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Text Comments (12697)
Isabella Knote (53 minutes ago)
Yaaas Freddie Mercury....
Aiden C (22 hours ago)
David: “ thank you for letting us inside your home” David: “and thank you for letting dom inside of you” 😂😂😂💀💀💀
Esmer Ramirez (1 day ago)
Dom is not that cute tho
db Productions (2 days ago)
what makes liza funny? she dances and makes ugly faces?
Daphne Pangilinan (2 days ago)
Anthony Gutierrez (2 days ago)
Liza little booty 🔥🔥🔥😘
Rysterine (3 days ago)
1:54 R.I.P Freddie Mercury
Recome (3 days ago)
Liza dances so well.
Moa Ehlde (3 days ago)
How did lizas Hair not brun
Qtea831 (3 days ago)
Doot doodloo doot doo
Najmah Hosseini (4 days ago)
3:46 😂😂😂😂
Polite Piggy (5 days ago)
2:25 he said Jason you dumb ass .......................................................:.
Annalyse Pohlmann (5 days ago)
wait so what was that girls body count?????? lmao
Steph Gomez (6 days ago)
I feel bad for the girl with pink hair
Raphael Rim (6 days ago)
Trisha doesn’t look good, she’s just twice as morbidly obese and unhealthy as Jason.
Jack Dean (6 days ago)
Title broken
Hamilham Fan2650 (6 days ago)
Liza dancing to queen is honestly me home alone
Jude Luff (7 days ago)
I fucking hate that Liza bitch
espnz _ (7 days ago)
So Vardan is “not dumb” because he knows when he’s getting pranked but doesn’t know the first president of the US nor the first planet in the solar system
julian Zamora (7 days ago)
Whyy tf are girls like that
xd Rowdyy (8 days ago)
Ivy Roberts (9 days ago)
Aww Vardon doing that is so sweet
The Avenged Rev (9 days ago)
Dom doesn’t even sleep with attractive girls tho lmao.
Yaretzi Lopez (9 days ago)
Yess queen the band
Le froq sportif (10 days ago)
XSkyeX (10 days ago)
I love Vardon❤️
Hue Tran (10 days ago)
“what son” 😂
Jerry Garcia (11 days ago)
sycnix (11 days ago)
omg I love queen
Graciela Del Hoyo (11 days ago)
don't stop me now by Queen I love it
Caitlin Rooks (11 days ago)
How long were they in there David's Clips are only 4 minutes and 20 seconds so how long were they really in there
The part were he was having sex it reminds me of my boyfriend when he- Wait, nvm i rather not say it
@BIG NATE what?
BIG NATE (11 days ago)
Lead on
Chantal Mousa (13 days ago)
Liza is me after watching dance moms 😂
Diego Zamarripa (13 days ago)
That kid is a fatass
Kayley Cherry (13 days ago)
Kathi (13 days ago)
She is...Jesus Christ
Brock Dalton (14 days ago)
3:47 3:47 3:47 3:47 3:47 .... thank me later
Aaron._. Arts (14 days ago)
im crying 4:02
Moon Light (14 days ago)
Go Liza go go-go liza
Jillian macie (14 days ago)
Megan Locraft (15 days ago)
klara jamalieh (15 days ago)
Katie Briggs (15 days ago)
Me watching and seeing Liza makes me sad
Agnes Malik (15 days ago)
omg 1st: Vardon is so loyal 2nd: I WISH I CAN DANCE LIKE LIZA
Carla Chance (16 days ago)
Liza is me after I finish the 3d season of stranger things
sshadow_ Mystic (16 days ago)
Why almost every David's videos are 420 stands for marijuana
Heavan Aparicio (15 days ago)
sshadow_ Mystic oh look someone is new to the Vlog squad videos *good luck*
H I (16 days ago)
Liza: *dances, wears cheetah shirt* Song: says *the eye of the tiger* Also the song: am I a joke to you?
Jackson B (16 days ago)
Hate the fact that all the good vlogs have Trisha I’m it
Chris Szczesiak (17 days ago)
I’m sorry if this sounds weird but Liza and David are so weirdly funny and awkward I can’t imagine that they have sex since they are both weird
Pure Evolution (17 days ago)
stop with dom literally your fan base is girls bellow 16... stop it ...
Ben Walker (17 days ago)
Is no one going to comment about what dad is said at the end Thank you for letting us inside your house And thank you for letting Dom inside of you 😂😂
Jazmin Moreno (18 days ago)
bro 4:03 is funny asfk i keep on replaying it lmao Jason’s funny 😂😂
Average Jabroni (18 days ago)
Dom literally hit the nardwuar before he went and busted it open.
