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Skins stars Kaya Scodelario and Lily Loveless on reunion special 'Skins Fire'

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Skins stars Kaya Scodelario and Lily Loveless chat to Digital Spy on the set of the new mini-series 'Skins Fire' Follow Digital Spy on Twitter at http://twitter.com/digitalspy Like Digital Spy on Facebook at http://fb.com/digitalspyuk
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Text Comments (62)
frances8546 (1 month ago)
skins has literally changed how i view the world
syra jane simsuangco (1 month ago)
I love u Naomi I die for you I love you so much , And it's Killin me until now ,,,😂😀,
Sofia (2 months ago)
I love kaya to pieces but she doesn’t really let Lily speak. She answers all the questions
Dutch Fangirl (2 months ago)
They are sooo cute and beautiful 💕💕💕
Maryam7862010 (5 months ago)
Hayley Eilish (10 months ago)
This was a day after my 16th bday couldn't have had a better gift
Sritama Sen (1 year ago)
Why is Kaya so cute? Her voice is so ASMR worthy.
GamingwithIzo AJ (9 months ago)
She smokes XD
Newtie Noot (1 year ago)
Apparently Effy moved to London with Tony for a bit after she finished College. But I don't know how true that is.
Christy Kirkpatrick (6 months ago)
Newtie Noot I would love that to be true!! Idk but their brother sister relationship is the best
Nura Cabello (1 year ago)
Выглядит будто начин какой-то поооооррнухи
puka pechew (1 year ago)
Everyone i know has watched skins, I got a lot of my friends to watch it
andrea tubio (2 years ago)
0:49 so cuuuute
NombredeusuarioY (2 years ago)
cos they are girls, that posture on the sofa does not make them look like lesbians, if they were boys ...
Grace Torrance (2 years ago)
This makes me so happy you don't even know
soph x (3 years ago)
Anyone else really want to see that timeline?
Amanda Worth (3 years ago)
Lilly is so pretty.
Captain Bunghole (3 years ago)
god damn Kaya is so beautiful
Valery Kos (3 years ago)
interviewer: do you think this is the end. lily: as fas as we know! loool
Marie G (3 years ago)
For this generation of Skins I always thought these two were the prettiest ❤️
Mila G R (4 years ago)
two fave skins characters ❤️
kisoomi (27 days ago)
Mila G R same
Bob Marley (3 years ago)
Same but from first characters is Michelle
Arabella2242 (4 years ago)
They look supercute together but Kaya talked all the time :(( 
Evie C (3 years ago)
+Arabella2242 that's what i thought.
Phantomdirt (4 years ago)
I will never forgive the writers of skins for ''Fire'' - There was just no explanation of anything. Although, I don't doubt the similarities in looks between Freddie and Jake were an accident, so that did add to the story in some way. I'll always love skins, but a couple of decisions the writers made has always annoyed me so much.
ÁB (1 year ago)
sara lovegood (3 years ago)
I loved it because that's real life. It's not happy, and people that mean so much don't mean so much when you don't have to see them every day.
Star Everdeen (4 years ago)
They would make an amazing couple in real life I love them Team Lily and Kaya
oyeconi (4 years ago)
Skins Fire is shit just because they ruined everything for us Naomily fans :'(
Madison (4 years ago)
They would be a cute couple
Megan Seibert (4 years ago)
Haha I thought the same thing
Lex Gutierrez (4 years ago)
Awwwww look at them cuddling!
M0DDA (4 years ago)
I hate Skins so much, but I couldn't stop watching it. Everything went the opposite way of what I wanted.. But I couldn't stop loving it.
donnydanko (4 years ago)
Lily's face at 0:46 HAHAHA
ells b (5 years ago)
Skins has certinately changed my life💕
Maryam7862010 (5 months ago)
How so
Caro Solis (8 months ago)
ells b me too
Emily Larmore (5 years ago)
They are so fucking adorable.lol. But I think lily and Kat would be a great couple in real life.
Mary cp (5 years ago)
At 1:40 i was like O_O man, I love Naomily more than ANYTHING but EFfy and Lily would be the ultimate plot twist! Ha.
Jay Keith (5 years ago)
What I can derive from skins fire and rise is that, well, the good days are over, and they are each at their worst because, nobody is actually looking out for anybody anymore. They are all individually drifted by this sort of adul, lifestyle and you know, nothing like during school and college. Simply nothin like it no more.
kendrick 47 (5 years ago)
they so cute! :3
o (5 years ago)
Lily is a natural brunette. For Skins Gen. 2, they cut her hair short and bleached it. But yes. I did think that she looked a bit more stunning with blonde hair *it compliments her eyes* than with her current hair color.
mahide tekcan (5 years ago)
ditto she was way too hot as a blonde, she is still pretty as brunette but not just as hot as she used to be...
mahide tekcan (5 years ago)
Wow,Lily has really matured,she's very quiet,barely says a word or two, she's pretty as a brunette, but I really miss that beach blonde girl with lots of gusto and mannerism, in their old interviews with Kat, Lily always would be making jokes and they would laughing non-stop, they were both soo funny, somehow I'm not getting the same vibe with Kaya, yes they look cute together and they're obviously good friends in real life but where's the loud, larger than life Lily who couldn't stop speaking??
saintsedona (5 years ago)
Aww, love the goofy smile Lily gives Effy when she says 'yeah!, they are cute as bugs together and I'd rather watch the backstory in Kaya&Lily's mind than Jess Brittain's story for Naomi&Effy, I bet that would be much much better.... With FIRE, they made sure it is indeed the end of SKINS as I can't think SKINS without Naomi ;((
annie rude (5 years ago)
Kaya Scodelario*
JessShawTV (5 years ago)
Lily is so hot!!
Silvia Borková (5 years ago)
yeeey,they are so cute together =)
Sisi (5 years ago)
alexa RC (5 years ago)
Why dont they explain what happens in the time inbetween?! it frustrates me that they just leave you more on edge with the pure and fire :( none the less skins is the best most addicting show ever!
reem930 (5 years ago)
im still pissed about what they did to naomi
Zboun (5 years ago)
How she has a double chin being so skinny
maria Steampiano (5 years ago)
No i tooo
Sarah Russell (5 years ago)
I'm Australian and I love skins. It changed the way I look at things these days. The two British shows I love is Skins and Misfits
Michael Devers (5 years ago)
Believe me kaya even American viewers watch it. Me being one of them.
may9950 (5 years ago)
Was i the only one distracted by the people walking behind them??
katelyn m (5 years ago)
theyre like bestfriends
JoanPepper97 (5 years ago)
They seem even closer that lily and kat,... Awesome....
이은정 (5 years ago)
Shabz Besanez (5 years ago)
Lily loveless & effy THE BEST <3
francisca Peralta (5 years ago)
love them!! <3 <3

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