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Hip-Hop Stars Get Bling From This Woman

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Chiokva "A$AP Eva" Sam has been blinging out hip-hop stars since 1989. Celebrities from Cee Lo Greene to RiceGum have worn Eva's custom jewelry. See more from Popular Jewelry: https://www.facebook.com/PopularJewelry/ See more from RiceGum: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialRiceGum/ The INSIDER team believes that life is an adventure! Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: https://thisisinsider.com INSIDER on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisisinsider/ INSIDER on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisisinsider/ INSIDER on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisisinsider INSIDER on Snapchat: https://insder.co/2KJLtVo
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Text Comments (7335)
kiriny ʕ·ᴥ· ʔ (2 hours ago)
humble flex
JIB101 (3 hours ago)
1:57 Eva was like "bruh"
Andrew Benitez Cabrera (7 hours ago)
1:53 how white dudes react to grills. Wdym hes humble lul
SAMI ALI (17 hours ago)
They bout to get robbed
Final Frenzy (1 day ago)
Was that rice gum
Nicoleishere (1 day ago)
Joey bad ass and ski smash the slump god UGH SHE'S HOLY ALREADY 😍😍
Future lil tay
Fire Boy (1 day ago)
Rice gum: rapper , 😂
小雪毬 (2 days ago)
She is more Blinger than All the Rap artists.........Ha.....
HaloXRey / (2 days ago)
What is ricegum going here
SFIXS HD (2 days ago)
Sandy Kho (2 days ago)
I,m an indonesian too and icould speak indonesia like tis
Alexander Cheong (3 days ago)
At 2:10 more like, RiceGum Lousiest Rapper/YouTuber Also, "it's just dope to see an Asian business succeed"? Either you are really still a kid who hasn't been around the REAL society much or you're just being a dick thinking all Asian people's business are craps? Grow up RiceGum, say something more mature than that next time.
Assad Burrell (3 days ago)
Cracker Boye (3 days ago)
That's ricecum
Caden Fuchs (4 days ago)
Lmao ricegum is the thumb
Solar_ Sajeel (4 days ago)
Arrasy Marsha (4 days ago)
The Clorox sage (5 days ago)
I like rice gum Idubbbz swats her place
Crystal Rose (5 days ago)
This video was great until I saw ricegum...
I think rice gum is humble Honestly I think she meant to say the opposite but her English is bad
Andreas pipikos (6 days ago)
"He treats people like family" Well she is wrong bc family loves you and do not make you feel bad bc you are not rich. But ricegum is doing this. He is flexing and doing nothing else. Have no talend. And this woman is saying all these things bc he bought something from her . . . If he wasnt then she would not tell all these lies
Andreas pipikos (6 days ago)
0:10 ricegum is such an ugly ass bitc*
Lmp Plays (7 days ago)
Ricegum be like Nah but did it feel good tho
ben cowie (7 days ago)
Who are those "stars" I don't know them
Chicky Nugget! (8 days ago)
Okay... Ooooooooooo oooooooooo
Lucy Stephanie (8 days ago)
And here I am just happy with shiny stainless steel. 😅
kermitthefrog37 (8 days ago)
Lil Tay is that you??
Ethan Andrew (9 days ago)
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aludeke (10 days ago)
Am I the only one who's reminded of South Park while watching this video?
Elmin Abayaz (10 days ago)
Albanian nuse be like
Pieter de Komen (10 days ago)
All fake
CB Bikes UK (11 days ago)
what a chavs dream shop
VenamousX 10 (12 days ago)
Things that will never exist Me hitting 1k subs Unicorns and ricegum being humble
Meow- MAZING! (12 days ago)
Rice gum?... Eww.
Bella Skys (12 days ago)
so yu telling me so don't know no damn english after being here for about 30 years 🚪
Makayla Cook (13 days ago)
I forgot who ricegum was until I watched this video
heyitscat0808 (14 days ago)
The only way the words RiceGum and humble can be used together in a sentence, is if the words ‘is not’ are in between them.
