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Conan the Adventurer - Theme Song

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The Opening Titles to Conan the Adventurer. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/aSjvy3 Conan! The mightiest warrior ever! His quest: To undo the spell of Living Stone cast upon his family, by driving the evil Serpent Men back into another dimension, and vanquishing their leader, the cruel wizard, Wrath-Amon!
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Rex Brown (5 days ago)
Is that Scott McNeil singing the theme?
Eleanor Hogan (5 days ago)
Because I was only two years old when this aired, I called Wrathamon muffin man, I meant to say Wrathamon but it came out wrong.
Pavel Kulinich (7 days ago)
Time when boys were grown up like boys and not this tolerant feminist-lgbt crap with their "toxic masculinity" talks. One of may favourite cartoons if not the most btw. Much more later i have listened to absolutely all the stories about Conan by Robert E. Howard and later authors in audiobook format.
Asesino de Dioses (10 days ago)
Jajaja no puedo creer que veía esto cuando era niño 😂😂😂
Vetuyasha (11 days ago)
while Conan cartoon was too childish comparing to the original material, the opening still gives me chills of awesomeness. Εspecially with the narrator.
Abraham Ocampo (11 days ago)
Back to 90's.... :-)
Tyrone Brown (14 days ago)
Even on Saturdays
Tyrone Brown (14 days ago)
I remember this 6:30am getting ready for school in the 90s
john hrock100 (16 days ago)
I loved this t.v show, it makes me want to go work out.
farmzombie (20 days ago)
I remember nothing about this show except the theme song. The wonderful, memorable theme song.
gibbs615 (23 days ago)
I remember this from FOX KIDS back in the 90's! I now imagine what it would be like if THIS was one of the worlds in KINGDOM HEARTS!!! lol
The Bunker (24 days ago)
I still laugh every time.
JaxBlade (26 days ago)
Jaestro (1 month ago)
Robert E. Howard's characters are basically the opposite of those portrayed in the HP. Lovecraft stories.... Capable.. Bloodthirsty and they realize what's at stake. I'm not attempting to emasuclate the great Old Ones. I'm more trying to empower mere mortal beings. Call it a clash of philosophies... But I'd say it's an interesting way to look at the situation.. Take Conan the Destroyer... He basically fightin' a Lovecraftian God.... Surely domesticated like 'Dagon'. But dealing with a god... either physically or spritually should be manageable by a primitive being like a barbarian. Not truly knowing of the true complications of his actions, like a lowly individual, like a cimmerian barbarian. I hope you realize I'm drunk right now.. xD Yay... Conan... Yay Grimdark Fantasy... Yay Cosmic Horror.... xD
Dream Of A Tiger (1 month ago)
The cartoon of my childhood. Who of us didn't dream to be like him? :)
megamanj2004X (1 month ago)
Underrated cartoon theme! Not only does the deep voice capture the manliness of this cartoon but the middle portion of this theme song has a 1980s G.I. Joe-like feel to it, which is ironic considering that they're both produced by the same people.
JankyToe (1 month ago)
You know the main antagonist is a joke when the hero beats 'em three times during the opening theme alone.
TheOptionaut .tailer (1 month ago)
This show gave me nearly impossible image of what a man is supposed to be. It took me decades and thousands of dollars to find some star metal and forged a mediocre, but useful sword, only to find out that the War of 1812 was a coverup to send all Snake men into another dimension! Now all I have to show for all that hard work is a rocking body with bulging muscles and a sword that glows around reptiles!
Crnojaje 92 (1 month ago)
Croatian version has so much better lyrics and a better singer
Vladimir Djekic (1 month ago)
Does anybody knows who sang this?
MASTER DOAN (2 months ago)
CONAN the mightiest Warrior ever!!!
Garry Ghukasyan (2 months ago)
Oh my god, my childhood)))
Stevan Zivkovic (2 months ago)
Baldoxxx4000 (2 months ago)
When I was a kid watching this, I keep wondering when will he ever slice or stab someone instead of sending them to another dimension like Vegeta on namek 4kids ver.
Chaz Starkey (2 months ago)
It's actually a good show if you consider it a modern take on He-Man, rather than Conan the Barbarian.
superkami guru (2 months ago)
I know it said cruel , but I heard the cool wizard rathamon
superkami guru (2 months ago)
Kids are all brats these days because they don't have heros like these anymore. It's all junk like regular show.
