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How I Started The UK's Fastest Growing Company: My Gymshark Story | Ben Francis

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Gymshark has been my entire life since I started it as a teenager. After being awarded the UK's fastest growing company by the Fastrack 100 in the Times newspaper, I've decided to document my journey as the Gymshark owner & CEO. My first video is a brief explanation of how Gymshark started, and the work we had to put in to get it to where it is today. If anyone has any questions or anything they want to see in any future videos, please comment below! Ps. Although I am a founder and am telling this story, there is a huge team of incredible people who have contributed, and continue to contribute to Gymshark every day. I hope to be able to show you more of what the team and I do in my future videos! I hope you enjoy :) Follow me on social media: http://instagram.com/benfrancis https://twitter.com/benfrancis1992
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Ben Francis (1 year ago)
Gymshark has been my entire life since I started it as a teenager. After being awarded the UK's fastest growing company by the Fastrack 100 in the Times newspaper, I've decided to document my journey as the Gymshark CEO. My first video is a brief explanation of how Gymshark started, and the work we had to put in to get it to where it is today. If anyone has any questions or anything they want to see in any future videos, please comment below! Ps. Although I am a founder and am telling this story, there is a huge team of incredible people who have contributed, and continue to contribute to Gymshark every day. I hope to be able to show you more of what the team and I do in my future videos! I hope you enjoy :)
Shamiqua Bell (4 days ago)
I love to make things and one of those things is gym shark...haha yeah sounds like it was written by an idiot copying from a startup handbook for dummies. First, tell them you love it, it's your passion. Meanwhile, we don't give a crap what you like doing. Seriously we don't care. You gain no credibility by saying so.
Mauricio Cordova 01 (5 days ago)
Im a gymshark fan fron long time ago and the time the i want to be gymshark athletic i get leukemia (cancer) but stop my training i never give up and now im cancer free and try to have a good body shape so i can try to joind in the gymshark team i want to be part of your familie
AbsolutelyJAKE (5 days ago)
You are literally me
Shamiqua Bell (5 days ago)
get over yourself. you sell gym clothes. make a video when you're elected prime minister.
M. M. (10 days ago)
Hey Ben, thank you man, you are a very big inspiration! Can you please tell me what software you used to create these concepts on 7:44 ? :)
Bam Tx (17 hours ago)
Bruh 😮 I was just thinking to myself who started Gymshark.....nice seems like a humbling guy, Motivational 💪
Kevin Challis (1 day ago)
Can i ask you about the process of you designing the clothing you wanted, sourcing the fabrics you wanted and then getting it made? - You say that you made your first few orders by hand is that right? - What did you do when you realised you couldn't do this yourself anymore? - did you contact an overseas manufacturer to make your designs in bulk? - what was the process? - sending them your designs and type of fabrics, logos etc etc?....did you have to visit your manufacturer abroad? - im starting a clothing line and ive set up everything i need up to the point at getting my designs created........now im struggling to find a manufacturer to create what i want...any advice would be awesome - thanks
machibieber96 (1 day ago)
Damn, Robin done snagged her a CEO 😂 I've been watching her videos this whole time and I never even realized you started Gym Shark. That's awesome!
setovegeta (4 days ago)
Awesome job man! I love your gear! I love the fact the products are longer. I am trying to get fellow gym goers hooked. Love from the USA.
Mr. Rayo (5 days ago)
Wooo! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333000004824
Greatest Ever (7 days ago)
You are the creator of gym shark wow.! Amazing brand
David (7 days ago)
Mad respect for this guy. He sets a great example.
Ben Hoskin (7 days ago)
Dude just watched this! Fair play to you!!!! 👌🏼👌🏼
warriorprince101010 (7 days ago)
Gymshark is trendy but sadly the spin around is in a few years time it will be uncool. This happens to 90% of clothing lines.
Cobus (8 days ago)
Those dam trainer shirts are basically not there what is the use of them basically shirtless. Congrats to you but not for me
Louis Hutchinson (8 days ago)
how much does it cost to pay for influencer advertising? is it a fixed price or depend on the rate of the influencer?
HAZ (8 days ago)
Some people sell drugs at uni and some people build a multi million pound business from their room. He deserves all the success he got.
ShyGuy19898 (9 days ago)
I wish this could be in any way useful to me
Tom Cunniffe (9 days ago)
2 years later its even bigger..... Congrats Ben
Noah Boller (9 days ago)
where did u get the material for the tshirts and tops? or how did u find a place where u could order it for good quality and price? @benfrancis
M. M. (10 days ago)
can anyone tell me, what software they use to create the concepts on 7:44 ?
Damitejo Dahcluolk (10 days ago)
Awesome video thanks for sharing your story bro.
Charlesie (11 days ago)
This is pretty inspirational.
