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Funny or Die: 'Boss Left Out' - NERF on the Job

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See what happens when the entire office is using Nerf blasters behind their boss' back in this Funny or Die short. For More Nerf: https://goo.gl/FrGidY #Nerf #NerfNation #NerfOrNothin #ThisIsHowWePlay #Hasbro Subscribe to the Hasbro Channel: https://goo.gl/rI2HnR Official Nerf Website: http://goo.gl/6gok81 Shop Nerf Toys: http://goo.gl/jJLjwM Official Nerf Facebook: https://goo.gl/ZkqEVn
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Text Comments (227)
Szalhi (5 years ago)
yay josh gets the best gun!
Alhamid Graffiti (2 years ago)
Some Guy (5 years ago)
rest un peace headphone users :P
Lennon Clement (2 years ago)
CMDR_Blacksabre_ pooool
thebloxer (5 years ago)
Why couldn't the dart land on his head
bilal ayub (5 years ago)
matthew cuthbertson (5 years ago)
(Oo) (5 years ago)
4.020 liker
MMGPRODUCTIONS (5 years ago)
Mari Cortes (5 years ago)
1:11 lol ha ha
Domtri1 (5 years ago)
3,990 liker
Minner Mahoney (5 years ago)
Reev R (5 years ago)
XD nice
craftmenters 0202 (5 years ago)
Carnifex (5 years ago)
were can I sign up
destroyer334545 (5 years ago)
U can hear the Needler sound from Halo XD
TheKaiserBelial (5 years ago)
I want this to be series
April Fletcher (5 years ago)
good nerf on the job !!!!!
Patrick Barnes (5 years ago)
I wanna see the boss step out with a VULCAN. "Eat this!!!'
fabian mejia (5 years ago)
I have that watch
ChadLabU23 (5 years ago)
It's good but i can't find the other episode
LocalSellOut (5 years ago)
CTI (5 years ago)
Sansanvi Inanis (5 years ago)
WHY IS IT GONE!!!!!!!!!
Aidan O'Toole (5 years ago)
zlacker proffesional (5 years ago)
Emerson Jonathan (5 years ago)
to be continued
Khaleeva Aqeyla (5 years ago)
what is this,where is the war
Ryunaga Arafat (5 years ago)
Well, in my office we a bit less physical. We played PSP (Call of Duty) together at 5.15. Someone will pose with his PSP like a Kamen Rider transformation & will be followed by other PSP owners, & we started the chaos. Boy it is a nice way to end our day. My personal pose is Kamen Rider Ryuki mirror pose.
Awe Some Guy (5 years ago)
when the dart falls off the wall at 1:29 and then its on the ground it not a suction dart
Fet Shibe (5 years ago)
nicolo aves (5 years ago)
i want to work their
Women and guns.
Demospammer9987 (5 years ago)
I heard fallout 3 music in this vid. You know, the one that plays when you're in an abandoned metro or building? Did anyone else hear it?
Elsa Berta Keller (5 years ago)
When seeing this i accidentally shot my Raider at the same moment the boss was going to see what the workers were doing.
Cj Buckley (5 years ago)
cool vid
Cj Buckley (5 years ago)
nice vid
Cj Buckley (5 years ago)
Cj Buckley (5 years ago)
ZeroByter (5 years ago)
can i work there?
ZeroByter (5 years ago)
girl fails. nothing we can do but laugh
Flox Kappa (5 years ago)
part 2!!!
The Pear King (5 years ago)
one day when it was bring you child to work day I went with my dad and he got shot with a nerf dart and I had a blaster so I handed it to my dad and it WAS ON
IlyaFrodo (5 years ago)
assault nerf (5 years ago)
Christopher Anytime (5 years ago)
Lol @ diontelion
7GEREZ (5 years ago)
Can i get a thumbs up for the hell of it?
Coogs (5 years ago)
dxrren trash (5 years ago)
ElmasterLoquendo (5 years ago)
rage against the boss
Sumer Singh (6 years ago)
nerf or nothing
Acgamer28 (6 years ago)
Holy Crab, NERF just has to make a sequel to this.
