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Walk In a Room Full of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Lel I just Love this Scene though maybe I upload more video like this so make sure you subscribe. 😊 Anime: Rokudenshi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records
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Text Comments (40)
Petmalu PH (3 months ago)
Pikachezz ROBLOX (5 months ago)
CRX ICE (7 months ago)
02 is your waifu???
Felix P02 (7 months ago)
recycle ninja yes darlin
LUISDROID TTS TM (7 months ago)
New sub!
LUISDROID TTS TM (7 months ago)
¡Nani! xD
Felix P02 (7 months ago)
JMacSTL (8 months ago)
I’m still waiting for you to show us that you can do the electric shuffle 😂 can you do the last step yet
Felix P02 (8 months ago)
JMacSTL oh Heck you still remember that btw I already give up the last step is really hard so I'm done with it.
Recker (8 months ago)
A room full of sex
Felix P02 (8 months ago)
Recker lel
Darkness Sasuke (8 months ago)
Can I adopt 1
Felix P02 (8 months ago)
Darkness Sasuke haha yesh!! Of course..
SubziX_X __ (8 months ago)
Ur dead 0:20
Felix P02 (8 months ago)
SubziX_X __ lel
Haruka Kotoura (8 months ago)
Why is this on my recommended? Shit, now the FBI is after me.
Felix P02 (8 months ago)
Naughty Snek Oh no!! Sorry my bad!!
ShadowPlayZ GaMeZ (8 months ago)
i am 20 like number
Felix P02 (8 months ago)
Shadow_PlayZ_ Minecraft thanks bro.😊
Dat intro is the most weeby fucking thing I have seen in my life zero two is a fucking thot
Everything (9 months ago)
xxIron Spiderxx (9 months ago)
I'm out of Place!! I need to leave earth...
Hibiki ^-^ (9 months ago)
Will you peek? Felix-Sama
Felix P02 (9 months ago)
Hibiki ^-^ whatever.
Hibiki ^-^ (9 months ago)
Felix P02 I'm not under age
Felix P02 (9 months ago)
Hibiki ^-^ no I'm not a lolicon.
KratosofWar (9 months ago)
Give me the Sauce!!!!
KratosofWar (9 months ago)
Felix P02 thanx
Felix P02 (9 months ago)
KratosofWar in the description.😊
DefaultDino (9 months ago)
I'm so under age for this eh!! Report JK (just kidding)... anyways it's not Hentai so need to Report about it.
RylanGPK (9 months ago)
So I'll burn this sight into my eyes!!! @[email protected]
Twin Shot (9 months ago)
How do I get In such a trouble?!!! 😱😱
Poloy (9 months ago)
Looks Like I got a Big Jackpot!!!
Felix P02 (8 months ago)
Therezzurected 2468 😂😂
Therezzurected 2468 (8 months ago)
Your profile pic goes well with this vid
ADJ (9 months ago)
A nice and good upload Zero Two. 😊
Washu (9 months ago)
I gotta admit it all of them have a nice body.
The Dead Channel (9 months ago)
A room full of Dreams. 💖
Ricardo Ortiz (8 months ago)
Not a dream your mom comes in
LOLI GUY (9 months ago)
This is what you call entertainment purposes.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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