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Skins' Lily and Kathryn chat to mybliss.co.uk

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Text Comments (211)
Yuki N. (6 months ago)
"cause you can walk fast" x))
Bethany (1 year ago)
oh man they are hilarious
ONCE MOOMOO (2 years ago)
still watching this in 2016 ❤👏👐
Jada Bee (1 year ago)
2017 now for me
XnefariousX (2 years ago)
Venz Eivanne Alvarez same.
fionn kee (3 years ago)
I always thought I was the only one who kept saying "Like, Like um... like" and now I finally found someone who does the same😂
Emily Rose (3 years ago)
I wanna be best friends with them both <3
Zarjet Saoirse (4 years ago)
6.59 lily made me laugh!! haha
Emily Larmore (5 years ago)
Lily saying loud makes me laugh:)
Emily Larmore (5 years ago)
I love this interview:)
solange c (5 years ago)
oyeconi (4 years ago)
i support this 1000000000000% ;u;
Marina Riot. (5 years ago)
The second name of Lily is May. Lily May Loveless... or not... Hahahahahahaha.
Marina Riot. (5 years ago)
Can you put on the subtitles, please? Thanks.
brownie. (5 years ago)
I love her name. Lily Loveless.
RefreshingSanity (5 years ago)
Kat winks and I'm pretty much dead.
saintsedona (5 years ago)
This must be one of the best LilyKat interviews, they have smt special going on, I'm not saying they're a fully-fledge couple or anything, but they're so natural and relaxed with each other, they must be either BBF or secret girl crush,lol... Naomily love story made many people question their sexuality, I wonder if our favorite duo also got confused during the series or just brushed it off as extreme chemistry??? I guess we will never know, but I'm so glad they are still good friends..LOVE THEM!
Terik17 (5 years ago)
poor megan, has to do the interview by herself because lily stole her sister xd
Ad J (5 years ago)
0:28 Sophia?!
William Chadwick (5 years ago)
1:13 the synchronicity is perfect
Yaz Ferrel (5 years ago)
1:15 Hahahah so funny when lily say "skins"
JaySkyTalker (5 years ago)
Actually Naomi cheated on Emily with Sophia. This was dearing the early stages of their relationship
Emily Stewart (5 years ago)
is it just me..or does the interviewer sound like the actress that played Michelles mum in the first two seasons??
#MYLIFE #MYRULES (5 years ago)
Allison Swift (5 years ago)
That's not surprised ,that's shocked...
#MYLIFE #MYRULES (5 years ago)
I absolutaly love these two
Mr Superman (5 years ago)
"quite well" their so funny
Morgan (5 years ago)
I absolutely LOVE both of them!!!! <333333
Derpamy (5 years ago)
There both straight. That sucks cause they would be so cute together
RecklessDesire (6 years ago)
Jenelle BS (6 years ago)
did kat said after that lily's mediocre? lol
RecklessDesire (6 years ago)
She said "oh okay Lily"
Eleanor Bieber (6 years ago)
I hope kat and lily will be dating in real life :cc
Eleanor Bieber (6 years ago)
I cant wait for july, skins fire, lily and kat, together again *-*
Emily Balayewich (6 years ago)
I wish they could be together . I loveeee kat
Fuggi Kc (6 years ago)
4:24 LOL Kat
Jenelle BS (6 years ago)
what did kat say after noticing lily pointing at herself when asked who's the better kisser out of them both? 4:06 i think. what did kat say?
Andre Medeiros (6 years ago)
Oh my God Kat your so Gorgeous :3 <3 <3 :)
sip (6 years ago)
I love Lily's lisp
Victoria Martinez (6 years ago)
OMG, 9:41 Kat, you are so FUCKING hot
Ana (6 years ago)
Ik I had forgotten about her lol I had to re-watch series 4 ahahhaha I felt so stupid.
allaroundthemorning (6 years ago)
AWESOME interview!
brenzel reyes (6 years ago)
lily is always looking at kathryn hmmm lol :) love in the air folks
trunksinoue (6 years ago)
*_* awwwwwwww
itsjulibeesh (6 years ago)
LOL, what, how does being one of the boys on set make her gay? I don't have anything against her if she is, but c'mon, being a tomboy does not classify anyone as gay.
Lucija Golubić (6 years ago)
Couldn't agree more! :D
Lucija Golubić (6 years ago)
HAHAHAH Lily's suprised face! LOL it really is scared face! :D
Ana (6 years ago)
which interview? ha i need to see it.
Ana (6 years ago)
They are! Go on instagram and look up "lilykatlove" haha their instagram is great.
Ana (6 years ago)
No why? haha can you tell me
Welvia (6 years ago)
i think lily loveless is gay. when talking about kissing someone with big lips, she doesn't say he, she says them and then she's like - i am one of the boys on the set. nothing against her, i love her, i just noticed it.
lilsis (6 years ago)
Gee, this whole video just screams chemistry! Exploding here man. <3 They're so comfortable and obviously having so much fun here. Well done, interviewer!
lilsis (6 years ago)
3:25 "Quite well.." she's so freakin hot. Seriously.
mio akiyama (6 years ago)
i love lily's laugh...gosshhh.. ^__^
SenDo Salvatore (6 years ago)
They made any interview turn to thier talk each other. i like it!