XXX Jahseh (14 days ago)
I went to New York and I was driving past the store as I was leaving and I saw all the names and I was like ohhh snap travis Scott and ski mask been here mom!!!😂😂😂
josep Siahaan (14 days ago)
keturunan indonesiaaa
chledesma (15 days ago)
How has this store not got robbed ?😂
suga kookie ᄋᄉᄋ (15 days ago)
I cant afford this im broke because of bts but its fine *re thinks life
ThatXoneXguy (17 days ago)
Ricegum is so punchable
melliesa robles (18 days ago)
auqxmarine (18 days ago)
Did i just see.... *Read more*
Sophia Markantonakis (18 days ago)
1:18 Ayyyeeee whats gud
Daria Morgandorfer (19 days ago)
Make money online from home with this link! http://PayEachDay.com/?userid=86502
Toni Hutcherson (19 days ago)
Damn rice gum got some blackheads
ilove2929 (19 days ago)
Shout out from indonesia 🙋
Perry Wilson (20 days ago)
Bet they sell hair products
chuchuchuchia (20 days ago)
Isn't Canal Street known for being the fakest of the fake. If she's pawning millionaire rappers she's the #1 legend all time 😂
Mrsteal Yourgrandma (20 days ago)
So now me know who these rappers get their fake shit from
Bomb Boo (20 days ago)
That pose is worth all her chains.
D Ellz (22 days ago)
This is flea market shit
S.J. GoombaMUSIC (22 days ago)
Filipino fam
Oxygen Ated (22 days ago)
When her family goes to a wedding bring out the MERCH
Faista (5 days ago)
Matty I found u
Oxygen Ated (22 days ago)
Depression when being next to rice gum lel
Faista (5 days ago)
Oxygen Ated exposed
supreme boi (23 days ago)
Ricegum got that family discount
Vicky's CringyWorld (25 days ago)
0:07 peep ricegum 1:18 peep ricegum again 1:54 peep ricegum again again
Flexados (25 days ago)
rice gum *kys*
Justin Hopkins (26 days ago)
“You feel me?” No. No I don’t.
Benben Ben (26 days ago)
My black people die for a lack of wisdom we get everybody else Rich except ourselves in stead of learning how to melt down their own gold and make their own gold chain what you can learn from YouTube these rappers have the resources to melt down their own gold chain they rather go to the other nations and make them Rich this is the ignorance of our people I hope for the day when we find wisdom
Hector Cuervos (27 days ago)
30 years in the country still no speaky English
Sukur Ali (27 days ago)
Fake 😂
Vincent_gaming YT (27 days ago)
Ricegum?! Ugh sounds Terrible
Ricegum looks autistic in this video
hyunminie (28 days ago)
is there a chain that's worth $3? call me
sara (29 days ago)
ricegum “rapper”/youtuber
Hoa Dang (29 days ago)
I like suga better
Ben White (29 days ago)
Wtf ricegum bottom of your teeth.now you got to smile with his bottom teeth haha that's really sad
AgentBubbles (29 days ago)
Boonk Gang should go into this store
Mr. G (29 days ago)
so where are the Hip Hop stars at?
WILDAN JETBUS (29 days ago)
0:30 ayyy my country
Es jonne (1 month ago)
Ricegum is not a rapper 😂
Jadis Fun World (1 month ago)
That's rice gum
Daniel B (1 month ago)
69lover (1 month ago)
Wow she’s so rich
SURENITY ! (1 month ago)
Diamonds are worthless... Most that are on bling are actually mass produced in labs!!! I definitely would rather have sapphire or emerald any day of the week!!
Dana osteen (1 month ago)
Rice him looking fine
Anvers (1 month ago)
So much gold i wonder if its really worth that much its supposed to be rare but this woman has like 1000kg of gold in there
Rylee (1 month ago)
Rice gum: *rapper*
Ok, rice gum is not humble, stop it boi
saniyah smith (1 month ago)
-looks at chains- -eats them- TANK CHU FOR THE NOODLES owner: ......
blue pearl (1 month ago)
Rice gum That's gross
Namjoonie's Homie (1 month ago)
I need to show this to Yoongi
TikamSingh Rajpurohit Jaipur pali +919928371118
caroline chandra (1 month ago)
Indonesian?!?!? Woohooooo you go guys!
dat Guy (1 month ago)
ThisAccountisDeleted (1 month ago)
Its not a$ap nast is a$ap natht
1-800-luv-u (1 month ago)
I knew that was ricegum
Spicy Noodles (1 month ago)
my grandad is Lil Tay
mey garn (1 month ago)
Ricedum doesnt deserve to be in this video
Marsh Celyn (1 month ago)
Marsh Celyn (1 month ago)
Dude im from indonesia...
Jessie Ortiz (1 month ago)
Rice gum a rappper ? Hahahah funny
Payday 2 Noob (1 month ago)
Does Ricegum speak any asian language or just english?
711Dcool Gaming (1 month ago)
Rice Gum’s mom made his grill?

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