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News: The Marx of #MeToo (TFM 42O)

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Social Media Links: Alternate Channel (Celestina Monkey): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClRIx5Yp0CZTCJz7PshfwEA Bitchute Account: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/SdA7JwX9dfhl/ Gab Account: https://gab.ai/TFMonkey Instagram (Celestina): https://www.instagram.com/celestina_monkey/ A segment of the 10/10/2018 episode of TFM 42O https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2018/10/05/metoo-movement-lacks-diversity-blacks-working-class-sexual-harassment/1443105002/ Monkey Image: "Male chimpanzee in business clothes - Stock image" by Lise Gagne. Licensed from Getty Images. Animated Newsroom by rpancake. Licensed from Shutterstock. Intro/Outro Music: "A Clockwork Monkey" by DarkStar. Sponsor Links: https://www.patreon.com/posts/sponsor-15531523
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Text Comments (268)
Monolito Twyman II (1 month ago)
How do you know this TFM? I know cuz I'm a black man and I know a fuck ton of broke black women lol
FJFICM (2 months ago)
I fucking love you TFM, you own the most woke channel on YouTube. From retarded feminists to gorilla faces; i know now that i am not alone.
Thomas Bertelsen (4 months ago)
They rip off the VA.
Carlo Riel Mendez (5 months ago)
Coming from a guy like me that does look like a gorilla, I wouldn't hit on a gorilla woman.
Lady Catfish (6 months ago)
Black women file 3 times the sexual harassment claims than white women? Wow, never knew that. I now regret some shit I have said about white women in the past...
Lady Catfish (6 months ago)
_I just can't imagine somebody constantly trying to sexually harass or rape these women with gorilla face_ -> The brutal truth right there. The truth that cannot be repeated IRL.
Cypher Three Four (6 months ago)
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveryone's a victim. Victim Olympics everyone!!!! Yay!
Turin Thalion (6 months ago)
They won't be force out of the workplace because more and more women are the leads in human resource departments across the board.... I wish the reality was different but they've already infiltrated the corporate world. I've even heard of women placing lawsuits against men who own their own business who do not hire them; they claim its for sexist purposes because they were 'clearly' the best option for the job in their mind. Women are masters of cold wars.
Cursed (6 months ago)
Communist detected on American soil. Lethal force engaged!
Coiled Steel (6 months ago)
"Comrade" Dr. Blasey/Ford, testimony, at Kavanaugh hearings, was part of a #METOO inspired "demon"crats feminist/commie "Show Trial!" 🤔😣😉
Undead Chronic (6 months ago)
We reached maximum cuckery
John Earl (6 months ago)
Let them eat shit
Reginald Dove (6 months ago)
Can anyone imagine a scraggle daggle like Michael...I mean Michelle Obama being sexually harrassed?...ew...not with those bug eyes, man shoulders, and legs like baseball bats...eewww!!!!!
Reginald Dove (6 months ago)
Yes...white women do game the system...my ex wife, her cousin in law, her cousins, some of her aunts and her friends...ahem..cough..cough..frenemies...held the informal workshops you mentioned...
lolzor582 (6 months ago)
i miss the old intro jingle
Mr. & Mrs. MGTow (6 months ago)
I love it. Expert Black women on abusing the government. That's F*&King awesome. I'm going to steal that from you TFM. Hoes can't get a job but are experts in exploiting the government. HAHAHAHA.. Made my day. ..
X fighters (6 months ago)
here is how to tell if a movement is stupid it ignores the people it claims to help. aka male rape victims.
MGTOW Lawyer (6 months ago)
The Marx slips or completely falls off
Jlord37 (6 months ago)
Let's not forget the founders of International Womens Day, The CCCPUSA
Jlord37 (6 months ago)
+Turd Flinging Monkey And let's not forget Lenins first act in power was to legalize same sex unions and require abortions on demand. And this was in 1917.
Turd Flinging Monkey (6 months ago)
They also made Lenin's birthday into "Earth Day" so that everyone celebrates Lenin's birthday without realizing it.
