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Yuzu and Mei wild Kiss | Mei being agressive with Yuzu full scene (Citrus Epsiode 5)

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Anime: Citrus Episode: 6 Mei is being savage to Yuzu. So Yuzu giving her a slap! Outro Music: Rob Gasser-Supersonic
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Cynthia Morris (4 days ago)
Now for a commercial from the citrus sponsers What’s like to chew 5 gum Yuzu slaps mei
London Parisian (13 days ago)
Literally I was watching this and I forgot where I was and my brother was like “ WHAT WHY ARE YOU WATCHING HENTAI” holy shit I got embarrassed😂😂
Cynthia Morris (20 days ago)
Remind me that when my step sister comes into my room (because i do) to say fuck of im only 16 and my step sister is 16. And we had are birthdays in different days
Boddu Gamez (20 days ago)
Caroline Boudin (1 month ago)
Yuzu : Mei, je rentre. … Yuzu : Désolée de m'être emballée tout à l'heure. Je ne voulais pas te bouleverser. Je voulais juste que ton papa en sache un peu plus sur toi… Mei : Tout est fini à présent. Yuzu : Hein ? Mei : Le père que j'ai admiré était très strict et talentueux. Il mettait l'académie avant son propre bonheur, et il était strict avec moi, sa propre fille, aussi. Je pensais que devenir comme mon père était le chemin que je devais suivre. J'ai même tout accepté quand lui et Mère ont divorcé. Je voulais que ce père retourne encore à l'académie. Donc il y a cinq ans, j'ai refusé l'invitation de mon père et je me suis résolue à rester à la maison Aihara. J'étais prête à faire tout ce qu'il fallait pour protéger la place à laquelle mon père retournerait un jour. Yuzu : Mei…N'essaye-pas de tout faire toute seule. Mei : Alors qu'étais-je supposée faire d'autre pour protéger l'académie ? J'ai vécu ma vie pour mon père, donc vers qui d'autre devrais-je me tourner pour obtenir du soutien maintenant ? … Yuzu : Mei. … Yuzu : Hé, Mei ! Mei ! Mei : Veux tu être celle qui a besoin de moi ? Il y a des choses que tu veux faire avec moi, pas vrai ? S'il te plaît, réponds-moi. Tu veux m'accepter, n'est-ce pas ? Yuzu : Mei...Mei… Mei : Tu te soumets si facilement. C'est tellement simple. Peut-être que ce serait beaucoup plus facile si je l'avais, aussi ? Plus rien n'a d'importance. Je serai douce. C'est ta première fois, pas vrai ? … Yuzu : Ne m'insulte pas ! Tu ne penses jamais aux sentiments des autres ?
Mash (1 month ago)
“Use aggressive in a sentence” I’m aggressive when Yuzu won’t do it with Mei
Little Potatoe (1 month ago)
Damn so closeeeeee
Izzy Goggin (1 month ago)
Yuzu is not a piece of meat.
The Paranormalist (1 month ago)
Probably the best Yuri ship in anime ever.
Marita Tal (2 months ago)
Mei n yuzu r sexy
Alondra Figueras (2 months ago)
Lol😂 Aggressive
Boddu Gamez (2 months ago)
Isaac Zak (3 months ago)
Mythical Rose (3 months ago)
Omg i was like "THE FUCK" when her hang went close to het vag.
Jarudin Jarudin (3 months ago)
good job
Panna Channel (3 months ago)
Outro name pls😣
Welcome to comment section, now let me take you to jail
B14ck R0zE (29 days ago)
Little Potatoe (1 month ago)
I ONLY CAME BECAUSEE... UH...i have no excuse..
Im Sad (2 months ago)
I swear I only came here for the beautiful sound tacks
Vera Costa (3 months ago)
Kibble (3 months ago)
I don't get how tears can just roll down their faces like that, how come normal peoples' tears can't do that???!!! *the ultimate frustration
Twice Momo (4 months ago)
*is this rape*
Jin Granger (4 months ago)
WOW!!!! This Two Lesbian Is So Cute,
Roger butterhead (4 months ago)
+Little Potatoe it can aslo be gay not just lesbian
Little Potatoe (1 month ago)
Unexert (1 month ago)
+eMRizKy Yuri is gay
eMRizKy (2 months ago)
Roger butterhead not gay lol just yuri.