Daniel Eilbeck (11 days ago)
I love all the gymshark stuff but being a more amazonian size woman, I'm not a size 8. They NEVER have anything bigger than a teeny tiny size in stock. Please stock size 12/14. The musclier I get the bigger I get and the less cute gym clothes there are out there
Wodjimicallit (13 days ago)
Jazz Youngblood (13 days ago)
I love your company. The story behind it is even more amazing. Great job so far! Can't wait to see how far you guys can go!
enzudesign (14 days ago)
Huge respect. What an awesome story and great company. So good to see a young guy actually making something on his own and being positive. Great video
Clint Emmerik (14 days ago)
Well I got a question... When you had the supplements on your site with the signal to the company's because you had no stock. Did you make contracts with the brands and businesses you sold
Clint Emmerik (14 days ago)
Real motivation right here 💪💪
Kush M (15 days ago)
This is like story of FUBU. amazing
Alondra Orozco (15 days ago)
how did you start your website?
Diana Howick (15 days ago)
My goal is to get big enough on Instagram to start modeling this brand Hah
Ex Dan (15 days ago)
I had been following jef since his beginning and saw his into gymshark journey since 2014, so inspirational I have bought my hoodi labeled gym shark in UAE and every time I wear it people ask me if I am sponsored by this company 😂. It's great to see the root of how this business started, u have my full respect Ben, and as u said u are going big and good luck mate
Pootis (15 days ago)
Anyone else hear the breathing behind the mic?
sand (15 days ago)
Where did you got the tag-less shirts?
OneBoiAndy (15 days ago)
Live in norway, never heard of this company before. Just watching the video in the background while browsing on instagram ON MY PHONE. Suddenly I get an Gymshark ad on my instagram 7 seconds in this video...... wtf, is instagram always listening?
Bob Bob (16 days ago)
who would have known that a straight guy would be the one to make the most attractive mens clothing lmao
Colorful Codes (16 days ago)
I'm so proud of you guys! Visionaries.
Backpack. X (19 days ago)
I’m amazed that this originated from Birmingham lmao
xuorigailaht (19 days ago)
Wow first off wow. I’m really shocked and thrilled to see how a young entrepreneur can remain so humble to take the time to show us all how you got started! I actually hope to see a movie based on your life! How amazing would that be! Keep up the great work!
Sold Out (19 days ago)
I would sell the company and live a hell of a life with women and lots of other stuff
Omer (20 days ago)
your so smart
stephen kirk (23 days ago)
1 minute in and I already feel shit about my life and the absolute lack of effort iv put into stuff. I wish I had this kids attitude
Tippi (23 days ago)
Alex Ni (24 days ago)
so much respect
TLBR 7 (24 days ago)
Check your competition and buy them all
Tej Tuisani (25 days ago)
what a gun!! this is what you call grind, mad work bah.
Adam R. (26 days ago)
How the hell do you not have more subscribers!
Ajanan kumariah (27 days ago)
Peter Hoffmann (27 days ago)
Trousers are super comfy ...
joe (28 days ago)
do you accept Bitcoin?
Elson Castro (28 days ago)
Hi Ben, I hope everything is ok. I have one quick question. Where were you getting the plain t-shirts, tank tops etc to print GymShark logo when you started? Tks and keep doing a great job with GymShark
Ramatha Traore (28 days ago)
May God bless you and your friends on this great journey. I recently ordered from Gymshark and I love it !
yahya iflal (29 days ago)
Respect to you brother!
Alahna Galloway (29 days ago)
Calvin calvin S (30 days ago)
May God bless this business with more Succes.
Pretty Budget (30 days ago)
Absolutely inspiring! Didn't even know Gym Shark was a UK brand! Awesome !
PrinceAB N.B.L (30 days ago)
If this is not inspiring I'm not sure what is.
Lola Ololade (1 month ago)
So much respect for everything you do, such an inspiring video. I just graduated in business management and wish i had the means to do this!!
Jelle Mertens (1 month ago)
when will we be able to buy some older gymshark clothes again? like the longsleeve shirts from 1-2 years back
BUILDAGORILLA (1 month ago)
Any fitness influencers? With ambitions ready to grow now get in contact
James Smith (1 month ago)
Wow! This is incredible and I must admit, I was shocked when I realised it was you who founded GymShark. That's incredibly inspiring, because I love young people making their mark on the world! Its incredible! Major congrats on the success brother! Extremely inspiring!
Ballwiz 23 (1 month ago)
Wait... You had numerous businesses and top-performing apps, yet you were still delivering pizzas? I'm confused. Why? Didn't you already have plenty of money coming in from the businesses? Interesting that you started with dropshipping too. I'm currently failing in that business lol.
Bimjiveli (1 month ago)
this is very inspiring respect bro
Kman (1 month ago)
Want to learn how to build your brand? Follow me on youtube and I will tell you within 3 months how you can do it too
Nicholas Sides (1 month ago)
Never heard of Gymshark until today, and holy crap I have an immense amount of respect for Ben and his brand.