James007HungerZone (2 months ago)
I used to think this was an animated sequel of sorts to the Arnold Swarzenegger Conan movies.
Yuriy Gatsko (2 months ago)
0:21 every time I see this moment I can't hold my laugh. Even in russian (where I from) localization this sounds more funnier and dumber! XDXD
Aiden Call (2 months ago)
The nostalgia I got from this is unreal
almanacofsleep (2 months ago)
Conan: There sure are a lot of skeletons on Skeleton Mountain
Statutory Grape (3 months ago)
Is Wrathamon Serpentor's brother?
Arun No-telling-you (3 months ago)
The manliest of warriors indeed!
Dear1Stupid1Dog (3 months ago)
CONAN. the mightiest warrior EVAH!
Sailor Italy (3 months ago)
0:20 I love that scream
Dirty Hawk (3 months ago)
I GOTTA [email protected] 1:02 LOL
Black Ice (3 months ago)
taps his sword against his enemies to send them to the serpent realm is the greatest cop-out to prevent visual disembowelment in a kids show since "the shadow realm"
TikiSnakes (3 months ago)
It's all fun and games till you get to the wacky pomegranate obsessed fledgling phoenix. Yeesh.
syahrul muhtarom (3 months ago)
Like it
Andrew Randell (4 months ago)
I remember watching this series as a kid; never missed an episode and it dealt with some seriously mature topics! Awesome show!
Helmwall (4 months ago)
0:24 monument of communism
Alan Rizkallah (4 months ago)
By Crom.... I remember when this first aired. Odd choice for a children's cartoon in hindsight. Nowadays you could produce something like this as a mature adult cartoon and depict Conan and his world as they are meant to be. In fact, they should.
Mega Sega Fan (4 months ago)
I remember seeing this in the morning before going to school, back when I was in the first grade, memories!
Wilfredo Rosario (4 months ago)
This was an amazing series! The kind that would put hair on your chest!
Aurelijus Zizys (4 months ago)
oh memories :)
ntcw (4 months ago)
Took the Ninja Turtles time slot on WVAH back in the fall of 1993.
Caleb Porter (5 months ago)
Adventure Time on steroids
dududux123 (5 months ago)
reptil in conan
Brandon Cassaday (5 months ago)
I've been praying for the makers of CONAN to make a live action CONAN series based on this cartoon and its characters and a PS4 and or XBOX ONE game based on this cartoon. It has so much potential for marketing those ideas.
Catowar Meowson (5 months ago)
I love it when a show tells you... No. Yells at you the plot at the start of the episode, just in case you forgot his quest. How could you though?
Daggerfall Morrowind (5 months ago)
Hail Conan !
Empatheia Multiversalis (5 months ago)
Conan the Adventurer: Exposing the reptilian agenda before it was cool
Gabriel Romano14 (5 months ago)
Con esa musica nos despertábamos con mi hermano para ir a la escuela.. Se me escapa un lagrimón!
William Fairbairn (6 months ago)
At the beginning when he jumps off the cliff to slice the guy, what happens to his horse?
vincent marandola (6 months ago)
malbecks316 (6 months ago)
"Banished them to another dimension" said the guy who couldn't say nor show "chopped them into bloody, gorey pieces"
Sarka Richson (6 months ago)
Conan I love you
lala mal (7 months ago)
Conan the adventurer. Conan warrior without fear. He's more powerful than any man whose legend ever crossed the land or sea. Conan, the mighiest warrior ever! His quest: to undo the spell of living stone cast upon his family by driving the evil serpent men back into another dimension and vanquishing their leader, the cruel wizard Wrath-A-Mon. Conan The Adventurer Conan man of bravery. With his mighty sword protecting the mightiest of warriors is he. Conan.
Thanuja Hasakelum (6 months ago)
Cruzito N (7 months ago)
WrathAmon was a Serpentor rip off
ZethHolyblade (7 months ago)
I just realized Conan was fighting the Illuminati since the Hyborian Age 😮
Brandon Turner (8 months ago)
I'd wake up super early to watch this show before I went to school with a breakfast of my foes entrails and pomegranates every weekday @ 7AM.
DGWA (8 months ago)
Ух бля! смотрел его когда ещё пиздюком был
Urnd Edogg 1 Edogg (8 months ago)
He man is better
TheSupremeKingShem (8 months ago)
0:30 - 0:45 Just Epic!
