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Candy Store Has 160 Drawers Of Bulk Candy

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Tuesday's Sweet Shoppe in Los Angeles filled drawers with over 160 types of candy. They carry all types of gummies, chocolate, unique flavors of cotton candy, and a table full of taffy. ------------------------------------------------------ #CandyShop #LAEats INSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It’s smart. It’s fearless. It’s fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: https://insder.co/2NCg6Sg INSIDER on Facebook: https://insder.co/2NyYczE INSIDER on Instagram: https://insder.co/2xN5qFB INSIDER on Twitter: https://insder.co/2xyN5wE INSIDER on Snapchat: https://insder.co/2KJLtVo Candy Store Has 160 Drawers Of Bulk Candy
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Text Comments (2406)
Amethyst H. (16 hours ago)
Is the guy married to the brother or the girl ?
Desmond Chiodi (1 day ago)
I feel like I should be in Amsterdam.
Makeup Clips (1 day ago)
shyamm s (2 days ago)
Man .. full of sugar .. white poison
Emily (2 days ago)
Weird, every supermarket in New Zealand has a part of an isle exactly like this.
GreenSand Slytherin (2 days ago)
And I thought the mall had a lot of candy...
Clorox Bleach (2 days ago)
Who got cavities and it always concerned when eating something sweet?
Rishadow 96 (2 days ago)
Diabetes, here i come.
im an anonymous boi (2 days ago)
y is no1 talking about the fact that they named their daughter tuesday
Nashita Afrin (3 days ago)
I want this
anicaBobis Molina (3 days ago)
Marmorph (3 days ago)
This is what everystore in sweden has its candy. We call it lösvikt and means that u pay per kilo, most stores has 50+ diffrent candies like this and some stores over 500
MR. BEUTIFUL ART (3 days ago)
I get a toothache just looking at it🔥
Mag Pag (3 days ago)
He is talking about a prop 420 gummy bear
Steph Belle (3 days ago)
This Is just like every other candy store. Except this one has fancy drawers
Anthony Cardenas (3 days ago)
Someone tell that lady her husband is having an affair with her brother.
Where's the licorice?
Gamer boy (3 days ago)
Wear 31st door
The_Nine Year_Old (3 days ago)
*Diabetes intensifies*
Vanesa Dineva (3 days ago)
My dreams
Regina Lopez (4 days ago)
I'm getting cavities just watching her eat all that candy 😵
# EmSquad (4 days ago)
LightNxture (4 days ago)
Did that lady just ate a freaking tennis ball *mind blown*
Kamisha henry (4 days ago)
i wish i live at there like if you agree 👍
Claudia Cervantes (4 days ago)
Can I have some
Claudia Cervantes (4 days ago)
Yum 💙
Tess Molin Lippert (4 days ago)
Go to Sweden and you got bulk candy in every store and at least one store in every town has a variety with this many different ones
I legit thought this was Bulk Barn
Juliana Saint cyr (4 days ago)
wasup i need subs (4 days ago)
awwwwi wanna go there
OLGMC (4 days ago)
I like to believe that she destroyed a toilet somewhere after filming this.
Ray Diaz (4 days ago)
I have to go dentist after eating all this candy.
I wanna live there💛💛
Toree-Mae Hodgkinson (4 days ago)
Is that a shop if is that is a lot of sweets
Suresh M (4 days ago)
I want that candy
Tescosbleach (4 days ago)
I feel sorry for all the lactose intolerant people watching this
Char Stifler (4 days ago)
loveit👌iwant a candystore like this! great idea
Anandhi C (4 days ago)
I will be extremely confused to choose the candy if I went to that shop my mouth is watering now 😅😅😅
Game Master (4 days ago)
Tiger gamer (4 days ago)
rip pigs
Itz nadia rose (4 days ago)
No wonder most people in America are obese. 😂😂
snowflake x (4 days ago)
stop making us jealous
FightClub (4 days ago)
1:12 that’s what she said..
young gamer 4 ever (4 days ago)
I want to go there
jag (4 days ago)
Lol this is every supermarket in sweden
jag (4 days ago)
Lol this is totally normal in Sweden. It is called ”lösgodis”
nich rob (4 days ago)
soya poppin (4 days ago)
ummmm can i work there 😍😂
Cornelia Nagot (4 days ago)
You mean hemmakväll?
