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MyBliss meets Lily Collins and Taylor Lautner!

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Effie ei (6 months ago)
So beautiful couple😍😍😍😍
Amalie Skjoldaa (7 months ago)
he is so cute. Just because he may have looked a bit feminine when talking about Audrey Hepburn doesn't mean he is gay. he was having fun. but either way i am happy for him, just don't assume stuff you don't no anything about, just because he can come off as a bit feminine.
Ori’s World! (8 months ago)
Taylor is not gay
Melisa Melissa (8 months ago)
2018 He isnt gay
Charles C. Chatman (9 months ago)
03:40 mark
Kiera Allen (1 year ago)
Just imagine if Lily would have played teenage Renesmee😍
Amy Nguyen (1 year ago)
he looks like from that old movie (younger) version lava girl and shark boy or is he?!
Panda Corn :3 (3 months ago)
He is
I am not very sure, but I want to say that Taylor falled in love for Lily. Seriously.
Jamie Wagoner (2 years ago)
in 2 words not gay in10 awesome amazing honest ...
stipV (2 years ago)
I try to think who he reminds me of...and then realise it's Joey Graceffa lmao, the mannerisms etc. I hope he can come out someday!
FJF1085 (1 year ago)
Oh my god! I couldn't figure it out either but you're right, he's exactly like Joey!
Oumy Neferti (2 years ago)
Unbelievable that in this day and age people care about a person's sexual orientation and gender identity. Why you care so much you should ask yourselves. How about simply liking or disliking based solely on their talent? Geez 😣
Amanda (3 years ago)
1 word..."Gay"?
Amanda (3 years ago)
+bestof kaitlyn Haha!
Itsjustkaitlyn (3 years ago)
1 word..."quite" This is a good film 🎄😂💫😂🔥
Stoyan Petkov (3 years ago)
1 word "How?"
Noemi Haro (3 years ago)
Is Tanya Burr doing the interview?? It sounds like her :D
Naphtalie Charelus (3 years ago)
They not love
Robin Gramlich (4 years ago)
hes not gay omg shut up homophobes
Robin Gramlich (2 years ago)
+Bobby LaSalle just because he talks with his hands doesn't automatically make him gay. people could at least say hes bi or something but he obviously was staring at lily's legs sooo...
Bobby LaSalle (2 years ago)
+Robin Gramlich oh honey...
Red Rosesx (4 years ago)
abduction is go to be past 2?
Nicole marie (4 years ago)
I don't care if he's gay I'd still hit that
Cmaster Glenn (4 years ago)
i hope everyone realizes he is not gay. He dated lily a while before they broke up
Landstalker (1 year ago)
I'm gay and let me tell you.. even if they were really dating that doesn't mean shit. Do you know how many gay men I've met who used to be married to a woman or still married to a woman?? Not saying that I'm 100% sure that Lautner is gay, and I don't really care since he's not my type but some of you girls are naive as fuck. God damn...
Giuseppe Ferrazza (4 years ago)
It's called a contracted beard for the fans, the press and his career. Wake up.
Chad Brouwer (4 years ago)
+Music Taste Good Whatever
Chad Brouwer (4 years ago)
They dated??? For real life or in the movie
// Mana // (5 years ago)
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaattttttttt i mean hot 
Leslie Silva (5 years ago)
DarknessWings (5 years ago)
Regardless of whether the guy's gay or not, i find both of them so cute and so at ease here :) And Lily is SO beautiful!
darkeek (5 years ago)
LILY COLLINS is soo freaking beautifull ! her eyebrows,eyes,lips just gets me everytime ! <3333
D.W. Read (5 years ago)
lmao 3:42 kills me everytime.
Karina Martinez (5 years ago)
what exactly does acting gay mean?
Amama Saeed (5 years ago)
They're so cute together!
manofsteelbuns (5 years ago)
Even if Taylor & I had hot sex for 10 hours straight, it doesn't mean either one of us is gay. Just two bros hanging out having fun.
1995shahad (5 years ago)
Why is he so HOT?
Ali Imtiaz (5 years ago)
Unless you hit on a guy you CANT LOOK GAY how the hell do you look gay???
Sara Kawa (5 years ago)
Actually, its possible. My aunt, whos currently 33, only realised last year she isnt into men. She had boyfriends but it never worked out. As soon as she figured out her sexuality, she was doing so much better with relationships. Shes with her girlfriend for 7 months now. Other than that, these two are so cute together and Lily is beautiful.
RaptorRoll (5 years ago)
Lol how can he not know his sexuality at his age. And even if he doesn't, he probably doesn't even look at these comments anyway so who cares?
Sarah Michele (5 years ago)
i love how he says his favorite part of the movie was the train seine... lol
Cam C (5 years ago)
At 3:33 you can see the Queen oozing out of him. You better werk, Taylor!