Texas Hermit (6 months ago)
I still say, men need to start filing sexual harassment against any woman wearing short skirts or low cut tops. sure it's ridiculous, but it could be argued that women's revealing clothing makes a man uncomfortable ( due to religious reasons, some such excuse) once a case has been won, that will set a precedent and then men will be able to sue any woman attempting to bang her way into money and power.
Agaliarept (6 months ago)
I kept listening that 'men are smarter' for a time now, specially from you channel, TFM (you fan, by the way). But, out there, despite those news and into the real world itself, where people have to work, i don't see much difference between myself and some females coworkers (i work with IT). Hell, some of them don't even get close to the amount of hours i study both outside or in my work, but here is the gig: the end result is the same. I can't see this huge difference between our results, some of them have even more achievements, while not studying as hard. I just came to wonder... I'm either retarded, or I've come across some exceptional "high end of the curve" females during recent years. Don't get me wrong. It's just that i see males doing stupid shit in articles just like the ones that "no one will talk about", and hell do i know the difference in difficulty between males and females life. But, by the end of the day, in terms of accomplishments, i don't see this huge difference, even when my main hobby is learning shit. Before anyone says anything, yeah, i'll check my 'hormone of the gods' by the end of the month. Just in doubt.
Turd Flinging Monkey (6 months ago)
Are you a code monkey or are you actually doing creative and innovative coding?
When did the 4th wave started?
Surrexerunt Official (6 months ago)
women are are collective hive mind and they know it. they only reason they demand us to stop "generalising" and "stereotyping" is because they know we're on to them.
Gaz Matic (6 months ago)
Stephen Crowder did his famous change my mind. Rape culture is a myth. First girl said she was raped. A *small* prodding and she changed it to sexual assault. I'm sure if he prodded it would reveal that nothing ever happened to her. But she's claiming she was raped.
Anthony Sforza (6 months ago)
Working class? Working class??? You mean that area of industry where a man can make a complaint of sexual harassment to HR about a woman and nobody cares? Where they won't even entertain the idea that they'll do a thing. Yet a woman makes a complaint and there's no investigation or anything of the sort, they just fire the guy in question without even talking to him? Yea, no ladies, stop overplaying your hand.
Fetch Quest (6 months ago)
#SFR #StopFinancialRape
Fetch Quest (6 months ago)
Why is it always black women this black women that. Yesterday i watched a video of black women bitching about white women.
Justin Peanuts (6 months ago)
#Metoo is simply about the transfer of resources from women to men. Feminism is the sister of communism, so are you surprised?
Josh M (6 months ago)
Oh, white women do it, can definitely confirm. I used to drive for a paratransit agency, which meant dealing with a lot of welfare recipients, and I learned two things. First, an unwashed woman smells far and away more unbearable than an unwashed man, even if he's twice her size. Second, I know exactly which clinic to go to, what to say and how to say it to get full disability. It's not just black wahmen who know how to game the system, it's all wahmen. Actually it's not even exclusive to them but men do it far less.
Shorn Sheep (6 months ago)
The movie They Live was a warning about Jews. John Carpenter was hit by Jews who didn't like the heat it brought on them, lol! https://dailystormer.name/film-director-john-carpenter-angry-at-nazis-using-his-movie-they-live-to-expose-jews/
Chronocide (6 months ago)
9:14 yeah it is just look at government statistics.
Chronocide (6 months ago)
I would say there is a level of self-respect that varies depending on race. Certain races seem to have very little self-respect and will do anything for money/resources where the government is concerned.
Chronocide (6 months ago)
If you want a piece then get a doll.
Jim Dandy (6 months ago)
The companies need to start countersuing these women and ask for damages that are so brutally high that these women will agree to drop their suits because the stakes will then be too high. That's how you end this.
Dreaming Music (6 months ago)
Sorry for being off topic: What was the video title of the video you made about the differences between doll head sizes so that the small dolls won't be categorized as "child"?
PontificusRex (6 months ago)
Girl-flavored communism is my favorite flavor of of communism.
Wishfull ThinkN (6 months ago)
Just this: YEP!
Gorilla Face? I thought it was Orangutan Face? https://youtu.be/uROPiAT0aD0
SnappyCenter7 (6 months ago)
As a wise man once said: Better dead than Red.