Flute_Player 101 (4 months ago)
Flute_Player 101 (2 months ago)
JimiLily and nothing, I didn't say it's wrong...try to understand the words ok?!
JimiLily (2 months ago)
Amaru_wolf WAO 101 and what
DONG DO (4 months ago)
Alondra Figueras (2 months ago)
sherowin victoriano (4 months ago)
dont worry yuzu
Cherno Stripe (4 months ago)
This made me piss
Akisha De Ocampo (3 months ago)
Im GrayTM jesus
Cherno Stripe (4 months ago)
Im GrayTM I don't have cock-
Im GrayTM (4 months ago)
Radioactive Apteryx are you sure its piss?
Albert Maheswara (4 months ago)
what is the name of this soundtrack? been looking around but i cant find it
Ymir Renz (4 months ago)
Tanti Hana (4 months ago)
Erica Cardoso (5 months ago)
Why is Mei like that? One minute she’s vulnerable the next minute soo cold and mean?!
Emo Trash (1 day ago)
tgf xp (22 days ago)
+산코코아 no it's called bland character syndrome I like this anime and all but mei is just too cold and I stopped myself from even watching the episodes plus it's always the same thing every 2 or 3 episodes
산코코아 (1 month ago)
Its called bottled emotions
Erica Cardoso (2 months ago)
Im Sad Honestly I couldn’t tell you but it still would not explain why Mei would offer her body to Yuzu when she thanks her and yet thinks she’s paying yuzu in a way?
Erica Cardoso (2 months ago)
OREO Chloe At the end Mei tells Yuzu if it’s her first that and that she’ll be gentle does that mean Mei has experience with other girls?
julienne lampa (5 months ago)
There's a knot in my stomach and Im having heart palpitations this fucking anime is making me feel things, THINGS!!!!
Alondra Figueras (2 months ago)
julienne lampa lol😂
Dubu dubu (5 months ago)
ugandan tide pods (25 days ago)
Lol a once, I too am a once and I likey citrus even yuzu said "what is love" *what is wrong with me, these puns are not good*
The Fire303 (6 months ago)
Want to hold pussy
OREO Chloe (6 months ago)
I’m screaming.
Yuri Doki Doki (6 months ago)
Omg love this anime
Toasty McGriddle (6 months ago)
Clan jamming yourself
Globgogabgala 1 (6 months ago)
I got sexually horny but I'm a girl... I'm bi now, goodbye
Globgogabgala 1 (6 months ago)
2:43 did she kiss her or hug her??? I'm so confused
JimiLily (2 months ago)
Beauty Creations (4 months ago)
Globgogabgala 1 she hugged her❤️
Dead Pool (4 months ago)
Globgogabgala 1 hugged her
Akashi SeiG (6 months ago)
3:07 kirito when he turn into a girl
Kys (6 months ago)
Akashi SeiG Lmao 😂
firestonegraywolf (6 months ago)
Slapped the soul out of her lol
Naruto Uzumaki (6 months ago)
Is it me or everytime she took a step, it sounded like minecraft
Twice Momo (4 months ago)
Naruto Uzumaki lmao
dead channel (6 months ago)
They were THIS CLOSE to doing it
Tamikah (4 days ago)
dead channel Wew xD
London Parisian (13 days ago)
Jace Harrison (14 days ago)
산코코아 (1 month ago)
Episode 10 lol
RedStone17Gamer (1 month ago)
dead channel if they fucked each other then my nose would bleed
ϝαɳƈყƈαƙҽ (7 months ago)
Piano songs (6 months ago)
8 volumes and maybe she will do 2 more
melancholy (6 months ago)
ϝαɳƈყƈαƙҽ how long is the manga
kaidee (8 months ago)
borderliNE RAPE do not worry yuzu i woulda done the exact. same. thing
Nick Wilde (25 days ago)
It's technically sexual harassment.
Alondra Figueras (2 months ago)
Yess i would too it would make the relationship more awkward between them and more mix feelings
Cherno Stripe (4 months ago)
kaidee you read my mind
Anime Angel (8 months ago)
Sorry 1st Like too👍
Anime Angel (8 months ago)
1st viewer 1st to comment. Nice video 👌👍

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