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E4 Skins - Company Magazine

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The cast of Skins take over Company Magazine. 'Model castings, music reviews, front cover designs... it's all in a day's work here at Company Magazine - as the Skins cast found out when they visited the Company offices to guest edit our February issue.' http://www.company.co.uk/celebrity/skins-video/video
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Text Comments (76)
potato (5 months ago)
"I'm not western enough for that shit" says Jack. lol. Cause your style is class!!! My god I miss skins
so blue as night (11 months ago)
Sophia Hoshko (11 months ago)
im looking at this and i think omg im so old
Grace Hardbeck (1 year ago)
Gotta love Jack 😁
Timothy Wilkes (1 year ago)
Jack has done so well, been cast along side Clooney in Money monster and set star as late fashion and art icon Alexander Mcqueen, they may have to age him up in that because it's about the last few months of his life when he was 40
frankiegetup (2 years ago)
That Naomi/Emily cover looked incredible!
really just sam (2 years ago)
6:27 <3
Allison J (2 years ago)
Why they did all that stuff ???
Bruno Lock (2 years ago)
why is she 17 i mean im almost 19 and i look like a fuckin 15 year old kid
Emily Rose (3 years ago)
Love Kat's hair color here <3
Fire Nation (4 years ago)
merveille and jack looking for street style so cute hahaha <3!
Kaya is so fricking sexy omg. Aww the way Jack said done and his face afterwards omg aww. I love them all. Kat Kaya and Jack are <3
marigold (4 years ago)
Lots of hello and bye and thanks you
Cocomint Smoothie (1 year ago)
ChillAlienz yep that's living in England in a nutshell
Natazz1011 (5 years ago)
i love how kat's judging all of the girls' bodies. if you're not going to tell people you gay or bi or whatever, at least try to hide it better! <3<3<3
eljean villasista (5 years ago)
yeh! like me!!
LittleMissBoogie (5 years ago)
"how old are you?" "17" "SHUT UP" "OH MY GOD" "NO WAY" "THAT IS SO UNFAIR" hahahahahahahahaha
Emerald Moth (5 years ago)
Jack O'Connell is absolutely perfect to me. the way he talks,moves,the way he looks like... love him.
reem930 (5 years ago)
lily looks amazing in that picture wow
Kate Grier (5 years ago)
I love Jack O'Connell he's an amazing actor and he plays Cook so well ! And he's so hot !
Morgan (5 years ago)
I just love Kat, Meg, and Lily...sorry everyone else but Kat is just the cutest thing in the world and they are all just so beautiful, funny, amazing, and so talented. So sad to see Skins ending:,( Naomily<33
Morgan (5 years ago)
2nd gen was definitely the BEST cast ever.
Raquel Badilla (5 years ago)
Kaya soo cute :3
Yabadabonboo (5 years ago)
she looks like a china DOLL
Matthew Moores (5 years ago)
new person walks in "HELLOOO" - said by everyone!
I Actually download their movie. Awesome cant wait
Anouska Marianne (5 years ago)
Jack O'connell is HILARIOUS! :) X
Anouska Marianne (5 years ago)
i lust love Jack he is my favourite!!!! and so so funny!
Jenelle BS (6 years ago)
oh no Lily and Kat. :))
briannawhatthefuck (6 years ago)
let's all take a second to recognize how close lily and kat sit together
MyMajesticLife (6 years ago)
Rachel Yahya (6 years ago)
Jack is adorable in this
Herworlddx (6 years ago)
Rewatching all these interviews.. ah.. i miss them :( - I can't get over Kaya's laugh, the way she throws her head back xD
Herworlddx (6 years ago)
No he isnt? In fact he's really sweet, and actually replies to his fans on twitter. Imo, everyone is amazing :)
Bellaa Sydney (6 years ago)
So cute, "Miley Cyrus, Can I have a copy of this" adorable!!!!!!
GET4W4YY (6 years ago)
I love Kayas ''I <3 Rolling Stone'' shirt!! Kathryn is sooo cute, her voice and hair and all are so adorable! But it's sad that there is not interview of Lily!
lilsis (6 years ago)
Kat, kat, kat. You're perfect.
Yeida .Xicoténcatl (6 years ago)
which interview? lol
Maude Vanhengel (6 years ago)
god LILY is the most adorable person ever.
Maude Vanhengel (6 years ago)
god I hate merveille, he's just an ass in most of his interviews.