Clever Bachelor (6 months ago)
If you don’t pay taxes, you shouldn’t vote If you’re exempt from drafts, you shouldn’t vote If you have a low IQ, you shouldn’t vote
wicceder fuc u pay me (6 months ago)
Every thing T.f.m said about black women an how they play the system.(think I spelled that right ).is dead on did he grow up hood or what I'm black btw if it matters
J Hess (6 months ago)
TFM predicted this.....
Bison News (6 months ago)
Black women working class? Fuck outta here with that bro!!!! Rediculous!!!
el grando scabandri (6 months ago)
hey tfm ! when will you make a video about serena williams tantrum and metoo coming after cristiano ronaldo ?
LOL @ gorillaface
Matt Hudson (6 months ago)
Dood! Thank you. I was working once, training some black chicks to take my job. They were sitting there and the one was giving the other tips on how to use the government to get free stuff, as if I wasn't even in the room. I was like "so this is the kind of stuff black women talk about, eh? Weird." Cuz when me and the boys talk, we talk about things I would consider to be more important. Truth be told, I did learn lots, cuz I had no knowledge of the stuff they were talking about. I don't even know how to use a city bus. I drive everywhere.
Your Imperial Emperor (6 months ago)
Black women are only good for 2 things suck & fucking
bvannie93 (6 months ago)
#robotfastfoodnow Meals are too important to be left in the hands of shitty teenagers and inept commies. Bring down the cost and bring up the quality. Tacos, burgers, and pizzas are not rocket surgery. Simple automation.
King Hon (6 months ago)
Kat7878 S. (6 months ago)
Keep it fresh! Jam an air freshener up that [email protected]*T!! :D
dsf111 000 (6 months ago)
hey TFM your mental illness called captilism killed more people communism Capitalism's massive death toll . https://youtu.be/XQe3e94PzWo
Unlimited Gaming!!!! (6 months ago)
I belive the #metoo crap just signed. Its death sentence.and it''$ feminism final nail in the coffin...
Trezitul 2016 (6 months ago)
This turn of events doesn't surprise me one bit, #MeToo has reeked of a giant Maoist struggle session right from the start.
Joel M (6 months ago)
Starting to see spin against white women.
Samuel Matheson (6 months ago)
Blyat we've been found out Kidding I'm not one of those idiots
Topgun God (6 months ago)
Who'd have thot it?
Unlimited Gaming!!!! (6 months ago)
I believe will start fighting back against these demonic accusations..
MGTOW Lawyer (6 months ago)
boobwakzi holy shit
Jason Bourne (6 months ago)
Liberals and WOMEN in NYC are now calling for the slashing pay of infrastructure workers because their lazy asses deem it unfair. I might as well quit and start taking welfare because women and liberals have attacked the trades like they did with the white collar and tech jobs. On the topic, we've just received a letter/ notice on sexual harassment in the film industry: "Dear Central Casting Talent, Our talent are important to us, and we take your safety seriously. This policy reflects our commitment to provide a safe and respectful work environment. Central Casting is distributing to you our Anti-Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Policy. Here's a link to view and/or download this policy on our website: "
Daniel Okada (6 months ago)
"Old Uncle Ruckus said it, not me." The attitude TFM is talking about is one of "I'm going to get mine too" which is something that has been ingrained into some people's minds. It surprised me a bit to hear it first hand years ago from a co-worker, but it does not appear to be some random outlier with regards to attitude. And by extension, plenty of people see social services and entitlement programs as something they are automatically entitled to; if you don't get it (because it's already yours) it's the equivalent of leaving money on the table.
Mikasa Ackermann (6 months ago)
honestly TFM, you're throwing around the word "communism" far too much without even really having an idea of what communism in practice looks like.
Mikasa Ackermann (6 months ago)
MGTOW MONGER Venezuela isn't even "on paper" communist and never has been. it has its own spin-off socialist (*not* communist) philosophy called Bolivarianism. also, its contemporary state is to a large extent owed to the US strangling it with sanctions for the past several decades. if you want to look at so-called "on paper" communism (or at least socialism that officially aspires towards communism), look at China or Vietnam. both are fairly prospering, by the way. if you want to have an idea of what real-life communism *should* hypothetically, look like in theory, look at Scandinavian countries like Norway, which due to an equal-style redistribution of its immense oil incomes to its small population has basically made every Norwegian rich and most communist goals real, like free universal healthcare, free universal education, a central universal retirement system for everyone, free food for anyone who needs it, and so on and so forth. but TFM doesn't talk about that - because it contradicts his limited world view.
