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half•alive - still feel. [VIDEO]

417002 ratings | 15976973 views
half•alive’s music video for ‘still feel.’ Listen on Spotify or Apple Music: https://fanlink.to/halfalive find half•alive on… Instagram: http://instagr.am/halfaliveco Twitter: http://twitter.com/halfaliveco Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2KsJpjE Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/halfaliveco Website: http://halfalive.co YouTube Music: https://bit.ly/2UhChfc Directed / Edited / Colored by : Josh Taylor Director of Photography : Ryan Wood Choreography : http://bit.ly/JA_Collective Producer : Ryan Prouty Focus Puller : Daniel Worlock Stylist : Madelaine Turner LYRICS when i'm furthest from myself •far away• feeling closer to the stars •outer space• i've been invaded by the dark •can't escape• trying to recognize myself when i feel i've been replaced i can feel a kick down in my soul and its pulling me back to earth to let me know i am not a slave, cant be contained so pick me from the dark and pull me from the grave 'cause i still feel alive when it is hopeless, i start to notice that i still feel alive falling forward back into orbit so when i lose my gravity in this sleepy womb drifting as i dream, but i'll wake up soon to realize the hand of life is reaching out to rid me of my pride i call allegiance to myself i can feel a kick down in my soul it's pulling me back to earth to let me know and this heart that beats inside of me will show it will show floating in outer space, have i misplaced a part of my soul? lost in the in between, or so it seems, i'm out of control floating in outer space, have i misplaced a part of my soul lost in the in between but i cant keep me asleep for long 'cause i still feel alive •i can feel it• when it is hopeless •it ain't hopeless• i start to notice •start to notice• i still feel alive •i can feel it• falling forward •falling forward• back into orbit •yeah•
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Text Comments (15345)
KonfytuR (1 hour ago)
Typical FIFA song
ItsVortex? (2 hours ago)
Fifa 20?
H A (6 hours ago)
Nuttygirl 44 (7 hours ago)
You guys were awesome in Camden town last night <3
Legend Kennway (8 hours ago)
Que vibe boa mds ❤
Elvira Bos (9 hours ago)
This is the same room where ajr made there music video for burn the house
Trey Yanske (11 hours ago)
February 2019 anyone?
Русские тут??
Lozzie Frenzy (13 hours ago)
Saw these guys last night and they were amazing!
Olivia Sage (18 hours ago)
This was in my reccomended so I was like what the heck and Oh my Heck this is so good
Adrian Ioan (19 hours ago)
Love the song ! <3 And the video too ! <3
F (20 hours ago)
Is that bruce Wayne's garage??
Pauline Pied (22 hours ago)
every morning I still feel happy
RobotMan999 (1 day ago)
Thank you batman for renting your garage
kill me (1 day ago)
I cant be the only one who's getting Michael Jackson vibes from this song
TokixWartooth (1 day ago)
This song makes me wish I had more ears. To hell with only 2 ears to hear this with, it's disgraceful.
leon (1 day ago)
hes so hot w glasses
ZeUraniumWhale (1 day ago)
I played a recomended playlist so i can do a project and this came on. I cant not look at the video :p
Victor Arredondo (1 day ago)
the main singer looks very awkward when he dances. the other two are much better dancers. but good song
I don't remember this episode of Silicon Valley
Louis Rivers (1 day ago)
This video is the dance in front of the mirror we all get caught doing at one point or another in our lives.
faroshscale (1 day ago)
My last three brain cells
PAPPIN (1 day ago)
Does Batman know you're in the Batcave?
ItsVortex? (1 day ago)
I only just found this today
Sinnex Cryllic (1 day ago)
God, is there anything as satisfying to watch as the choreography in this video?
Hogwa5h Gaming (1 day ago)
Came across this video looking for the Portal theme. 600 watches later...Here I am again.
This is so beautiful, it speaks to my soul
Arnew (1 day ago)
*Dance* *style?*
Alexander Shyr (1 day ago)
why are these guys dancing in Bale's batcave?
Jimmy Garcia (1 day ago)
God is present
The80/80 (1 day ago)
Braconnier Robin (1 day ago)
Reminds me OK GO
Flux (1 day ago)
hey, we're flux- an indie band from london. our song 'Another Life' is full of soaring guitar tabs and melodic vocals- you can have a listen and a dance thru this spotify link:  https://open.spotify.com/track/2rJGmVQQTpC67z2lmUKdXs?si=bYP8W6CsQKC7fo_gcAsJ6A thank you!
Quicklyfun (1 day ago)
make more music, they are actually really good and could be in top list of music.
Iskra Razum (1 day ago)
My 3 last brain cells
Dobby 7 (1 day ago)
This is so underrated, btw i just love how there's the snap sound and the color of the lights change at 1:51
Shalome (1 day ago)
That bass is FUNKY!!
