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12 Signs of High Intelligence You Probably Have

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Some of your characteristics may signify a higher than average intellect. Are you a night owl? Or a procrastinator? Then you are way smarter than you think! We all have little things about ourselves that may seem useless or even annoying to other people at times. But hold off before you start beating yourself up or trying to change these little behaviors. You're probably a genius! TIMESTAMPS You’re a lefty. 0:52 You often freak out over the littlest things. 1:58 You have a good sense of humor. 2:47 You're a little on the nosy side. 3:41 You're a night owl. 4:34 You're extremely sensitive or easily distracted. 6:03 You walk a lot. 6:50 You realize how much knowledge you still lack. 7:28 You're a master of self-control. 8:09 You often procrastinate. 9:06 You're constantly munching on something. 10:00 You fall asleep from time to time during the day. 10:42 SUMMARY - Scientists found a link between left-handedness and a notion called “divergent thinking”, which is a kind of creativity that allows someone to generate new ideas. - People who tend to worry a lot take the quality of their work more seriously. - Humor influences intellect by exercising the brain and keeping it in tip-top shape. Next time your friends tell you to quit clowning around, just tell them you are exercising your intellect! - Curiosity and an inquisitive mind make people more intelligent. Scientists had been observing 6,000 people born in the last 50 years, and they found that preteen children who had got the most points on IQ tests grew up to be more curious and open-minded adults. - Scientists say that this preference for late hours could be due to the fact that brain activity (therefore, intellect) is so high that it challenges your body’s circadian rhythm. - The harder it is for a person to stay focused, the cleverer they are. How so? Again, it’s that intense brain activity. It’s just too hard to control. - People who live in cities built with a focus on walking have a higher intelligence indicator than those living in cities with lots of cars and other types of transport. - The less bright a person is, the more they overestimate their cognitive abilities. The same goes the other way around. Intelligent people aren't afraid to say, “I don't know”, and if they don't know, they can find this thing out later. - Intelligent people are able to overcome their impulses and suppress their emotions. They also typically think about the consequences before they do something. - Scientists agree that intelligent people tend to postpone their tasks for later. Psychologist Adam Grant says that procrastination is the key to innovation. Steve Jobs managed to use his procrastination strategically, letting his brain rest and switching to completely different tasks before finishing the ones he had started. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (4998)
BRIGHT SIDE (3 months ago)
Hey brighsiders! Which of those characteristics do you have?
lord broly9 (10 hours ago)
Me and my twin brother are both 26 and we both have all of these characteristics from this video
erich christopher (2 days ago)
yeyyy i am a jenius ... :)
Rpm_Carmaster (6 days ago)
All of them
shar swagg (13 days ago)
I have all of the signs
Yu Kyle (14 days ago)
I don’t have a lot of those characteristics,I’m really nosy,and I get distracted a lot easier than my brother.Also,I usually notice and react to things that nobody else notices or reacts too.
Icey Team Teka (1 hour ago)
About half were definitely ME!
jeshdesh (5 hours ago)
After this video every fool will think they are intelligent 😜
KingOfTheWolves (6 hours ago)
To start off, i stay up extremely late every night to watch these videos...
Jerry Briardy (8 hours ago)
shabeer ali M (15 hours ago)
For me my wife is more intelligent without having any of these 12 signs
Nazir ahmed (17 hours ago)
2:34 the child on the yellow t shirt is wearing the watch on his right hand side 😂😂😂
Sarina Ranjbar (1 day ago)
Now i have an explanation for all of my bad habbits wich my mom points; IM A GENIUS
Sarina Ranjbar (1 day ago)
Beside being lefty i had all of them😎
Anwar Scott (1 day ago)
Where my Southpaws at who check off most the qualities ?
Yogess Limboo (1 day ago)
No 10 i thought i was lazy but it's a sign of intelligent behavior
I am a left handed person. I procrastinate. I overreact/oversensitive to small things. I have sense of humor. 😅
Albert (1 day ago)
You are easily distracted and procrastinate but Have self control
Albert (1 day ago)
Ayush Mishra (1 day ago)
Seriously..All of them..
Heavy Metal (2 days ago)
I need a nap!
David Mauney (2 days ago)
The lefty thing is definitely false, and I wish lefties would stop because watching them write makes me feel like my head is on sideways. Also, apparently being a south paw could be a race.
time pass (2 days ago)
early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.
time pass (2 days ago)
hardwork beats genius like pulp
time pass (2 days ago)
stop believing this nonsense.