Vicente Ramirez (1 month ago)
He looks like Caspar Lee :o
x 6666 (1 month ago)
Now the clothes look aesthetic as fuck
jnsz (1 month ago)
Really need one of this old tracksuits. Got the hoodie but missed out of the pants. 😦
Chizzy (1 month ago)
This is awesome good job Ben!
Henry Reyes (1 month ago)
where can i learn this from there are tons of course which have you taken
Justice Gemini (1 month ago)
Henry Reyes Henry, if you wanna be successful, follow Andy Frisella. His free content is 1000x worth more than any courses you’ll ever find on the internet
Musa Akira Eslami (1 month ago)
5:13 if its true then those are some real friends
Blazeden (1 month ago)
Gym shark is trash just like the products
Sarah Jeannina (1 month ago)
He‘s so cute tho
Elle Hill (1 month ago)
Wow, seriously great job! I Absolutely love your products and they are exactly what I want to wear in a gym and out! I am a big fan. Well done Ben!
Nemani Kini (1 month ago)
how would you like to expand into small pacific countries??
Mim E.K (1 month ago)
you should be so proud!
Robertas Nekrošas (1 month ago)
nice man :-*
Ella Bell (1 month ago)
10/10 would smash
Tara Werner (1 month ago)
Bring back the women’s running shorts please!!!!!!
Lauren P (1 month ago)
Really wanna try your leggings but they’re nearly all sold out online ☹️😂 wish there was a shop too!!
Johnathan Sanford (1 month ago)
Bro, I bought 4 of your tanks 2 years ago in a large and all 4 were sized completely different. 1 fit great, the other 3 were either Medium or XL in fit. And it took 3 weeks or so to arrive in Atlanta, Georgia where I reside. Which I ultimately decided NOT to return because of the long order/ship process. Your brand is dope, 100%, but hopefully you've sorted out your sizing issues since then.
Noz Islam (1 month ago)
Big respect and admiration for Ben and his team.
Julie Hane (1 month ago)
Watching this at the kitchen table whilst sitting in my gym shark 😂 ngl its all I wear these days
Rogers Sombe (1 month ago)
Bravo sir on this brilliant idea of gymshark. Revolutionising attire in the gym
Andriana Avramidou (1 month ago)
I ordered once from gymshark and I got a completely different item and different size, and eventually they told me I got it from a fake website but ik i didn't and brought it from the ligit website
DasDNachDemR (1 month ago)
I never thought that such a young person is the founder of gymshark. Huuge respect for you!
Gifted Surfboards (1 month ago)
I knew Gymshark from Faze Censor
TSS speed (1 month ago)
Make a gym shark app
Harry Yung (1 month ago)
Really inspirational video! Amazing work.
Jose Avila (1 month ago)
best gym clothing ever literally looks amazing
Orbit NewYork (1 month ago)
I really love this video thank you 🙏🏻 and love the clothing as well god bless your talent 🙏🏻
dev101 (1 month ago)
Unreal. So much respect
kai cool (1 month ago)
which printing press is he using ? can anyone tell me that ?
heather h (1 month ago)
crazy how far Gymshark has come! I remember my first pair of gym shark leggings I ever bought (I don't even remember what they were called) but very similar to the flex leggings and there was literally one pair of leggings on the site in only 2 colours anyways I remember they were completely sheer like bend over and you see my entire bum sheer lol now the quality of the leggings is AMAZING
mr avocado (1 month ago)
U remind me of thomas from the apprentice 2018
DrMurDer (1 month ago)
What was the app he downloaded on his iPhone ??
BL4CKSH4D0W (1 month ago)
You deserve are the luck and love in the world. Respect to you Ben! Such a big inspiration to see how successful you have been over the last couple of years and how invested you are in your company. Hard work definitely pays off and I'll keep working hard in the company I'm in to hopefully get somewhere too one day! All the best and keep It up!!
Alex Soeth (1 month ago)
Damn nice job man! Great things happen when you create!
Live While We're Young (1 month ago)
*Tough times never last, but tough people do*
Henir_Shaboogo (2 months ago)
and now if anyone who is obviously uses steroids come out about you instantly drop then from gymshark, lol scummy fucked
Niclas Møller (2 months ago)
@benfrancis commenting on this old post regarding to the beginning of this amazing story you've written. What would you have done differently in the startup process if you had a physical product? Let's say a gym bottle or so, Best regards Niclas Møller Hang Products
Vincent Aasa (2 months ago)
Great work dude and gymshark’s litteraly my favorite clothing brand and would love to be a part of the family in the future. A dream of mine and i Will work for tt
Joshua Faranda-pluke (2 months ago)
Mad respect man super inspiring I one day I wanna be a gym shark athlete and it helps knowning how the company began 🖤

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