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history of japan

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Text Comments (71691)
Ayden Kustok (27 minutes ago)
Pugsley the Potato (1 hour ago)
This video has something I don’t *knowledge*
totallypreposterous (1 hour ago)
Geez, adults are nothing but overgrown children. They bully, start fights, take from others, and want to claim everything as theirs. Pitiful.
Ry Ry YT (2 hours ago)
Why was every state in THERE OWN COUNTRY on a war with every other state??? It’s so fucking weird.
Eason Fang (3 hours ago)
Best. Video. Ever.
neymar 11 (5 hours ago)
Hideyoshi didn't invade Hokkaido!!
God this is cringy
2K TBM (5 hours ago)
went back to this video. You are a genius
6:06 Yeah like that's gonna happen again.
2K TBM (5 hours ago)
because the world is getting *hotter*
Mr. Yeast_02496 (5 hours ago)
Lets get this A N I M E
It__ YaBoo (5 hours ago)
We've invaded China said the mongals Please respect USA
Kalansay (5 hours ago)
Erus (6 hours ago)
i can’t get tired watching this over and over
This comment will not get over 100 likes
Sarah Jin (7 hours ago)
and then Japan makes anime
ivan lara (8 hours ago)
Hey Mr mashalik from mcsm
Boba Fett55 (8 hours ago)
You forgot tentacle porn
Qwasey Wearycooldoc (9 hours ago)
history of the entirety of japan, i guess
TankoBOB (9 hours ago)
wow I actually remember shit that got told in this video, not like in that weird place they call school
Muzio Mattia Coppola (9 hours ago)
Flqre (9 hours ago)
But you didn't cover when the Hentai got invented
Maarten kools (10 hours ago)
4:36 that isn't our dutch flag amatsko geef ons een de echte vlag
thememeboi (10 hours ago)
Preston Ruttan (10 hours ago)
Do the history of canada
Charlie Woolhouse (10 hours ago)
do either history of british isles or usa
プーたん (11 hours ago)
JAPAN is the 2nd your Home town!! welcome!:)
Besmetting (12 hours ago)
4.20 That's not the Dutch flag...
keri potır (12 hours ago)
please give me 9 minute
Federico Picolli (12 hours ago)
*hire a samurai*
THE_KID_GAMER ! (12 hours ago)
*Please respect us or else we might envade you to*
Maryann Ailes (12 hours ago)
(1) new war request from USSR
vasilli kael gala (13 hours ago)
Shit ton to a fuck Ton hahahaha you got me😂😂
Drives The Car (13 hours ago)
Fantastic! Need to add another 20 seconds to explain The Lost Decade!!!
Glitch Dude (13 hours ago)
zen buddhism.
KAIKI DEISHU (13 hours ago)
Oda nobunaga doesn't died from being killed he died after unite the. Whole. Japan with his 2 retainers he died when he's old even the shogun already changed 2 times
Proshot789 (13 hours ago)
This guy should make reviews of entire seasons of shows like he edits these videos.
Connor LaCrosse (14 hours ago)
Where’s the anime
Alex Blake (15 hours ago)
Very informative
これは凄い This is good
Eric x (16 hours ago)
Fucking annoying.
Sven Anderson (16 hours ago)
*_The history lesson I’ve always wanted._*
O'Neill - (18 hours ago)
You forgot about my boy jacci chan
Niko Klep (18 hours ago)
Tzar bomb is bigger than atomic bomb
Nathan DaCool (18 hours ago)
Is a island
Carlcom (18 hours ago)
Deer _ Queen11 (19 hours ago)
Teacher: You think you're so smart? Tell us the history of Japan-! Me: 0:00
Hipcadgher (19 hours ago)
4:46 (???): Knock Knock, its depression (me):ok.
Arty Crafter (20 hours ago)
History of U.S.A
マツモトシゲタカ (20 hours ago)
The truth of ‘‘Rising Sun flag‘‘ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQuZkNPobpE
Voornaam Achternaam (20 hours ago)
History of Turkey pls
santinee Gaming SG (20 hours ago)
No more history class if you have a history video
Chris Sutton (21 hours ago)
Hi dipshit Pls no hate
Thelma Maloney (21 hours ago)
U funny
idkwhosmybias ace (21 hours ago)
This is better than normal history classes
Omae wa mo shindeiru nani
Infinite Octopaw (1 day ago)
Sexy times
Glass Stallion (1 day ago)
Do the entire history of America
Orange Phanta (1 day ago)
"Made them as fast as they could, and better than everyone else"
Banana Boy17 (1 day ago)
First vid of this channel that I watch *smashes the subscribe button
Frida Alexander (1 day ago)
If you were my history teacher i would never skip
Lxyalty (1 day ago)
Holy shit did I learn something (evolved into Einstein 2.0)
Nate K (1 day ago)
Preston Strom (1 day ago)
Dat1Fangirl (1 day ago)
Beautiful~ Trees~ How about Sunrise Land~ Spiritual~ Great~ *H i r e a S a m u ra i~* Now there’s more art~ *J e s u s* Edo~ It’s time for *World War 1~* M o r e ~ Japan should takes the islands~ The League of Nations~ How ‘bout I do a n y w a y ~ It’s time for *World War Two ~* Good Friends~ *their friends and our friends our not friends ~* Also they’re planning on invading the entire ocean~ Post war economical Miracle~ *Bye ~*
Brew Bear Brewer (1 day ago)
Petition for every school board to adopt this and history of the entire world into their history curriculum
Aakash The Monkey (1 day ago)
* and they did some rapes *
ChritoadTheToad 12 (1 day ago)
1:59 what i came here for
Naiza Mabao (1 day ago)
Japan was a dick because they took me country and America is becaus the nuke japan
JoseAnd97 (1 day ago)
I showed this to a Japanese friend and she loved it and was furthering into the themes along the video. Love it
Edward James Kenway (1 day ago)
You forgot Anime
Edward James Kenway (17 hours ago)
+Crispy Whispy Oh, I missed the point. Thanks
Crispy Whispy (17 hours ago)
Tim Fox (1 day ago)
Do the US
J.P. Flying (1 day ago)
Literally 25 seconds in and I've learnt 3 things about Japan. Like what?