Laura Nope (4 days ago)
I love it— Tuesday
One part of me: I WANT CANDYYYY The other part of me: I'm gonna get more cavities...
Weaboo Gaming (4 days ago)
If i go in there they will go bankrupt
Amrou pajarillo (4 days ago)
Perfect for Holloween 😍🤤
Jettanyia Gumbs (4 days ago)
I had a aquaintance in school who's name was Autum...Her sisters were Winter, Summer and Spring...Her mom's name was Tuesday who had 6 siblings named Sunday, Monday, Wenesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday...Thier grandmother was June who had 11 siblings as you can guess...named after the rest of the months...By far the coolest family I ever met...I lost touch after higher school but I always wondered if she would number or color code her kids to keep it going...Absolutely True Story...Lol😂
I'm hungry
Broadcast Gaming (4 days ago)
Yummy 😋🤤
moxie (4 days ago)
oh my, oh my, oh my... I'd love to have the same store as them but i don't trust myself to not eat the candies.
Hwang Minhyun (4 days ago)
Kang Daniel need to go there . 😆😆😆
Just to let all of y'all know, I love it but your making kids and others get bad teeth and not wanna brush their teeth and get cavities okay bye!
I swear just for 10 seconds of watching I’m starting to crave for all of the candies there
Jackie Chan (4 days ago)
*And some Bulk cavities...*
Ivona (4 days ago)
can i rob it?
That producer must have gotten diabetes by now.
itsUnicorn Fox (4 days ago)
If somebody buy all of this and eat all of eat then U WILL HAD A HIGH BLOOD SUGAR! Btw its ok if u eat a little bit of candy to be safe for sure if u rlly want to eat one
Bianca Lubas (4 days ago)
Candyriffic!!! 💖🍭😍🍫🍦🍬🌈😊 Bianca Lubas Iloilo city,Philippines
Brooklyn Scott (4 days ago)
This video screams “DIABETES”!
Cecile Ward (4 days ago)
Oof so many animals were killed for this. (In case you didn’t know gelatin isn’t vegetarian and most gummy candies contain gelatin)
Panda Express (4 days ago)
that girl will get diabetes
Monika Staciwa (4 days ago)
Every swedish grocery store has an isle with this kind of candy. Because boy, do swedes love their loose candy.. There's chain stores with even more loose candy too. I work in the biggest candy shop in my town that sells ~320+ candy sorts. Let me tell you, your arms get ripped from filling hundreds of these boxes a few times each week. 💪🏻💪🏻
Yuridia Gutierrez (4 days ago)
Now I have cavities
Ugly Bean (4 days ago)
She must've thrown up after this.
Perfectly Weird (4 days ago)
A dentist’s worst nightmare.
Hi I’m Connor (4 days ago)
JUNG HOSEOK (4 days ago)
There child (Tuesday) will get diabetes
Aparna Appz (4 days ago)
SOFIA THEFIRST (4 days ago)
They should have a 24 hour candy convention there
Rallou PlaysRoblox (4 days ago)
Who else is sad because they can't go there 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kario Senpai (4 days ago)
Oh my god
Feyth_XD 1 (4 days ago)
2:47 Did this lady hear have to pay for all of that food she just ate
Gave Batiancila (4 days ago)
Gave Batiancila (4 days ago)
The Dentist Left The Chat..
ByeBitch 《 (4 days ago)
Yeah. Yum. If you like crush aniamal organs in your lollies. No thanks
S Sd (4 days ago)
Lol the host kept eating & the owners only were talking
265治茜 (4 days ago)
I needed to go here..
Fortnite’s ass (4 days ago)
“This is just like coke” 😏
Fortnite’s ass (4 days ago)
Bet the candy is overpriced
Amaya Coulahan (4 days ago)
I’m surprised the owners aren’t a little over weight
Angelica b (4 days ago)
Jack Ter (4 days ago)
I’m littiraly eating candy while watching this
Allysa Ferrer (4 days ago)
*_she got diabetes after this_*
If I was in there all the sweet would be gone in one day
timowthie (4 days ago)
The fancier the store, the more they charge.
PENNY WISE PH (4 days ago)
ArixDLS GT (4 days ago)
Diabetes warning
Mister maker
MrAdiksaEXB gaming (5 days ago)
Some of u guys are want of this candys and i want too
Icyreabear45 (5 days ago)
Did u pay ur bills?

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