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MLP: Equestria Girls Season 1 - 'Fluttershy's Little Birdie' 🐦 Exclusive Short

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When Trixie accuses Fluttershy of cheating after she sees Fluttershy chatting with some birds during a math test, Fluttershy must prove she is no cheater, just settling a dispute in the animal kingdom. Fluttershy is cleared of suspicion after solving a problem Good-Will-Hunting-Style and Trixie winds up seeking a math tutor. Check out new episodes of the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls series every Friday morning at 10am EST! For more My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: https://goo.gl/Kxdnex #MLPEG #MLPEquestriaGirls #MyLittlePonyEG Subscribe to the Hasbro Channel: https://goo.gl/rI2HnR Official MLPEG Website: http://goo.gl/5U9u2G Official App: http://goo.gl/hbN1Hk Shop MLP Toys: http://hasb.ro/1adpOvh
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Text Comments (473)
Chili Cierny (9 days ago)
Now I'm curious as to what that math problem is. I dont recognize it from my high school trig class.
Jaguar Chapa (14 days ago)
Buen video ♥ :)
Like si Fluttershy se lo memorizo
Alex Jerwin David (16 days ago)
Oh!!!Yehhh!!! Fluter Shy!!! Woohoo!!!
Audri Valentin (16 days ago)
Human fluttershy is so savage I cant
Jane Wolf (18 days ago)
When she said “make my day” I was like where’d Fluttershy go? 😆
Leo Lim (27 days ago)
Fluttershy has been hanging around with twilight too long.
Julia Terzis (18 days ago)
I don't see that as a bad thing.
Snowberryshy (27 days ago)
Wow! Fluttershy that was AWESOME!
TIANO C-G (1 month ago)
Wow Mustang was in a moment where she was like Sailor Mercury in that moment! Timid yet Brilliant!
Khurram Shakeel (1 month ago)
Umm does anyone of you know trigonometry? *birdie* *looks angry* Meh: YOU GONNA GET BUSTEDDDD
Sun The Flareon (1 month ago)
Fluttershy goes from being kind to being a kind badass
Photon Jet (1 month ago)
Flutterbold strikes again!
Nexia Satia Labe (1 month ago)
Ummm... Fluttershy's birds is named Heubert and Reyginald right ??? Umm my classmate is named Heubert and Reyginald is my crush in my class.. great timing👍👍👍👍
Agiez Balgis (1 month ago)
Thanks to your video
Dam shes so smart
Christian Tracey (2 months ago)
1:47. "Go ahead. Make my day."
Ian The Fanboy (2 months ago)
Wow! Fluttershy is 100% CORRECT!!! :D
uncut guy (2 months ago)
Lesson 101, people: NEVER underestimating Fluttershy. Class dismissed.
Mining with Ponys (2 months ago)
The only thing I took away from this was that fluttershy has really good handwriting
Lauren Yoo (2 months ago)
Oh my gosh flutter shy is SO shy
XxCookiePlaysxX Roblox (2 months ago)
Trixie is salty *😏*
Mary chris Namikazee (2 months ago)
That's flutter shy breaking the 4th wall everybody
Mariah Renay (2 months ago)
yasbutterfly Y (2 months ago)
Kay but like what kind of math is this?? Like seriously I did maths at highschool level; what is this??
Sis And bro (3 months ago)
Flutter shy is my fav
Taffari Duncan (3 months ago)
If it was twilight, she wouldn't stand chance😏
Christian Gaming YT (3 months ago)
Flatershy is awsome💎💎💎💎💎
Flurry heart (3 months ago)
Lol instead of sunset doing the math in the games flutter she could do it
Flurry heart (3 months ago)
I so bad at spelling
Jessica Tran (3 months ago)
2:26 is trixie that desperate??
Jessica Tran (3 months ago)
See that twilight,someone just as smart as you
Questions of the World (3 months ago)
Is mr doodle human bc he’s not a pony so he wouldn’t be a human
Juan Lego2000 (3 months ago)
1:48 Dirty Harry reference
Saad Saad (3 months ago)
Bad words
David HANDLEY (3 months ago)
Wow. The great and powerful Trixie doesn’t know basic math.
snakes3425 (3 months ago)
Fluttershy, a character from My Little Pony, in a My Little Pony Spin Off, just quoted Dirty Harry
descenderdisney (3 months ago)
(Trixie mumbles) *I hate math* same.
zebra hunter (3 months ago)
0:13, Coulomb's constant
CandyCornZ (4 months ago)
So fluttershy wasnt cheating?
Yo Go (4 months ago)
Wait... is it true that you need to do that towards the end of your school days?
Nadya Bradley (4 months ago)
hasbro got the short title wrong...they typed, ‘fluttershy’s little birdie’ but the REAL title is ‘a little birdie told me’...oh, and fluttershy is really smart!
marsh mello (4 months ago)
fluttershe is cute and cool and awesome
Lillian Neff (4 months ago)
Good for Fluttershy standing up for herself. How can you not love Fluttershy
Johanicia Wilken (4 months ago)
Love the video
Salaysia Gragg (4 months ago)
I wish i was just like the mane 6
sitti fajria novari (4 months ago)
Fluttershy Is So Cute
Bell Bito (4 months ago)
Will fluttershy and Trixie just kiss already!?