Celeste & Kayla (6 years ago)
i its me the beauty girls my brother wants to comment something so here it is "nerf is so cool
Aaron Sarver (6 years ago)
LOL! We used to to do this at Petroglyph Games when I used to work there. One day someone brought a Nerf gun in, fired it at someone... the day after that, someone fired back. We got wind of it and it was ON! On some days at 4pm-4:15, we'd have nerf gun fights through out the halls for break time. Good times!
747Grant (7 years ago)
job application plz :P
Evan Court (7 years ago)
and notice the person with the laser on top of their barrel at 2:00
Some Kid (7 years ago)
your going to put on your sunblock 0:28
mrfred609 (7 years ago)
i really want this job!
tristan (7 years ago)
That s nice
toshko (7 years ago)
Gage Fenski (7 years ago)
100 people didnt put on sunblock
TheDragonslair1561 (7 years ago)
Looks like the boss man is out numbered!
coldFY4 (7 years ago)
0:28 huashuashua
Mathew Templo (7 years ago)
the hand on 108 is anoying
schenkapotimus (7 years ago)
Pause and Spam 3
Kazune Kuroko (7 years ago)
good one
TheMaxi6998 (7 years ago)
Guyfawkesface (7 years ago)
Blasfamy mutany funny
KLVIDEOS1711 (7 years ago)
Would be good if it was actually continued
Yoann MERCIER (7 years ago)
wheres the vulcan?!!!
Hyamez (7 years ago)
my rap lyrics lol my name is john i am the boss my favorite type to print is semi gloss
Ian Mallari (7 years ago)
did anyone notice some of the guns were out of bullets but they still shot still
Mana (7 years ago)
aw @ 0:29 you are a boss not a kid!
awalt1303 (7 years ago)
thats awesome
Tasrayryn (7 years ago)
The sequel: The boss runs towards his office and closes the door behind him. As the office workers reach the door and open it they're suddenly confronted by 2 Vulcans from the boss' desk. "Take that, office drones!"
SniperTheFox (7 years ago)
@tigertank557 only heavy weapons guy, wearing the office clothes from Mr.Incredible, can hold Vulcan.
somard1 (7 years ago)
@electrokinetic its called gangsta style XD
cr4zyw3ld3r (8 years ago)
@tigertank557 they should have used the stampede assuming it was out back then
Brandon Li (8 years ago)
lol at 38 he had the nerf goggles
HDrapmusic (8 years ago)
@shadowgiratina1998 its a nerf fury fire dart tag gun
shadowgiratina1998 (8 years ago)
what kind of nerf gun is the green one?
WeirdFuzzyThing (8 years ago)
99+ people are bosses
Rotneybot (8 years ago)
Valcan in office = ultimate pwnage!
ExtremeAgression (8 years ago)
@Calizor Peeps please thumbs up Calizor's comment. I WANNA SEE IT!!!!
Jack Joff (8 years ago)
this never got 'continued'
Nuthin But Garlic (8 years ago)
umm the woman on the right at 2:05 is holding the firefly upsidedown
H3LiO5 (8 years ago)
the boss is frickin childish
ThePowerbanana (8 years ago)
cool video ^^ !!!
joshua sobejana (8 years ago)
I like the raider.
thecoolguy4224 (8 years ago)
I showed my aunt this and she laughed so hard she fainted
Gundamguy (8 years ago)
Lol guy in the background with a Longshot !!
Brixton Barron (8 years ago)
When is it continued it has been almost a year
honk (8 years ago)
Yaay a maverick.
garit78 (8 years ago)
lol I call dibs on longstrike CS-6
reptilekeeper5 (8 years ago)
what kind of nerf gun does the woman have?
MrExtermin8ter (8 years ago)
scorpion2700 (8 years ago)
prankstar2000 (8 years ago)
Onare Balzer (8 years ago)
that is so mean
Erich10109 (8 years ago)
Mrblaze0505 (8 years ago)
aww the boss is left out of the fight lol is this just at nerf offices or where is this

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