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How To Style Ugg Boots With Different Outfits!

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LINKS♡ VLOG CHANNEL♡ http://www.youtube.com/user/ChickeeVlogs TWITTER♡ http://www.twitter.com/BeautyChickeeYT INSTAGRAM♡ @BeautyChickeeYT ~ For Business Inquiries: Please visit the “About” section on my channel for my Business Inquiries contact email! ~ ABOUT ME♡ My Name: Christina Marie Harris Age: 12 Editor: Serif Movie Plus x5, iMovie 11, & Final Cut Pro X ~ FTC: This video is not sponsored, all opinions stated are honest.
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Text Comments (53)
Song Covers (8 days ago)
2019 Anyone
Gabriella Casas (9 months ago)
This may be the most 2012 thing I’ve ever seen
Its Najoud (11 months ago)
Mother 😔✌️
maddi leigh (1 year ago)
Who came from the #NoFilterTour ?? 🐥💕
Natalie D. (1 year ago)
Sadly I don't own any uggs😢😂
LiL PEEPperoni pizza (1 year ago)
Ren Chavez (1 year ago)
OMG! Christinaaaaa💘
Valerie Uriegas (1 year ago)
Her knee at 1:37
Amaya Sonubi (1 year ago)
S H E S 1 2
Amaya Sonubi (1 year ago)
Christina (1 year ago)
Dreah _limelight (20 days ago)
Wat I was thinking
Victoria Wagner (1 year ago)
snap squad 2018👌😂
Natalie D. (1 year ago)
Victoria Wagner HERE
Amaya Sonubi (1 year ago)
So did I
Janel Garcia (1 year ago)
Victoria Wagner yyyaasss I came from Snapchat also😂😂
Brooke Statk (1 year ago)
Fatima Valencia (1 year ago)
Yess pose Christina!
cheerpeach (3 years ago)
I love the video and Loved the background song
Emily (3 years ago)
In this video she said she's 12 (in the info bit) and then 2 days later she posted a video and said she's 15
Brooke Statk (1 year ago)
Emily hahahaahah
Erin Corey (2 years ago)
she was 12 at this time
Maty M (3 years ago)
Omg u look so small 😍
Nikki Clark (4 years ago)
You were so little!! your voice!
Alyssa Downs (4 years ago)
So fetus
Valeria Gaitan (4 years ago)
I like how u style ur ugg's, but I really think wearing them with skirts looks bad. ITS JUST MY OPINION. But It was a great video btw
sammylove165 (5 years ago)
Do a ugg boot collection
Yoki Peng (5 years ago)
ugg shop online you will find more happiness and surprises in this outlet. stivaliitalia.smuc.org/page/category/ugg-online
Bryanna Gaytan (5 years ago)
Setup helpful
xavierob (5 years ago)
Very cute outfits, I especially like outfit nbr 1 and 2. Do you think that uggs would work leather/wetlook/shiny leggings? If you own a pair, would you mind doing an outfit/lookbook?
Maggie M (6 years ago)
I'm size 11 and in ugg I'm size 11 am I the only one that still have a big foot after the fur goes down?!? Haha
9dark5 (2 years ago)
Maggie Tennis i like the girl with big feet 😚
RyanSunda Buckley (6 years ago)
i thought i was the only one who noticed lol im like umm... bearpaw in an ugg video... i guess that works now...
helia r. (6 years ago)
Yay Somebody that is so skinny Like ME *-* Yaaaaay
jewel09 (6 years ago)
Those black ones r bear paws
Madison Petry (6 years ago)
Your really skinny! -______- >.>
Vivienne (6 years ago)
Adam Legg (6 years ago)
Do u wear ure uggs with no socks on
Alex Xenn (6 years ago)
you're so cute! :)
BritishIrishBum (6 years ago)
12, size 6.
Vivienne (6 years ago)
I'm 11 and i'm a size EIGHT lol :)
Lily Mondragon (3 days ago)
You're 17 now.... I'm 13. And I'm like a 10! Bruh! But that means ill be tall. Yasss
Alfredo D (6 years ago)
I Triied Lookingq For That Sweater I Reaally Like It /:Annd Cuute Outfits c: -Cristina
Emlyn Lee-Schalow (6 years ago)
ahh i am sooo jealous of ur legs !! ur gorgeous xD
King Joey K (7 years ago)
Loveee UGGs lol im a guy who sports them very comfortable and classy .. I subbed ;-]
girly boy (7 years ago)
love outfit number 3...the pencil skirt is sooooo pretty keep it up girly!!!<3:*
heyyitsk (7 years ago)
Liked this video!
DorsetheHorse (7 years ago)
my sis was wacthing this
DorsetheHorse (7 years ago)
Damn your pretty
BeautyChickee (7 years ago)
@al3lov3smac size 6 :)
Alejandra Gallegos (7 years ago)
Cute outfits. What size are your uggs?
BeautyChickee (7 years ago)
@emyloverpopTV Thank Youu (:
BeautyChickee (7 years ago)
@eausopretty Yess<3

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