MGTOW MONGER (6 months ago)
Um... we know what Venezuela looks like. But hey you'll say 'They didn't do it properly'.... Oh well.. maybe they did? Ever consider that they did it perfectly?
Lady b0i Neko (6 months ago)
Wii Too confirmed by Sega
me (6 months ago)
That's true! One the bus in 2008, a fat black woman kept going on and on, at how to get a FREE House.
AlbineFox (6 months ago)
I made a small joke comic in less than 3 minutes, about a two characters fighting over a last slice of pizza. I was called sexist because the female loses to the male.
AlbineFox (6 months ago)
Their logic was that only the female was hurt while the male was fine and happily eating the pizza. I said that him being double her size and a man was the reason but apparently more people were fooled by the "women are as strong as men" than I had originally thought.
Turd Flinging Monkey (6 months ago)
yes, the woman always wins otherwise you hate women. Didn't you know that?
[email protected] (6 months ago)
Man communism is like an ice cream *_shoppe._* So many flavors.
Jim Johnson (6 months ago)
Jared Fontaine (6 months ago)
BTW that uncle tom is full of shit... You are stating YOU have ape face... Plus not all black women have that face...
Turd Flinging Monkey (6 months ago)
I never said "all", but if you don't think some black women have gorilla face you're lying.
argtv100 (6 months ago)
Nah, want to be intimate Suzy CreamCheese? Here read this 15 page release and hold harmless agreement then we'll go to the notary public, have it notarized, then to the local State Police barracks where you will show the agreement to the desk Sargent and get him as witness signatory. Then we will go to your place and f---- ok sweetie?
revan Red (6 months ago)
The new way to survive put a recorder in your balls so when you have sex they can hear that it's not rape .
MGTOW MONGER (6 months ago)
Actually we might end up having subdermal implants... but make it so it's saved on a standard mini SD card. Would be awesome if the recorder could be powered from our own electrical field that we all generate.
qjtvaddict (6 months ago)
The biggest winners of this shit Transgender women
Jared Fontaine (6 months ago)
McDonald's is going to replace them anyways... Labor is the highest cost in most businesses. If they can cut that in half by using robots they will with or without a higher mini. Wage...
MGTOW MONGER (6 months ago)
The big 'M' on McDonalds is going to be a lot of #Metoo lawsuits they'll have to pay if they DO NOT automate! ASAP!
Al Fin (6 months ago)
Speaking of France, the police is protesting because they are burnt out du to so much extra hours they have to cover with so much chaos on the streets. And now they are extremely pissed off because the government is going to start deploying private security.
RP (6 months ago)
but what about all those japanese-american single welfare mothe- ...oh wait
Marc Tradler (6 months ago)
We wuz gibz reparations an maybe you won´t be called RAYZIZ! Look i get it, exploiting dumb people is enticing, and the white guilt crowd gets to feel better, so win-win? Nope...it makes hard working people angry.
Al Fin (6 months ago)
Today: "Uniqlo replaced 90% of staff at its newly automated warehouse with robots"
The Bad Egg (6 months ago)
Yep, Feminism is Marxism marketed to women, and Marx was a Jew. So was Engels, and Trotsky. Karl Marx's forerunner was a Jew named Moses Hess. The Jews dug him up, out of France, and buried him in Israel, as a national hero.