Alan Bach (4 months ago)
Alan Bach (4 months ago)
I see Fluttershy cheating
PASTEL Kitty (4 months ago)
Wait a minute is the teacher the donkey in mlp
Jordan Dill (4 months ago)
sooooooooooooooooooo with her powers Flutter Shy turned into Snow White with a hint of Sofia the first?
Jesse Perez (4 months ago)
Oh yeah! Im sure the principal would love to hear about how Fluttershy "cheated" on a test with a help from some birds. Note my sarcasm.
YungBullx2. (5 months ago)
1:00-1:01 that blush is so cute
Galaxy Gamer Pony (5 months ago)
1:48-1:51 You go girl!!! That's my favorite part of this whole intire series
Zafirah Akbar (5 months ago)
flutter shy is the smartest in the class. I think
Sofia Gjoni (5 months ago)
Well done Fluteshy!
neon the neon fox (5 months ago)
don't mess with Fluttershy lol
kawaii unicorn (5 months ago)
aha trixie talking to a bird thought i would never see that in my lifee aha. love it.
Little Silly Fox (5 months ago)
Beter than me in maths
Majestic Unicorn Trin (5 months ago)
Fluttershy lied
Majestic Unicorn Trin (5 months ago)
I think fluttershy really cheated
Ariel The Mask Line Thai (5 months ago)
Good Job.
Venom Quill (5 months ago)
Oh those funny birds. Reminds me a bit of "Sub Rocks".
Dominick Yeo (5 months ago)
I recognize some of the numbers. Like 1/4pie0 is Coulomb's constant.uln are quantum numbers I think
Giordan Diodato (5 months ago)
So Cranky's a teacher. Still waiting for Treehugger, though.
Emerald Digimon (6 months ago)
i never knew high school w=math was so complicated i didnt even learn it yet
Brandon Prokop (6 months ago)
amy Morgan (6 months ago)
Fluttershy never cheats
KAWAII KIMIYU GIRLS (6 months ago)
Flutter Shy was the best ever.
Toy Videous (6 months ago)
I love Fluttershy 😍💛💛💛💛
Fluttershy is totally VIRGO.
daniel samuels (6 months ago)
Just like my school. It's sometimes the quiet ones you gotta watch out for. By the way, do any of you think she got that right because of Twilight's tutoring in "The Finals Countdown"?
Davey Thornton (6 months ago)
Nicole Jarguz (6 months ago)
Who's the cheater now trixe
There are 43 blu soldiers in blu base one red soldier in red base
Im cheating with a fight of blu soldier in tf 2
Kazuya Aoshima (6 months ago)
XD RIP Trixie
TurbieTalGal 123 (6 months ago)
Whoooo! Go Fluttershy!
Dynamic 82 (6 months ago)
What i like about fluttershy is that she is so smart
Jason Harris (6 months ago)
Only Fluttershy can be extremely awesome and adorably humble at the same time! :)
Antonio Fuentes vasquez (6 months ago)
Dont mess with fluttershy because she knows about math
Apple Bloomy _Gamez (6 months ago)
Miss Moltres (6 months ago)
Wow. Fluttershy's writing is really neat.
StrawberryMix (6 months ago)
Lol Trixie at the end is me
Sharpi Karamzanija (6 months ago)
Who in the world is strigenomesrty ?
J.P. Jennings (6 months ago)
darn-it fluttershy quit making me fell bad about my grades at trigonometry
The Determined Human (6 months ago)
Andrae Walker (2 months ago)
Trixie : So, prove it then! Fluttershy: Go on, Make. my. DAY!!!!
Jason Tilford (7 months ago)
2:10 Math isn't my strong point. ^_^; What kind is that and she indeed correct?
I love flutter shy 's voice
Quest Phillips Phillips (7 months ago)
Fluttershy Hates Trixie Lulamoon
AnthrozilWarrior3 (7 months ago)
Huh, how everyone has long since not questioned the fact that Flutters can talk to animals. 0o0
MissNorington (7 months ago)
Love Mr. Cranky Doodle!
Dowlphwin (7 months ago)
Oh my! She broke the chalk!!!! Fluttershy is going wild!!! xD And Trixie totally didn't pay attention. Fluttershy said the bird's don't know math.
“Go on, Make. My. Day.”
Mousie pink! (7 months ago)
Good job flutter shy!
ritaj lamrani (7 months ago)
Me too i study trigonometry who's like me ?
Milla The Unicorn (7 months ago)
- the chalk breaks - 0o0 woah! what a big deal!
Cure Crystal (7 months ago)
hooray for Fluttershy
Mr. Reporting Guy (7 months ago)
Woa that math or physics stuff
gumby0923 (7 months ago)
Fluttershy: "Listen here Trixie, the only bird you need to worry about is this one! 🖕"

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