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No Justin Y. In the halls | A Legendary Justin Y. Story

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Hey guys just starting a channel if you want me to make memes I make memes just for you. Btw Credits To Justin Y.
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Text Comments (42)
Not to be rude but this is shit editing and the ending isn’t even funny
Felix P02 (8 months ago)
Cruzer Tyler my bad
Felix P02 (8 months ago)
Cruzer Tyler lel sorry though I'm just lazy making my $#!t 😁
Haruka Kotoura (8 months ago)
1:11 *When Evil Morty turns his back on you after promoting you as his right hand man*
Felix P02 (8 months ago)
Naughty Snek 😂
Heblo (9 months ago)
When she says it's too small.. 1:12
Felix P02 (9 months ago)
flysmite leeming Lel
woken matt hardy (10 months ago)
cool video XD :3
Raj_ Mohanaraj (10 months ago)
Can you subscribe my channel then I will subscribe your channel is it ok? Pls subscribe my channel
14 Demon Jagger (10 months ago)
Wrong! It's called No Justin Y. in the commentsection because I am sure Justin Y never is around in any halls
14 Demon Jagger (10 months ago)
both works eighter way
Felix P02 (10 months ago)
14dj haha No need to change the title.But thanx for corrections
NightFalcon Gaming (10 months ago)
Felix P02 (10 months ago)
NightFalcon Gaming Yo
Justin Y. Brother (11 months ago)
I will use my sharingan on him.
StickmanPOV (10 months ago)
RandomGuy IWC (11 months ago)
Felix P02 (1 year ago)
loli want my chicken (1 year ago)
Hehe xD
Felix P02 (1 year ago)
Byrnes Effect (1 year ago)
The man is like a Comment legends its CRAZY!! if you like funny videos check out my channel 😂😂
Justin Z. (1 year ago)
14 Demon Jagger (10 months ago)
Justin Z are you a stronger version of Justin Y? or his brother,rival or future version?
Felix P02 (1 year ago)
Justin Z. Yo wattsup Justin Y. Alt account.
Kirby Jason210 (1 year ago)
Why is this in my recommended lol Also I SAW HIM THE OTHER DAY SHOPPING
Hibiki ^-^ (1 year ago)
The Everywhere Community is now Rising.👆👑
Hibiki ^-^ (1 year ago)
Felix P3 hihi ^-^
Felix P02 (1 year ago)
Hibiki ^-^ yeah and thanks for following me. =_=
DeadMeme (1 year ago)
Why da hell I'm in your channel?
@Felix P02 Oh
Felix P02 (10 months ago)
Michael Manibusan no it's because I go to subtosub livestream and that's where I meet this guy with a Trump face. I didn't subtosub to him in comments.
@Felix P02 I don't think they ever said they subscribed to you in the comments.
Felix P02 (1 year ago)
DeadMeme Fuck you too bitch.👆😎🚬
DeadMeme (1 year ago)
Felix P3 ok fine unsub and Fuck You.👆👎
RylanGPK (1 year ago)
Lol the Legendary commenter in everything.
Felix P02 (1 year ago)
RylanGPK he's the King of comments.
ToyGuy Productions (1 year ago)
Hey they're friend thanks for voice acting and 1.) woah I didn't know you will still upload I thought your channel is dead. 2.) Wow You also see him in the comments.
Felix P02 (1 year ago)
ToyGuy Productions yeah he is clearly everywhere. Yeah I'm glad I'm in your animations.
Felix P02 (1 year ago)
Felix P02 (1 year ago)
PickleOreo yo.
PickleOreo (1 year ago)

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