Ruobin Åkesson (5 years ago)
Is there actually any evidence what-so-ever to even suggest he is gay ? Or is this just internet troll rumours ?
khaaosinmyhead (5 years ago)
Puahahahaha xD Taylor is funny in this interview.
Efrida Puspitasari (5 years ago)
they're so cute omg
palmer491 (5 years ago)
3:43 - 3:50 <3
tenny simeon (5 years ago)
Like this if you're still watching this 2013
Carlos Ordonez (5 years ago)
His so cute
BowDownToMePeasants (5 years ago)
i had my mouse positioned on another video i wanted to watch after and there was a bug on my screen so i went to squish it put i used the wrong hand and my hand had a spasm and i clicked on a random video and i nearly screamed omg
Dean V (5 years ago)
I think the guys calling him gay more so want him to be gay, or they're gay themselves and they're uncomfortable with that thought so they project their homosexuality onto someone they may be attracted to.
Steven Toro (5 years ago)
I'm gay, I have gay friends. He fits the bill spot on. lol
Mimi Dallas (5 years ago)
3:43 totally gay :DDDDD and he got caught with son of Schwarzenegger´s :D
Majotron (5 years ago)
'I can be a baddie' we all know this tay<3
tamera jackson (5 years ago)
OMG at first i came here to snap on who eva said he was gay but look at 3:43 nd tell me if all boys do thatcuz THEY DONT nd his legs crossed to LOLL
Steven Toro (6 years ago)
i smell a queen
Moroccan Zozo (6 years ago)
Listen guys just cause he is sooooo adorable it doesn't mean he is gay .. so get a life xoxo :D
Jackie M (6 years ago)
wait people still think he's straight?? lol im a lesbian and even i can tell the boy is GAYY
maverickstarchild (6 years ago)
goes from zero to gay at 3:43
Cecy (6 years ago)
They look kinda awkward together…
TheNewMoon333 (6 years ago)
Lol girls...trust me, he's gay. So to everyone getting angry about it, why are you getting angry? If you were a real fan you should be happy for him when he finally decides to come out...and to the morons saying 'oohhss he notz gay he strght stfu hez too hotz' its not like you have any sort of chance of dating him anyway, even if he was straight, so please...take your own advice and stfu.
Kiera Allen (11 months ago)
TheNewMoon333 I know I'm a little late 😂 But what proof do you have?
TheNewMoon333 (6 years ago)
exactly...they're called beards :P
TheNewMoon333 (6 years ago)
Ya...thats it :/
TheNewMoon333 (6 years ago)
No he is...trust me, you meet him in real life like I did and it becomes so painfully obvious you wanna just scream it to the world.
Grant Stoutenburg (6 years ago)
It's funny. She's three years older than him yet they look the same age. And she's a better actress than somber-faced Stewart. Anybody agree?
Grant Stoutenburg (6 years ago)
Lily is so fragile
crazybob323 (6 years ago)
he gay.
Evan Holden (6 years ago)
I don't care that he's gay. But for the people saying that he's not gay because he has dated girls before. Lol, if only you really knew what a guy would do to stay in the closet. Almost anything basically.
Darkwaveduck (6 years ago)
If he's gay then why is he so into Jessica Alba?
Lindsey Hull (6 years ago)
Really? The guy is a great actor, his sexuality shouldn't matter. He can love whoever the he wants to. Leave him alone & STOP calling him gay until you have proof that he is. His hand gestures doesn't mean he's gay. I know plenty of guys who talk with their hands when they're really into something & they've been married for years & they're straight! Why should his sexuality matter to you unless you're the one he's dating? If you're a true fan of his then you wouldn't care what his sexuality is.
Abigail (6 years ago)
They have chemistry! :) <3
Steven Toro (6 years ago)
so that would mean he's more himself around her. gay...
Alexandra Cruz (6 years ago)
and how do you know he's gay? just because he made a different move with his hand? when he get marry with a GIRL you'll shut your mouth. seriously. dont like, DONT COME !
Joyce Guerra (6 years ago)
I'm His Really Big Fan.. But His Hands Are A Little Gay.. I Hope I Wrong! :$
xashleykamix (6 years ago)
The fact that Taylor knew where lily's marks/bruises were >>>>>>>
Sumaiya Alam (6 years ago)
HE'S NOT GAY! Geez..
Sam Eames (6 years ago)
And you know how...?
Lindsey Hull (6 years ago)
Whether he is gay or straight, does it matter?! It doesn't make him any less of a human! He's a great actor, and his sexuality doesn't matter. If he's gay, then he's a very convincing actor when he plays his roles. If he's straight, then he's straight! Who gives a crap?! He's still a great guy, and he's having a good time making great movies! Leave it alone! Gosh!
This is just my personal opinion but this movie sucks..bad. It's meant to be really cool and make Taylor Lautner look really tough and all that "trouble bad ass-but still sweet teenager" but he's just not convincing in this role. I think he's just "hey, I'm Taylor Lautner saying these lines and looking all cool" instead of really expressing and acting this character. The character could be very much okey but with Taylor acting him I just find him uninteresting and he looks a little silly.