Dark Painter (6 months ago)
This might be a small victory with Cavanaugh but I still think we're going to be slaves to a feminist government in the end even if the men who are enforcing feminist slavery will be way too spineless to stop it not to mention with technology I mean in 5 years we may never be free. We're potentially looking at hundreds maybe thousands years of feminist rule and male subservience. Most men will be all too happy to do it just to be a good little feminist.
paulman34340 (6 months ago)
Hey TFM, this is GREAT, As this is, when they (The retarded womenchildren & their poor excuses for males) TRULY start putting the knives into each other's backs and destroying themselves (similar to some stories where the so-called invisible bad guy is made vulnerable because those on their side looking to remove them from power will fail to get rid of them.....but leaves an opening for the "heroes" to make their move and vanquish them....to bad for the actual woman who are victims who will truly suffer the "Boy who cried wolf" syndrome because of all these's petty waste of spaces). Communism in all it's forms continues to show no matter how you change it's look or remove parts of it, IT WILL NEVER SUCCEED, IT IS DOOMED TO FAIL......HOW MUCH MUST BE DESTROYED, HOW MANY MUST SUFFER, BEFORE IT FINALLY DIES FOREVER.
Nicky Richtofen (6 months ago)
It's not hashtag it's poundmetoo
Shades of Blue (6 months ago)
I tried convincing a centrist-woman that MeToo was a political tool used by the Left and she called me a "radical". Screw trying to convince women they're wrong, let's just take their unearned privileges away!
Old intro please
The Jaded Warlock (6 months ago)
The welfare state has been in place for too long. The fact they know how to abuse it is clear as day.
Rice Guy (6 months ago)
next someone gets prosecuted for negligence by just ignoring women or by denying attention
Brandon Lee (6 months ago)
Dude , those feminists and liberals do not belong to the real left , stop comparing those shitheads to rral communism , i respect your movement and im against liberals But please make some reading before calling this 'communism'
Grambling 88 (6 months ago)
I'm a black man and I don't believe that shit! !!!
Koenma (6 months ago)
name of the outro song?
S asi58 (6 months ago)
Your new waiting music sucks. Bring the old one back
Holy Diver (6 months ago)
If you Google Welfare Queen and go to images the first picture that shows up is a big black woman in fur and diamonds . saying Democrats in power I'll take two cars at the Cadillac dealership
Cerberus Dog (6 months ago)
Gynocentisism and communism are bed fellows.
slipcurve (6 months ago)
take notes from the muslims: put a bag over their heads and tell them to shut up. (i heard that on the dick show, i thought it was funny)
MGTOW MANINAZI (6 months ago)
The reason black women filed false sexual harassment charges is they are lazy, unreliable, unproductive, and use the government jobs, collect a government pay check, and not actually have to work. I use to be a Probation officer and saw it first hand.
Gorilla Face? I thought it was Orangutan Face? https://youtu.be/uROPiAT0aD0
Unlimited Gaming!!!! (6 months ago)
Yes that is true once one of my employers told me. He strickly avoid hiring black hoodrats for that matter
MGTOW MANINAZI (6 months ago)
I went to the public library and saw 6 black homeless women. The white ones were out pan handling a 1/2 mile in a shopping Target store area. Many companies are now not hiring women now unless the management is quota hire embedded. I predict in 2020 the pussy value will go penny stock level because these entitled whores will be unemployed and the welfare state will be cut. I wish I could jump one year ahead to miss the entitled feminazi behavior going on now.
Lex Luthor (6 months ago)
Erasablefallen7 (6 months ago)
Diversity quotas are discriminatory to anyone who isn’t a so called minority. It’s really fucked up that they make laws that break laws.
The_Great_ Mayan_Owl (6 months ago)
Whoever disliked your moms a hoe......
Righteous Red (6 months ago)
7:14 TFM, it's not just black women, it's black people in general that start work shops on how to get welfare, food stamps, disability checks, and child support. Anecdotally, most black people I know are on some time of government assistance, and they are able bodied plus sound of mind. This is coming from a black man too.
Nathaniel Clement (6 months ago)
Jacob Tasker (6 months ago)
After the Republicans removed the chains of slavery from the blacks, the Democrats have been hellbent on putting them back on. Only this time, via welfare.
nunyo biznez (6 months ago)
it doesn't work because people are greedy and they don't like to work for free, it's human nature to want to be compensated for work unless survival prevents transaction from occurring, in which case humans will work with returns on actions being ones that help the person survive.
Keepadagroov (6 months ago)
Eventually the Overton window will shit to where taking women's rights away becomes palatable to enough people.

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