Roslief (6 years ago)
Anyone else think the lady interviewing them sounds like Michelle's mum?
Jenny (6 years ago)
Oh my gosh I'm in love with them both.
MrsAndMrsCampbell (6 years ago)
did they like plan to dress pretty much they same or?
jazz ford (6 years ago)
8:55 and she found love "kat i did she did " loking at lilly lol theres suming going on :P lol
youbettacalltyrone532 (6 years ago)
I love how they said SKINS at the same time ! <3
R4dhik4l (6 years ago)
why are they so lovely?! man, i wish i were like mates with them in real life lol
NS GAMES (6 years ago)
can anybody upload those interviews with english subs?
Katieannesinger (6 years ago)
Someone can traslate to spanish or just write in english what they say between 3.59 to 4.10
Sabrina Rodrigues Maia (6 years ago)
kat and lily, just admit that you love each other!!
Kathalyn Schulz (6 years ago)
Isn't it funny that the first person who asks a question is called "Sophia"? ----> Naomi's stalker is back!
NayaDzienny (6 years ago)
"And you found love." Kat: "I did...she did." Yeah, we all heard it Kat ;)
Alyssa Absintha (6 years ago)
i love how they insult their fans... or people who recognise them.
nov a (6 years ago)
They are soooo cute!!! <3
Sharon96RH (6 years ago)
jaja i don´t understand but, well
VeeEyeEm (6 years ago)
This interviewer is a twat... "give me your hottest look" hahhaha
Athena Sern (7 years ago)
This girls can be twins! they finish each others sentences and do the same actions at the same time love them there r great
thelittleghost (7 years ago)
"Well done, you can say a word!" hahaha
Jade Owens (7 years ago)
someone who gets everyone tea and coffee basically and runs around doing things for everyone
Devin Smick (7 years ago)
I think a runner is like a backstage hand, they run props to the actors and stuff like that
NayaDzienny (7 years ago)
"Skins"...That would be me :(
Ebony Zyrorogue (7 years ago)
@insecure4ever One of the writers. :) In another interview she says a 'writer'
LittleBeauty7x (7 years ago)
lily's surprised look- seriously can't even cope, omg.
Poly TresCuartos (7 years ago)
I fucking love Lily Loveless <3
®735337707™ (7 years ago)
@KaFa97 "A runner is an entry-level position, the most junior role in the production department of a broadcast, film or video company. There is no single job description as runners act as general assistants and undertake whatever basic tasks are required to ensure the smooth running of the production process. Runners’ general responsibilities include tea making, transporting scripts and hire equipment, taking messages, looking after guests and getting everything in place for shoots."
irekus665 (7 years ago)
can someone write what they say in the interview? I am Spanish and do not understand what they say, if someone is kind enough to do it ... thanks
Rivvy (7 years ago)
@laurynroxs what interview did she say that in? :))
Polkagris (7 years ago)
i was just wondering.. at 5:44 Kat says that she is going out with someone, but I can´t hear who, so can someone who does pleas tell me :)
LenaSlave (7 years ago)
'yeah and people would gener..yeah... peop.. and also..yeah' three times yeah in one sentence Kat will you marry me?
fuckinfrozen (7 years ago)
10:22-10:25 they give each other the mean look .... .... the smile and laugh awwww. <3333 adorable
Elena Jensen (7 years ago)
3:24 "Quite well." ... o-m-g, so much sexual tension between these two.
fuckinfrozen (7 years ago)
Lily: "like" did chu get that.. -- hahhaha.
Ash92 (7 years ago)
@4:31 i get what lilly is talking about, thats happened me a few times where i have to wipe my mouth its pretty gross
Nathasha Aguilera (7 years ago)
Hi wanted to know if they could put subtitles in Spanish, please do not drive is q very good English! : S
Nathasha Aguilera (7 years ago)
Hi wanted to know if they could put subtitles in Spanish, please do not drive is q very good English! : S
Mikayla Galindo (7 years ago)
What does a RUNNER MEAN who is kat dating
Shauna O Sullivan (7 years ago)
@sup9412 Haha i just realised that there :L
rareflorence (7 years ago)
@mvpc2323 i noticed that too, haha
Vanesa Orejana (7 years ago)
Anyone find it funny that the first question is from a girl named Sophia...?
AMY 84 (7 years ago)
please put subtitles on Spanish, I also am of Peru, you will appreciate you much. Thank you. : )
melissa diaz valencia (7 years ago)
rareflorence (7 years ago)
great skins interviews! the interviewer really knows how to get goods answers out of em
Mika (7 years ago)
The ending where she says"lily you look a bit scared" made my day! xD
Julia Vähäjärvi (7 years ago)
"SKINS!" haha:D
CAM CIMA (7 years ago)
Kat: i can do megan MAAH! LOLOLOLOLOL!
CAM CIMA (7 years ago)
Cindy Mack (7 years ago)
"well done you can say a word"
Vanesa Orejana (7 years ago)
Jinsoul trash (7 years ago)
@mambof ikr they seem like such a good couple

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