Sandra Anne (6 years ago)
Taylor Lautner is NOT FUCKING GAY!! So stop! Jeez! We all have our gay moments!! STOP! everybody has feelings!!
Cassandra Chamberlain (6 years ago)
To everyone who is calling TL gay AND to everyone who is calling TL straight, please do not take any offense by this but please SHUT UP!!!! Taylor Lautner is the only person on this planet who knows who he is. Not his fans, just him. And who is to say that even he knows who he is. He is still very young and is probably still searching to find his footing in life. Figuring out who we are as human beings is hard enough, however it's even more annoying when other people try to tell you who you are.
x_toxicity (6 years ago)
Just because a guy dated a girls doesn't make him straight. Many times they do it to hide their true sexuality or to do what the public will see "acceptable". He will never come out this time in his career.
Philip Estrada (6 years ago)
Lol I feel bad for Taylor. He forgot for a moment that the camera was there. He is trying to hard to not be himself. The fake cover of people magazine could have been his chance but he has to keep pretending he is straight for business purposes.
amanda khairi (6 years ago)
I felt her brow really charming !!! Love lilly collins
Lyluvbq (6 years ago)
My God they were so happy together they should be together again
Klaudia Gajewska (6 years ago)
He's not gay ...
James DePass (6 years ago)
As gay as christmas!
Holly H (6 years ago)
Lady: if you could be a baddy what kind of baddy would you be? Taylor: (whispers) whats a baddy?? Lily: a baddy.. a superhero baddy (both laughing) <3
Steven Toro (6 years ago)
coming from someone who is not a teenage fan girl, obsessed with taylor, and is gay... i think there is a good chance that he's gay. i mean, i know quite a few gay guys. some more masculine than him, others more feminine. gays are not cookie cut outs lol. but yea, i wouldnt doubt it for a second.
Jamia Logan (6 years ago)
Yes, I am! lol. Because that's exactly what it seems like! I think lots of people out there probably ARE jealous of hot male celebrities' looks, so of course they're going to say all sorts of negative things! I mean, I honestly wouldn't care if Taylor Lautner was gay or not, I still think he's a good actor, and seems like a really nice guy, and is freaking GORGEOUS...lol. So either way that doesn't change anything! But I still don't get a gay vibe from him..he just seems happy/silly:)
kylie melissa (6 years ago)
highpointboy (6 years ago)
What I don't like either way, is the fact that ppl are hateful to the fact that he may be gay. He may not be but there's a good chance he is and if so, it's not a bad thing. If he is, I hope he will have the strength to come out, even though alot of hateful ppl will be waiting. Personally, I think he is because he is so similar to me and I'm still in the closet and Jessica Alba was always my go2 celeb crush. Taylor is such a sweet guy and I just hope he is happy with whoever he is or loves.
Eclipse7001 (6 years ago)
Go straight to 3:42
Mile Donttell (6 years ago)
Why are the top comments about him? This girl is so damn cute.
shortii12341 (6 years ago)
I wonder why he said the train sequence. ;-). Because he made out with Lily! ;-)
Adriana (6 years ago)
"whats a baddy??" LOL
dsboy86 (6 years ago)
All the girls he was linked to are BEARDS
amy (6 years ago)
can i marry them as a couple? they are so cute.
highpointboy (6 years ago)
Lily, let me introduce you to Tweezers. Tweezers meet Lily. I know you two have never met before, but I think you will make good friends :)
ilikepeachesandbananas (6 years ago)
He just has a cute personality. an animated one. Wtf is wrong with this world. is being happy so wrong? Because he's a sweet, genuine, funny, gentleman people assume he's gay. eff everyone who said that. You're wrong.
ilikepeachesandbananas (6 years ago)
Obviously he's not gay if he wanted to be Cash Warren- JESSICA ALBA'S HUSBAND?! You guy's don't know anything. He's not gay.
tdv0123456789i (6 years ago)
I wish y'all would stop calling him gay!
Jamia Logan (6 years ago)
@MrBush5054 For sure...lol. Haters!! haha
iMusicProfile (7 years ago)
240p? Professional....
lisaxd (7 years ago)
He's not gay. He's just really happy around her
mumu21 (7 years ago)
uiiiii *_* after 3:38 my GAY *_* welcome to the club darlin'
mumu21 (7 years ago)
MY GAYLORD *____________* 3:11 <3
gaspardanggun (7 years ago)
Yes, he's a lot different from usual, we can see he's more open, no poker face. The interview atmosphere seems very cozy that he unconsciously reveals his 'true personality'. Yeah, he is a FLAMING gay, gaylor lautner
C3PH0E (7 years ago)
@stap0510 AMEN
C3PH0E (7 years ago)
betokarenbff (7 years ago)
Gays are happy cause hes gay and is now available , girls are pissed cause hes switching teams and is gonna be off the market LOL

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