MoonshoesLewy (6 years ago)
The guys are so clueless, it's adorable.
NayaDzienny (6 years ago)
Why didn't they talk to Lily? Gutted :(
Sienna M (6 years ago)
Oh my god what if they had stopped and talked to a fan?
silegote (6 years ago)
I miss this Skins cast, don't really care for the current cast... :( naomily -3
Polkagris (7 years ago)
0:44 "where is the alcohol??" LOL Kaya is just so hilarious!
LittleBeauty7x (7 years ago)
lily..."SHUT UPPPPPPPPPP".. she makes my life
Raven Etheridge (7 years ago)
does anyone else notice the fact tht Lily and Kat r always somehow together in these interviews
Taylor McGraa (7 years ago)
My dream job is to work for company xx
xashleykamix (7 years ago)
Kaya's got beautiful eyes! & Jack is just hilarious!
tapat88 (7 years ago)
@kasperkatie94 Oh im sorry i thought u asked what video kaya was hitting on lily...haha! Just type that on youtube... "E4 Skins Season 4-The Sun Interview". Its where she was interviewed and she said she wanted to be in the lesbian storyline and check out Luke's reaction after she said that. hehe
tapat88 (7 years ago)
@kasperkatie94 Visit rophydoes com, Its a brilliant site which recaps Skins episodes. Its a massive Naomily fan! check it out if you want.
tapat88 (7 years ago)
@kasperkatie94 Interview: "E4 Skins - Company Magazine"
Mirjam (7 years ago)
Kathryn<33333 i luv you
Shauna O Sullivan (7 years ago)
I love Kaya, and her laugh :)
TheChocoThief (7 years ago)
megan's way of speaking is cute :3
tapat88 (7 years ago)
LOved this cast!!! Best Gen ever... I'm really missing them especially Naomily... I don't like the latest cast tbh. They lack the acting skills, heart, spark, and well obviously the looks unlike the previous gens, especially Gen 2. Bring back this cast!
tapat88 (7 years ago)
Lily: I'm going on a diet... Kaya: " Oh you have an amazing body..." Haha LOL! Even Kaya has the hots on Lily!!! hehe... Might have become interesting if she did actually had a love triangle with Naomily. I remember her saying in an interview that she wanted to be part of it.
Lucyfer (7 years ago)
lily is sitting beside kat and the other way around as always! LOL i makes me smile :)
Zara (7 years ago)
lily and kat was grat cover COMPANY
Vapour Ace (7 years ago)
I love how they say "hi" and "bye" everytime a model comes in :D
supyogeejames (7 years ago)
omg i fucking love jake!
supyogeejames (7 years ago)
omg jack is so naughty :0
theenglishrose99 (7 years ago)
5:35 katies wearing the earrings from her season 4 episode?
Emma Pericic (7 years ago)
haha do that man , vintarrge
JiaQi. (7 years ago)
I was looking at Kat's boobssssss lol~~
zombiemannequinrobot (7 years ago)
Jack cracks me up! I don think this was his bag lol.
Rraine Hanson (7 years ago)
i absolutely love love love every one of them. esp luke, jack, kaya, lily, kat and meg! did anyone see Kaya sneakily spray Luke's sweater with perfume? they're adorable.
xashleykamix (7 years ago)
" I'm not taking part unless my chair swivels..." LOL Jack!!
Monika B (8 years ago)
Jack is so hilarious. I love his sense of humor XD
BadKellytheWitch (8 years ago)
"I'm going on a diet!" Oh please, Lily <3
Nadya Szczodrowski (8 years ago)
"do that man! VinaaaRge!"
rebecca t (8 years ago)
i really really wonder if the cast are all close friends. i know they're different from the characters they play obviously but i just want them to all get along in real life :') also, i notice that meg and kat like never sit together. even in pictures, other people are always in between them. me and my twin sister always try to stick together but maybe thats just us...
Kaitlin (8 years ago)
Kaya: "Jeggings!" Jack: "Jeggings? Would you like to explain to me?" Kaya: "Jeggings." "Jean leggings." "Cross between jean and leggings." Jack: "Oh, okay. I like leggings. Is it the same shape? Depends on the women doesn't it I suppose." LOL. Love Jack, and jackaya. love, love, love.
reismayesproductions (8 years ago)
kat <3
jo green (8 years ago)
luke is so gorgeous.
mushrooomy (8 years ago)
luke totally likes lily..

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