Muhaimen Zia (1 day ago)
someone got into batman's room
Lynn Cooke (1 day ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems to be about depersonalization.
SuperCableDawg (1 day ago)
This has a Virtual Insanity feel about it.
orangë fluoridë (2 days ago)
I’m getting Michael Jackson vibes lmao
Madeline S (2 days ago)
dis a bop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope Rich (2 days ago)
Me in the mirror before I get in the shower
what is this extremely handsome man? where has he been?
Handy_Ham (2 days ago)
That room must have great acoustics AJR filmed there too.
May Bourgine (2 days ago)
je suis fan de ce clip!
Rhett Repko (2 days ago)
Beautiful song.
monicasm (2 days ago)
TYLER JOSEPH WOULD NEVER.... wait... would he?
Bearziherl (2 days ago)
3:02 is a mental catharsis. Damn I like this song.
ryanna (2 days ago)
i’m honestly so proud of half•alive. i remember when this song first came out and when it hit 1 million views.
kramercapriati (2 days ago)
This video has become an eyeworm for me....and that's a good thing.
かむろ (2 days ago)
Bailey Brimley (2 days ago)
At 4:09 you can see under a * 7 under the logo, I wonder what that means
Bailey Brimley 7 will be their new album
J V (2 days ago)
didnt know IT department can dance so good.
_mb_r (2 days ago)
3:05 is everything good in this life omg
Bombshell (2 days ago)
I’ve watched this six times now i can’t get over it
Richsombie (2 days ago)
Cormac Hogan (3 days ago)
My girlfriend and I fuck to this song
TnTReigns (3 days ago)
where was this shot at? cause ive seen it in other videos
Petal NomNom (3 days ago)
Lead singers got some mad lennon looks goin on and killing it
Junior Skovira (3 days ago)
aysell49 74 (3 days ago)
Okey. How many songs have been choreographed in Batman's garage ?
Christian Ariel (3 days ago)
Batman basement
Superior Being (3 days ago)
Like Hot Chip crossed with Jungle
cyborg eyes (3 days ago)
The choreography is on point
Bandito_v2 (3 days ago)
day 264: I'm only now realizing half of the time it's not Brett and Tyler dancing
Joel Chong Yiteng (3 days ago)
I thought that was joji at the beginning
Vicky H (3 days ago)
I'm sorry but what a fuckin tune ☆
eleena (3 days ago)
that’s Batman’s garage
Susie Francy (3 days ago)
Dang I love this song but WHY does youtube keep putting this in my "up next"
Abby Trapp (4 days ago)
When he starts to take off his cardigan. Get itttttt.
CRISPY_ KITTY (4 days ago)
this is the coolest friendship handshake i've ever seen
Jerooski (4 days ago)
zein ghazal (4 days ago)
The iconic yellow cable
life; yellow. (4 days ago)
Luciano Petrucci (4 days ago)
sopaaa domacacooooooooooo
Luciano Petrucci (4 days ago)
HyperlordXP (4 days ago)
I see Batman's bat cave is being put to good use
Jazmine Gonzalez (4 days ago)
I herd this on the radio not that long ago
orphcnqueen (4 days ago)
this legit looks like it was so fun to perform, never thought i'd so genuinely want to see a behind the scenes of a music video before
Mochi Bean (4 days ago)
Y’all look so dorky and cute in this then you gotta punch me in the gut with this song and dance 😍
Patrick Tomasso (4 days ago)
Isn't that where Batman does his ballistic tests?
Paris Minix (4 days ago)
Oh my goddddddddddd
vickiluna1 (4 days ago)
This looks like that one room in Batman. Also the music was cool
Olivier Bilodeau (4 days ago)
So they found Batman's batcave from the dark Knight!?
Justin Roy (4 days ago)
Batman's basement with the acoustics win.
Sühan Sari (4 days ago)
isnt that batmans secret hideout?
NotScott The Grand (4 days ago)
who the hell is disliking this
Leonid Raldes (4 days ago)
That's who should have played Aladdin...
Ray Tracing (4 days ago)
A great song
Who dat be? (4 days ago)
Well shit they as sure got popular
Anni PR (4 days ago)
Retro Robot (4 days ago)
last time i was here there was like 25k views...... 15 million dang
Lincoln Moura (4 days ago)
Preciso dessse casacos!
neethu valsan (5 days ago)
Ah... The amount of cool in this video...
Marlee (5 days ago)
my last 3 brain cells at 3 am
An Actual Housecat (2 days ago)
this needs more likes tbh
this is good and they should feel good.
DunkTwist (5 days ago)
The Dark Knight, anyone?
Gerard Parker (5 days ago)
Are the guys in the white shirts apart of the band?
Mig N (5 days ago)
What they doing in Batman's garage

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