Noah Killeen (18 days ago)
Vardon is completely different from Jonah. Jonah was straight away taking the offer
Airborne XD (18 days ago)
My dad is older than Jason and looks less older than Jason
joaquin ramirez (18 days ago)
Unknown Kidd (18 days ago)
*“do da la do do”*
HoodedFox (18 days ago)
Sebastian Garza (19 days ago)
David Dobrik I want to meet you someday can you make my day come true
Jayden Nazario (19 days ago)
Dom is the real life quagmire 😂
Magicales718 (20 days ago)
Did they actually make a video about hanging outside the door while Dom bangs the stranger??😂
Brooks Kahsai (20 days ago)
Damn Liza’s hair just BARELY missed the fire when she was dancing to Queen. That could’ve taken one HECK of a turn
C Jarae (20 days ago)
Honestly dont like lizza
Yakira Hernandez (20 days ago)
At 0:57 I saw David in the background
stuebal629 (20 days ago)
Loved that impromptu dance video with zero explanation for it lol
Cesar Jacobo (21 days ago)
1:54 when my parents aren't home and my friends are blasting 7 rings
Caitlin (21 days ago)
i peed myself watching the ending☠️☠️
LeBoiCarl (21 days ago)
0:04 jesus christe and i thought jason was a fossil this nigga was bullying god in preschool(Not dissing just a joke i have no room to dis i look like a honeydew on crack)
Danica Messerly (21 days ago)
You should prank Dom
analise twemlow (22 days ago)
i dont know how liza has so much energy all the time
cry me a river (22 days ago)
I wonder how accomplished she feels finally fucking him 💀
Lisa T7 (22 days ago)
Why does it surprise her that she really is Fat and Ugly?
1unseen12 (22 days ago)
That fat fake fuckin troll of a woman trish is literally the scum of the earth
Rosie Escutia (22 days ago)
Orlando Velez (22 days ago)
Anyone know who’s the girl dom had sex with
Ochre Clay (23 days ago)
I love the name Vardan I’ve never heard it before this channel
Toasty Waffles (23 days ago)
David does not know how to comfort people
Alex Casteel (24 days ago)
I wanna fuck Dom to😭😂😂😂😂😂💯
Shaneel Shaneel (24 days ago)
Wait wait wait Did she really have sex with tom Asking for a friend
Hudson (23 days ago)
crazybooklover21XX (24 days ago)
Vardan’s answer was real cute tho
stainthegemini (24 days ago)
Liza is so cuteeeeee
stainthegemini (24 days ago)
Bethany Marie (24 days ago)
anton wingeier (24 days ago)
Casting couch with young Bulgarian boy
chance Coryell (25 days ago)
What's the song at 3:53?
Mallory McCall (25 days ago)
Liza was my favorite part of this one haha 👌🏻
Lolo (25 days ago)
liza dancing to queen was amazing
Samantha Lutz (25 days ago)
The more bigger fact
Babyy Suga (25 days ago)
Omg, before I watch this I have an ad for Seatgeek.
Babyy Suga (23 days ago)
What grammar is this^??
de amor (25 days ago)
Its like someone dumped a pile of money on a carnival gypsy family and gave dobrik a camera and said HAVE FUN ahhahaha
itz_me_nadz_ TAKEN (26 days ago)
That is sooooo funny trisha looks good but she got spoiled with jason not in a good way
Gracie Taylor (26 days ago)
I want to be part of this fam*
Linda Zubajova (26 days ago)
I love the fact that David and Jason played cards while waiting for Dom to finish and go home. :D :D
J J (5 days ago)
Pfft it was only two minutes. Sorry Dom :))
isa.bxlla_ (26 days ago)
ive been demonitized xD
Rodrigo Ramirez (26 days ago)
Why Is dom wearing a rolling stone shirts at 2:47
Lil Squishy (27 days ago)
“The more bigger fact” vardon is so cute
Jason King (28 days ago)
Does anyone know the girl at 3:03, it’s for research purposes
Kuma (28 days ago)
Liza lol
summer triston (28 days ago)
Me next?... um.. dom?. Hello?
Kyber 73 (28 days ago)
Trisha's spent thousands on shit to make her tits huge and she wonders why clothes are tight
Armaan Dhillon (29 days ago)
1:10 Vardon looked at the cameras when entering

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