C DC (3 days ago)
Everyone come away from this video thinking they’re a genius
Betz Gaming (3 days ago)
By these standards i should be a genius
Dowid Kopiec (3 days ago)
Ms. Mutiny (4 days ago)
Wow, "the desire to constantly chew something is a sign of high intelligence" ok then, now I know why I chew my nails and skin. :DDD
Maja Saxena (4 days ago)
I dont like the music. Drop the music it us disturbing
Select Obvi (4 days ago)
I guess you are highly intelligent if you intentionally search up these videos knowing full well they are made to make you think your a genius ... but you watch them anyways because your lonely and can’t really think of any way to know how intelligent you truly are, and you don’t really take in anything the video says because your intelligence is literally incapable of letting you believe this “proof” for more than 10 seconds... You think about space and the universe on a daily bases, you disregard your life in the grand scheme of time and the species you belong to, you get a existential surreal feeling at thinking about all the unbelievable beings breathing on different planets all in the same timeline separated by unimaginable distances, that for all we know may be impossible to traverse ... you over think everything, you literally can’t just do something without thinking about all the ways it could go, if you start something you love, be it a hobby of any kind, you dream about being the best at it, your also willing to put the work in, but you think on it so much that you know how unlikely it is you ever get anywhere with it no matter your skill in said hobby, when your intelligence can hold you back, I believe that’s when you know you are in the high IQ category... When you know things and care about things that don’t directly concern your life but does concern “life” in general like the Universe, your not normal IQ...
Victor Rivera (4 days ago)
I am all nd im a lazy mf
ONI_BACON _HERO (4 days ago)
Dan Vesper (4 days ago)
#1 Sign you are not a genius: You watched this video.
MyFeelings SAGAR (4 days ago)
11 r there except that lefty.
Youre a Master of Self Control 8:09 - nope that i dont have😅🤣
MR. Bunnyrabbit (4 days ago)
People who preach about their intellect are unsuccessful people.
Imt Khan (4 days ago)
My mother always shouts when I will sleep 10 hours a day . She says that 7 hour sleep is enough. But I will say her that it is not bad to sleep more
louy co a (4 days ago)
The signs are in all people so it means we're all smart. God created us with high intellectual. But if we are not using this kind of intellectual in a right way. It ended up in nonsense. Smart people is okay but if you don't work hard. Your brain is useless.
goldenretriever27 (5 days ago)
A good sign of intelligence is their ability to see through this hogwash. By the looks of it, this generation is hopeless.
zoopop22 (5 days ago)
#13 doesn't go to church...jk i kid i kid
So true about me. plus hyper.
Karl Rossman (6 days ago)
Nosy isnt synonymous with curious. But hey, you do it your way Bright Side. Maybe you are procrastinating to finally learn meaning of words.
gurulakshmi2 (6 days ago)
thanks sir'
I'm all but 2
Yung King (7 days ago)
The only thing is I’m not left handed
Joel Kuriakose (8 days ago)
i am loving this channel
chandra bose (9 days ago)
5th point is wrong one.
y s 8111 (9 days ago)
ዘ-ብራና Of Eli (10 days ago)
I am a master of procrastination. But this habit ruined my life. Is this the result of intelligent people ?
ShowBizz Swag (10 days ago)
All of them
Rafin The Gamer (10 days ago)
All How??????
Pranali Habib (10 days ago)
The dislikers might not be geniuses
Aidan Davis (11 days ago)
SilverDragon128 (11 days ago)
I have all of these except for walking a lot, self control, and sleeping a lot
Dude, most of these things don't mean anything...
the_truth_seeker (12 days ago)
At least 7 points fits me.
Artie Breland (13 days ago)
The video was definitely a no brainer.
Somehow all does that mean I'm a genius ooh i just know that
christian anasco (14 days ago)
those characters are perfectly i have
Alper VEZİR (14 days ago)
I have all of these traits including being a lefty but it does not prove anything. I am still not clever
Minz (15 days ago)
10 signs matched 🎂
Jan lee Lee Jan (15 days ago)
All these 12... I got 7, but I am not good in Math. 😂. Since primary school to college my grades in Math was below average. Before I graduated in College my grade in Math was 3. Hmmmm... 😂
Namasyu Shetty (15 days ago)
You should add this one- You get bored quickly
Namasyu Shetty (15 days ago)
Like you said brightside I constantly nibble my nails because my desire to chew it
sree vivek (15 days ago)
Rebecca Petrovic (17 days ago)
OK... So, I got 11 out of the 12. Number 2 was not me. LOL
Pheenix 09 (17 days ago)
Is it true if you are faster in writing you are a genuis?? I always thinking about it.
