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Skins Series 3 Cast - T4 Interview

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Lily Loveless, Luke Pasqualino, Ollie Barbieri and Kaya Scodelario of Skins series 3 interviewed by T4. http://www.e4.com/video/oLFAmqMvIViBlLqV5Uum0K/play.e4
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Text Comments (87)
bugbug (4 months ago)
what an utterly HORRIBLE interviewer.
Moments The Best (1 year ago)
O love
RileyNoChill (1 year ago)
I caught that puts his hand behind her and when he asks about stuff on set he move it
hi (1 year ago)
I love kaya she is amazing
dani elena (1 year ago)
Aww, they are so sweet and funny!
Leah Heiss (3 years ago)
jatney abarientos (3 years ago)
is thant effy stonem?
Lauren Johnson (3 years ago)
jatney abarientos (3 years ago)
what is the name of the girl the one on the right
Emily2333 (2 years ago)
Kaya Scodelario
i k (3 years ago)
+jatney abarientos Kaya Scodelario, I love her
Zupprezed (3 years ago)
Kaya is so fuckingly amazing, what in the seventh fuck
Harvey Lee (3 years ago)
+Suppreudoperenchymatous (Suppresed) that is just  a  glorious  way  to describe  her  you and  I'm going  to try to pronounce  your  tag name  there !!   but yes agreed she is  sweeeet!!
Console generic thug (4 years ago)
the audience of this type of "shows" are only gay people and stupid girls ...gezz
lookpassthestars1 (3 years ago)
+Console generic thug Why did you even comment if you don't even like the show? You wasted 5 mins of your life just looking at this video and then commenting. If you don't like something why waste your time even looking at it?
George williams (4 years ago)
So u are one of those stupid, pathetic, vapid people whose criticism os limited to cool, gay, and epic. People like u are probably gay yourselves
OfficialCarly (5 years ago)
wait did the kid who plays freddie and the girl who plays his sister really have something going on? cause the guy was like "thats a big fat lie" haha does anyone know?
Abused Peanut (4 years ago)
+OfficialCarly  Hahahaha
OfficialCarly (5 years ago)
+Seth Ray thats not what i was asking haha xP
Seth Ray (5 years ago)
Freddie was fighting with his father, and felt like his sister was his father's favorite, because she was always spoiled and he was sort of ignored. 
Lifeas_ liz (5 years ago)
Willamari Tay (5 years ago)
Ollie's so cute! love Skins
Francesca Ventura (5 years ago)
Luke keeps moving his hands, he is so italian!
Testsubjex (5 years ago)
Ollie probably practices a magic trick for every interview
Emily Rose (5 years ago)
No Jack? Lame.
Hungry And Broke (5 years ago)
2:01 Waaay too obvious that hes lying xD
Lea Khan (5 years ago)
he's not doing anything with kaya. On her twitter, she is mostly focused on her own life, they're just great friends. :)
Angelica D (6 years ago)
okay, i wanna see the photos with luke and clarisa!
M3Lucky (6 years ago)
He doesn't really deny it. He say "No. Not on set."
justdance991 (6 years ago)
I wish Luke and Kaya would get together -3
lily isabella (6 years ago)
it's so blatantly obvious that luke is lying when he denies 'real life sexy time' hahaha omg
marina moraes (6 years ago)
the way that Kaya laughs while Luke is talking...
Missdiorcheri63 (6 years ago)
i found that sketchy too!! when his arm is around kaya and as soon as the interviewer asks if theres any real life sexy time, he takes his arm away! just sayin <3
iamyourimpossible (6 years ago)
What does Naomi say in the first question? could sb transcribe it please?
Clara (6 years ago)
shiiit...kaya is too beautiful...
Holly Rochelle (6 years ago)
What gets me is sometimes I have more likes than the top comment (not in this situation though) but I'm not top comment Confuses the shit out of me.
goulis123 (6 years ago)
i hate the way he hustles the whole interview
Tiramisu (6 years ago)
Haha WHAT is with Luke's hair? He looks so much cooler as Freddie. His face looks different too.
inack bultiak (6 years ago)
Where the fuck is James cook, he's one of the most important in this serie
ueschai (6 years ago)
Kay Wills (6 years ago)
Wait is the interviewer the gay builder guy from Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging? HAHA
Hal (6 years ago)
no, sorry she's already mine
Katara55 (6 years ago)
well if someone sais "first two series" the second one is definitely included
Ernie Lee (6 years ago)
Hmm he said first two series..Pandora was only in the second one, so yeah he's actually right.
sr4am18 (6 years ago)
hahha i had this experience 2 days ago cuz i never realized that people ever read my comments then i had a bunch of likes. hahah i felt like: wait. but its not like im actually....entertaining? haha yes i felt the need to share, you are welcome ;p
Tew_Much (6 years ago)
kaya can u marry me?
