman ain't been back since.. Who's mad now bro!
Note4 Smartphone (1 year ago)
You mad bro
J Del (1 year ago)
I would have slapped the s*** out of Tom
herbankidd (1 year ago)
Sherman has lost his edge. Need to trade
LaVar Ball (1 year ago)
I have seen this 4,000,000 times
Kalba Khmigha (1 year ago)
Sherman is well known for his made up stories. Idiot 12's believe anything that comes out of his diarrhea mouth. Your time is up, Seattle. The west belongs to the Rams and the 49ers now.
Jiltedin2007 (1 year ago)
Richard Sherman may have Won The Battle, but Tom Brady Won The War in Super Bowl XLVIIII.
Wayne CADDELL (1 year ago)
You got him in the regular season, whoopi! What about the Super Bowl? He's got a few more rings than Sherman. Don't get me wrong, I hate New England. I hope they lose every time they play in the Super bowl. I was ecstatic when the New York Football Giants beat New England, twice, in the Super Bowl. So Sherman got one game. Every dog has its day.
Jim Bertido (1 year ago)
Then Butler broke Shermans brain with that pick.
wahoo0631 (1 year ago)
What's really funny BRO is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots always get the last laugh

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