Ronny Castro (17 days ago)
I am a night owl cuz i am waching this at 3:27 a.m in the morning ⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉😮😲📲📱📺📝✂📌📎📄📚📖📒📔📓📙🎮🎼🎧⬆⬇↗↖↘↙⬅➡⤵⤴↪🔀🔁
Tabitha Hamilton (18 days ago)
This video totally described me
stormy moon (18 days ago)
what if your a night owl🦉 but still have energy⚡ in the morning
Ryon Morris (19 days ago)
If this was true most people would be intelligent. But then again most people are at different level, but only a few are smart.
Jack (19 days ago)
All of the comments here can be put into r/iamverysmart
tularejose123 (19 days ago)
I guess i have high Intelligence... Like if you to🤗🤗🤗🤗
Korede Adeyinka (20 days ago)
Now I kw y I can't really focus on something entirely 😇
Alisa Klonnãl (20 days ago)
Wow sleeping with a book in my hand makes me a genius
harshu art works (20 days ago)
All except self control and lefty
shyllo de fox princess (21 days ago)
ima be a night owl I usually just sleep in like two p.m
Lee Herndon (21 days ago)
I am a night owl🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉
cfcreative (21 days ago)
Here is something to try. I used to be completely a righty but it isn't hard to get your lefty skills up. Try writing with your left hand just single letters like ten a's then ten b's etc.... then the whole alphabet. Then try doing things you do every day left handed. It does not take long before you are usefully able to do many things left handed. I found that your brain does follow and I believe it widens your outlook.
Yawn Dying (21 days ago)
@5:20 "ahh just chilling reading a magazine, and a glass of blood. Can't beat it!"
nafees jahan (22 days ago)
No sub titles please
Araziyah Smith (22 days ago)
I cut my finger a little bit a I WAS FREAKING OUT OMG
Araziyah Smith (22 days ago)
I am a lefty
James Fones (22 days ago)
I am always a night owl I sleep at 9 and wake up at 4
James Fones (22 days ago)
I am right hand and I am in first grade and I know what is 88 +88=176!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Priyanka Reehl (22 days ago)
I lack only two things Night 🦉 owl Left hand
ITz _ST3ALTH (23 days ago)
All of them....Literally ALLLLLL OF THEM!
aasai thambi (23 days ago)
Everyone is a genius...in their own way...😎
Leda Talingting (23 days ago)
Vane Ssa (24 days ago)
thought I was just a lazy person heheh ..now I know what I am.
Vane Ssa (24 days ago)
I absolutely relate this video😇
Shakti Kashyap (25 days ago)
Except lefty all 11 point is of mine.
Llama Lulu (26 days ago)
If only the thumbnail was acknowledged
Emerald Aura (26 days ago)
Wow i have 11 of these signs
Nite_ 0wl (26 days ago)
who doesn't procrastinate at college? lol
Prakash MP (26 days ago)
11:30 🤣
Mahmoud Sairafi (27 days ago)
I have 9 of them.
s dj (27 days ago)
Feels like video sponsored by Mark Zuckerberg.
Saurav Bhowmik (29 days ago)
Each and every point.
Maxwell Rissmiller (29 days ago)
Ahmadi Arismaharto (30 days ago)
Yes if fits me to a T. But it has become more of an inconvenience than advantage. I'd rather be a normal diligent person anytime than be a late-blooming lazy genius. Because people depend on me to get things done. Because of those traits above, I often end up disappointing them instead. I'm not a creative genius, I just have a chronic laziness.
Juliet Taylor (30 days ago)
OH GOG THAT REMINDED ME OF MY HORRIBLE SCHOOL they throw me to the wall twist my arm ONLY FOR SNACHING like why do I deserve all of this to go through
Pleedi (5 days ago)
Juliet Taylor (30 days ago)
I have slept for 24 hours and now I can not sleep
Juliet Taylor (30 days ago)
And run a mile every 24 hours

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