Inhuman Pro (1 day ago)
Why isn’t anime involved
Zach Amos (1 day ago)
I love the video. But of all places why’d you pick Japan?
Hannah Brooks (1 day ago)
actually used this to study for my asian studies class
Jeff Gervais (1 day ago)
Japan goes to war with Russia. Just for a moment. Then they both get tired and stop
Butter Monkey (1 day ago)
actually the guy in serbia shot the next to be leader -dab-
Jay Play (1 day ago)
All that's missing are the wonderful tales of Mulan and The legendary Karate Kid
First Idiot (1 day ago)
7:22 and they did some more rapes! ;)
浩二田所 (1 day ago)
Many things happened in Japan. But all I want to say is "Please watch Japanese Anime." They are very good. My favorite ones are "Kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo(Konosuba)", "Kobayashi-san chino maidragon(Miss kobayashi's Dragon Maid)".
Brian Ervin (1 day ago)
This is absolutely brilliant and sublime. Bill Wurtz wins the Internet.
Wrazar (1 day ago)
Who knew Japanese people from the old days speak English
lil otaku (1 day ago)
The first bomb on Hiroshima I call the FUCK UP
smokin boi (1 day ago)
The backstory behind Russian-Japanese war is more complex and takes routes from inner politics in Russia
Mr Forniter (1 day ago)
The atom bomb is the best bomb eveeeeeerrr
Giles Becraft (1 day ago)
volcanoes nuclear bombs anime hentai
Giles Becraft (1 day ago)
volcanoes nuclear bombs anime hentai *i love japan*
How can volume works?: Asconia , Armarernia , Polninia , Apuiprenia , Fononia , Agronia , Homonial , Agreenia , Gedrome , Astriwenque , Aswentriqe , Hundryang , Gomenyo , Commonce , Gommein , Dervony , Astinanies , Albanys , Cavbertis , Gumbreroes , Dronique , Astine , Vandirtion , Capricon , Daripcon , Foltory , Artique , Helaprein , Asprentium , Apstrentium , Astrontium , Vartiumnerium , Vononium , Astranium , Tahrium , Thaoleium , Daferinnum , Theoryum , Deltarnium , Dexxok , Albanium , Cadnenium , Astroerium , Att , Uraquernium , Wantium , Artinium , Varetdium , Halloratentium , Astronatotium , Ateyrthroanimium , Cavadasentinium , Grominoniasrenium , Grentimuluselium , Afageramiunanium , Gamneratianium , Seleretryeusinnium , Cavanicenartium , Usanicarberanium , Adsgermadgertinium , Astatiertium , Artimeticalinium , Somaliasnium , Jokowianstritrotrium , Astaerium , Haffagerxacuqerium , Januarium , Februarium , Marcanium , Aprenium , Menium , Junium , Agustinusium , Sempetembernium , Oktroboronium , Novronium , Dessemanrium , Nanonnerianic , Astarinone , Adrone , Cavanium , Gavvenium , Vanrutuemufafgarionium , Asterirtreansedrtaerntium , Afagsertimunium , Favannogartieusmium , Higretomationmerakiustreum
Mrtz Sketch (1 day ago)
But you forgot the best thing about japan......... Hentai
白豚のgm共が、さっさと死ね。 クッサイ体臭に、気持ちの悪い黒人如きが調子に乗ってんじゃねぇぞ。
カフェオレ (1 day ago)
日本軍は残虐なことたくさんしてきたのに日本人にはあまり知られていない 韓国の反日教育と何も変わらない The Japanese military being cruel a lot of which is not known to a Japanese very much though I did it where education and nothing Korean anti-Japan turn into
Mikey Alcantara (1 day ago)
What about when Japan took over the Philippines
_ FatdogMickey _ (1 day ago)
I need more, how 'bout Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia ?
The Xian (1 day ago)
This Guy’s Video In A Nutshell: Heywatsupmynamegof***mya**lolololoolilikecatsandthenjapan”ohnoholys***”andthentheguywiththemoustachegoes”sendthegirltojapan”andthenthegirldoesthatok BAI Ok What I’m Saying Is He’s A Fast Talker
Player Snake (1 day ago)
history of turks
WolfieVgamer xx (1 day ago)
Timeline of ireland
Yeeting Thot (1 day ago)
武田いか (1 day ago)
Doggo (1 day ago)
I got a fortnite ad
黄种日耳曼狗 (2 days ago)
Japan is a great country Chinese loves Japan
i i (6 hours ago)
Japanese loves Chinese Hero👑

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