Ema Katarina (6 years ago)
00:59 to 1:01 Ollie is donig something with his left hand
Holly Rochelle (6 years ago)
Didn't even know literally anything I wrote on youtube got likes? :o
sora im (6 years ago)
word haha
Ash (7 years ago)
The interviewer seems really douchey.
dinkkydididums (7 years ago)
Luke is so hot. That's all I can say.
Angry Khaleesi (7 years ago)
hahahaha i love how at @1:58 when he asks him the question luke repositions his arm to prove his point hahahaha
Harry Su (7 years ago)
oh that's the asshole from us xfactor!!
Holly Rochelle (7 years ago)
Cook isn't there. Isn't worth watching
Jvlesx (7 years ago)
@Katara55 that wasn't pandora
Katara55 (7 years ago)
@DieJuliax3 in nearly every episode, Effy was, too?
Jvlesx (7 years ago)
@Katara55 where was she on season 1 or 2 ?
grecogreco4 (7 years ago)
2:45 "holy mary mother of god !" that somehow made me laugh
iamxstardust1 (7 years ago)
lilly looks like kreayshawn
Kazau (7 years ago)
I had gone off Skins for a while but watching this video has brought me right back around :D I plan on finishing season 4 tomorrow!
Nox Rabbit (7 years ago)
i wish luke and kaya were dating
Blanca1205 (7 years ago)
@bdesouzaq he's Welsh
Katara55 (7 years ago)
1:00 pandora...Pandora..PANDORA?!?
msjeopardy24 (7 years ago)
oh yeah..you heard wrong..lol
girlfromindo (7 years ago)
Notice at 1:58, arm around Kaya, 2:00....the interviewer asks: "any real life sexy time?"....removal of arm......hmmmmmmmmm.
Lesbian (7 years ago)
Anyone else notice Lily is a little bit more quiet when Kat isn't there? :P
Myrtcandy (7 years ago)
not that I didn't love the 3-4 cast, but 1-2 were way much better in my opinion.
bdesouzaq (7 years ago)
is the interviewer all of the sudden scottish?
hany l (7 years ago)
i think 3-4 cast are the best.where are the rest of the cast
hany l (7 years ago)
i think 3-4 cast are the best
mayaaisabel (8 years ago)
best generation by farrrrrrrrr lOVE SKINS
Diego Ayala (8 years ago)
i'm so inlove with kaya she is so beautiful!!!
Juliana Omokheyeke (8 years ago)
@karolvelarde omg ya! and then at 1:57 luke was rubbing his arm on kayas back
Maris Diasamidze (8 years ago)
Aaaw i just love lily so so much *.* the way she plays naomi is just... Amazing !! <33
chay (8 years ago)
lily is fucking adorable.
Pumpkeepoo (8 years ago)
kaya should be with luke!!!
sleeplessnights (8 years ago)
2:00 As soon as the interviewer asks if there is romance offset he took his hand off of her back. lol.
Elliot Holt (8 years ago)
@sidandmoi cook is sterling. whats wrong with him?
PreciousRubine (8 years ago)
Cook is just like Tony ....alphamale
Karen Moreno (8 years ago)
amo los zapatos de Lily y Oli... !!NAOMILY 4EVER!!
alexis walker (8 years ago)
@karolvelarde dude that is crazy cute they moved at EXACTLY the same movement
Ravid Ravidr (8 years ago)
i hate cook
PoeticEspionage (9 years ago)
@karolvelarde That's so funny. It was like a mirrored move. Haha. Love them all. Going to miss them so much!
PatoAgM (9 years ago)
karolvelarde (9 years ago)
Did anyone else notice the syncronised movement between Kaya and Luke at 2:18 ? LOL That was so cute!!!
azrodrigues (9 years ago)
Naomi Steel (9 years ago)
I wonder how he did that trick.. lol

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