Kinght's Tale (8 months ago)
You have to look Croatian version : Konan ratnik
Charles Brossett (8 months ago)
Even if this a kid show, they still tuned Conan the barbarian into the ultimate F$#K you character
Zuriko A. (8 months ago)
Conan: The Adventurer Conan warrior without fear. He's more powerful than any man whose legend ever crossed the land or sea. Conan The Adventurer Conan man of bravery. With his mighty sword protecting the mightiest of warriors is he.
Alon Matthews (8 months ago)
Reptilian Slayer! The mightiest​ ever!
butcher bane (8 months ago)
It's sad, because you will never see Characters like this in a Kid's show again. This (and shows like it) speaks to how little boys are wired. And the agenda today, is to starve Testosterone levels.
syafiqjabar (20 days ago)
Well it turns out a lot of men in power are rapists and molesters so the fight against them continues on.
Mike Pratt (2 months ago)
What's happening now is backlash to the 80's, just as the 80's themselves were a backlash to when thy tried to do this the first time in the 70's I give it 5 years before manliness returns to the limelight.
Junchao Zhang (8 months ago)
My child memory
Wamique Rehman (9 months ago)
Lizard = Iblees(satan)
Library of Leng (9 months ago)
A day in the life of Leman Russ
Alex K. (9 months ago)
Conan warrior without fear. He's more powerful than any man whose legend ever crossed the land or sea. Conan, the mighiest warrior ever! His quest: to undo the spell of living stone cast upon his family by driving the evil serpent men back into another dimension and vanquishing their leader, the cruel wizard Wrath-A-Mon. Conan The Adventurer Conan man of bravery. With his mighty sword protecting the mightiest of warriors is he.
The Jazz King (9 months ago)
PavarottiAardvark (9 months ago)
Whiny man babues in 2017: Waaaa! Entertainment is getting too diverse! Waaaa! 25 Year old cartoon: This guy's crew includes a woman, a black guy, and mid-eastern guy and a redhead!
fred fredburger (3 months ago)
The difference is they were those things without it being their defining characteristic.
Michal Bukvai (10 months ago)
Know, O prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an Age undreamed of...
Erkko (10 months ago)
Oh the nostalgia, I saw few episodes as a kid from my friends vhs and this show was just so cool
Joseph Ardine (10 months ago)
Sorry folks, but I always thought the goofy bird who lived inside Conan's shield kind of ruined the show! I'll stick with "Thundarr" as manliest cartoon ever!
Keziah Brophy (10 months ago)
Use to watch this as a kid with my older brother! I used to love. We still have the CD and I remember all of it! (Thak god I'm a girl and don't have to live up to this amount of manliness XD)
CountMetal (10 months ago)
The end of the song where Conan pops out of nowhere needs to be a meme
Luis Tapia Carreño (10 months ago)
those times when things were solved by blows ... like men
acmsong (10 months ago)
I want to watch all episodes.
steve klarke (10 months ago)
CROM............ this intro is not for wussies........... move along!! :))
P Ferreira (11 months ago)
Hasbro could you have provided a more grainy intro?
Vathelos Fox (11 months ago)
This is the most epic kid show ever made
Jeremy King (11 months ago)
So after watching this I miraculously grew a full beard and now my muscles are twitching......is this a good thing?!
Kaagh178 (11 months ago)
The_Best_Games (11 months ago)
Watched this when I was little and happy....
17FHPires (11 months ago)
And this, my friends, is how you get women :D
Mihail (11 months ago)
Thats the stuf! I grew chest hair only by watching this intro when I was a kid.
tenloi (11 months ago)
never saw the end of this cartoon if he finally broke the spell on his family by the cruel guy......
tenloi Yes
Unpretentious Wind (1 year ago)
Ah memories T_T
David (1 year ago)
This was my childhood.
Skunky Lockheed (1 year ago)
This show was my life
Steve Prefontaine (1 year ago)
we need real Conan to deal with our lizard people
yang be (1 year ago)
best cartoon
Francis Miltiadou (1 year ago)
Nostalgia!! Early and mid 90's when this was on TV! Epic!
Smooth Operator (1 year ago)
How did they get so big and buffed in those days without any steroids?!
Library of Leng (1 year ago)
The Space Wolves land on Prospero
ultramegatrion (1 year ago)
By Crom! this rocks....

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